Reuben - Non-Hereditary Cerebellar Ataxia Stem Cell Patient

submitted by Beike on 11/11/13 1

Reuben is six years old and suffers from a non-hereditary form of Cerebellar Ataxia. He has difficulty with basic motion. He is very unstable. This is all very challenging for a six year old to deal with.

Reuben's family brought him to China to receive transplants of umbilical cord blood stem cells. In this video his mother discusses their decision to come for treatment and the experience they had living in the Chinese hospital for a month.

Reuben regularly attended physical therapy prior to coming to China. So his parents were very surprised when his ability to stand and even walk improved remarkably. Check out the video to learn more.

You can find Reuben's full patient experience at StemCellsChina using

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