Warren Lehrer's A-LIFE-IN-BOOKS — Book 41: No More Mrs. Niceguy: Confessions of a Nice Catholic Girl

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Excerpt performed by Caridad De La Luz (a.k.a. La Bruja.)
Written and Directed by Warren Lehrer
Filmed and Edited by Robert Winn
Assistant Directors: Judith Sloan & Claire Lebowitz
Second Camera/Film Crew: Brandon Knopp

A LIFE IN BOOKS: The Rise and Fall of Bleu Mobley is an illuminated novel written and designed by Warren Lehrer (2013, Goff Books). The novel includes 101 books within it all written by Lehrer’s protagonist—Bleu Mobley—who finds himself in prison looking back on his life and career. The novel pairs Bleu’s confessional memoir with a retrospective monograph of all his books which are represented by their first edition cover designs, catalogue descriptions, and selected excerpts (that read like short stories).

This short film is based on an except of Bleu Mobley’s 41st book, No More Mrs. Niceguy: Confessions of a Nice Catholic Girl. In it, Paul Martinez, a dutiful, God-fearing daughter, wife, mother, and church member, is diagnosed with cancer. She soon discovers her own voice through the transformative power of hard-earned rage.

Mobley wrote No More Mrs. Niceguy out of his own experience with his daughter, who at 11 years old was diagnosed with a rare and potentially deadly blood disease known as ITP. After three years—going to scores of doctors, dozens of labs, too many clinics, treatment centers, and hospitals—Frida became an expert at waiting her turn, but impatient when it came to being bullshitted.

Read more about Bleu Mobley’s family and their influence on his writing by purchasing a copy of A Life In Books:

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