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  • Oceans Give, Oceans Take
    Oceans Give, Oceans Take Funded by This American Life
    Written and Narrated by Robert Krulwich
    Animation Directed and Designed by Nate Milton
    Based on the work of Aatish Bhatia
    Music by Buck St. Thomas
  • Trooper
    Trooper When an ex-cop's deathbed confession reveals a terrible crime, a dutiful daughter is forced to weigh the differences between the stories we tell ourselves and the truth.

    Allison Jean White
    John Adams
    Sean Weil
    Robert James Hickey

    Written and Directed by Joe Stankus
    Produced by Richard Levin
    Director of Photography - Nada Stjepanović
    Editor - Jasmine Thimothé
    Production Designer - Maryam Khosravi
  • GloRilla, Cardi B - Tomorrow 2 (Official Music Video)
    GloRilla, Cardi B - Tomorrow 2 (Official Music Video) Stream #Tomorrow2' here:

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    #Tomorrow2 #GloRilla #CardiB

    Music video by GloRilla, Cardi B performing Tomorrow 2. © 2022 CMG Enterprises/Interscope Records
  • eff-urself
    eff-urself Now that Roe v. Wade is overturned, one of the few choices you still have left is Eff-Urself! A foolproof way to guarantee you’ll never need an abortion… which is actually eff-ed up.

    Made for the National Network Of Abortion Funds, Eff-Urself is a parody product and film that satirically exposes the lack of choices Americans with a uterus have left for protecting their bodies and reproductive health. It speaks to the unjust manner in which wombs are being treated by politicians, and the absurd lengths people might have to go, to avoid getting pregnant in one of the riskiest times.

    Eff-Urself is a non-solution to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

    Visit to find real solutions, or donate. Proceeds support people who desperately need help in states where abortion is illegal or nearly impossible to obtain. Share the #EffUrself film to spread the word.


    National Network of Abortion Funds
    Communications Director, Lindsay Rodriguez
    Senior Manager of Magor Gifts, Aziza Jones
    Design and Branding Manager, Lindsay Beane-Eyth
    Director of Donor Engagement, Kim Arena

    Women That Fight (WTF)
    Group Creative Director, Che-Na Stephenson
    Associate Creative Director (Writer), Hilary Smith
    Associate Creative Director (Art Director), Ellie Aliabadi
    Brand, Brittni Hutchins
    Production, Hilary Coate
    Production, Lexi Alaga
    Production, Jamie Zimmermann
    Legal, Tina Thorland
    Legal, Delores Martin

    The Corner Shop
    Director, Sindha Agha
    Founder / EP, Anna Hashmi
    Executive Producer / HOP, Jessica Miller
    Line Producer, Madeline Powers
    AD, Gail Shand
    Director of Photography, Andrew Truong
    Production Designer, Chelsea Oliver
    Wardrobe Stylist, Amanda Owen
    Casting Director, Jodi Sonnenberg
    Resource LA, Dana Balkin & Allie O'Brien

    Work Editorial
    Editor, Anne Perri
    Assistant Editor, Patrick Saxer
    Animator, Patrick Saxer
    Executive Producer, Alejandra Alarcon
    Head of Production, Chris Delarenal

    Company 3
    Colorist, Sofie Borup
    Color Producer, Alexandra Lubrano

    Co-founder & managing partner: Nancy Nina Hwang
    EP/Head of Sales, Jane Brockman
    Head of Production, Ben Sposato
    Executive Producer, Rich Rama
    Animator and Creative Director, Daniel Piwowarczyk
    Lead Flame Artist and Creative Director, David Parker

    Barking Owl
    Composer, Jacob Plasse
    Sound Designer, Mikayla Petersen
    Mix, Mikayla Petersen / Elizabeth McClanahan
    Creative Director / Co Founder, Kelly Bayett
    Senior Producer, KC Dossett

    Street Factory Media
    Executive Producer, Greta Omann
    Art Director, Ericka Wallis

    Kinky Kontrol
    Kevin Smith
  • The Death Tunnel of Waverly Hills Sanatorium • Ghost Files
    The Death Tunnel of Waverly Hills Sanatorium • Ghost Files This one is for you.

    CONTENT WARNING: This video contains content that some might find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Possible triggers: mentions of emotional/physical distress, death by suicide.

    Bloopers! Behind the scenes looks! Other exclusive content available at:


    Ryan Bergara

    Lizzie Lockard

    Mark Celestino

    Anthony Frederick

    Ryan Bergara
    Shane Madej

    TJ Marchbank

    Brittney Lee

    Carter Lau

    Alaina Rook

    Jay Tran

    Ben Forman

    Adam Ung

    Billy Jett

    Megan Ho

    Sam Young

    Anthony Frederick

    Sam Young

    Frank Parker

    Rebecca Castaneda

    Nicholas Lai

    Mark Celestino

    Mollie Ong

    Dynamic Fox Films

    Jennet Liaw

    Waverly Hills Sanitorium
    James Ashenden
    Kaitlyn Dodson & Marion Burgess
    Deanna & Mark Erskine
    Rhiannon Graf

    Joanna Mackens
    Sydney Owen
    Jess Porter
    Braxtyn Rapp
    Anna Rogers

    Katie LeBlanc

    Lizzie Lockard

    Ryan Bergara
    Shane Madej
    Steven Lim
    Katie LeBlanc


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    Music Provided by Audio Network
    SFX by Audioblocks
    Watcher Logo Designed by Jennet Liaw
    Watcher Logo Sound Design by Yuta Endo (@yuuutaendo)

    Watcher. A network from Steven Lim, Ryan Bergara, and Shane Madej.
  • Spiegeling (Reflection)
    Spiegeling (Reflection) In a little house filled with mirrors, Fiep focuses on her physical imperfections so intensely that her distorted self-image grows out of proportion... Literally.

    ‘Reflection’ is a short animated film full of turbulent emotions, relating to self-image and insecurity. It shows the thought spiral of self-loathing that we all get lost in sometimes, when we look in the mirror and absolutely despise what we see... The intensity of this feeling is captured in ‘Reflection’ through hand-drawn animation, with ink and gouache.

    Directed by Sanna de Vries
    Produced by Tünde Vollenbroek at Studio Pupil
    Festival distribution by Ursula van den Heuvel
    Sales by Sydney Neter
    Creative consultants: Bouwine Pool, Joanna Quinn
    Creative producers: Tünde Vollenbroek, Dario van Vree
    Script, storyboard: Sanna de Vries
    Backgrounds: Iris van Hassel, Sanna de Vries
    Colorboard: Janneke Ipenburg
    Animation: Sanna de Vries, Damiët Anijs
    Coloring: Ming Stotijn
    Editing: Diede van Vree, Dario van Vree
    Voice acting: Susanne Edam
    Music: Nik Phelps
    Sound design: Maria Kramer
    Sound studio: Posta

    Cinekid Children’s Media Festival, Netherlands, October 2021 ***won Dutch Animation Award***
    Shortcutz, Netherlands, November 2021
    IndieJúnior Children’s and Youth Film Festival, Portugal, January 2022
    FluXus Animation Film Festival, Netherlands, August 2022
    Seattle Children's Film Festival, USA, February 2022
    Cinemagic, Ireland, March 2022
    Kaboom Animation Festival, Netherlands, March 2022
    Internationales Frauen Film Festival, Germany, March 2022
    Music & Cinema Festival Marseille, France, April 2022
    Go Short Festival, Netherlands, April 2022
    Cannes Short Film Corner, France, May 2022
    Zlín Film Festival for Children & Youth, Czechia, May 2022
    Framed Animatiefestival Groningen, Netherlands, May 2022
    Très Court Film Festival, France, June 2022
    Animafest Zagreb, Croatia, June 2022
    Europe on Screen Film Festival, Indonesia, June 2022
    Shortcutz A'dam @ Volkshotel, Netherlands, June 2022
    Festival Hongerige Wolf, Netherlands, June 2022
    Busan Kids and Youth Film Festival, Korea, July 2022
    Indy Shorts Film Festival, USA, July 2022
    Turku Animation Film Festival, Finland, August 2022
    LINOLEUM Fest of Contemporary Animation & Media-art, Ukraine, September 2022
    Go Short Arnhem, Netherlands, September 2022
    Nederlands Film Festival, Netherlands, September 2022
    Filem'on Kinderfilm Festival, Belgium, October 2022
    Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, USA, November 2022
    El Meu Primer Festival, Spain, November 2022
    KUKI Internationales Kinder- und Jugendkurzfilmfestival, Germany, November 2022
    Animage Festival, Brazil, November 2022
  • Tropical Storm Ian 11 p.m. update
    Tropical Storm Ian 11 p.m. update Tropical Storm Ian 11 p.m. update

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  • Rising Sons
    Rising Sons RISING SONS is an award winning short documentary film about how one couple in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is working to end sexual violence against women through the healing of men.
  • The Insane Story Of The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made
    The Insane Story Of The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made Thanks to ExpressVPN for sponsoring this video! Go to and find out how you can get 3 months of ExpressVPN free!

    edited by Jake Mayer

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  • Hávamál
    Hávamál Wisdom for Wanderers
    and Counsel to Guests

    Better gear than good sense,
    A traveller cannot carry,
    Better than riches for a wretched man,
    Far from his own home,
    Better gear than good sense,
    A traveller cannot carry,
    A more tedious burden than too much drink,
    A traveller cannot carry,

    An extract from Hávamál, a collection of Old Norse poems from the Viking Age — Our short film with Billabong featuring Jack Freestone, Ryan Callinan, Luana Silva and Anna Gudauskas.
  • Regular
    Regular The story is set in a graphic design world where fonts are the main characters. They have unique properties: Bold makes everything thicker, Italic tilts things, Monospace equalizes objects by width, etc. Fonts team up to build a garden, and the five boxing wizards jump in quickly to inspect their work. A negative space storm flushes everything away, but Regular comes and fixes the garden.

    Logline: The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

  • Brewstew - Scariest Roller Coasters
    Brewstew - Scariest Roller Coasters And of course, the video about when I actually did get stuck on a roller coaster

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    Fan Mail:
    P.O. Box 1
    Lambertville, MI

    Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    End Music by Mark Jay

    Sound Effects:
  • Ouri - Ossature
    Ouri - Ossature Ouri fights a merciless red hand in this K-Hole inspired video, offering a trippy visual feast as a conclusion to her album Frame of a Fauna. The video depicts some of her visions she experienced during a medically-assisted Ketamine therapy last year, aesthetically transmitting the feeling of this very strange healing experience, a heroic battle and retrieving a lost connection with her ancestors. Derek crafted this world using a bold and sometimes chaotic mix of VFX and AI-generated animation.

    Director & Animator - Derek Branscombe
    Concept - Derek & Ouri

    Production Company - Le Repertoire
    Executive Producer - Raphaelle Savoie
    Producer - Catherine Marsland

    Director of Photography - Harley Francis

    Hair & Makeup - Maina Militza
    Stylist - Jessica Thai (Sica)
    Custom Bodysuit - Alyona Kochetkov

    1st AC - William Tétreault
    Gaffer - Pascal Dulude De Broin
    Grip - Ludovic Pilon
    Swing - John Cumberland

    Stunt Coordinator - Fred NguyenOn-Set VFX Supervisor - Simran Dewan
    Props -Lucas Moreau Saint-Germain

    Unit Manager - Raphaelle Savoie & Catherine Marsland
    Set P.A. - Luis Gonzalves & Lucas Moreau Saint Germain
    Traiteur - Julien Leblanc

    Edit, VFX, Comp & Animation - Derek Branscombe
    Editor (Fight Scene) - Mattias Graham
    VFX Consultant - Émile Massie-Vanasse -
    Ouri’s 3D Model - Coeus

    Grandmothers - Adanma Onyechekwa, Uzoma Onyechekwa & Kathleen Chambers
    Nurse - Karine Pronovost

    Thank you to Studio du Chateau, Cinepool, DAVAI, Cineground, Simran Dewan, Harley Francis, Karine Pronovost, Émile Massie-Vanasse, Michael Sayegh, Neil Haverty

    This video was created thanks to the generous support of the MVP Project, a joint initiative of RBCxMusic and the Prism Prize (administered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television).
  • I made your worst video ideas
    I made your worst video ideas Get Honey for FREE today ▸
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    EARWORM Commissioned by Adult Swim and featured in the episode "BUGS" on their long running show Off The Air

    Writer, Editor, Producer, Production Designer, Sound Designer, Director - Bryan M. Ferguson
    Cinematographer - George Harwood
    SFX Make-Up - Johann Domingo
    Art Dept - Vari Ferguson
    Costume / Styling - Jack Shanks
    Music - Accotica
    Executive Producers - Dave Hughes, Alan Steadman and Cody DeMatteis
  • A historic evening for Albert Pujols! He crushes home runs No. 699 AND 700 for his career!
    A historic evening for Albert Pujols! He crushes home runs No. 699 AND 700 for his career! Albert Pujols makes history.

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    High shutter speeds and fast trains and the world is one big ZOETROPE.

    We wanted to create a minimal film embodying ideas of serendipity and perception, allowing the world to reveal itself in unusual ways.

    Shot in Portugal

    Film : McGloughlin Brothers
    Colour : Peter Oppersdorff
    Video commissioner & Producer : John Moule
    'ATK', out now on OUTLIER:
  • So I Made Minecraft EVEN MORE Satisfying...
    So I Made Minecraft EVEN MORE Satisfying... THE YOUTOOZ:
    So I made Minecraft EVEN MORE Satisfying.. every episode seems to get crazier than the last, and I love it.

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    Outro: ceruleancerise - cosmic space latte

    #Fundy #Minecraft
  • Glove
    Glove The true story of a glove that’s been floating in space since 1965.

    Directed by Alexa Lim Haas and Bernardo Britto
    Written by Bernardo Britto
    Animated by Alexa Lim Haas
    Voiceover by Henry Parker
    Additional Art by Cosette Lim Haas and Esther Kim
    Sound Designed by Ryan Billia
    Produced by Ben Cohen, Brett Potter, Dennis Scholl and Lucas Leyva
    Executive Produced by Jillian Mayer

    Dedicated to the memory of Thomas Haas

    Select Festivals and Awards
    Sundance Film Festival World Premiere 2016
    SXSW Grand Jury Award Best Animation 2016
    San Fransisco Int'l Film Festival Special Jury Prize: Best Animation 2016
    Palm Springs International ShortFest Jury Award Best 2016
    Milan Film Festival Best Animated Short 2016
    Provincetown Jury Award Best Animated Short 2016
  • State Of Emergency Declared In Florida As Storm Preparations Begin
    State Of Emergency Declared In Florida As Storm Preparations Begin Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday issued a state of emergency for 24 Florida counties, including Broward and Miami-Dade, amid forecast models that show Tropical Depression Nine could impact some parts of the state.

    More information:

    #cbsnewsmiami #news #weather #miami #miamidade #fortlauderdale #broward #browardcounty #floridakeys #monroecounty #southflorida #florida #tropicaldepression #tropicalstorm #hurricane #hurricaneseason #tropicalstormian #hurricaneian
  • Tuck & Art Go Uptown (episode 2)
    Tuck & Art Go Uptown (episode 2) Directed by Tyler Miguel Mercer
    Written by Tom Nieboer & David Rosenberg

    Tom Nieboer as "Tuck"
    David Rosenberg as "Art"
    Amanda Shechtman as "Janet Music"

    Director of Photography: Nina Ham
    Music Director & Accompanist: Lincoln Mendell

    1st Assistant Director: Katia Koziara
    1st Assistant Camera: Hannah Carpenter
    Gaffer: Zane Vieira
    Key Grip: Mary Ma
    Swing: Tom Meyers
    Production Designer: Sarah Jes Austell
    Costume Designer: Olivia Vaughn Hern
    Sound Recordist: Esgardo Valadez
    Editor & Sound Designer: Will Mayo
    Colorist: Oliver Eid
  • Stranger Things Season 4 Bloopers | Netflix
    Stranger Things Season 4 Bloopers | Netflix These bloopers could single-handedly save me from Vecna. Season 4 bloopers have officially dropped. Watch Stranger Things, only on Netflix.


    About Netflix:
    Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with 221 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries, feature films and mobile games across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

    Stranger Things Season 4 Bloopers | Netflix

    Divided by distance but ever determined, our scattered friends face a frightening future. But it's only the beginning. The beginning of the end.
  • Praying - "The Creature"
    Praying - "The Creature" I was recently asked to write and direct a sneaker ad for Praying.

    Starring Alex Warren
    Produced by Andy Ruse
    Shot by Ben Mullen
    Prosthetics by Sarah Sitkin
    Edited by Harrison Fishman
    Sound and score by Jack Sobo
  • DABABY - SOCKS (Official Video)
    DABABY - SOCKS (Official Video)
  • Electrolux — Break the pattern
    Electrolux — Break the pattern Director: Natanael Ericsson
    Executive Producer: Petra Johansson
    Producer: Joi Persson
    DOP: Niklas Johansson, XO MGMT
    1st AD: Alessandro Trovo
    Production Designer: Curru Garabal
    Stylist: Lucía López
    Editor: Andreas Arvidsson
    Grade: Oskar Larsson, Tint
    VFX: Naive
    VFX Supervisor: Linus Kullman
    Online: Evelina Åström, Tint
    Sound: Calle Buddee Roos, Ponytail
    Vocals: Hannes
    Music Producer: Marcus White
    Music Supervisor: Jonas Holst

    Service Production Madrid: Tickle Film
    Producer: Robert Diment & Romina Tedoldi

    Service Production Chile: Oriental Film
    Producer: Manolo Farachio
    2nd unit Director: Felix Scheynius
    2nd unit DOP: Hugo Otto-Vallin
    2nd unit Producer: Mårten Melinder

    Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
    Art Director: Johan Eghammer
    Art Director: Joakim Blondell
    Copywriter: Nicholas Dufke
    Agency Producer: Åsa Hammar
    Account Executive: Jessica Sjölin
  • Shakur Stevenson Scores 1 Knockdown, Gets Dominate Win Over Conceicao | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS
    Shakur Stevenson Scores 1 Knockdown, Gets Dominate Win Over Conceicao | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS Watch highlights from the main event of #stevensonconceicao In the fight #shakurstevenson put on a brilliant performance scoring knockdown in early and then winning by unanimous decision.

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  • Botis Seva - Santo
    Botis Seva - Santo THROUGHLINES. Ongoing stories in art history
    Directed by Freddie Leyden

    Botis Seva, award-winning choreographer, explores the power of storytelling through images and motion.The film is a collaboration between Botis Seva and film director Freddie Leyden.
    The result, Santo, is an intimate expression of faith inspired by ancient Greek and Roman sculpture and religious scenes in medieval books of hours.
  • A Shaman's Tale
    A Shaman's Tale “Sometimes the need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer.” — Ken Kesey

    A mystical journey of a powerful shaman from the deep jungle to the cosmos, based upon a very ancient Peruvian legend.
    The old man wanted to find a way to heal people’s souls more profoundly so he sat under a tree and started to meditate for such a long time that at some point a vine sprouted from his chest and climbed on the tree up to the sky, becoming a link between the Earth and the Cosmos.
    The vine was called Ayahuasca and the people from the village discovered that combined with the chacruna leaf, it had great healing properties.

    Direction, Animation, Music by Jules Guérin.
  • Best Candy Art Wins $5,000!
    Best Candy Art Wins $5,000! We made art out of candy! Watch until the end to see who wins!
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  • Mona & Parviz
    Mona & Parviz Two employees of the immigration office pay Mona an unannounced visit to check on the marital relationship between her and her husband Parviz. When Mona hast to face the officials alone, the mood begins to falter.

    Director: Kevin Biele
    Screenplay: Lisa Polster
    Producer: Anna Weber
    DOP: Leon Emonds-Pool
    Editing & Sound: Leon Jendrejewski
    Art Department: Josephine Brauer
    Production: ifs internationale filmschule köln

    Mona: Banafshe Hourmazdi
    Parviz: Cino Djavid
    Officer 1: Merle Wasmuth
    Officer 2: Leopold von Verschuer

    FESTIVALS (Selection):
    -FEST New Directors New Film, Portugal - Winner Silver Lynx Award Short Fiction Competition
    -Durban Int. Film Festival - Winner Best Int. Student Film
    -Interfilm Berlin
    -Go Short Nijmegen
    -and many more...
    BOOGEYMAN Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    BOOGEYMAN · DaBaby

    Baby On Baby 2

    ℗ 2022 Interscope Records

    Released on: 2022-09-23

    Producer: jetsonmade
    Producer: Lil Ty
    Producer: Jee
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Derek "Mixed By Ali" Ali
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Cyrus "NOIS" Taghipour
    Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Brandon Blatz
    Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Curtis "Sircut" Bye
    Associated Performer, Rap Vocalist: DaBaby
    A& R: Brandon "Hopp" Brown
    A& R Coordinator: Bella Smith
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Sam Valentine
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Nicolas de Porcel
    Studio Personnel, Assistant Mastering Engineer: Demitrius Lewis II
    Composer Lyricist: Jonathan Lyndale Kirk
    Composer Lyricist: Tahj Morgan
    Composer Lyricist: Tyrese McGriff
    Composer Lyricist: Joseph Langston

    Auto-generated by YouTube.
  • Down Here - Claudio Olachea
    Down Here - Claudio Olachea ‘Down Here’, the visual piece from composer Claudio Olachea and director Omer Ben Shachar, depicts a nightmarish scenario where everyone wears identical masks to fit in. But when one young man’s mask begins to peel off, he questions if hiding his true identity is really worth it.

    Music: Claudio Olachea
    Writer/Director: Omer Ben Shachar
    Story: Omer Ben Shachar & Claudio Olachea
    DP: Kai Krause
    Producer: Thomas Hartmann
    Executive Producer: Claudio Olachea
    Production Design: Al-e McWhorter
    FX Makeup Artist: Malina Stearns
    Wardrobe: Alabama Blonde
    First AD: Nicolette Ellis

    Starring: Fernando Siqueira
    Customers: Igor Grbesic, Ava Moslehi, Sedo Tossou, Savanah Joeckel, Luis Cadiz

    Gaffer: Nick Conroy
    Art Director: Paige Schaeffer
    Set Dressers: Armaam Punjani, Jolienn Louis
    Makeup Assistants: Chelsea Delfino, Kenneth Calhoun
    First AC: Ellen Minji Kim
    Second AC: Emma Donahue
    Best Boy Electrician: Juan Pinzon
    Key Grip: Valfrie Tabian
    Best Boy Grip: Alan Vazquez
    Swing: Luke Ferguson
    Camera Utility: Nicholas Wolff
    Coordinator: Jeffrey Ramos
    PA: Joseph Largy

    Editor: Omer Ben Shachar
    Fine Cut: Shachar Beeri, Shay Asheri
    Sound Editor: Frametone, Nicolas Pacheco
    Sound Mixer: Alex Lee
    Graphic Designer: Avital Rachaev
    Visual Effects: Noa Yavin
    Title Design: Jonny Woods

    Musicians: Claudio Olachea, Hailey Niswanger, Nicholas Semrad, Antoine Katz, Joey Lefitz
    Music Mixer: Dan Molad
    Recording Engineers: Hope Brush, Pierre de Reeder, John Chapman
    Additional Orchestration & Score Prep: Ian Schaid

    Special Thanks: Harrison James, Yoav Assa

    - Young Directors Award 2022 (Shortlist)
  • Ovi x Kim Loaiza x Grupo Firme x Pailita - Después de las 12 REMIX (Video Oficial)
    Ovi x Kim Loaiza x Grupo Firme x Pailita - Después de las 12 REMIX (Video Oficial) Ovi x Kim Loaiza - Después de las 12 REMIX (Video Oficial) Ft. Grupo Firme, Pailita

    Disponible en todas las plataformas:


    • INSTAGRAM: @Kimberly.Loaiza

    • PAGINA DE FACEBOOK: Kimberly Loaiza

    • TWITTER: KimberlyLoaiza_


    LETRA ✍🏻 -

  • Vans Vault x P.A.M.
    Vans Vault x P.A.M. Directed by No Text Azienda
    No Text Team / Michele Zanotti, Domenico Nicoletti, Lorenzo Gentilini, Alvin Sonic Spazio
    Style: Matteo Tresbone
    AI Supervisor: Simone Verduci
    Sound Design: Edoardo Rossano
  • How to Replace your Entire Driveway (Complete Tear Out and Repave)
    How to Replace your Entire Driveway (Complete Tear Out and Repave) Learn how to repave your driveway, including digging out the old driveway, laying down stone for a good sub-base, grading, leveling, and compacting that stone, and finally laying down fresh hot mix asphalt. This new asphalt driveway came out amazing and I cannot wait to use it to make more videos!

    Oil Spill Mat:

    Thank you Platinum Paving for doing a great job on the driveway. The owner is a fan of my channel and I appreciate him putting down his best driveway possible!

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  • OCTAVIAN | Loyal
    OCTAVIAN | Loyal Produced by FMT.JETLAG (

    Starring: Octavian

    Directed by:
    Georgy Tarasov
    Vladimir Ivanov
    Vladislav Konyshev

    Executive Producer: Arseniy Zyabbarov

    Producer: Sonya Khegay

    Art Direction: Rosher, Uzen

    Color: Alexander Zolotarev

    CG: Rosher, Sergey Chepurin, Ilyas Uzyaev Fastjt

    Titles: Thunderstorm

    Sound Design: Few dB

    Special Thanks:
    Jerem Vuillermet
    Valentin Bazrov
    George Bazrov
    Dmitriy Markin
    Peter Bondarenko
    Katerina Vorotyntseva
    Sergei Afonin (Hard Damage)
    Alexandr Semyonov
    Andrey Lev-Ari
  • Adam Calhoun - "Ramble On"
    Adam Calhoun - "Ramble On" Download and Listen here -
  • HALOA \ an origin story
    HALOA \ an origin story This is the mythological genesis of Hawaii’s first food, taro, grown under tears of love to nourish the first kanaka, the first human being. This is the story of Haloa, as told by residents of the island of Kauai.

    a MUD\FILMS & Redfitz Production

    Puna Kalama Dawson, Lyndsey Haraguchi-Nakayama, Koko Seedarita, Parker Smith, Wai'oli Forrest, Adam Roversi, Jason Ito, Kailoa Forrest, Kawai Davis, Sydney Doi, Lei Wann, Kaisen Carrillo
    Voiceover: Lei'ohu Ryder

    Executive Producers
    Chris Keener, Dersu Rhodes, Shane Heath

    Writer / Director / Producer / DP
    Nick Fitzhugh

    Co-Director / Editor
    Chris Besecker

    Associate Producers
    Ikaika Pidot, Puna Kalama Dawson

    Original Music
    Moshe Bonen, Cody Pueo Pata, Punahou School
  • Sad Night Dynamite - VOL II - Visual Mixtape
    Sad Night Dynamite - VOL II - Visual Mixtape The visuals campaign for Sad Night Dynamite's album VOL II. Comprised of seven individual looping pieces.

    This campaign was created using volumetric capture technology at Dimension studios in London. Read more about the project and my approach here:


    Director/VFX - Lucas Hrubizna
    Production Company: Blink
    EP - Laura Northover
    EP - Josef Byrne
    Producer - Rosie Brear
    PM - Beatrice Warren
    Director’s Assistant - Max McLachlan

    Commissioner - Sam Seager
    Artist Manager - George Shepherd
    Artist Creative Director - Felix Dickinson

    Editor - Joe Walton
    Edit Producer - Ella Sedgwick
    Edit house - Whitehouse Post

    Stylist - Suzie Walsh
    MUA - Annabel Clark Clements
    MUA - Lauren Webster
    BTS - Jordan McKeller

    3D rigger - Prosper Unger Hamilton

    Director of Photography - Jamie Harding
    Gaffer - Esteban Gimpelewicz
    DIT - Aiden Whallay
    Runner - Justin Knight
    VFX Supervisor - Prosper Unger Hamilton
    Match Move - Team Digital VFX

    Dimension Studio - Volumetric Capture
    Executive Producer - Simon Windsor
    Client Director - Yush Kalia
    Head of Production - Adam Smith
    Shoot Producer - Sarah Pearn
    Production Coordinator - Emily Coyne
    DIT - Toby Hyder
    Studio Technician - Dan Julian
    Studio Technician - Bradley Cox
    Runner - James Duddy
    Lead Technical Artist - Adrianna Polcyn
    Technical Artist - Marcella Holmes
    Technical Artist. - Andrej Kilmov

    Thanks to
    Dimension Studios
    Sugar Studios
    SHL Lighting
    Direct Digital
    Fox Render Farm
  • Fabolous - Bach To Bach ft. Dave East (Official Music Video)
    Fabolous - Bach To Bach ft. Dave East (Official Music Video) “Bach 2 Bach" ft. Dave East:

    Follow Fab:
    Official Site:

    #Fabolous #DaveEast #Bach2Bach
    META X ILLIMITEWORLD Production Company Love Song
    Partner/Executive Producer Daniel Wolfe
    Director of Photography Diego Garcia, Shawn Peters
    Managing Partner/Executive Producer Kelly Bayett
    Executive Producer Deannie O’Neil
    Head of Production Paige Kauffman
    Producer Leah Donnenberg
    1st Assistant Director Alejandro Ramia, Kristina Ilyina
    Stylist Bee Diamondhead
    Production Designer Andrew Clark
    Directors’ Assistant Louis McCourt, Ja’Lisa Arnold, Ellen Nielsen
    Production Service Company (South Africa) Monkey Films
    Owner/Executive Producer Clare van Zyl
    Head of Production Phillip Killingbeck
    Production Service Company (Kenya) Blue Sky Films

    Executive Producer Hemal Shah
    Editorial Marsheen
    Editor Dominic Leung, Amber Saunders
    Assistant Editor Matthew Blacklock
    Executive Producer Harriet Cawley
    Post Production, Color Company 3
    Colorist Simon Bourne
    Senior Color Producer Chris Anthony
    Post Production, VFX The Mill
    Executive Creative Director Dan Williams
    Creative Director & 2D Lead Carl Norton
    3D Lead Edward Shires, Dan Moore, Nuno Pereira, Adam Droy
    2D Artists Matt McDougal, Gustavo Ribeiro, Rafael Vormittag, Zoe

    3D Artists Artur Drozdowicz, Arnab Bhattacharya, Aman Jain, Ben
    Beckett, Callum Austin, Charles Vidaud, Giacomo
    Cavalletti, Hannah Bahyan, Joao Pires, Katie Bates,
    Kieran Russell, Kapil Rana, Luke Frampton, Sandeep
    Grover, Vaclav Cizkovsky, Thomas Craig, Shravan
    Srikanth, Dinesh B, Jyoti Prakash Panda, Thirumoorthi
    Sivakumar, Swathi M S, Roman Vrbovsky, Praveen
    Sharma, Pol Escale Cabre, Petroc Menuhin, Paul Autric,
    Paul Tempelman

    Design Kwok Lam, Adam Roche, Barry Chapman, Can Y Sanalan,
    Freya Barnsley, Henrik Holmberg, Daphne Westelynck

    Color Assist Caitlin Donaldson, Rory Leighton
    Executive Producer Clare Melia
    Producer Nicola Simmons
    Line Producer Tarun Misra
    Finish Artist David Wishart, Gavin Marler
    Title Designs & Typography Fraser Muggeridge studio
    Music Supervision Curation Music
    Music Supervisor Sunny Kapoor
    Music (Extended Cut) “New Gatanga Sound” by Thoni Na Caki
    “Bassala Hot” by Verckys & Orquestre Vévé
    “Agaba Kibati” by Bamba Pana

    “Kadodi” - Nihiloxica
    “Shing Scar” - HHY & The Kampala Unit

    Music (:60) “Ascension” by Slikback

    “Ffe basajja ba Kabaka” (We are the King’s Men) by
    Erusana Lutwana and Budo African Music Club (Bobcat
    Recording Studio (Kenya) Hiventy
    Sound Design Barking Owl
    Sound Designer Gus Koven
    Creative Director Kelly Bayett
    Executive Producer Ashley Benton
    “Ffe basajja ba Kabaka” Remixer Bobcat Goldwav
    Additional Sound Design & Mix King Lear Music & Sound
    Sound Designer & Mixer Ed Downham
  • I've been trying to find this movie for 10 years
    I've been trying to find this movie for 10 years CASETiFY’s iPhone 14 Impact Case Series is now available at! Go to today to save 15% off your order! Sponsored by CASETiFY.


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  • Left Over | BFI Network Short Film
    Left Over | BFI Network Short Film Nel packs up her late father's home while simultaneously unpacking memories of their volatile relationship.

    Left Over is a BFI Network funded short film written and directed by David N. Drake, starring Chloe Pirrie (Under the Banner of Heaven, The Queen's Gambit, The Crown) and Ian Hart (Last Kingdom, God's Own Country, Harry Potter).

    Nel - Chloe Pirrie
    Mick - Ian Hart

    Writer & Director - David N. Drake /
    Producer - Ludovico Zanette
    Cinematographer - Evelyn Lindberg /
    Casting Director - Kharmel Cochrane /
    Production Designer - Paulina Camacho
    Editor - Ian Drake /
    Composer - Jack Brady Spelman /
    Sound Designer - Ed Rousseau /
    Costume Designer - Caitlin Brown /
    Executive Producer - Thomas Wightman
    Production Manager - Ewelina Dziedzic
    1st Assistant Director - Julian Lara-Cid
  • Boosie Badazz, Big Boogie, Tootie Raww - Slide Then (Official Video)
    Boosie Badazz, Big Boogie, Tootie Raww - Slide Then (Official Video) Music video by Boosie Badazz, Big Boogie, Tootie Raww performing Slide Then (Official Video).
  • Field of Vision - They Won't Call It Murder
    Field of Vision - They Won't Call It Murder For more than 20 years, no police officers were charged with murder for killing residents in Columbus, Ohio. Five women, bound by grief, confront the impossibility of receiving justice for their loved ones whose lives have been taken and challenge the city’s legacy of withholding answers and ignoring accountability.

    Directed by Ingrid Raphaël and Melissa Gira Grant
  • Wilmer Roberts || King Kong Music Sessions #53
    Wilmer Roberts || King Kong Music Sessions #53 King Kong
    By: Wilmer Roberts
    Music production: Guaba Aps
    Dirección: Guaba Aps
    Colorization: Winder Canario
    Producción: Aleroy

    Elite Music, Andy Ruan, Marlon Montas, Wilmer Jimenez, Jessy production, Soy La Moztasa,

    #lanuevaorden #elraptavivo #S53
  • à présent - jonathan personne
    à présent - jonathan personne Animation par Mathieu Larone et Henry McClellan
    Titrages par Rita Mota
    Une production Radish House Pictures

    Jonathan Robert: Paroles et musique, voix, guitare, échantillonnage
    Samuel Gougoux: Batterie, percussions
    Julian Perreault: Guitare
    Mathieu Cloutier: Basse
    Emmanuel Ethier: violons, synthétiseur, mellotron
  • Memory of places
    Memory of places With COVID-19, the city was devoid of people.
    The landscape that the city once possessed has changed completely, becoming silent and eerie.
    However, the sense of déjà vu and memories that everyone has are still in the place itself.
    With these memories, the city continues to mark time.

    Hiroshi Kondo(

    Sound Design
    Himuro Yoshiteru(
  • Sam Smith - Unholy (ft. Kim Petras) (Lyric Video)
    Sam Smith - Unholy (ft. Kim Petras) (Lyric Video) Sam Smith - Unholy feat Kim Petras (Out Now)
    Listen at

    Listen to Sam Smith’s Complete Collection here:

    Stay up to date with Sam Smith music, tours and exclusives here:

  • ON Running CloudGo - Hero Edit
    ON Running CloudGo - Hero Edit On Running brought us onboard to create a campaign film titled 'Game On' for the launch of the new Cloudgo shoes. Cloudgo has On Running’s unique CloudTec cushioning combined with a tailored Speedboard to give the wearer an outstanding comfort and inspiring energy return, every single step. We sought to create more than just another sportswear film and looked at creating something that extends into the real world using augmented reality and gaming experiences. The Cloudgo world switches off gravity, transforms, stretches, multiplies, deforms and reinvents the world around the wearer the further they go.


    Client: On Running
    Agency: Studio Voile
    Campaign Lead: Peter Jaray
    Creative Lead: Adam Bracegirdle, Régis Tosetti
    Art Director: Patrick Wylde Mafham, Michael Giesbrecht
    Jessica Do Amparo
    EP: Lina Baumann
    Production Manager: Branimi Macukic

    Production Company: Builders Club
    Director: Jonas Hegi
    Executive Producer: Sophie Gunn
    Producer: Erinn Fitzgerald
    Production Manager: Ross Campbell

    DOP: Jordan Buck
    Production Designer: Agusti Figueras
    Stylist: Monica Zafra
    Running coach: Philippe Bandi

    Service Production Company: Vagabond Films
    Producer: Gabriel Carratu

    Storyboard Artist: Anthony Z Studio
    Graphic Designer: Lion Sauterleute
    BC Post Producer: Helen Randall

    EDIT: Okay Studio
    Editor: Nikolaj Belzer
    Assistant Editor: Michelle Koops
    Edit Producer: Holly Tidwell

    GRADE: Okay Studio
    Colourist: Ruth Wardell
    Colour Assist: Fraser Twitchett
    Colour Producer: Holly Tidwell

    Head of Post: Bevis Jones
    VFX Artist: Faris Hallaq
    EP: Josh Sanders
    Post Producer: Holly Tidwell & Carla Thomas

    STILLS RETOUCH: Digital Light
    Producer: Christian Archer

  • NoCap - Heaven For Thugs (Official Video) "Letter To Wap"
    NoCap - Heaven For Thugs (Official Video) "Letter To Wap" NoCap -

    Stream/Download Mr. Crawford -

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    BAKAR - FREE @Bakarrrr - Free

    Directed by @thibautgrevet
    Produced by @DIVISION.GLOBAL
    Executive Producer @theogall & @alice.wills
    Line Producer
    Production Coordinator @wahearsey
    Production Intern @fanbovet

    DOP @jack_exton_
    1st AD @reniermanon
    1st AC @anastasiamatouskoff
    2nd AC @jeannemanuali
    Steadicamer @calvin_i_am

    Gaffer Baptiste Brousse
    Electricians Julien Derail, Raphael Delacourt & Alexandre Milosevic
    Pupitreur César Faraud

    Key Grip Mathieu Simoni
    Grip Antonin Rubagotti
    Grip Louise Lapègue

    Motion Control Operator

    Set Designer @manon_everhard
    Set Design Assistant @jrdstn

    SFX Supervisor Armel Cessa
    SFX Technicians Peggy Consorti & Didier Billet

    VFX Supervisors On Set @jussreandot_mat & @adrienrny

    Stylist @gowitheflaw
    Stylist Assistant @morgannkim
    Hair & Makeup Stylist @oldiechristal
    Hair Stylist Nathalie Nsoki
  • BigWalkDog - For Certain (feat. BIG30) [Official Music Video]
    BigWalkDog - For Certain (feat. BIG30) [Official Music Video] BigWalkDog - For Certain (feat. BIG30)

    "Trick City" Out Now!

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    The official YouTube channel of 1017 Records artist BigWalkDog. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more.

    #ForCertain #BigWalkDog #TrickCity #BIG30 #TheNew1017 #AtlanticRecords
  • Smoke Break (Zigipouse)
    Smoke Break (Zigipouse) Before changing a tyre, between a starter and a main course, after admitting a patient: seven places where people are on a cigarette break.

    Directed by Alan Sahin (

    Editing | Marvin Meckes
    Sounddesign | Jan Gubser
    Production Manager | Julia Leu
    Best Boys | Luca Mengisen, Johan Hollmuller
    Sound Mix | Gregg Skerman
    Colors | Ramón Königshausen
    Graphics | Data Orbit (

    Production | Zurich University of the Arts
  • Roger Federer's Emotional Exit From Tennis | 10 News First
    Roger Federer's Emotional Exit From Tennis | 10 News First The remarkable career of Roger Federer, considered one of tennis' greatest-ever players, has come to an end - a moment that left the Swiss legend and long-time rival Rafael Nadal in tears.

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    Missed the bulletin? Catch up at 10 News First is based in Australia and is a division of Paramount.
  • Heartless | Dir. Haukur Björgvinsson
    Heartless | Dir. Haukur Björgvinsson Young couple Anna and Gunnar are deeply in love but they live in a society where people are assigned a new spouse by lottery every seven years. As their final day together approaches, they grapple with the nightmare of being torn apart and facing life with another partner.

    Starring: Bríet Ísis Elfar, Jóhann Kristófer Stefánsson, Ísar Máni Birkisson, Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir, Ólafur Egilsson, Þröstur Leó Gunnarsson & Guðrún Gísladóttir

    Director & screenwriter: Haukur Bjorgvinsson
    Producer: Tinna Proppé
    Executive Producers: Kjartan Þór Þórðarson, Hilmar Sigurdsson & Rob Tasker.
    DOP: Ásgrímur Guðbjartsson
    Editor: Úlfur Teitur Traustason
    Music Composer: Herdís Stefánsdóttir
    Sound design: Sindri Þór Kárason
    Wardrobe: Aleksandra Koluder
    HMU: Ísak Freyr
    Set Design: Kristinn Arnar Sigurðsson
    VFX: Rob Tasker
    Sound: Aggi Friðbertsson
    Colorist: Ögmundur Sigfússon
    Titles: Árni Gestur Sigfússon
    AD: Þórunn Guðlaugs
    Coordinator: Jana Arnarsdóttir
    Key Grip: Sissi Sissason
    Grip: Siffi
    Gaffer: Oddur Elíasson
    AC: Benji
    2nd AC: Thea Frímann
    Best boy: Gunnar B Svavarsson
    HMU Assistant: Viktoría Sól
    Photographer: Hörður Sveinsson
    Catering: Þórunn Elva Þorgeirsdóttir
  • "Americanized"  |  Short Film
    "Americanized" | Short Film Growing up in Oakland’s hip-hop culture, Eng struggles with her Chinese American identity. To her high school basketball team, she’s just that girl who sits on the bench, but to the Asian kids she’s "Americanized." As her sophomore year of high school comes to an end, Eng tries to find a sense of belonging within the two worlds that don't accept her.

    Writer & Director: Erica Eng
    Producer: Simran Mahal
    Casting Director: Claire Koonce
    Director of Photography: Drew Daniels
    Production Design: J.D. Moran
    Editor: Bowei Yue
    Sound Design & Mix: Bo Pang
    Music Composer: Aiko Fukushima
    Post Color: Asa Fox
    Featuring Music by Zion I and Beejus

    Eng: Terry Hu
    Nee Nee: Helen Ong
    Steph: Amber Gaston
    Tori: Sharar Ali-Speaks
    Coach Carr: Mark Neely
    David: Charles Yan
    Denise: Shannon Dang

    Poster design by Blood, Sweat + Polony

    Won “Best Dramatic Short” Cinequest * Oscar Qualified
    Won “Young Cineastes Award” Palm Springs ShortFest
    Won “Audience Choice Award” Cinequest Film Festival
    Won “Best Short Film” Bentonville Film Festival
    Won “Best Narrative Short” San Diego Asian Film Fest
    Won "Best Cinematography" Salute Your Shorts Film Festival
    Won “The Marlyn Mason Award” 1st Place Flickers’ Rhode Island
    Won “Best Director” TIDE Film Festival
    Won “Rising Star Award” Bushwick Film Festival
    Won “Best Local Film” Drunken Film Festival Oakland
    Won “Best Short Film” Oakland Short Film Festival
    Won “Gratitude Award” Centre Film Festival
    Won “Audience Award: Best Narrative Short” Centre Film Festival
    Won “Excellence in Narrative Short Storytelling” Destiny Film Festival
    Won “Audience Award: Best Narrative Short” Coronado Island Film Festival
    Won “Audience Choice Award: Best Narrative Short” DisOrient Film Festival
    Won “Outstanding Music” Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival
    Won “Outstanding International Film” Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival

    Nominated “Best Narrative Short” Seattle Asian American Film Festival
    Nominated “Best Narrative Short” Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
    Nominated “Best Female Focus” Cordillera Film Festival
    Nominated "Best Local Film" Salute Your Shorts Film Festival
    Honorable Mention “Best Live-Action Short” Gold List
    Semi-finalist ScreenCraft Film Fund Fall 2019

    Official Selection: Atlanta Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, Urbanworld, IndyShorts International Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Calgary International Film Festival, Pittsburgh Shorts Film Festival, Salute Your Shorts, LA Shorts International, San Diego International ShortFest, Boston Asian American Film Festival, Vancouver Asian American Film Festival, CAAM Fest, NewFilmmakers LA, DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Oakland International Film Festival + more
  • P Yungin - Amazing (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) (Official Audio)
    P Yungin - Amazing (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) (Official Audio) Streaming DOY Out Now:
  • Biketown // Mountain Bikers, Unlikely Partnerships & The Communities They've Created
    Biketown // Mountain Bikers, Unlikely Partnerships & The Communities They've Created Biketown is a story of mountain bikers, unlikely partnerships and the communities they create.

    Learn more and get involved at

    Enter the Biketown Sweepstakes and support the International Mountain Bicycling Association at

    Struggling to find their seat at the table, mountain bikers have had to form unlikely partnerships in their fight to ride. Little did they know they were actually helping transform the identity of their communities. Specialized and Soil Searching present Biketown, a film by Freehub magazine.

    Mountain bikers have a long-standing tradition of working with private property owners, land managers and governments, from the local to federal level. Often, these relationships are driven by a dedicated and passionate group of mountain bikers, trailbuilders and advocates, despite a sometimes turbulent and confrontational past. Biketown takes a deep dive into recreational trail development in Chisholm, Minnesota, Bellingham, Washington, Snowshoe, West Virginia and Pacific City, Oregon to explore themes at the heart of the current mountain bike movement—whether that be cooperation between the timber industry and a mountain bike community, federal forest managers and trailbuilders or advocacy organizations and tourism boards.

    This project would not be possible without partnerships and a huge collective effort. Thank you to the community leaders, families, trailbuilders, dreamers, athletes, designers, brands, mentors, advocates, stewards, volunteers and everyday riders who helped make Biketown possible. We are grateful for strong brand partner support and amazing product donations—the proceeds of which will directly impact the future of mountain biking.

    Thanks to our partners:

    Specialized Bicycles:
    Maxxis Tires:
    10 Barrel Brewing Co.:
    Ride Concepts:
    Portside productions:
    City of Bellingham:
    Pocahontas County, WV:
  • LIL TJAY LIVE @ Rolling Loud New York 2022 [FULL SET]
    LIL TJAY LIVE @ Rolling Loud New York 2022 [FULL SET] LIL TJAY Live Set at Rolling Loud New York 2022
    Curated by Tariq Cherif and Matt Zingler

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    Get info and tickets:

    #rollingloud #hiphop #liltjay
  • Meet the Fossils
    Meet the Fossils Funded by This American Life
    Written and Narrated by Robert Krulwich
    Animation Directed and Designed by Nate Milton
    Based on the work of Aatish Bhatia
    Music by Buck St. Thomas


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    Second Channel:

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    Music from:

    Music from

    Video uploaded by
  • Zafar
    Zafar A Pakistani immigrant juggles demanding ride share customers while talking on the phone to his mother in Pakistan.

    “Zafar” is this week's Staff Pick Premiere. Our new interactive player enables viewers to watch the film, play with Director's Commentary, and read a Q&A with directors Aqsa Altaf and John X. Carey. To return to the main menu, click "Menu" in the upper left hand corner of the screen at any time.
  • Historic moment Queen’s coffin is lowered into the Royal Vault | 7NEWS
    Historic moment Queen’s coffin is lowered into the Royal Vault | 7NEWS The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II concluded on a solemn note, as her casket was lowered into the Royal Vault at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

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    #royalnews #queenelizabeth #7NEWS #BREAKINGNEWS
  • American Scar
    American Scar In Daniel Lombroso’s documentary, activists expose an ecocide at the U.S.-Mexico border that could alter the evolutionary future of North America.
  • Germany vs Hungary | Highlights | UEFA Nations League
    Germany vs Hungary | Highlights | UEFA Nations League Hungary pulled off an impressive 1-0 victory over Germany in the UEFA Nations League. Captain Adam Szalai scored on an impressive flying heel kick off a corner kick. Germany put nine goals on net but failed to score. Antonio Rudiger received a yellow card in the 90th minute and will miss the next match due to suspension.

    #FOXSoccer #UEFA #GermanyVsHungary

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    Germany vs Hungary | Highlights | UEFA Nations League

    FOX Soccer
  • Buzzkill
    Buzzkill Short Drama | USA | 2020 | 11 Min |

    A young girl desperately tries to fit in with a group of South Florida teenagers.

    Festivals // Awards:
    Chicago International Film Festival in 2020
    Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival 2020
    Miami Film Festival 2021
    Palm Springs International Shortfest 2021
    University Short Film Award at Hamptons International Film Festival 2021
    New Orleans Film Festival 2021
    Kerry Film Festival 2021

    Starring // Sofia Abad; Ariella Abad; Dani Hernandez; Zach Chanlatte; Joss Mordecai; Cristal Bella; Shamyr Touze; Jason Lozama; David DeSouza
    Writer/Director // Kathy Mitrani
    Producers // Manqing Cang and Aliza Brugger
    DOP // Logan Triplett
    Production Design // Joyce Esquenazi Mitrani
    1st Assistant Director // Natalia Luque
    2nd Assistant Director // Erin Jade Luna
    PAs // Jacob Javor and Conor Callahan
    Casting Assistant // Amie Song
    1st AC // Mike Lemnitzer
    2nd AC // Humberto Blanco
    Gaffer // Samuel Romero
    Key Grip // Danny Rodriguez
    Swing // Mike Dejanou
    Photographer // Kanne Vee
    Sound Mixer // Arthur Beyer
    Boom Operator // Gerald Pain
    Editor // Kathy Mitrani
    Colorist // Jenny Montgomery
    Graphics // Kanne Vee
    Sound Edit/Design // Ander Agudo; Todd Yeager
    Special Effects // Esteban Garcia
    Music // Zach Chanlatte; King Kiloz
  • Moomin
    Moomin I attempt to fulfill a promise to an x-girlfriend in Canada.

    Best viewed on a smart phone device.

    "Remember" by Irving Berling and performed by Emerson Kitamura.

    Created at the Santa Monica Camera Obscura Art Lab, 2022. Special thanks to the employees of Gigantic.
  • The Rainbow Friends - Rise (official song)
    The Rainbow Friends - Rise (official song) You can stream "Rise" (The Rainbow Friends) by Horror Skunx everywhere!

    Instrumental composed & produced by:

    The rainbow friends
    Where the rainbow ends
    They love meeting you and your friends
    The rainbow friends
    Where the rainbow ends
    They love meeting you and your friends

    [VERSE 1]
    Colorful rainbows rise above
    Where its light and sained
    But the rainbow friends
    Are the only ones who came

    They’re doing great
    They’re on a thrive (thrive thrive)
    The rainbow missing his color
    And the humans missing their lives


    The rainbow friends
    Where the rainbow ends
    They love meeting you and your friends
    The rainbow friends
    Where the rainbow ends
    They love meeting you and your friends

    [VERSE 2]
    The friends want something
    Something else to rise above
    To rise above
    They lost everything
    Everything that matters at all
    At all

    Rainbow, rainbow rise!
    Rainbow, rainbow friends rise!
    My minions
    My minions

    The rainbow friends
    Where the rainbow ends
    They love meeting you and your friends

    Da da da
    Da da da da da da
    Da da da da
    Da da da daaa

    The rainbow friends
    Where the rainbow ends
    They love meeting you and your friends

    The rainbow friends
    Where the rainbow ends
    They love meeting you and your friends

    SPOTIFY: (soon... real soon)


    For business inquiries: or

    **ALL the content on this channel is ORIGINALLY CREATED by HORROR SKUNX**
  • Tuesday Afternoon
    Tuesday Afternoon After 33 years in federal prison, 22 of which spent in extreme solitary confinement, Jack Powers embarks into a modern world, journeying across the Northeast to start a new life.

    Co-produced by Solitary Watch 'Tuesday Afternoon' first appeared online on

Director & Cinematographer, Pete Quandt
    Editor & Producer, Chris Kelley
    Producer, Carter Deane
    Executive Producers, Jean Casella & Katie Rose Quandt
    Associate Producer & Additional Camera, Dan Brauchli
    Consulting Producer, Crystal Kayiza
    Color Correction, Kath Raisch
    Sound Mix, Tom Morris
    Senior Commissioning Producer, Christine Kecher
    Supervising Editor, Andrew Blackwell
    Series Proucer, Yvonne Ashley Kouadjo
    Executive Producer, Adam Ellick
    Co-Executive Producer Lindsay Crouse
  • Tropical Storm Ian 5 a.m. advisory, Sept. 24, 2022
    Tropical Storm Ian 5 a.m. advisory, Sept. 24, 2022 WPTV First Alert Weather meteorologist John Gerard has the latest on Tropical Storm Ian.
    KAYAK Par une paisible journée d'été, un père emmène son petit garçon pour une excursion en kayak. Entre les défis d'une première sortie en rivière et les caprices du bébé, le père ne va pas passer une journée de tout repos, surtout quand un aigle se joint à l'aventure.

    On a peaceful summer day, a dad takes his baby son on a kayak day trip. Between the challenges of a first river outing and the baby’s whims the father will not have a relaxing day, especially when an eagle joins the adventure.

    Film de diplôme, promotion 2021.
    Graduation film, class of 2021.

    Directed by : Solène BOSSEBOEUF, Flore DECHORGNAT, Tiphaine KLEIN, Auguste LEFORT, Antoine ROSSI
    Image : Solène BOSSEBOEUF, Flore DECHORGNAT
    Animation: Tiphaine KLEIN, Auguste LEFORT, Antoine ROSSI
    Editor : Auguste LEFORT
    Rendering : Solène BOSSEBOEUF, Flore DECHORGNAT
    Original Score : Valentin PETITEAU
    Sound editor: Solène BOSSEBOEUF, Auguste LEFORT, Antoine ROSSI
    Mix: Pierre-François RENOUF
    Production: Julien DEPARIS

    Distributed by : Miyu Distribution (
  • How I became an Octoling (Animation)
    How I became an Octoling (Animation) The deep lore is finally revealed

    Inspired by Finn Tran's animation:

    with this toon I tried learning new things in toonboom and lost multiple days of work due to incompetence
    HAIRY POUTER HAIRY POUTER, a film designed entirely by AI. Directed by Chris Carboni. Sound by Ambrose Yu. Music by Charles Di Raimondo.

    Lillian is 98. She just finished reading HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE. This is her book review as interpreted by an AI image generator.

    We wanted our visuals to be infused with the same unexpected interpretive qualities found in Lillian’s descriptions. The goal was to take a beloved, iconic story known the world over and put it in the hands of possibly the only two collaborators with the ability to spin it into something new.

    Lillian’s creative recap of this familiar story is taken through a funhouse hall of mirrors by inputting her prompts into an AI image generator without any added context that might guide it’s interpretation toward the original source material. And thus, a new classic is born. We’ll let the world decide which version is best.

    To learn more about our process and to view a trove of additional artwork created for this project, visit

    Additional magic can be found on our IG as well -
  • Lachsmänner (Salmon Men)
    Lachsmänner (Salmon Men) The salmon want to reproduce.
    While the salmon men are swimming upstream in a testosterone-driven race, at the source the women indulge themselves in a fertility dance. But the roles aren’t set as clearly as the men expect.

    Made by YK Animation Studio


    Idea & Directors: EISPRUNG, Veronica L. Montaño, Manuela Leuenberger, Joel Hofmann
    Producer: Lukas Pulver
    Production Management: Joder von Rotz, Joel Hofmann
    Design: Veronica L. Montaño
    Supervisor Layout: Lorenz Wunderle
    Layout: Veronica L. Montaño, Manuela Leuenberger, Joel Hofmann, Sarah Rothenberger
    Supervisor Animation: Manuela Leuenberger
    Animation: Manuela Leuenberger, Joel Hofmann, Joana Locher, Etienne Mory, Sarah Rothenberger
    Clean-up & Coloring & Backgrounds: Veronica L. Montaño
    Cut & Compositing: Lukas Pulver, Joel Hofmann, Manuela Leuenberger
    Voices: Lalita Brunner, Géraldine Cammisar, Melanie Carolin Wigger, Naomi Homenu, Adil Ilian Homenu, Samuel Beat Minder, Nils Hedinger, Lorenz Wunderle, Andrea Giovanni Sidoti
    Music: Jan Galega Brönnimann
    Sounddesign & Mix: NOISY NEIGHBOURS, Etienne Kompis, Thomas Gassmann

    ISAN: 0000-0004-B263-0000-X-0000-0000-C
    © YK Animation Studio GmbH
    All rights reserved 2022
  • Ben Simmons Opens Up About The 76ers Holdout, His Shooting Struggles, The Hawks Series & More
    Ben Simmons Opens Up About The 76ers Holdout, His Shooting Struggles, The Hawks Series & More The Old Man and The Three is BACK with an incredible interview with JJ's old Philadelphia 76ers teammate and current Brooklyn Net, Ben Simmons. This is Ben's first long-form interview in a couple of years so there's a lot to get to. You won't want to miss this one.

    Topics include:

    -What JJ and and Tommy have been up to since the break.
    -The chemistry that Ben and JJ developed as teammates.
    -Ben's often overlooked skills on the defensive end and his passing.
    -The shooting narrative surrounding Ben in The NBA.
    -Falling in love with basketball at an early age.
    -His time at LSU.
    -Dealing with negativity from media and fans online.
    -The story of someone taking video and heckling him in a candy store.
    -His mental health struggles over the last few years.
    -Why he held out on The Philadelphia 76ers.
    -Doc Rivers kicking him out of practice.
    -His last playoff series in Philadelphia against The Atlanta Hawks.
    -A detailed explanation as to why he passed up the wide open dunk on Trae Young.
    -What he's looking forward to most about playing with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and The Brooklyn Nets.
    -And so much more.

    Subscribe to The Old Man and The Three podcast w/ JJ Redick (ESPN / First Take) and Tommy Alter YouTube channel today for more NBA analysis and player interviews.

    We have a lot of great conversations dropping soon so be sure to subscribe to The Old Man and The Three wherever you get your podcasts to be notified when new episodes drop.
  • What's in a Name?
    What's in a Name? A handful of Brits explore the challenges they’ve encountered with their non-Western names and celebrate how their names express who they are.
  • OG Keemo – Blanko (Official)
    OG Keemo – Blanko (Official) OG Keemo – Blanko (feat. Kwam.E)

    Produced by Studio 11:40
    Directed by Felix Aaron
    Executive Producer: Ronja Prinz
    Creative Direction: 27Bucks
    DoP: Valentin Lilgenau
    Production Coordination: Pia Domkowski
    1st AC: Frieder Unselt
    Spark: Tim Boller
    Set Design: Kasimir Gritz
    Styling: Anabel Stiehle
    HM: Melanie Hunger
    Grading: Delfina Mayer
    Photos: Foli Creppy

    See all three videos accompanying the album "Mann beisst Hund" by OG Keemo here –
  • Sharky Reacts To SIDEMEN Charity Match!
    Sharky Reacts To SIDEMEN Charity Match! Sidemen charity match was today and today I react to all the goals and funny moments including Speed Sidemen match highlights, Filly goal, Chunkz goal and many more!

    Watch full highlights here:

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  • South of Bix
    South of Bix A young woman comes home to say goodbye to her dying, estranged grandfather.

    Molly - Justine Lupe
    Grandpa - M. Emmet Walsh
    Bix (Voice) - Juliana Canfield
    Meditation (Voice) - Tessa Ferrer
    Mom (Voice) - Laura Innes

    Written & Directed by Briana Pozner & Justine Lupe
    Producer - Brian M. Bell & David Markun
    Executive Producer - Justine Lupe
    Director of Photography - Colin Lupe
    Editor - Colin Lupe
    Production Design - Juan Manuel Ramal & John Lupe
    Hair & Makeup Department - Brielle McKenna
    Assistant Director - Cyrus Kowsari
    Sound Department - Ramon Cortes
    Sound Editor - Reece Miller
    Electrical Department - Pedro Bringas
    Assistant Camera - Alex Odesmith
    2nd Assistant Camera - Kate Ritter
    Graham Wade - Gaffer
    Best Boy - Jacob Pereira
    Behind The Scenes - Justin Golden
  • Lil Nas X - STAR WALKIN' (League of Legends Worlds Anthem)
    Lil Nas X - STAR WALKIN' (League of Legends Worlds Anthem) THE ONE & ONLY WORLDS MUSIC VIDEO. OUT NOW.

    Check out the official anthem and music video for Worlds 2022. (Lil Nas X - STAR WALKIN’)

    Amazon Music -
    Apple Music -
    Audiomack -
    Deezer -
    iTunes -
    SoundCloud -
    Spotify -
    Tidal -
    YouTube Music -
    YouTube -

    Written by: Montero Hill, Omer Fedi, Henry Walter, and Atia "Ink" Boggs
    Produced by: Cirkut, Omer Fedi, and Lil Nas X
    Recorded by: Cirkut and Omer Fedi at Cirkut City in Los Angeles, CA
    Mixed by: Serban Ghenea at MixStar Studios, Virginia Beach, VA
    Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NJ
    Musician Credits:
    All Instruments and Programming by Cirkut and Omer Fedi

    Created in partnership with The Line
    Director: Wesley Louis
    Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
    Additional Direction: Bjørn-Erik Aschim
    Art Directors: Juancho Crespo, Kévin Roualland, Shen Yi
    Animation Lead: Mourad Elias Seddiki
    CG Lead / Technical Director: Pete Addington
    Compositing Lead: Freddie Lewis-Wall

    Watch #Worlds2022 live at on Sept 29 - Nov 5.

    Follow LoL Esports on social to stay up-to-date with the best of competitive LoL around the world:


    Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathing
    Racing to the moonlight and I’m speeding
    I’m headed to the stars, ready to go far
    I’m star walkin’
    Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathing
    Racing to the moonlight and I’m speeding
    I’m headed to the stars, ready to go far
    I’m star walkin’

    On a mission to get high up I know that Imma die reachin for a life that I don’t really need at all
    Never listened to replies learned a lesson from the wise you should never take advice from somebody
    That ain’t try
    They said I wouldn't make it out alive
    They told me I would never see the rise
    That’s why I gotta get ‘em every time
    Gotta watch ‘em bleed too

    Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathing
    Racing to the moonlight and I’m speeding
    I’m headed to the stars, ready to go far
    I’m star walkin’
    Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathing
    Racing to the moonlight and I’m speeding
    I’m headed to the stars, ready to go far
    I’m star walkin’

    Been that *ha* since I came out my mama
    Thanking g-d daddy never wore a
    Prove ‘em wrong every time til it’s normal
    Why worship legends when you know that you can join ‘em
    These demons don’t like me, they don’t like me
    Likely, they wanna fight me
    Come on try it out, try me
    They put me down but I never cried out
    Why me, words from the wise
    Don’t put worth inside somebody

    That ain’t try
    They said I wouldn't make it out alive
    They told me I would never see the rise
    That’s why I gotta get ‘em every time
    Gotta watch ‘em bleed too

    Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathing
    Racing to the moonlight and I’m speeding
    I’m headed to the stars, ready to go far
    I’m star walkin’
    Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathing
    Racing to the moonlight and I’m speeding
    I’m headed to the stars, ready to go far
    I’m star walkin’

    star walkin’

    Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathing
    Racing to the moonlight and I’m speeding
    I’m headed to the stars, ready to go far
    I’m star walkin’

    #Worlds2022 #LoLEsports #LeagueOfLegends
  • The Middle of the World | Filmsupply Films
    The Middle of the World | Filmsupply Films An endurance runner shares his experience running from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the north rim, and back in one day.

    Filmsupply exists to empower creative professionals by providing high quality, cinematic footage. Filmsupply Films exists to empower the film. Each film has been hand-picked by our curatorial team, selected to inspire, challenge, and empower us to not only be better creatives, but better humans.

    Learn more about Filmsupply Films:

    License footage from film:

    License high-quality, cinematic footage for your next project:

    Director, Cinematographer, & Producer: Andrew Holzschuh
    Company: Atmospheric Film
    Artist/Runner: Aaron Garcia
  • Crush (크러쉬) - 'Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS)' MV
    Crush (크러쉬) - 'Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS)' MV Crush (크러쉬) - 'Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS)' MV

    MV Executive Producer: P NATION
    MV Director: Bangjaeyeob @bangjaeyeobfilm
    Composed by Crush, Sojin Hong
    Lyrics by Crush, j-hope, PENOMECO
    Arranged by Crush, Sojin Hong
    Mixed by Stay Tuned @Stay Tuned Studio
    Mastered by Randy Merrill @Sterling Sound

    Crush (크러쉬) [Rush Hour] is now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music & Spotify.
    🎧 Spotify :
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    #Crush #크러쉬 #RushHour #jhope #제이홉 #MV #뮤직비디오#PNATION #피네이션

    Copyrights 2022 ⓒ P NATION All Rights Reserved
  • Leon Vynehall - Chapter IV (Envelopes) Extended Cut
    Leon Vynehall - Chapter IV (Envelopes) Extended Cut FEATURING
    Danielle Roney as Stephanie
    Peter Dreimanis as Derrick
    Victor Roy as Freddy
    Christian Von Krause as Cafe Manager
    Mike Sniezek as Preist
    Natasha Fiorino as Nurse
    Leigh Celeste as Orderly

    Directed by Young Replicant

    EP Rik Green
    Producer Nicole Powell
    Director of Photography Dustin Lane
    Production Designer Erika Lobko & Karlyn Koesner
    Production Company Pulse Films

    1st Ad Billy Stand
    2nd AD Tara Joy M
    Production Coordinator Elizabeth George,
    Haley Brown

    1st AC Mark Moher
    2nd AC Atli Magnusson
    DIT Aaron Hall

    Gaffer Chris Harmsworth
    BB Electric Damon McNiece,
    Russell Berki,
    Martin Kenji
    Key Grip Nabil Milne
    BB Grip Jayson Sissons

    Wardrobe Stylist Mara Ziegler & Marissa Schwartz
    Stylist Assistant Kathy Marsh
    Set Dresser Pia Perez,
    Max Simi,
    Brad Chowace,
    Claudia Dall’Orso

    Sound Recordist
    Alex Henessey

    Make Up Carla McKeever
    Make Up Assistant Ashley Szabadi

    Key Production Assistant Scott Frettwell

    VFX Vlad Onatsky, Chris Homer, Young Replicant
    Edit, Grade, Sound Design Young Replicant
    Sound Mixing by Moritz @ stauBaudio
  • You know what I like? (Ft. Joel Haver)
    You know what I like? (Ft. Joel Haver) You know what I like? A lot of things actually. I'm sure you do too. We should talk about the things we like more often. I like it when people do. I always learn something or I find some cool new thing I end up being interested in whenever it happens.

    Support the channel with the Merch store:

    Thanks to @Joel Haver for being apart of this vid :)

    Animated by:
    SomeThingElseYT (brain numb)

    Background music by:
    @oo oxygen

    The things I like song by:
    @Zalinki and SomeThingElseYT

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    INHERITANCE On Norra’s 25th birthday, she and her brother inherit the deed to their family's small cabin. With this auspicious birthday, she starts seeing the spirits that have been haunting her brother and father for years.

    Written and Directed by Annalise Lockhart
    Producer - Zachary Shedd
    Director of Photography - Charlotte Hornsby
    Editor - Kyle Graffam
    Production Designer - April Lasky

    Produced by
    Flies Collective
    In association with
    Dweck Productions
  • BONELAB - Release Date Trailer
    BONELAB - Release Date Trailer Wishlist now!

    Suspected of séancing with an unknown power, you are on trial. During your execution you are called to action. Escaping death you descend into an unknown underworld lab. A series of preparatory challenges await you, but for what? Will you transcend them and discover your calling?

    SOMEBODY'S HERO A struggling loner from Otis, Maine must contend with his inner demons to make a life and death decision. This is a study of heroism at its most elemental; how and why are some people, against all odds, able to confront the ultimate fear and put their lives at risk for a complete stranger?

    Director & Editor: Morgan Myer
    Lead Animator: Nathan Gilliss
    Producers: Lindsay Mann, Sven Fahlgren
    Colorist: Brian Chin
  • I Crafted A Godly Pickaxe That Mines The Earth in .02 Seconds
    I Crafted A Godly Pickaxe That Mines The Earth in .02 Seconds This pickaxe is way too powerful, it destroys everything I touch.
    To be fair it's exactly what I want in any tool: Absolutely incredible for mining mountains, but so are grenades.

    Merch -

    Game: Hydroneer -

    Music provided by:
    (Epidemic Sound)
    FORD - SCARY FAST - DIRECTOR'S CUT A horror/thriller trailer for Ford's new Raptor R.
  • Broken German Headphones (World War 2) - Perfect Restoration
    Broken German Headphones (World War 2) - Perfect Restoration In this video I'm restoring a pair of antique German headphones. I've found these headphones at an online auction for $30 and I thought they look pretty cool for a restoration project.
    Unfortunately they didn't work anymore. I measured the coils and three of the four were broken. That fact put this little project to a whole new challenge. It required a ton of research to completely understanding every single detail of its function to remake the coils and such. After some trial and error I managed to remake the broken bobbins and rewind the coils. The tricky part was that both coils are connected with eachother at the beginning of the windings in the core. I had to make a special jig, so I could clamp both coils when winding the second one.
    The original paint had some kind of a structure in it. It was black matte with some kind of a hammertone pattern. Unfortunately I was not able to find such paint, so I went with regular black matte. To not loose the were fine writings and logo I only applied a very thin layer of primer and coat.
    The Bakelite pieces just required some wet sanding and a good polish and they looked like new again. Old Bakelite might contain asbestos, that's why I wet sanded them so there won't be any sanding dust.
    I cleaned the membranes with scotch brite after a 24h bath in rust remover. To get rid of the pitting I sanded it with 240 grit sandpaper. I was already down to 0.13mm from 0.2mm thickness, but there was still pitting visible and I just sanded one side. To get the best possible sound at the end I decided to remake both membranes with new 0.2mm steel foil. To match the original membranes I also painted the center black matte.
    I nickel plated all the screws and the two brackets like they were originally. The brackets were a little bit weird, because they were two identical ones instead of pair of mirrored ones. I fixed that pretty easy by just bending the shaft on one ion the opposite direction.
    I was very lucky that the cable was in nearly perfect condition. It had absolutely no visible damge or fraying, just lost a bit of color. I just had to shorten them. Todays headphones all work with AC, these however back then worked with DC. Therefore the polarity matters. I also marked all endings of the cable with red and black threads, so did I made a red and black plastic cover for the plugs.
    In the end I'm very happy how these headphones have turned out. The color combination of the black matte with the shiny black Backelite parts look very classy together with the shiny nickel plated parts and the crispy clean looking knurling is the cherry on top.

    I hope you like my work and the video.

    Huge thank you to all of my Patreon supporters and especially to:
    Adel AlSaffar
    Alex McGeorge
    Alfonso Baz
    Alistair Moor
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    Lambda GPU Workstations
    Mellissa Marcus
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    Nathaniel Carver
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    Vickie Bligh
    Vince Valenti
    Will Black
    Xavier Carbel
    Yale Baker
    Yuri Zapuchlak
    Adam Holtzclaw
    Alipasha Sadri
    Andrew Egerton
    Andrew Phillips
    Arni Bjorgvinsson
    Bonnie Williamson
    Brian Hoerl
    Chad Bryant
    Charles Copenhaver
    Crystal Cash
    Damien Fuller-Sutherland
    Daniel Trejo
    Daniel Varga
    Dave Hardware
    David Ebert
    David P Hruska
    David Powell
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    Grant Daniel
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    Stefan Kronander
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    Trevor Kam
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    Victoria Emmenegger

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