Atoms For Peace - Before Your Very Eyes

submitted by druryandcurry on 12/04/13 1

We’ve all come to expect Andrew Thomas Huang to deliver the mesmerising visuals, but here he’s really surpassed himself. Having filmed Thom Yorke in LA, live footage and stop frame sets were then re-worked in CG, in order to turn the singer into an Ozymandias-style statue in the desert.

Meticulous work was then done in the BlinkInk studio, using specially written VFX programs to cope with Andrew’s vision for the design and animation. The result is an eye-melting tour of mountain ranges, crumbling cities, and psychedelic cave systems, all pulsating to the tones of Atoms for Peace.

With its grainy finish and perfectly judged colour palette, there’s really nothing else like it; following his collaborations with Bjork and Sigur Ros, this is the work of a director who is truly in his stride.

Client: Atoms For Peace
Label: XL Recordings
Studio: BlinkInk / Colonel Blimp
Director: Andrew Thomas Huang
Producers: Brian Welsh & Matt Marsh
Executive Producer: Tamsin Glasson
Role: Compositing

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