Angelica - Cerebral Palsy (PVL)

submitted by Beike on 11/11/13 1

"I do know that I brought here a child that was not active, that was barely alive, that did nothing and now I have a little girl. She definitely has a lot of body movements. So I think she has a lot to work with. And I think she's going to be fine. I could not say that a month ago."
Angelica's mother following her first treatment in China

Angelica received a bad combination of blood pressure medication and anesthesia when she was born. As a result she suffered a severe brain injury. The youngest of five, she and her mother came to China when she was nine months old.

We met Roxanne and Angelica just before their return home. We were very surprised by their story.

After the treatment her mother said "I just felt like I had four boys and a handicapped child. Now I have a little girl."

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