Imagi[nation] is creation with Parris Jaru

submitted by BakiTV on 04/10/19 1

Director and Producer Kiritin Beyer Writer and Narrator Parris Jaru Imagination is creation is a short film that follows the journey of Parris Jaru’s artistic exploration from Africa to Europe. Beginning in New York City then traveling the lowlands of Tanzania and Kenya. Ending in the highlands of Ethiopia then crossing the seas to France with the sole objective of producing "Mural Art" to leave behind. Parris amerces himself in the culture of art collaborating with local artist to create murals in the impoverished and rural areas in East Africa. Parris believes in every community worldwide be-it rich or poor, Art and expression is a living entity in the traditions of painting, music and dance. More often it is embraced and integrated in the everyday social and recreational activities of many schools and youth organizations located in the slums. Discover with a creative mind the beauty of East Africa as seen through the artist’s eye; enjoy the transition from Africa to France with the same palette in hand. Carried by the music’s of Africa and France, coupled with a poetic narrative which gives an in depth description and background of the places, communities and artist’s visited. “Imagination is Creation” is creation with nothing more then a thought a brush. Cast: Parris Jaru from Brooklyn, USA Stephen Owino from Nairobi, Kenya. Naas Graffiti & Behulum from Awassa, Ethiopia Location: -New York City and Brooklyn, USA -Nairobi, Kenya- Nafsi Acrobats The Nafsi Africa Acrobats is a registered CBO (Community Based Organization) located in Nairobi, Kenya. Nafsi is a collaboration of artists and performers from the slums and ghettos north of Nairobi that use the arts (both visual and performing) to teach a sense of community, respect, self-empowerment, culture, and development to children and youths in the ghettos and slums around the city. -Arusha, Tanzania -UAACC
 Pete O'Neal and Mama C from the ex-Black Panthers founded the United African American Community 
Center UAACC, a non-profit community based NGO, in 1991 for the purpose of providing programs and projects for the 
enrichment of the Arusha community. -Awassa, Ethiopia -One Love Theater
One Love Theater is a program based in Ethiopia of Action for Youth and Community Change, blending dance, theater, music and gymnastics to disseminate HIV/AIDS awareness messages. The program also promotes gender equality and a call for an end to female circumcision and abduction. -Shashamane, Ethiopia -Zion Train Lodge. Sista Sandrine & Ras Alex started the Zion Train Lodge in the Rastafarian community in southern ethiopia. -Marseille, France -Mars2Blyn Art Collective. 
mars2bklyn / bklyn2mars is an ongoing platform for collaboration and discovery between artists and cultural venues between Brooklyn and Marseille.

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