Dakota Clarke Returns

submitted by Brice on 11/01/13 1

Dakota "Cody" Clarke returned to China for a second cycle of adult stem cell treatments in 2010. News media, including the BBC, covered their first journey extensively.

Cody has Septo Optic Dysplasia stemming from a malformation of the midline of the brain. SOD can lead to numerous developmental and physical challenges. Some people are much more affected by the condition than others.

Cody's parents were dismayed by what they saw as a very negative portrayal of the treatments. They saw eight or nine significant changes in her condition, occurring during or immediately after the treatments, which her doctors at home would only describe as "coincidences". For her family, the accumulation of these coincidences around stem cell treatments have not been insignificant to her quality of life today.

Watch her first video here: vimeo.com/4703198

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