Jeff Crowe - Ataxia Stem Cell Patient

submitted by Beike on 11/11/13 1

Jeff Crowe has Ataxia, an hereditary genetic disorder affecting his nervous system. He came to China to receive adult stem cell therapy in the hopes of improving his condition and to push the hands on the clock back a bit.

People with Ataxia are often mistaken for being very drunk. Their speech can be slurred. They can appear clumsy and uncoordinated. They suffer double-vision, dizziness and difficulties with depth perception.

Jeff refused to accept the news that there was nothing that could be done about it. After receiving treatments of adult stem cells from donated umbilical cord blood his balance and walking abilities improved amongst other things.

Adult stem cell therapy is not a cure for Ataxia. After symptoms began to progress again he returned for a second round of transplants. This video was shot during that time.

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