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    Olive Bass
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    Chloe Pierre
    Ingrid Lisa
    Sophia Khokhar
    Darcy Jouza
    Wilhemina Gilbertson-Davis
    Christina Okpala
    Talia Jordan Lewis 
    Joey Darlinn 





  • Jumping from 128,000 Feet!
    Jumping from 128,000 Feet! We found the world's craziest base jumps and work our way up to the highest drop from space. Don't try any of this at home btw, just watch this video instead.


    Stunt Freaks Team


    Ryan Williams

    Nitro Circus


    Discovery Canada

    Simon Phillips

    Brandon Mikesell




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  • The Journey | UNHCR
    The Journey | UNHCR directed by Pantera
    produced by Anonymous Content UK
    written by Don't Panic
    Starring Katiana Pestana

    Service Production Co. - Pantera/Company BA
    Producer Gaby Carcova
    Voice by Abby Wilson
    Edited by Paul Hardcastle / Trim London
    DP Francisco Hauser
    Focus Puller Diego Mendizabal
    Sound Design by String and Tins
    Production Manager Pablo Anzoategui
    Art direction by Muriel Rañi
    Wardrobe by Delfina de Forteza
    Scored by IXYXI
    Post Production by Time Based Arts London
    Graded by Lewis Crossfield
    Special thanks to Manu Aguer
  • Opening this note handed to me in class over a decade ago.
    Opening this note handed to me in class over a decade ago. My friend gave me this note in class, and I waited over 10 years! New Zealand time, by the way. I opened it exactly when it was supposed to be opened!

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  • The Mystery of Now
    The Mystery of Now In the short film, “The Mystery of Now,” artist and Apache Skateboards founder, Douglas Miles shares socio-political context around the history that lead to life on the San Carlos Apache reservation, the personal history of how and why he started a skateboard brand and team of local youth leaders. His advice on cultivating resilience, creativity, and joy, provides guidance in a time that for many feels uncertain, polarizing and divisive in our own living rooms and around our dinner tables.

    Douglas Miles (
    Apache Skateboards team (
    Doug Miles Jr. (
    Tray Polk (
    Tasha Hastings (
    Di'orr Greenwood (
    Elijah Albert (
    Reuben Ringlero (
    Rebekah Miles (
    Virgil Kidde (
    Tommy Guerrero (

    Directed by Audrey Buchanan (
    Co-written with Douglas Miles
    Produced by Douglas Miles & Kaylee Cole (
    Executive Producers Archana and Vijay Chattha, dream hampton, Audrey Buchanan
    Director of Photography Carlos Reyes (
    Edited by Carlos Reyes & Kevin Schlanser (
    Composer & Sound Design Alex Simon (
    Music Supervision Kaylee Cole
    Design & Animation Daniel N. Johnson (
    Art Direction Tyler Hicks & Oscar Reyes (
    Second Camera Ale Villegas
    Steadicam Lewis Reif
    Associate Producers Tyler Hicks, Alexandra Offerdahl, Ethan Lipsitz
    Consulting Producer Bobby Bailey
    Sound Recordist Alex Simon
    Colorist Carlos Reyes
    Post Sound Mixer Aaron Eberhardt
    Legal Counsel Adrienne Alexander
    Skate Supervision Doug Miles Jr. & Oscar Reyes

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  • My Thoughts on Reality Shifting
    My Thoughts on Reality Shifting Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤
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    Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!
  • Kia — ONE OF US
    Kia — ONE OF US
  • LAKERS at NETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | April 10, 2021

    The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Brooklyn Nets, 126-101. Andre Drummond led the Lakers with 20 PTS and 11 REB, while Dennis Schroder added 19 PTS and 4 AST in the victory. Kevin Durant tallied 22 PTS, 7 REB and 5 AST for the Nets in the losing effort. The Lakers improve to 33-20 on the season, while the Nets fall to 36-17.

    Next Games:
    Los Angeles Lakers at New York Knicks - Apr. 12 at 7:30pm/et on ESPN
    Brooklyn Nets at Minnesota Timberwolves - Apr. 12 at 8pm/et on NBA League Pass

    0:00- 1Q

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  • On a Wing and a Prayer.
    On a Wing and a Prayer. Photographer Ben Depp has set out to chronicle the wetlands in a series of aerial photographs that he captures with the help of a paramotor that he straps to his back. From above he has become acutely aware of the vast network of pipeline canals which are reportedly responsible for up to 30% of the land loss. In this episode we take a trip to the barrier islands where Ben flies his glider and observes the recent restoration that the state has put into rebuilding the land in this area.
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  • Maison Hanko - Triple Jump, directed by Hideyuki Tanaka
    Maison Hanko - Triple Jump, directed by Hideyuki Tanaka
  • Hailey Bieber On The Early Late Night Show | Dixie D'Amelio
    Hailey Bieber On The Early Late Night Show | Dixie D'Amelio Hey guys!!! I'm back with Episode 2 and I couldn't be happier that @Hailey Rhode Bieber is our second guest! We had a lot of fun together, learning some secrets about each other and making custom shoes for each other!! Don't forget the show airs every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!

    Executive Producer: Dixie D'Amelio
    Executive Producer: Tommy Burns
    Executive Producer: Christian Guiton
    Director: Christian Guiton
    DP: Seth Fuller
    Editor: Diego Cole
    Production Company: Black Street Entertainment
    Studio: Hubble Studio


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  • Blackness is Everything
    Blackness is Everything Blackness is Everything is an experimental/performative short film that celebrates the diversity of the Black diaspora in The Bay Area.

    Directed by: Alba Roland Mejia
    Written & Performed by: Donte Clark
    Photographed by: Jon Harrison
    Produced by: My-Hanh Lac/BAYCAT Studio
    Creative Producer: Amasha Lyons-Clark
    Edited by: Arash Malekzadeh
    Music: Ambrose Akinmusire
  • no one knows me like the ocean.
    no one knows me like the ocean. no one knows me like the ocean.

    An observation into four friends who are each governed by a desire to convey their passion in the ocean. A distant memory shot over 4 days on the Coral Coast, Fiji.

    Featuring: Steph Gilmore, Mikey February, Alana Spencer & Kaito Ohashi.
    Director: Kai Neville
    DOP: Campbell Brown
    Producer: Jam Hassan
    Photographer: Chris Searl
    Creative Director: Matt Pike
    Account Director: Kieran Burke
    Line Producer: Oli Black
    1st AC: Jani Hakli
    2nd AC: Charlie Slessar
    Water Cinematography: Andy Gough
    Water Photographer: Alaa Spencer
    Drone Operator: Hayden Griffith
    Editor: Kai Neville
    Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
    Music Compostion: The M1
    Sound Post-Production: Sonar Music
    Designer: Jye Kwong
    EATING ONLY ONE COLORED FOOD FOR 24 HOURS! Lexi Rivera, Pierson and I only ate one colored food for the day! We made our own colored pancakes and went to find the best desserts. Which color would you pick to eat for a day?!





    @Alexa Rivera
  • Save Ralph - A short film with Taika Waititi
    Save Ralph - A short film with Taika Waititi Introducing Ralph, the new spokes-bunny of the global campaign to ban animal testing for cosmetics. #SaveRalph​​ is a powerful stop-motion animation short film produced by Humane Society International, featuring an all-star multinational cast including Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron, Olivia Munn, Pom Klementieff, Rodrigo Santoro, Tricia Helfer and more.​

    Save Ralph is a powerful stop-motion animation short film featuring Oscar winner Taika Waititi as the voice of Ralph, who is being interviewed for a documentary as he goes through his daily routine as a “tester” in a lab.

    HSI’s #SaveRalph​ campaign tackles the cruelty of animal testing in an original and unexpected way—using the story of one bunny to shine a light on the plight of countless rabbits and other animals in laboratories around the world.

    While Ralph is animated, the miseries he endures in the short film are far from made up. As Spencer Susser, the director of Save Ralph, says, “It's so important that Ralph feels real because he represents countless real animals who suffer every day.”

    Susser, known for his film Hesher, is among a slate of powerhouse celebrities and influencers who collaborated with Humane Society International on the making of Save Ralph. In addition to Waititi as Ralph and Gervais as the interviewer, the film has Zac Efron as Bobby, Olivia Munn as Marshmallow, Pom Klementieff as Cinnamon and Tricia Helfer as Cottonballs.

    Producer Jeff Vespa (Voices of Parkland) teamed up with the Arch Model studio of puppet maker supreme Andy Gent (Isle of Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel) on the production.
  • Alpha Mare
    Alpha Mare Karin lives in solitude in the hills of Marin County, California. When she suffers a catastrophic break from reality, she turns to a herd of horses for answers.

    Official selection at Brooklyn Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, Bentonville Film Festival, and Monmouth Film Festival. Retrospective of Jupiter Premiere

    Director: Mimi Wilcox and Victor Tadashi Suarez
    Producer / Director of Photography: Victor Tadashi Suarez @tadashi_lives
    Editor: Mimi Wilcox @mimimw
    Composer and Orchestrator: Surya Giri @surii_vision
    Colorist: Kath Raisch at Company 3 @kathraisch
    Sound Design: Bijan Sharifi @bijanmakesnoyz
    Re-recording Mixer: James LeBrecht
    Dialog and Sound Effects Editor: Bijan Sharifi
    Sound Effects Editor: William Sammons
    Audio Post Production: Berkeley Sound Artists
    Strings: Madras Chamber Quartet
    Scoring Mixer: Sivanesh Natarajan at Shimmer Studios
    Recording: The Pool, AM Studios

    A film by Tienda @tiendafilms

    Filmed in Nicasio, California.
  • Polo G - RAPSTAR (Official Video)
    Polo G - RAPSTAR (Official Video) Official video for "RAPSTAR" by Polo G

    Listen + Download "RAPSTAR" out now:

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    YouTube Music -

    Directed by Arrad
    Written & Co-directed by Polo G
    Produced by Riveting Entertainment

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    #PoloG #RAPSTAR
  • Manila is Full of Men Named Boy
    Manila is Full of Men Named Boy SYNOPSIS
    Manila, July 7, 2009. As Michael Jackson’s televised funeral plays throughout The Philippines despite terrorist attacks in the south, an estranged son purchases a child who can drink and smoke to impress his father. However, when the patriarch and his friends embrace the new child as one of their own, the question must be asked: what determines who is more valuable of attention?

    75th Venice Film Festival - Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia (World Premiere)
    32nd South by Southwest Film Festival
    28th Busan International Film Festival
    48th Festival du Nouveau Cinéma
    14th Cinema One Originals Film Festival
    22nd Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
    24th Geneva International Film Festival
    16th Zagreb Film Festival
    29th Singapore International Film Festival
    16th London Short Film Festival
    12th Kustendorf Film and Music Festival
    14th Prague Short Film Festival
    41st Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand
    8th Sun Valley Film Festival
    11th Short Waves Festival
    19th Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival
    20th Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
    43rd Atlanta Film Festival
    31st FilmFest Dresden
    13th Dallas International Film Festival
    35th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
    8th Montclair Film Festival
    37th Center for Asian American Media Film Festival
    32nd Columbia University Film Festival
    1st Davey Fest
    12th Festival Zukunftsvisionen
    9th Snake Alley Festival of Film
    25th Palm Springs International Shortfest
    22nd Guanajuato International Film Festival
    14th Traverse City Film Festival
    5th Still Voices Short Film Festival
    20th San Diego Asian Film Festival
    19th Concorto Film Festival
    30th New Orleans Film Festival
    27th Hamptons International Film Festival
    40th Denver Film Festival
    33rd Leeds International Film Festival

    75th Venice Film Festival - Nominated Orrizonti Award for Best Short Film
    14th Cinema One Originals Film Festival, Winner Best Short Film
    20th Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival, Jury Honorable Mention
    31st FilmFest Dresden, Winner Golden Horseman Award for Short Fiction Film - International Competition
    67th Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards - Nominated Best Short Film
    35th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Winner Golden Reel Award for Best Narrative Short
    32nd Columbia University Film Festival, Audience Award, Student Jury Selection, & Jury Honorable Mention
    42nd Gawad Urian Award for Best Short Film - Nomination
    25th Palm Springs International Shortfest, Winner Best U.S. Short Film

    Jon Norman Schneider as "Boy"
    Rafael Roco Jr. as "Rodrigo"
    Reynald Raissel Santos as "Bing Bong"
    Lou Veloso as "Saldi"
    Michael SJ Uy as "Rodel"
    Nel Estuya as "Carlo"
    Adrian Castanares Jr. as "Big Boy"
    Drestel Galang as "Photographer"

    Director: Andrew Stephen Lee
    Producer: Caleb Negassa
    Executive Producer: Valerie Martinez
    Co-Producers: Carlo Francisco Manatad & Mica Coburn
    Writers: Andrew Stephen Lee, Neda Jebelli, and Emre Gulcan
    Cinematographer: Andrew Crighton
    Production Designer: Steff Dereja
    Line Producer: Persian Apple Jalandoni Maglinte
    First Assistant Director: Mikee Dela Cruz
    Editor: Andrew Stephen Lee
    Composer: Zeke Khaseli
    Sound: Julian Evans
  • A NEW HOME by Žiga Virc - TIFF 2016 - Thriller short about immigration and xenophobia
    A NEW HOME by Žiga Virc - TIFF 2016 - Thriller short about immigration and xenophobia What is the biggest danger Europe faces: the crisis on its borders, or its own paranoia and fear? Our protagonist drives to work, she passes the refugee tent city in the park. She means them no harm; they mean her no harm. So why, when their paths intersect, do things go catastrophically wrong?

    // Toronto International Film Festival 2016 //

    Want to see more awarded short films?


    Slovenian - subtiltes available in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

    Director: Žiga Virc
    Screeplay: Žiga Virc, Boštjan Virc
    Cinematography: Darko Herič, ZFS
    Editing: Vladimir Gojun
    Sound Design: Matjaž Moraus Zdešar
    Production Design: Miha Ferkov
    Costume Design: Tina Bonča
    Music: Matjaž Moraus Zdešar

    Nina Rakovec ­ woman
    Jernej Campelj ­ father / stranger

    Bostjan Virc, Studio Virc

    Salaud Morisset

    If you liked A NEW HOME, why not discover the Oscar winner SKIN ?
  • Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose REMATCH
    Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose REMATCH Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose REMATCH... This video is hilarious!
    My friends have to do whatever they can to make me laugh.
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    If they can make me laugh 3 times, they win. If I beat the game before they make me laugh 3 times, I win! This was absolutely the funniest video ever.

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    Dream: @Dream
    Sapnap: @Sapnap
    Karl: @Karl

    This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14/1.15/1.16 challenge that we have decided to try.

    My friends can use whatever they want to try and make me laugh... Dream coded a bunch of super random mods into Minecraft and I had no idea what they were. We have a plugin that allows them to put custom images onto maps which they can place into item frames so they can bring any image into Minecraft! This was super fun and crazy awesome!

    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin
  • Thai Country Living
    Thai Country Living ‘Thai Country Living’

    ‘Thai Country Living’ is about the special way of life in Thailand’s north east Isaan region. A place which transports you to a timeless world far away from modern Bangkok. Friendship, family, community, pride - and celebration after a hard days work - are the rhythms that make the village tick.

    The film shares the life of Suman - a farmer and craftsman dedicated to the traditional ways of country living. Suman is an important part of village life - with the instruments he makes being essential in celebrations, get togethers, birthdays and drinking sessions.

    In a time when global culture is slowly eroding unique traditions, we wanted to celebrate a simpler and more authentic way of life we found in Suman’s peaceful and mediative world.

    Full of energy and human warmth - this film is a thank-you to all the amazing Thai folks that have introduced us to their culture in the most welcoming and warming of ways - through good food, traditional music, friendship… and whiskey.

    Winner ‘Best Original Music’ Mosaic Film Festival 2020
    Winner ‘Best Sound’ Mosaic Film Festival 2020
    Finalist Canada Shorts Film Festival 2020
    Semi-Finalist Top Shorts Film Festival 2020
    Official Selection 9Film Fest 2020
    Official Selection Sonic Scene Music Film Festival 2020
    Official Selection AmDocs Film Festival 2021

    Director: Tubby Brother
    DOP: Dan Tubby
    Editor: Ben Tubby
    Composer: Rob Law
    Colourist: Simone Grattarola @ Time Based Arts
    Sound Design: Martin Leitner @ Wave
  • 3 young children found stabbed to death in Reseda; mother arrested in Central California I ABC7
    3 young children found stabbed to death in Reseda; mother arrested in Central California I ABC7 Three young children were found stabbed to death Saturday morning in a Reseda apartment, authorities said, prompting a search that resulted in their mother's arrest in Central California.
  • HOLE
    HOLE Made during my 4th year at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

    Mo is an adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Mo spends a lot of time in their brain. Today, a hole started following them.


    Anibar Animation Festival 2018
    Hidalgo International Film Festival 2018
    Ottawa International Animation Festival 2018
    Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2018
    Vancouver International Film Festival 2018
    Factual Animation Festival 2018 - Special Mention for Best Short
    Dumbo Film Festival 2018
    TIFF Next Wave Festival 2019
    Athens Animfest 2019
    Athens International Film + Video Festival 2019
    London International Animation Festival 2019
    Toronto Queer Film Festival 2019
    The Animation Festival of Halifax 2019
    International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2019
    Queer City Cinema 2019

    Exhibited as a part of This is Moving: Illustration on Screen exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton June 21 - September 8, 2019

    Screened as a part of the Toronto International Film Festival 2019 Opening night gala

    Winner of the John C. Kerr Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Media Arts at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design degree exhibition

    Winner of The President's Media Award at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design degree exhibition

    More of my work can be found at
  • Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer
    Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer Get Honey for FREE today ▸
    Honey finds coupons with one click. Thanks to Honey for sponsoring!

    come get yall juice

    lilypichu came with me all the way to Boston to record a 10 second meme, thanks lily

    Thanks Poki and Toast for helping w/ the dog

    Funky Galileo -
    Flamingosis - Sunset Park
  • Michael Hays - The Way (feat. Eric Heywood) [OFFICIAL]
    Michael Hays - The Way (feat. Eric Heywood) [OFFICIAL] Michael Hays - The Way (feat. Eric Heywood) official music video.

    Your light
    Rain or shine
    Is always on

    Cold wind blows
    You're not alone

    Howl like
    The wolves at your door

    You know the way

    Day or night
    You know the difference

    Dream or real
    However you feel

    Live or die
    Truth or lie
    It's all the same

    You know the way

    Michael Hays - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, fender rhodes
    Eric Heywood - pedal steel
    Sean Hoffman - bass
    Bukka Allen - Hammond B3

    Engineered by Michael Hays, Sean Hoffman, and Pat Manske
    Mixed by Sean Hoffman
    Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters

    Listen on Spotify

    Emanuele Kabu
  • He's the One
    He's the One Girl meets guy and falls head over heels, but a shocking discovery forces her to question everything. A dark comedy about falling in love with the one person you’re supposed to hate.
    CHASING GHOSTS | OFFICIAL SCREENER | © GRIZZLY CREEK FILMS In their quest to identify the pollinator of the ghost orchid for the first time, a team of explorers, photographers, and filmmakers spent three summers standing waist-deep in alligator- and snake-laden water, swatting air blackened by mosquitoes, and climbing to sometimes nausea-inducing heights. They came away with a startling new discovery - and an even deeper love for Florida's wildest wetlands - revelations that may help to conserve both the endangered orchid and its shrinking home.




    Produced by Grizzly Creek Films in partnership with bioGraphic:​

    * Instagram: @grizzlycreekfilms @biographic_magazine @bendicci @carltonward @peter_houlihan @macstonephoto
  • WILL YOU MARRY ME? The Proposal...
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  • a little death
    a little death A man who manifests an idealized version of his own death begins to have second thoughts as his fantasy is realized.

    Starring Joey Gibson & Amy Hixson
    Written & Directed by Jer Jackson
    Cinematography & Produced by Trevor Owsley
    Edited by Steve Aaron
    Sound Design by Erik Naumann
    Original Score by Tech Neck
    1st AC Gregoire Albertini
    Color by Onyx
    Production Design by Hans Maharawal
    Art Direction by Natalia Janul
    Practical Effects by Chris Hanson
    Gaffer David Reichman
    Key Grip Rome Peterson
    Grip Eren Gedikoglu
  • Who wouldn’t wanna drop out of a muggle public school?
    Who wouldn’t wanna drop out of a muggle public school? You try saying it
    Original video:
  • Donna Missal - Sex is Good
    Donna Missal - Sex is Good Directed by Rodrigo Inada
    created in collaboration with cinematographer Julia Pitch and UGC from Donna Missal
  • Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?
    Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000? Would you sit in a tub of snakes for $10,000?
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  • ALIX
    ALIX What really goes on behind closed doors at Specialized?

    A Sabertooth x Boldly production

    Client: Specialized

    Agency: Sabertooth

    Prod Co: Boldly

    Written by and Creative Direction: Ian Schiller & Dustin Cook

    Directed by: Robjn Taylor

    Executive Producers: Ian Schiller & Dustin Cook

    Specialized Producers: Ian Kenny & Ben Edwards

    Specialized Coordinator: Allan Cooke

    Produced by: Shelby Manton & Kristoff Duxbury

    Director of Photography: Harrison Mendel

    Production Manager: Mack Stannard

    Associate Producers: Geoff Manton & Sebastien Galina

    Production Coordinator: Luis Guerra

    1st AD: Chris Dzaka

    Production Designer: Michelle Patterson

    Stylists: Sekyiwa Wi-Afedzi & Brooke Wilcox

    HMU Artist: Melfinna Tjugito

    Special Effects & Prosthetics: Dallas Harvey FX

    Gaffer: Corey Jacques

    Key Grip: Grace Loeppky

    Sound Mixer: Anton Thomas

    Casting by: Kathleen Mayrs


    Sherilyn Allen
    Claire Friesen
    MJ Kokolis
    Peter Dewhurst
    Gemita Samarra
    Jeremy Arnold
    Lauren Bradley
    Ellie Patrickio

    Riders: Curtis Robinson & Dylan Dunkerton

    Stunt Coordinator: Shaun Magee
    Stunt Assistant: Hugo Raymundo
    Stunt Actor: Skyler Mowatt

    1st AC: Sam Barringer
    DIT: Sebastien Galina
    2nd AC: Molly Mango
    Art Assistant: Mona Fani
    Art Assistant: Alysha Seriani
    Art Assistant: Terri Ray
    Stylist Assistant: Caitlyn Beattie
    HMU Assistant: Jessica Keum
    FX Assistant: Alisha Schmitt
    Lamp Op: Indiana Camilleri
    Lamp Op: Ronan Bryson
    Grip: Rob Howsam
    Climbing & Rigging: Rob Drygas
    Bond Tech: Anthony Kronstein
    Covid Safety: Rock Doc
    FACS: MindSet Craft Services
    Production Assistants: Max Chadburn, Kirsten Howsam, Sophia Biedka, Lazar Adamo
    BTS: Syd Wong

    Post Production Cycle Media
    Editor: Matthew Griffiths
    Assistant Editor: Coline Debray
    Colourist: Sam Gilling

    Motion Graphics / UI design: Peter Debay
    Additional Graphic Design: Michael Pfaltzgraff
    Visual Effects: Olek Lyzwanski

    Score: Harald Boyesen
    Sound Design / Mix - Will Storkson
    ADR Services: Roundabout
    ADR Recording: April Machado

    Photographer: Harookz

    Special Thanks:

    Coast Gravity Park
    CoJax Industries
    Carl Sagan
    Neil D. Tyson
    Intergalactic Federation of Bikes
  • Kid Cudi - Kid Cudi – Sad People (Live on SNL)
    Kid Cudi - Kid Cudi – Sad People (Live on SNL) “Sad People” (Live on SNL)

    “Sad People” from the album "Man On The Moon III: The Chosen". Available now: ​

    ►Subscribe to Kid Cudi on YouTube: ​

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    #KidCudi​ #MOTMIII #SNL
  • The Revolt
    The Revolt An empty, immaculate high-end residence. Every design object and piece of furniture occupies a specific, calculated space. The utility doesn't seem to matter or take place, the form's smoothness and perfection is everything. Everything is calm, perfect, the light embraces the space and its beautiful design. But there are other objects that escape that standard, that are of a different kind. Objects that inhabit every house, purely functional or that simply clash with the aesthetic pretension of the environment. Used and left aside, hidden, concealed, disguised, made invisible, as if they were shameful. These are the ones who break into the aseptic landscape and take it by storm. A blow worthy of a class struggle, where a useful minority rebels against pretension and sets out to tear down its symbols.

    A short film by Six N. Five

    Idea and Direction
    Ezequiel Pini & Sebastian Baptista

    Art Direction
    Ezequiel Pini, Joan Garcia Pons
    3D Design
    Joan Garcia Pons, Ezequiel Pini, Joan Guasch, Secondary Bounce, Simon Kaëmpfer.

    Visual storytelling
    Sebastian Baptista
    Animation & VFX
    Nil Estany, Valery Polehenky, Sebastian Baptista &, João Lucas

    Sound by Cypher featuring the music of Georgia
    Editing by Lluis Murua

    VR Experience
    Secondary Bounce - Mauro Muñoz & Miguel Segovia -
    Selected furniture & objects
    Six N. Five Objects - Artur de Menezes & Ezequiel Pini

    Press copy by Pedro Merlo
    Thanks to Flor Clerico, Dai Ventrice, Paola Zanni and the team.
  • Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (Official Video) ft. SZA
    Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (Official Video) ft. SZA Doja Cat // “Kiss Me More” ft. SZA
    Out Now //
    🎧 Put headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience 🎧

    “Kiss Me More” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

    Stream “Kiss Me More” in full 360 Reality Audio, now available on Tidal, Amazon and Deezer.
    Register at the link below to redeem your 3-month free trial!
    *Quantities are limited, while supplies last

    Subscribe to Doja Cat's Official YouTube Channel:​​

    Follow Doja Cat:​​​​​​

    Follow SZA:​​​


    “Kiss Me More” (Official Video)

    Astronaut: Alex Landi

    Director: Warren Fu
    DP: Christopher Ripley
    Executive Producer: Sara Nix
    Producer: Whitney Jackson
    Commissioner: Sam Houston
    PM: Val Pensa
    PM: Quinci Bryant
    Label: RCA Records

    Production Company: Partizan Entertainment
    1st AD: Ev Salomon
    Production Designer: John Richoux with Nomad Art + Design
    Editor: Nick Rondeau at Work Editorial
    Colorist: Matt Osborn at Company 3
    Sound Mixing: Brandon Kim at Therapy Studios
    VFX: Roman Bilichenko + Olga Petrishena at Digital Axis
    and Jumanah Shaheen + Grant Miller + David Lebensfeld at Ingenuity Studios
    Game Designer: Christopher Rodriguez
    Director Reps: Nicole O’Connell + Beatriz Lopez at Hart Represents

    Team Doja Cat
    Management: Wassim “Sal” Slaiby, Gordan Dillard, Lydia Asrat, Josh Kaplan, Rachel Rowley
    Creative Director / Stylist: Brett Alan Nelson
    Tailor: Jesstia Usher
    Stylist Assist: Kristin Ritchie + Samuel Wolfe
    Hair: J Stay Ready
    Makeup: Ernesto Casillas
    Makeup Assist: Ivan Nunez
    Nails: Saccia Livingston
    Choreographer: Cortland Brown

    Team SZA
    Management: Terrence "Punch" Henderson, Roberto "retOne" Reyes, MeLisa Chanele
    Stylist: Diane Garcia
    Makeup: Ernesto Casillas
    Hair: Tevin Washington

    #dojacat #kissmemore #sza
  • Bumpers for FX productions
    Bumpers for FX productions Commissioned bumpers for FX productions

    Written and directed and animated by Joe Bennett

    Voice Overs-
    Joe Bennett

    Charles Huettner

    Music and sound design-
    Nic Snyder
  • Inland Empire
    Inland Empire Childhood friends Ian and Tim slowly realize that they’ve wasted their lives selling popcorn and participating in medical testing. Their hometown is a surreal nightmare, but they're too bored to notice.

    Created by: Ian Abramson & Tim Barnes
    Directed by: Zane Rubin
    Executive Producers: Miriam Mintz, Max Broude, Brent Butler, Daniel Kellison
    Co-Executive Producer: Nicholas Veneroso
    Produced By: Brent Butler
    Cinematographer: Sten Olson
    Editor: Dan Flesher
    GFX & Compositing: Ben Pedley, Shane Winter
    First AD: Rob Hatch-Miller
    Art Department & Wardrobe: Marissa Gallant
    Production Coordinator: Luis Gonzalez
    First AC: Carolina Rodriguez
    Second AC: Joseph Adams
    Sound: Nick Campbell
    Gaffer: Adrian Nietro
    Key Grip: Daniel Gomez
    Make-Up Artist: Alyssa Hudson
    Post Services: The Farm, LA
    Music: APM Music

    Ian: Ian Abramson
    Tim: Tim Barnes
    Moloi: Ruth Silveira
    Raina: Rhea Butcher
    Bored Customer: Danielle Perez
    Derek: Myles Anderson
    Doctor 1: Laurie Kilmartin
    Doctor 2: Brent Butler
    Man of the Street: Wade Herder
    Real Estate Agent: Candy Lawrence
  • Minnesota News Cold Open - SNL
    Minnesota News Cold Open - SNL News anchors (Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon, Alex Moffat, Chris Redd, Ego Nwodim) have an on-air debate about the current racial issues in America.

    Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock:

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    #SNL #CareyMulligan #KidCudi #SNL46
  • I Feel Like We're In the Same Room Right Now
    I Feel Like We're In the Same Room Right Now love & preservation

    a film by Henry Busby
    music by Jason Martin Castillo
    sound mix by Bobb Barito
  • Prince Charles: 'My Dear Papa Was a Very Special Person'
    Prince Charles: 'My Dear Papa Was a Very Special Person' Prince Charles made a short statement outside Highgrove House this afternoon to mark the passing of his father, the Duke of Edinburgh.

    The Prince of Wales commented on his father's seven decades of service to Queen and country. He added that: "My family and I will miss him enormously... My dear Papa was a very special person."

    #PrinceCharles #PrincePhilip #RoyalFamily
  • Conceptions
    Conceptions Available as NFT at

    Conceptions is an excursion of the fundamentals that underpin creativity. Three kinetic sculptures represent the development of ideas as they converge from noise to pattern.

    A shape with innumerable sides swirls chaotically, gradually giving rise to tangible structures that can be shaped and understood.

    The resulting structures are studied with care here. Apexes are weighted and imperfections are diffused. Each iteration developing unique attributes.

    This is the summit of form. Unapologetic in its dimensions, the structure exists in perpetuity, liberated from revision.

    Sound Design by Timon Martin
  • What really happens when you have a heart attack
    What really happens when you have a heart attack MERCH:




    #Iamdices #Tiktok #Shorts
  • Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)
    Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) Production Co: @underwondercontent
    Directors: @tanumuino & @lilnasx
    Producer: @marcodemolina
    Executive Producers: @frankborin @ivannaborin
    Commissioner: Saul Levitz
    Lil Nas X Creative Director: @hodovodo

    VFX Co:
    VFX Supervisor & Creative director : @guillaume_cottet
    VFX Supervisor : Emeric Samier 
    Producer & Owner : Guillaume Marien 
    Executive Producer : Rebecca Rice - @reb.rice
    Executive Producer : Guillaume Audibet @guiloww
    VFX Producer : Mikaella Zarka  -  @_mizaka
    On Set VFX Supervisor: @charlie_iturriaga

    Cinematographer: @scottcunninghamdp
    1st AC: @pergrinj
    2nd AC: Vanessa Manlunas 
    VTR: @1gnacio2

    1st AD: @the_nomadx
    2nd AD: @cire_capture
    Assoc. Producer: @roza_march @rainobell
    PM: @ashleyquarterman
    PC: @lbdelguercio
    Production: @itslevbugaev @davidleonespina @toomuchstephen

    ART: @nomadartdesigh
    Production Designer: @johnrichouxdesign
    Art Director: Cristina Bidagor
    Propmakers: @__thiing @flipside_films
    Scenics: @zeez.louize @kophns Jasmine Sheen Jasmine, Jose Dimas Martínez 

    Tailor: @enrique_urbina
    Wardrobe Asst.: @asherlevine
    MakeUP: Anthony Nguyen
    Hairstylist: @evaniefrausto
    Hair Asst.: @samanthalepre
    Head FX: @laneychantal
    FX MakeUp artists: @catpaschen @sashaglasser @mirandajory 
    BTS photo: @deathcats

    Choreographer: @kelyvon
    Dancer: @vertical.jones
    Talent: @colerockyhorror
    Talent: @tayvionpower_

    The Scan Truck: @thescantruck @galarvlad @jiggleswothvisuals

    Key Grip: Dave Riggio 
    BBG: Tino Contreras 
    Grips: Anthony Mollicone, Chris Sinclair
    Gaffer: @moonlighting_inc
    BBE: Mike Bailey 
    SLTs: Dylan Pratt, Joey Rodriguez

    Crane Operator: Christopher Mayhugh
    Head Tech: Andre Hollins
    Hammer Cranes: @hammercameracranes 

    SVFX Supervisor: Daffy London
    SVFX Asst.: Andrew Daffy
    VFX Asst.: @kalinka_amorr

    Covid Officer: @kaytomlinson5
    HHO: @lanett_tachel
    Location: @thunderstudios 


    VFX Supervisor & Creative director : Guillaume Cottet
    VFX Supervisor : Emeric Samier 

    Producer & Owner : Guillaume Marien 
    Executive Producer : Rebecca Rice - @reb.rice
    Executive Producer : Guillaume Audibet 
    VFX Producer : Mikaella Zarka  -  @_mizaka

    Art director : Almir Nago 
    Art director : Paulin Girard 

    Previz Artists 
    Almir Nago 
    Dane Armor 
    Michael Raux 

    Michael Doré 
    Henry Reculé 
    Clarisse Tronchon 

    Concept Hell : Marcin Rubinkowski 
    Concept Snake : Richard Méril 
    Concept Artist : Alexander Sebag 

    3D Artists : 
    Pierre Emparador 
    Romain Thibault 
    Camille GURRACHUGA
    François Rimasson 

    3D Animation : 
    Eleonore Saveri 
    Timothé Biellet 
    Bruno Etchepare 

    Fx Artists 
    Lucien Busca 
    Antoine Simon 

    2D Artists : 
    Arnaud Laplace 
    Johann Roche 
    Quentin Primault 
    Sacha Danjou 
    Nicolas KERMEL 
    Diana NIKITINA
    Sophie Roques 
    Dominique Daufin 

    Flame Artists : 
    Fred BRANDON 
    Samuel Roux

    Track : 
    Yvan Galtie 
    Adrien Delecroix 

    IN / OUT : Constant Bourgon 
    Shooting supervisors : 

    Karlab Studio:
    The French fakers 
    The BeastMakers 
    The ScanTruck
    Human Engine
  • All Bodies On Bikes
    All Bodies On Bikes Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky are on a mission - a mission to change the idea that people in larger bodies can't ride bikes. The duo aims to make cycling more inclusive, beyond just inviting people of all sizes to ride bikes, but by changing the entire idea of what it means to be a cyclist — not just on screens, but on trails and in people’s minds.

    Director: Zeppelin Zeerip
    Producer: Zac Ramras
    Director of Photography: Michael Brown
    Editor: Michael Brown
    Sound Design: Avery Sandack
    Animation: Studio Dialog
    Starring: Kailey Korhauser
    Marley Blonsky
    Music: Easy Giant
    Rigger: Kyle Metzger

    Native Lands: Duwamish, Coast Salish, Kalapuya, Chemapho, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Alsea, Tillamook, Siletz, and Yakina.

    Additional Thanks: Corvallis Bicycle Collective, Black Rock Mountain Bike Association, Velo Orange, Free Range Bike Shop
  • Friday Night Funkin' - The Hardest Mods Compilation (Part 2) (READ DESC!)
    Friday Night Funkin' - The Hardest Mods Compilation (Part 2) (READ DESC!) This is the second part of a compilation of the hardest mods for the game "Friday Night Funkin'"
    I hope many of you have been waiting for the second part.

    0:00 - Mid-Fight Masses: Zavodila
    2:21 - Mid-Fight Masses: Gospel
    5:34 - Tord: TordBot
    6:42 - Sky (bfswifeforever): Manifest
    8:41 - Whitty Addon: Ballistic RetroSpecter Remix

    Mid-Fight Masses:
    Sky (bfswifeforever):
    Whitty Addon:

    This is an appeal to old subscribers!
    Guys, I might stop doing 3D animation, because I have absolutely no motivation and I'm already tired of Fnaf. Seriously, I don't want to animate at all, and Fnaf has long since slipped. Most likely, I will think about what content to do for you, maybe I will do 2D animation, since I think there is more freedom in creativity, but I must first learn how to make 2D animation. Therefore, those who watch me due to the fact that I am doing 3D animation according to Fnaf, you can no longer watch me, because you will see other content on my channel

    #fridaynightfunkinmod #fridaynightfunkin #fnf
    SEAWOLF The Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia is a naturally rich and diverse land home to many indigenous People. Like other areas in the country rich in natural resources, the land and its people have been and continue to be threatened by government regulation, restriction, and resource extraction. This documentary explores the perspectives of Mike Willie and K̕odi Nelson, two Indigenous men looking to conserve their land, protect their culture and heritage, bring prosperity and respect to their people, and find harmony and reconciliation between Indigenous People and the Canadian government once and for all.

    To learn more visit:

    Director: Alexander Sworik
    Director of Photography: Christopher Clark
    Colourist: Parker Jarvie
    Colour Producer: Blake Rice
    Sound Design and Mixing: Alastair Sims
    Titling: Johnny Del Guercio
    Additional Aerial Footage: Zachary Moxley
    Photography: Taylor Burk

    Special Thanks to:
    Mike Willie
    K’odi Nelson
  • First One (A Quest to Become More Beautiful)
    First One (A Quest to Become More Beautiful) A young man embarks on a self-documented quest to conquer fear, find beauty, and smoke his first cigarette.

    Director: Ezra Ewen (
    Producers: Dario Marble & Faye Tsakas
    Second Camera: Kevin Clark
    Production Designer & Prop Master: Jeremy Reimnitz
    Music: Karsten Osterby, World Standard, & Patsy Cline
    Colorist: Samuel Gursky
    Poster Artist & Makeup Consultant: Min Ji Son
    Poster designer: Michael Doyle Olson
    PA: Ben Van Howe

    Starring: Ezra Ewen
    Featuring: PK Simone
  • Weekend Update: The Iceberg on the Sinking of the Titanic - SNL
    Weekend Update: The Iceberg on the Sinking of the Titanic - SNL The Iceberg that sank the Titanic (Bowen Yang) stops by Weekend Update to discuss his new album.

    Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock:

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    #SNL #CareyMulligan #KidCudi #SNL46

    STORY BY Alex Prager, Ruth Bellotti, Nick Howard, Nick Stoner, Ari Weiss, Ben Wolan

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Arts & Sciences + Mal Ward

    PRODUCED BY Alex Prager, Matt Blitz, Suzanne Koller, Christa Skotland

    CO-PRODUCERS Lisa Ziven & Alex Waite

    BODIES CREATED BY Vincent Van Dyke Effects


    CINEMATOGRAPHER Hoyte van Hoytema


    EDITOR Paul Martinez

    COSTUME DESIGNER Jennifer Johnson

    COMPOSER Ali Helwein

    Special Thanks to Arts & Sciences, DDB and Lehmann Maupin.

    A film by Alex Prager as a commission for Miller Lite.
  • Ups & Downs From WWE WrestleMania 37 - Night 1
    Ups & Downs From WWE WrestleMania 37 - Night 1 Our Review of Wrestlemania Night 1 as Simon Miller runs down last nights events.

    For more awesome WWE, AEW and other wrestling content check out:
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  • Kaleo Sansaa - Pay Mi In Cash
    Kaleo Sansaa - Pay Mi In Cash The video for „Pay Mi In Cash“ dramatizes frustration and anger due to exploitation boiling in black and brown bodies. By applying the repetitive principle of the song to the video the director created a fascinating visual mantra.

    Director: Justyna Obasi
    DoP: Konstantin Mazov
    Producer: Felix Knabel
    Choreography: Kiani del Valle
    Styling: Kamilla Richter
    Make Up: Servulo Méndez
    Hair: Tini Amoako
    Art Dep: Juliette Valone
    Focus: Julian Hansche
    Gaffer: Luke Sullivan
    Grip: Dennis Klemba
    Runner / PA: Emil Baikousis
    Editor: Matthias Graatz
    Grading: Julia Rossetti
    VFX: Katalyst Berlin
    Designers: Helena Stölting
    Joshua Sengespeick
    Laura Gerte
    Neith Nyer via Autrement PR
    Helene Zubeldia
    Lucien Pagès
    Design Assistants:
    Isabelle Thiede
    Sammy Cullis
    Joana Zibat
  • NOWNESS Experiments: Ultraviolet
    NOWNESS Experiments: Ultraviolet As part of our new series of moving-image premieres, Nowness Experiments, we welcome French filmmaker and visual artist Marc Johnson to the screen.

    Inspired by a philosophical Chinese poem about a man dreaming of being a butterfly, Marc Johnson reimagines the ancient fable and its epistemological skepticism in a new film. World-renowned scorpion handler Kanchana Ketkaew and several venomous arachnids approximate collaborative survival in a non-narrative experimental project filmed under ultraviolet light.

    See what's next in the series here:
  • LeBron James IMPRESSED By Andre Drummond & Lakers Destroying Nets! Lakers vs Nets
    LeBron James IMPRESSED By Andre Drummond & Lakers Destroying Nets! Lakers vs Nets LeBron James IMPRESSED By Andre Drummond & Lakers Destroying Nets! Lakers vs Nets April 10, 2021 NBA Season

    ------(All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended. All videos are edited to follow the "Free Use" guideline of YouTube------


    “NBA video clips used in content on this channel are licensed through partnership with NBA Playmakers.”

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  • MARS
    MARS Victor Cascarigny in MARS
    An immersive skate part shot in Marseille during scorcher.

    I've been skating for almost twenty years. I finally found the energy to create a project combining music and skateboarding, with the man who does kickflips faster than his shadow.

    Directed, shot and edited by Morgan Jouquand
    Assistant director : Adrien Danton
    Shot on Bolex H16 EBM & Sony PD170 Mini DV
    Lab : Kafard Films

    Music : MOMO - Lupita
  • Students in Online Exams vs Normal Exams
    Students in Online Exams vs Normal Exams Online exams or normal exams? Which one is easier? Which is more fun?
    What will happen when the rest of the students returns to the Academy?
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  • Pizzaslime + NYFW 2021
    Pizzaslime + NYFW 2021 Pizzaslime's spot for NYFW : The Shows.
    Written + animated by Cole Kush and I.
  • Ladies Room
    Ladies Room Ladies Room is a film about women in films. It features a group of ladies in the ladies' room, talking about the things women talk about. If it sounds simple, it’s because it is.


    Writers & Directors: Alex Behles & Christine Santora
    Director of Photography: Andrew Price
    Narrated by: Sharon Horgan
    Editor: Julienne Jones
    Producers: Sharon Shang & Devin O'Neill
    Original Music: Brigitte Dajczer
    Music Supervision: Rebeca Grierson and Warren Wolfe from Sixtyfour Music
  • Weekend Update: New Dick’s Sporting Goods Store & Taylor Swift Re-Records Album - SNL
    Weekend Update: New Dick’s Sporting Goods Store & Taylor Swift Re-Records Album - SNL Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, like Tyler Perry developing a new Madea TV series.

    Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock:

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    #SNL #CareyMulligan #KidCudi #SNL46
  • Istanbul. Love of the continents
    Istanbul. Love of the continents Immerse yourself into the authentic atmosphere of the city between East and West. for collabs and license

    Everyday live stories, unpublished footage, backstages etc:​

    Music was written especially for the project.
    Composer: Kirill Gorokhov​

    © Timelab.Pro, 2021
  • The Real Morgz - (Documentary)
    The Real Morgz - (Documentary) Who is the Real Morgz? What is Morgz really like? It’s time to show you all the real me, Morgan “Morgz” Hudson.

    -------------------| FOLLOW FOR A FOLLOW BACK |-------------------

    Directed, Filmed & Edited by Morgan Hudson & Edward Hallam.

    00:00 Intro
    00:58 How It Started
    04:01 Dropping Out Of School
    06:07 Buying A House Aged 16
    07:20 The Start Of The Morgz Character
    08:22 Morgz Mum Pause Challenge Meme
    10:33 How Fake Did It Get?
    11:32 How I Almost Died
    12:55 How YouTube Broke Me
    14:08 Bald Martin Beans And Burgers Meme
    15:33 The Backlash
    17:10 MorgzFest
    18:33 The MrBeast Beef
    20:08 Hitting 10 Million Subscribers
    21:09 What Makes Morgz Mum Most Proud?
    22:27 Whats Next?

    -------------------| OTHER |-------------------

  • Mercedes Benz | Valet Guys
    Mercedes Benz | Valet Guys Directed by Pantera
    Produced by BWGTBLD
    Director of Photography - Nicolas Karakatsanis
    Agency - Antoni Berlin
    Styled by BRATSK 55
    Scored by Gustav Kärlstrom
    Graded by Alex Bickel
    VO by Jason Filmore
    Production design by Jason Hougaard
  • Oh, Darling! (2020)
    Oh, Darling! (2020) Obsessed with birds of all sorts, clumsy but loveable loner Andy finds himself lucky one day, when out of nowhere the most stunning bird he’s ever seen lands on his windowsill. Tempted by the outlook of getting recognition amongst fellow bird-aficionados, Andy gets a little carried away…
  • Eric and the Bees
    Eric and the Bees Beekeeping is a lifesaving form of therapy for Eric Grandon, a U.S. Army veteran who suffers from PTSD after 20 years in combat. For the past several years, Eric has invited other trauma survivors to his farm so they could experience the healing powers of beekeeping.


    We set out to look for helpfulness in the world and were amazed at the stories we found. Because being helpful might sound simple, but it’s actually badass.

    Find more stories at


    When Eric Grandon discovered beekeeping, he had no idea that the bees would give him the power to transform both his own life, and the lives of many others.

    After serving 20 years in the U.S. military, Eric retired to his family farm in West Virginia, but he was haunted by his experiences in combat. After a particularly harrowing flashback, he was diagnosed with PTSD.

    Beekeeping was first used as rehab for soldiers suffering 'shell shock' after the First World War. Finding himself suddenly at peace, Eric knew he had to help others. Now, he invites other veterans and first-line responders to his farm so they can experience the healing powers of beekeeping.


    Erin Brethauer & Tim Hussin

    Malcolm Pullinger & Rachel Serada Barth

    Directors of Photography:
    Erin Brethauer & Tim Hussin

    Production Manager:
    Valentina Clerici

    Eric Grandon, Mary Grandon, Abigail Grandon, Daniel Abram, Leslie Fuller

    Executive Producers:
    Mohammad Gorjestani, Taylor Feltner, Cayce Cole, Omid Fatemi, Ashley Rodholm, Sam Bathe, Ariana Blair, Elyse Kanagaratnam, Olivia Kingsley

    Peter McCollough

    Original Music
    William Ryan Fritch

    Sound Design & Mix
    Matt Tammariello

    Sean Wells


    This film is a co-production of Even/Odd and Zendesk.
    Filmed on location in Clay County, West Virginia.
    © 2021 Zendesk Inc.
  • Kim Loaiza - Me perdiste Remix ft Casper Magico & Lyanno (Video Oficial)
    Kim Loaiza - Me perdiste Remix ft Casper Magico & Lyanno (Video Oficial) Kim Loaiza - Me perdiste Remix ft Casper El Magico & Lyanno (Video Oficial)

    Escúchala Me perdiste Remix en

    • Spotify;

    • ITunes:

    • Deezer:

    • Amazon:

    • Kim Loaiza • Space Music 🚀


    • INSTAGRAM: @Kimberly.Loaiza

    • PAGINA DE FACEBOOK: Kimberly Loaiza

    • TWITTER: KimberlyLoaiza_


    Compositores: @franzata @elvisdeyongol @casper_magico @lyanno

    Prod : @mkenelbeat & @elvisdeyongol

    #KimLoaiza #Meperdiste #Remix
    INVISIBLE - NTO Directed by Jean-Charles Charavin
    Produced by INCENDIE
  • I joined a random parkour world and kinda cheesed it
    I joined a random parkour world and kinda cheesed it #minecraft I did some parkour today. I hope choof is proud.

    Music Used:
    "Andy Griffith Tribute" - Huseyin Aksu

    hahaha youtube analytics go brrrrrr
    These are like Crimes to Commit in Minecraft, but they could be considered the weirdest or weirder. But these are the Weirdest Crimes t
    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This isn't a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin. This isn't 100 Days Hardcore or I Played Minecraft Hardcore for 100 Days and Here's what Happened. This is the 100 by 100 Minecraft World.
    #shorts #yeahjaron
    AHEAD A short story about living with and as a headless person.

    a film by Ala Nunu
    music by Natalia Czekała and Krzysztof Guzewicz
    sound design and mixing by Edward A Guy
    RCA & COLA film
    producers: Bruno Caetano and João Rapaz

    - ANIMATEKA 2020: Best Student Film
    - Chilemonos 2020: 3rd award in Student Competition
    - O!Pla 2020: Silver Award
    - Cinetoro 2020: Honourable Mention
    - Warsaw International Animation Festival 2020: Honourable Mention
    -O!Pla 2020: Internet Audience Award
    -Copenhagen Underground / Locked In Film Festival: Best animation
    - Animator International Animation Festival UNSCREENED: most voted off-competition film, awarded to join the main competition

    -Paris International Animation Film Festival 2021 (France)
    - Anima 2021 (Belgium)
    -Short Film Market Picks of Clermont-Ferrand 2021 (France)
    -ZUBROFFKA 2020 (Poland)
    - 19th International Student Film & Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy (China)
    -Premi Animalcoi 2020 (Spain)
    -Bit Bang International Animation and Digital Art Festival (Argentina)
    - Festival Internacional de Cine Austral 2020 (Argentina)
    -Big Cartoon Festival 2020 (Russia)
    -Student Animated Film Animafantasia Festival 2020 (Romania)
    -Prime The Animation! New Talent International Festival 2020 (Spain)
    -Camera Action 2020 (Poland)
    -CINANIMA 2020 (Portugal)
    -Cinemagic Festival 2020 (UK)
    -Canlandıranlar Film Festival 2020 (Turkey)
    -13th Beijing Queer Film Festival 2020 (China)
    -Taichung International Animation Festival 2020 (Taiwan)
    - London International Animation Festival 2020 (UK)
    - Sciacca Film Fest 2020 (Italy)
    -Balkanima Animation Festival 2020 (Serbia)
    -Thessaloniki Animation Festival 2020 (Greece)
    -Kuandu International Animation Festival 2020 (Taiwan)
    -GazteFilmFest 2020 (Spain)
    -Sciacca Film Fest (Italy)
    - Mostra Udigrudi Mundial MUMIA (Brazil)
    -Animation Volda Festival 2020 (Norway)
    -BIT BANG 2020 (Argentina)
    -Warsaw Animation Film Festival 2020 (Poland)
    -Animasyros International Animation Festival + Agora 2020 (Greece)
    -Bucheon International Animation Festival BIAF 2020 (South Korea)
    -12th International Inter University Short Film Festival (Bangladesh)
    -La Truca Animation Festival 2020 (Colombia)
    -ANIMATOR festival 2020 (Poland)
    -Pixelatl 2020 (Mexico)
    -International Inter University Short Film Festival-IIUSFF 2020 (Bangladesh)
    - Linoleum Animation Festival 2020 (Ukraine)
    - Bilbao Animakom Fest 2020 (Spain)
    - UFA Kinofest 2020 (Russia)
    - Cortoons Festival Gandia 2020 (Spain)
    - Imaginaria Animation Festival 2020 (Italy)
    - Giffoni Film Festival 2020 (Italy)
    - Flipbook Film Festival 2020 (Macedonia)
    - Supertoons International Animation Festival 2020 (Croatia)
    - BALKANIMA - European Animated Film Festival 2020 (Serbia)
    - Les Mains Gauches queer, feminist film festival 2020 (France)
    - SFTF Showcase 2020 (Colombia)
    - Locked In Film Festival (A Film in Quarantine) 2020
    - Zagreb Internationa Animation Festival 2020 (Croatia)
    - Chilemonos international Animation Festival 2020 (Chile)
    - Yale Student Film Festival 2020 (US)
    - Animex Awards 2020 (UK)
    - ANIMOCJE International Animation Festival 2020 (Poland)
    - Living Skies Student Film Festival 2020 (Canada)
    - O!Pla Polish Animation Festival 2020 (Poland)
    - The Film and Folklore Festival 2020 (Trinidad and Tobago)
    - Caminhos Film Festival 2019 (Portugal)
    - Animatou International Animation Festival 2019 (Switzerland)
  • Black Owned - St. Louis
    Black Owned - St. Louis Introducing Black Owned, a film series exploring the Black entrepreneurial spirit and its essential contribution to the American economy through the perspectives of business owners.
  • Talking To Jesus | Elevation Worship & Maverick City
    Talking To Jesus | Elevation Worship & Maverick City The official video of "Talking to Jesus" from the album, Old Church Basement, by Elevation Worship and Maverick City.

    Available everywhere now:

    "Talking To Jesus" was written by Steven Furtick, Brandon Lake, and Chris Brown.

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    Grandma used to pray out loud
    By her bed every night
    To me it sounded like mumbling
    Like she was out of her mind
    She said boy this kind of praying is what saved my life
    You oughta try it some time
    Now I know she was right

    She was talking to Jesus
    She was talking to Jesus
    She’d been talking to Jesus for all of her life

    Mama used to drag me to church
    Sunday morning and Wednesday nights
    Khaki pants and a polo shirt
    Boy I put up a fight
    She said, son, one day you’ll thank me for having God in your life
    And yeah I know she was right
    Yeah my mama was right

    Cause now I’m talking to Jesus
    She got me talking to Jesus
    She got me talking to Jesus
    Yeah my mama was right
    Cause now I’m talking to Jesus
    Yeah I love talking to Jesus
    And I'll be talking to Jesus
    For the rest of my life

    What a friend we have in Jesus
    What a friend we have in Jesus
    What a friend we have in Jesus

    I've got 3 of my own now
    Trying to raise them up right
    My oldest is 15 and I remember what that was like
    Trying to deal with the drama, trying to figure out the questions in life
    I’ve been looking for a way to show him how to make it alright

    Then he walked in my room while I was saying my prayers the other night
    He said I’ll come back later, I can tell you got a lot on your mind
    I said it’s not an interruption, you couldn’t have picked a better time
    Cause I was just talking to Jesus, come over and give it a try

    We started talking to Jesus
    We started talking to Jesus
    We started talking to Jesus
    And now he’s talking to Jesus
    Thank God he’s talking to Jesus
    I hope he’s talking to Jesus
    For the rest of his life

    There’s no wrong way to do it
    There’s no bad time to start
    It don't have to sound pretty
    Just tell him what’s on your heart
    Cause it’s not a religion
    It’s more like a friendship
    Just talk to your Father
    Like you are his kid

    Just start talking to Jesus
    Just start talking to Jesus
    You can talk to Jesus
    Whenever you like

    Just start talking to Jesus
    Just start talking to Jesus
    Just keep talking to Jesus
    For the rest of your life

    Written by Steven Furtick, Brandon Lake, Chris Brown
    ©2021 Music by Elevation Worship Publishing, Bethel Music Publishing / Maverick City Publishing Worldwide
    CCLI #: 7171559

    #TalkingToJesus #ElevationWorship #MaverickCity #OldChurchBasement
  • The Secret of Bottom Turn Island
    The Secret of Bottom Turn Island Snowboarder Alex Yoder searches to the ends of the earth for the lost art of "snow-surfing" only to find the answers he seeks on Bottom Turn Island.
  • Man Threatened to Stab Undercover Asian NYPD Officer: Police | NBC New York
    Man Threatened to Stab Undercover Asian NYPD Officer: Police | NBC New York Police said that the suspect went on a hateful tirade inside Penn Station toward a man who turned out to be an undercover officer with the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force. NBC New York’s Checkey Beckford reports.
  • Oeil pour Oeil (2019)
    Oeil pour Oeil (2019) Directors : Thomas BOILEAU, François BRIANTAIS, Robin COURTOISE, Alan GUIMONT, Malcolm HUNT, Mathieu LECROQ

    Voices : Antoine PERRICHON, Avital STHAPURA

    Sound design & Mixing : José VICENTE, Baptiste LEBLANC, Yoann PONCET - Studio des Aviateurs

    École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques - © ESMA 2019
  • Icewear Vezzo x Lil Durk - Up The Sco (Official Video)
    Icewear Vezzo x Lil Durk - Up The Sco (Official Video) Stream "Up The Sco" ft Lil Durk
    Shot By: @Counterpoint 2.0
    Song Produced by: Rocaine

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  • Droptree | "Village Come Back" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
    Droptree | "Village Come Back" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) A cautionary tale. Directors, be careful what you wish for.

    Wanna follow the lyrics? Hit the CC button!

    A Droptree production.

    Director: Matt Miadich
    Producer: Faryl Kagan

    Generous support from these Portland companies...
    Coach Sarge Cine: stage + grip + lighting
    Picture This: LED wall + unreal engine system
    Camera Control: bolt robotic camera system
    Koerner Camera: cameras + lenses + camera support

    And these unbelievable and talented friends...
    DOP: Kevin Fletcher
    DOP 2nd Unit: Joe Meade
    1st AD (& Background Dancer): Dennis Brenhaug
    1st AC: Sika Stanton
    1st AC: Lane Clark
    2nd AC: Ivana Horvat
    LED Wall Manager: Hunter Loveridge
    Unreal System Engineer: Justin Rapp
    Robotic Camera Operator: Karl Kuchs
    Robotic Camera Assistant (& Background Dancer): Deante Grinner

    Gaffer: Bruce "Sarge" Fleskes
    BB Electric: Albert Tablanza
    Electrician: Tristan Stoch

    Key Grip: Brian "Coach" Fleskes
    Dolly Grip: Oliver Schaal
    Grip: Cory Standridge
    Stage Manager: Chris Ruiz

    VTR/Art/Creative Support: Jov Luke
    Production Coordinator/Art Support (& Background Dancer): Benjamin Nerison
    Production Supervisor: Jonathan Jenkins
    Craft Services: Gabe Felton

    Colorist: John Spellmen
    Graphics: Micah Bartel
    Audio Mix: Nate Merchant

    Motorcycle Procurer and Talent: Brian Baldwin
    Photographer (& Background Dancer): Cassie Bergman
    Good Vibes (and also a talented DOP): Page Stephenson

    Village Talent: You know who you are and we won't sully your good names by associating you with us, but we owe you all a huge thanks!
  • Purple Disco Machine - Fireworks - Official music video
    Purple Disco Machine - Fireworks - Official music video In the near future, crime is rampant and gangs have taken over the streets. Amongst this chaos, the "Boomers" and "Gen-Z" are involved in a bitter turf war......Tonight will determine the fate of the planet.

    Director: Greg Barth

    Producer: Ghandi El-Chamaa
    Exec Producers: Tony Roberts & Ramy Dance
    Creative Director: Matthias Klein
    Production: Common People Films, Rekorder
    Service Production: Lucky Luciano Pictures
    Director of Photography: Michał Sobociński
    Gaffer: Marek Modzelewski
    Sparks: Michał Janowski, Jan Wojtczak, Dariusz Kuc, Michał Mańkowski, Maciej Sawicki
    Camera Operators: Tomasz Książek, Klaudiusz Warszewski
    Focus Pullers: Tomasz Czerwiński, Przemek Gabrielski
    Camera Technician: Michał Siudziński, Piotr Bożyczko
    DIT: Marek Michalak
    Dolly Grip: Mariusz Drążyk, Marcin Cybula
    Crane: Marek Rolka, Szymon Polak, Marcin Skoś
    Playback: Bartek Szemis
    Set Designer/props: Jerzy Włodarczyk
    Set Designer’s assistant:
    Stage Hands: Piotr Włodarczyk, Tomasz Malinowski
    Costume Designer: Marcin Koszek
    Hair and makeup: Andrzej Bierut
    Choreography and Casting: Adam Beta
    Choreographer's Assistant: Ernestina Papazyan

    Włodek Kołobycz
    Jacek Suchecki
    Rafał Wiewióra
    Kristòf Szabò
    Filip Dudkiewicz
    Hoang Viet Do
    Marek Bratkowski
    Jakub Jóźwiak

    Alan Piotrowski
    Ana Kaiser
    Chelsea Jordan
    Tomasz Kuliś
    Milton Vicente

    Hostage: Jan Bzdawka

    Line producer: Marcin Nowak
    1st AD: Michał Piss
    Production Coordinator: Nicolas Kusiak
    Production Assistant: Jan Konstantopulos

    Camp: Sebastian Żakowski

    Editor: Nick Armstrong @TenThree

    Special thanks to
    Colourist: Connor Coolbear @ETC
    Producer: Oliver Whitworth

    Special thanks to
    Film Process: Aarti Mahtani @ Cinelab London
    VFX: Greg Barth
    VO artist: Aaron Abeytia @Bunny Studio
  • Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose REMATCH - Extra Scenes
    Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose REMATCH - Extra Scenes Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose REMATCH - Extra Scenes
    Here are some extra scenes from "Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose REMATCH"
    Get the meme mod:

    We talk about the challenge and show off how the mod that Dream coded works.
    Original video:

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    Twitter/Instagram: @GeorgeNotFound

    GeorgeNotFound: @GeorgeNotFound
    Dream: @Dream
    Sapnap: @Sapnap
    Karl: @Karl

    This video was a lot of fun to record, make sure to go check out the original video.
    This was very big epic fun Minecraft challenge and actually hilarious!
  • Paulette
    Paulette Directed, Produced, and Photographed by James Gallagher
    Introducing Paulette Harwood
    Original Music Composed by Julianna Barwick
    Edited by Arielle Zakowski & James Gallagher
    Titles Designed by Nick Miller & Emma Berliner
    Color Correction by John Daro
    Sound Design and Mix by Morgan Johnson
    Post Production Produced by Anna Kelman
  • Dream And Sapnap Break Out Of Prison...
    Dream And Sapnap Break Out Of Prison... Dream And Sapnap Break Out Of Prison...

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    Sapnap tries to help Dream escape prison. Something absolutely crazy happens...
  • 157. a collection of moments from twenty twenty.
    157. a collection of moments from twenty twenty. 157. a collection of moments from twenty twenty.
    i first heard this strange 10 minute song by Tom Rosenthal pretty early in the pandemic. as our new reality was starting to take hold, i would play it for my fellow lockdown roommates (my kids) to a chorus of groans. “ugh...the counting song?!?!” yes, it is a 10 minute song that inexplicably counts to the number one hundred and fifty seven. i love it. i find it meditative in its simplicity and surprisingly beautiful. like life, it is slightly laborious in parts and transcendent in others.
    i think (maybe) my kids grew to like it...and in the sea of uncertain days that flowed by...they grew in many, many other ways. riding bikes, crawling, grabbing golden rings, taking first steps, etc. etc. the true gift on the flip-side of the covid-curse was that i was home and present for so many of these magically mundane moments. ⚡️
    it’s been a full year since everybody’s world was turned upside down. 365! it was a year of anxiety, deep division, and unfathomable loss...but along the way we snatched plenty moments of beauty and light from the darkness. #blessed​. this video consists of mostly cell phone moments. intimate and unpolished...with a few surprises along the way. here’s hoping for health and safety for all as the next 157 days tick by on our way to the other side ❤️
    huge love and gratitude to my wife @kateriwr for putting up with my tendency to film *everything* and thanks to Tom Rosenthal for giving us his blessing to use his strange yet achingly beautiful song. also, extra special thanks to Jordan Ingram for bravely taking on this challenge of painting-by-numbers with my camera roll. �
    edit - Jordan Ingram
    sound - Jared Blizzard
    music - 157 by Tom Rosenthal
  • SWÊDÎ | Short Film
    SWÊDÎ | Short Film Producer & director: Sosi Chamoun
    Cinematographer: Richard Götze
    Sound: Patrik Strömdahl
    1st A.C.: Joel Lindgren
    Grip: Joja Briese
    Colorist: Nina Boriri, Focus Film
    Actors: Begonia Randhav, Victoria Dyrstad, Victoria Chamoun

    Sales agent / contact
    interfilm Berlin Sales & Distribution
    Cord Dueppe
    +49 30 25 94 29 03
  • Miscellaneous Myths: Loki
    Miscellaneous Myths: Loki NEW PIN!
    I started researching this goddamn video in june of 2019. I was so young. So innocent. This video is a precious relic of The Before Times, and unlike those inconsiderate vikings, I went out of my way to take *actual notes!*

    Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.

    PARTIAL TRACKLIST: Starfall, Hall Of The Mountain King, Sky Becomes Water, Flight Of The Silverbird, Lacrimosa, Reign Of Vengeance, He Who Brings The Night

    "Scheming Weasel" Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    "Elevator" Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0





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  • A Day On Solid Ground
    A Day On Solid Ground

    Director Kristina Lipatov
    DP Valentin Lilgenau (

    Song written and performed by Elsa Steixner

    Starring Elsa Steixner (
    Lennart König (

    Operator Lars Goldbach (
    1. AC Tim Adam (
    Sound Laurens Achilles (
    Runner Sophie Feist (
    Grading Marina Starke (
    Styling Julia May Yen Wu (
    Special Thanks Patrick Barth