‪Slot Cars at the Peterson Auto Museum - Episode #4‬

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 American slot car racing legend John Cukras (pronounce "Soo-Krees") did much to glorify pro-racing when this car won the first Car Model magazine series race in 1967. A story in Rod Custom, illustrated by the famous Tom Daniel who designed many of the Monogram plastic kits, opened the eyes of thousands of young Americans on slot car racing. A subsequent story by celebrated writer, the late Leon Mandel, made John Cukras's name a household commodity at the time.

1966 is the year John really made his mark, winning the first East-West confrontation in Memphis, TN, with the help of anotherace-driver, Mike Steube. They effectively defeated all what the East, Midwest and South could throw at them. And we have them here! 

It was was an amazing day at the Peterson Automobile Museum in Los Angeles on July 24th, 2010. We were witnessing what may very well have been the largest assortment of Slot Car Tracks in one place ever! Put together by the Farrout Slot Car Club, sponsored by all the big Slot Car Manufacturers and benefiting MSFriends - all in all, we had an amazing day! This episode 4 features Slot Car Racing Legends John Cukras and Mike Steube. Enjoy!

 For more cool slot car history, please visit the Los Angeles Slot Car Museum - online here: ‪www.lascm.com/‬

 Keywords: slot cars, slot car, slot car racing, peterson auto museum, msfriends, electric dreams, John Cukras, Mike Steube

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