Betsy & Brad, Lauxmont Farm Wedding Films

submitted by Lavon Films on 11/07/13 1

You know it is going to be a memorable wedding when a horse drawn carriage delivers the bride to the aisle! Everything about Betsy & Brad’s wedding was memorable! The couple’s wedding took place at the beautifully scenic Lauxmont Farms, in Wrightsville, Pa. From the Republic Ice Cream truck, to the cotton candy machine, the day was filled with activities inspired by a country fair theme. Guests of all ages enjoyed themselves. Most importantly, Betsy & Brad had put smiles on each others faces and enjoyed one another. Celebrating most of the day hand in hand, Betsy & Brad had ended their dream wedding with a perfect sunset.
We had the opportunity to bring the couple and their guests to Lavon Films for the premier of their wedding film.
As guests showed up to Lavon Films, a red carpet awaited them. Once inside, the crowd munched on popcorn as they watched and reminisced about the wedding.

Congratulations Betsy and Brad, it was a unique, creative, and beautiful wedding. May joy and happiness flourish your future together!

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