Claire Marsh - Spinal Cord Injury

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***2010 Update***
See Claire's video update following her second round of transplants on Vimeo at All SCI videos are collected at

Claire came to China in 2008 to receive spinal injections of umbilical cord blood stem cells for the treatment of a spinal cord injury she sustained in a boating accident.

When Claire arrived in China she had plateaued in her physically therapy back home in Australia and was looking for a new therapy to help her continue onward. With no movement in her legs, no sweat function and very little sensation she began receiving injections of umbilical cord blood stem cells.

After a full round of injections Claire had begun to walk without her crutches and had begun to move one of her toes. Months after the therapy she regained sweat function below her injury site.

Adult stem cell therapy offered in China today is not a cure for any condition but can offer quality of life improvements for patients. Conditions treated today with adult stem cells typically have no other treatment options.

If you are interested in a medical evaluation for the treatment of a spinal cord injury or any of the conditions listed at please submit an inquiry.

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