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Jhoanna and Som Bath are every Wedding Producers dream couple. They are truly the cutest couple going around. Jhoanna and Som bath flew up from Sydney to our Studio on the Sunshine Coast to film the Pre-Wedding shoot. Just from speaking with them and filming, I could tell how much they adore each other and that their wedding day was going to be very special. The wedding day took place at Villa Botanica, Australia’s premier boutique wedding venue in the Whitsundays. The location, venue, and staff were hands down the best in Australia. I was so honored to film a wedding at this Destination and with one of the nicest couples I have meet, I can honestly say “I will never forget your wedding day, thank you for letting us be a part of your journey”.

Makeup/Hair stylist:

Filmed using: 5D Mark II x2, Glidecam HD4000, Dp Slider,Monopods and H4n Zooms/Wireless Mics

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