Martha The Monster

submitted by Huzzaz on 08/30/19 1

In a world where humans live alongside monsters, Martha finds herself stuck with a major identity crisis. Written and Directed by Christopher Weekes 
Cast: Rose Byrne | Bobby Cannavale | Kailah Cabanas | Nicholas Brown | Krew Boylan Produced by: Jamie Hilton & Michael Pontin Cinematography: Lachlan Milne Visual Effects : Elliot Goodman Original Score: Michael Yezerski Additional Music: Oh Pep Edited by: Spencer Susser & Christopher Weekes Production Design: Claire Granville Sound design: Angus Robertson Monster Designers: Pete Commins, Christopher Weekes, Elliot Goodman, Joel Goodman, Paul Katte & Nick Nicolaou Produced with the support of Screen Australia and Magenius A See Pictures Production In Association with Goodman Brothers Productions & Casp Productions

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