Cora Beth - CP Stem Cell Patient

submitted by Beike on 11/11/13 1

"Experts say treatment similar to Cora Beth’s Chinese therapy is years away in the U.S."
KFOR - Stem cell treatments change girl's life

Cora Beth, the youngest of three triplets, was born with Cerebral Palsy. She has to work very hard to keep up with her older brothers. She told us all about it in her sweet interview. She's a pageant winner in Oklahoma and she stole our hearts in China.

Her parents, both medical professionals, have seen to it that she has the best therapies available. They know her condition inside and out. Even her mother was surprised at what a month in China could do for Cora's strength and coordination that traditional therapies had not been able to alter.

In this interview they discuss Cora's condition, the therapies she's been involved in and what they've seen during their time in China.

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