Lindsay & Kevin, Coming Soon Trailer

submitted by Lavon Films on 11/07/13 1

Lindsay & Kevin were an unforgettable couple. Their energy, spunk, and, most of all, their sincerity in the life they live shone through their day.
Beautiful decorations, creative centerpieces, and captivating sunny skies… these elements came together stunningly, but they weren’t the focus of the day. A wedding day is for and about two people joining their lives into one. These people, ready for commitment, share vows to carry with them for the rest of their lives. This is why we love weddings so much – we are capturing life-changing events.

This couple brought smiles and laughter to those attending the wedding – us included! May Lindsay & Kevin’s smiles bring joy and light to their hearts forever.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Pheonixville Foundry | Catering: Queen of Hearts Catering | DJ: DJ Chris Romanelli

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