Warren Lehrer's A-LIFE-IN-BOOKS — Book 95: Illuminated Manuscripts

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A LIFE IN BOOKS: The Rise and Fall of Bleu Mobley is an illuminated novel written and designed by Warren Lehrer (2013, Goff Books). The novel includes 101 books within it all written by Lehrer’s protagonist—Bleu Mobley—who finds himself in prison looking back on his life and career. This video provides a glimpse into Bleu Mobley’s 95th book (project)—The Illuminated Manuscripts—a line of book lamps produced by Mobley and his team of assistants.

At a certain point in his life/career (and in the novel), Mobley senses that he’s living in a world where books are not central to people’s lives like they once were—that reading, deep, long-form contemplative reading is very likely an endangered species. In 2006, he officially quits writing and turns his writing factory (a story in itself) into a laboratory for exploring and entrepreneuring ways to preserve and advance the legacy of the book as a vehicle for telling stories and as a physical object. The Illuminated Manuscript book lamps is one of the product lines that resulted from this effort. Even if you’re not reading books, the lamps help light up a room and evoke a warm, literary feeling as they evoke a variety of metaphorical connections to the experience of reading, writing and sharing stories.

Purchase a copy of the book and read more about Bleu Mobley’s life and books:

And find out more about the A Life In Books project, Warren Lehrer, performance/reading tour, contests, Goff Books, etc:

Animation by Warren Lehrer in collaboration with Brandon Campbell and Mark T. Saintonge.

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