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  • Clubcamping | The legend of Pedro Rodríguez | Director's Cut
    Clubcamping | The legend of Pedro Rodríguez | Director's Cut Racing driver Pedro Rodríguez was one of a kind, a legend in Latin America, and an idol to Porsche fans all over the world. And not only because he was a crazy skilled driver: he made history driving the iconic Porsche 917k, which we can only assume was based on a discarded Batmobile design deemed too unrealistic.

    Fifty years after his tragic demise while racing in Germany, we teamed up with The Community and Porsche to honor some of his feats.

    Crank up the volume and get ready for a 60-second trip at 300 km/h.

    This is our director's cut version for:
    The Legend of Pedro Rodríguez!

    Let’s start by saying we were granted unprecedented creative freedom in this project by both the agency and the client.

    But even before the slightest idea came to our minds, we knew one thing for sure: we needed the car to look perfect in 2D. Animating the Porsche 917k frame by frame, without a reference, sounded like the premise of the next Saw movie, so we decided that a 3D model of the car to produce some sweet 3D layouts was a fundamental asset to get our hands on.

    To build Pedro’s world we thought about ‘60s and early ‘70s graphic design, movies, cartoons and tv shows, and discussed with Juan what pop culture and art milestones had left a mark on our styles. We agreed we wanted an overall vintage vibe but with modern visuals and animation ideas that would challenge our craft.

    “Speed Racer meets Akira” was our pitch.

    In a process we like to call “blind parkour design”, we started importing materials into After Effects and mixing it to see what happy accidents we encountered.

    Jumping from After, to Animate, to Photoshop, to C4D, trying things out, not thinking whether something might work or not but simply doing it. Letting our subconscious sublimate. An intense animatic process ensued, where tons of new ideas and references kept flowing and popping up spontaneously.

    We wanted the animation timing to feel a little limited, but with lots of super-sharp poses and eases. We chose to work at 24fps and its multiples, focusing mainly on animating in 3s, with 4s and 1s as extremes.

    The comp was going to be extra heavy⁠—we knew it and wanted it to be that way. Lots of glows, defocus, and grain. But the hardest comp ever was the one with the oil monster. It required a tremendous amount of coordination, organization and patience, constantly going back and forth between layout, animation, cleanup and comp. That shot alone took about a whole month to produce.

    We promise you everything was under painful control.

    One last thing you might be wondering: what about the square format, with rounded edges?
    We worked in a 2202 x 2202 1:1 format so as to easily come up with different versions later.
    The idea all along was to deliver a 16:9 format.
    As we went on, new details and compositions increasingly made sense when displayed in 1:1. We sat on it a little, and then El Señor Rodriguez himself inspired the final touch: what if we added a nice frame with rounded corners, giving it a lovely super-8 vibe like the footage of Pedro we were already showing at the end?

    That was the last touch. The vintage vibe was exactly what we needed to close the circle.

    We raise our cups to Pedro and what his star at 300km/h might bring us.

    Credit list:

    Creative direction: Mariano Fernández Russo.
    Art Direction: Juan Barabani.
    EP: Ana Sieglitz & Juliana Millán.
    Line Production: Carolina Cantero.
    Animation Direction: Mariano Fernández Russo.
    Animatic: Mariano Fernández Russo.
    Illustration: Juan Barabani & Victoria Farelli.
    2D and Motion animation: Mariano Fernández Russo, Maricel Piazza, Emmanuel Zampalo, Franco Pelliciaro, Pablo Rago, Fernando Lamattina, Katherine Pryor, Ana Artaza, Penblade Animation & Alcides Izaguirre.
    Clean up: Alan Mohamed, Sofía Díaz, Gabriela Bosco, Daniela Donato, Julieta Culaciati, Clara Riavec & Rafael Pires.
    Compositing: Mariano Fernández Russo.
    BTS Editor: Juan Raimondi
    Render: Yago Lopez.

    Sound (CC Director's Cut Version)
    Music: Facundo Capece
    Sound Design: Felipe Barandalla

    Client: Porsche
    Agency: The Community
    Global CCO, Founder Jose Molla / Joaquin Molla
    Executive Creative Director: Ricky Vior
    Associate Creative Director: Gabriel Da Silva
    Associate Creative Director: Rodrigo González
    Content Creator Lead: Rosario Avila
    EVP, Head of Integrated Production: Laurie Malaga
    Maker/s (Producers)
    Executive Producer: Debi Rubiani
    Sr. Production Lead: Juan Manuel Sosa
    Account Team:
    VP, Managing Director Latam: Julieta Rey,
    Brand Lead Regional Latam: Sandra Giraldo,
    Brand Supervisor: Barbara Palacio/Julia Isabel Hernandez,
    Connections Strategy: Sebastian Ibarr
    Digital Content Director: Monica Godoy
    Brand Strategy Director: Alessandra Noceda
    Brand Strategy Planner Alejandra Margain
    Business Affairs
    Business Affairs Director: Natalie Greenman
    Business Manager: Priscila Hourihan
    Production Assistant: Aldana Bea
    Photographer: Richard Monning
  • I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator
    I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator Opera GX gives you complete CONTROL over your RAM & CPU usage. Kill CPU-draining tabs!
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    I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator - Let's Game It Out

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    Buy an abandoned gas station and restore it to its full glory. Renovate, upgrade and expand upon the offered services to keep up with your clients demands.
  • Prince of Luna Park
    Prince of Luna Park In Daniel Lombroso’s “The Prince of Luna Park,” Alessandro Zamperla works to protect his family’s iconic theme park during the pandemic—and prove himself to his father.

    Read more at The New Yorker:

    Director / DP, Daniel Lombroso:
    Supervising Producer, Yara Bishara:
    Executive Producer, Soo-Jeong Kang:
    Co-Editor, Jason Lee
    Co-Editor, César Martínez Barba:
    Camera, Mitch Blummer:
    Sound mix, Antoinette Tomlinson:
  • Stranger Things 4 | Creel House | Netflix
    Stranger Things 4 | Creel House | Netflix 003/004
  • Bitter Sea
    Bitter Sea To keep her job and home in London, an immigrant single mother has to hide her five-year-old daughter from her boss and landlord.

    Read more about it here:

    Nominee for the Best British Short at the British Independent Film Awards 2018
    Four Nominations for the Best Short Film, Best Script, Best Director and Best Film Editing Award at the Iran Film Academy’s Festival (Khaneh Cinema) 2018
    Best Short Drama at The Smalls Film Festival 2018
    Honourable Mention for the Best Drama at the Adana International Film Festival 2018
    Special Jury Mention for the Best Screenplay at the Underwire Festival 2018
    Nominee for the Best Short Film Crystal Phoenix at the Fajr Film Festival, Iran 2019
    Winner of the Best Short fiction at the Dhaka International Film Festival 2019
    Nominee for Best Short Film Award at the Cinema Cinema Academy of Iran. 2019
    Winner of the Best Short Film Award at the KO:SH Short Film Festival 2019

    Official Selections
    London Short Film Festival 2018
    East End Film Festival 2018
    British Urban Film Festival 2018
    Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018
    Short Sighted Cinema - The Shortest Night 2018
    Durban International Film Festival 2018
    London Feminist Film Festival 2018
    Women Make Waves Film Festival 2018
    Tehran International Film Festival 2018
    Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2018
    UnderWire Festival 2018
    This is England, Rouen, France 2018
    Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival (Kinofilm) 2018
    Berlin British Shorts 2019

    40 + festival screenings, 20+ nominations and awards.

    Written & Directed by: Fateme Ahmadi
    Produced by: Emma Parsons (
    Starring: Ada Condeescu, Belle-Marie Ochiana
    Director of Photography: Alex Grigoras (
    Casting Director: Isabella Odoffin (
    Production Designer: Zoe Payne (
    Editor: Abolfazl Talooni (
    Composer: Filip Sijanec (
    Sound Designer & Mixer: Rob Szeliga (
    A Film London and 60 Degrees Production
  • Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk - New Legendary Brawler!!
    Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk - New Legendary Brawler!! Download NOW!! ►►
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    Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.

    Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Collect unique skins to stand out and show off. Battle in a variety of mysterious locations within the Brawliverse!

    - Gem Grab (3v3): Team up and out-strategize the opposing team. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.
    - Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale style fight for survival. Collect power ups for your Brawler. Grab a friend or play solo - be the last Brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet. Winner take all!
    - Brawl Ball (3v3): It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team. There are no red cards here.
    - Bounty (3v3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but don’t let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!
    - Heist (3v3): Protect your team’s safe and try to crack open your opponents’. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemies treasure.
    - Special Events: Limited time special PvE and PvP game modes.
    - Championship Challenge: Join Brawl Stars' esports scene with in-game qualifiers!

    Collect and upgrade a variety of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Level them up and collect unique skins.

    Complete quests, open Brawl Boxes, earn Gems, pins and an exclusive Brawl Pass skin! Fresh content every season.

    Climb the local and regional leaderboards to prove you’re the greatest Brawler of them all!

    Look out for new Brawlers, skins, maps, special events and games modes in the future.

    PLEASE NOTE! Brawl Stars is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 9 years of age to play or download Brawl Stars.

    - Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world
    - A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile
    - Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and Super ability
    - New events and game modes daily
    - Battle solo or with friends
    - Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings
    - Join or start your own Club with fellow players to share tips and battle together
    - Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins
    - Player-designed maps offer challenging new terrain to master

    From the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach!

    Contact us in-game via Settings, Help and Support — or visit

    Privacy Policy:

    Terms of Service:

    Parent's Guide:

  • Odezenne - Mamour - Clip Officiel
    Odezenne - Mamour - Clip Officiel En tournée début 2022, billet disponible
    Mamour, extrait du nouvel album "1200 mètres en tout"
    Presave —

    Stream — Insta
    VINYL, CD et DIGITAL en direct chez nous

    À Jean-Daniel

    Ecrit et réalisé par Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka
    Universeul / Miyu Productions / 2021

    Auteur-réalisateur : Vladimir MAVOUNIA-KOUKA
    Production : Universeul & Miyu Productions
    Producteurs : Alix CAILLET, Emmanuel-Alain RAYNAL, Pierre BAUSSARON
    Design personnages : Vladimir MAVOUNIA-KOUKA, Jonas SCHLOESING
    Décors : Martin BONNIN
    Animation 2D : Jonas SCHLOESING, Quentin MARCHAND, Laurent BOX
    Stagiaire animation : Naëlle GAVERIAUX, Alice JUAN
    Compositing : Vladimir MAVOUNIA-KOUKA, Jérémy BOULARD LE FUR
    Directeur Administratif et Financier : Cyril SMET
    Chargés de production : Pierre BOVIN et Félix RÉGNIER
    Assistante de production : Emilie COPPIER
    Responsable technique : Christian SERRES
    Assistant administratif : David DOS SANTOS
    Stagiaire : Delphine FERRU
    Avec le soutien du Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée (Aide avant réalisation de vidéo musique)

    J’aime sortir le matin
    Manger des gâteaux gras
    Pleurer devant un film
    Et gratter les jeux de hasard

    J’aime les garanties
    J’aime ne pas avoir le choix
    Le pâté de campagne
    Et les caresses du passé

    J’aime l’odeur de l’essence
    Les essences de jasmin

    J’aime les flammes habitées
    Et les paysages cramoisis
    J’aime ce que procure la gaité
    Aux visages renfermés

    J’aime l’espace
    Attendre l’autobus quand il pleut
    Les arbres au printemps
    Quand les gens ils m’appellent Monsieur

    Manger avec les doigts
    Et aussi casser les œufs

    J’aime les battements de cils
    Les âmes agitées
    Le don d’ubiquité
    Et la lucidité

    J’aime la couleur du miel
    Et le son des abeilles
    Comment elle tue l’ennui
    La confiture de groseilles

    J’aime enquiquiner ma mère
    L’orientation d’un vent contraire

    Quand la musique rend heureux
    Quand la musique rend heureux
    Quand la musique rend heureux
    Quand la musique rend heureux
    Quand la musique rend heureux
    Quand la musique rend heureux

    Oui, on aurait dû vivre
    On aurait pu vivre
    Plus d’un million d’années
    Si seulement, si seulement tu…
    Si seulement, si seulement

    J’aime la gymnastique
    Les balades avec toi
    Le thym, le romarin
    Et les histoires de princes arabes

    Les facettes du cœur
    Le bel équinoxe d’été
    Le lourd poids de la nuit
    Les envies inopinées

    La neige de Montréal
    Et toutes les routes vallonnées

    J’aime le style que t’as
    Quand tu me prends dans tes bras
    Les baisers volés sans raison
    Les regards qui parlent tout bas

    J’aime les fossettes de ma sœur
    Les frères qui m’ont assisté
    Les rencontres dans le train
    Les serpents hypnotisés

    Les feuilles d’acacia
    Les faiblesses de chacun

    Oui, on aurait dû vivre
    On aurait pu vivre
    Plus d’un million d’années
    Si seulement, si seulement tu…
    Si seulement, si seulement

    Oui, on aurait dû l'dire
    On aurait pu l’faire
    Même sans raison d'y aller
    Si sûrement, si sûrement que
    Si sûrement, si sûrement
    Oui, on devrait l’écrire
    On devrait faire pire
    Plus d’un million d’essais
    Si seulement, si seulement je…
    Si seulement, si seulement

    #Odezenne #Mamour #1200mètresentout
    Sortie le 23/09/2021
  • "Final Waltz" | Dream SMP Animation
    "Final Waltz" | Dream SMP Animation That took a while ;v; but its finally here!!! I think it turned out really well
    I'm very happy to be able to work with lovely people.
    Thank you for your patience ^^

    Music: "Final Waltz" ft. 2WEI - Suprhot
    Listen here:
    Released by @Position Music / @2WEI Music
    Go check them out!! :D

    I got merch :3c

    Support me on Patreon?? o-o

    And I also have a Discord Server :D
  • Landgraves
    Landgraves A young journalist goes into the deep wood to interview the heavy-metal duo LANDGRAVES, who record an album for the first time since a murder imprisonment. His curiosity pushes him to follow the band deep in the forest, as a snowstorm arises.

    45 selections, 16 awards, 3 nominations.
    LANDGRAVES by Jean-François Leblanc, written by Alexandre Auger
    featuring François Ruel-Côté, Pierre-Luc Brillant and Souldia
    produced by Julie Groleau (Couronne Nord) and Charlotte Beaudoin-Poisson

    À propos du film (en français) :

    "Landgraves never sprints towards its icy terror. Just like it’s difficult to run through snow, the film’s pacing slowly pushes you closer to the climax." — Decibel Magazine

    Follow Landgraves

    Listen & download 'Nachträglichkeit' - the film's original soundtrack
    composed by Xavier Germain Poitras & Louis Guillemette (previously Solids)


    Thriller | 2020 | French w/ Eng subtitles | Québec, Canada

    Director : Jean-François Leblanc
    Production : Julie Groleau (Couronne Nord) et Charlotte Beaudoin-Poisson
    Screenplay : Alexandre Auger-Fortin
    Cinematography : François Messier-Rheault
    Editor : Jules Saulnier
    Artistic Direction: Charlie Beaudoin
    Sound : Laurent Ouellette, Simon Gervais, Ariel Harrod, Stéphane Bergeron
    Music : Louis Guillemette, Xavier Germain-Poitras

    Originally from Quebec City and a graduate University of Montreal graduate, Jean-François has written and directed several short films, including The guy from work, which has won several awards. His fascination with ordinary people, masculinity, spontaneity and genuineness in cinema is at the center of his artistic approach.

    Landgraves | 2020 | Short Film
    Le Prince de Val-Bé | 2019 | Short Film
    Le gars d’la shop | 2015 | Short Film
    Ordinaires | 2013 | Short Film
    12 Hommes en Tabarnak | 2011 | Short Film


    Produced by Couronne Nord

    Distributed by Travelling

    Travelling / Attn : Tam Dan Vu /
    Couronne Nord /
    Jean-François Leblanc /
  • The Fascinating Physics of Bowling
    The Fascinating Physics of Bowling Bowling has been reinvented many times over the past seven thousand years but especially in the last 30. This is the fascinating physics of balls, oil, lane and pins. A portion of this video was sponsored by Salesforce. Go to to learn more.

    Huge thanks to Steve Kloempken and all of Storm Bowling for letting us visit and get a glimpse into the crazy world of bowling.
    Huge thanks to legends Chris Barnes and Pete Weber for taking the time to bowl with us.
    Thanks to Ron Hatfield and James Freeman for their help with research. Check out their great book, Bowling Beyond the Basics:
    Thanks to the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) for their help with accessing archival data and footage.
    Thanks to Bill Guszczo for giving us the idea to make this video in the first place.

    Freeman, James, and Ron Hatfield. Bowling beyond the Basics: What's Really Happening on the Lanes, and What You Can Do about It. BowlSmart, 2018. --
    N. Stremmel, P. Ridenour and S. Sterbenz. “Identifying the Critical Factors That Contribute to Bowling Ball Motion on a Bowling Lane.” United States Bowling Congress, 2008. --
    USBC Equipment Specifications and Certification Team. “Ball Motion Study: Phase I and II Final Report.” United States Bowling Congress, 2008. --
    Brettingen, Patrick, and Nicki Mours. “USBC static weight limits remain relevant.” United States Bowling Congress, 2011. --
    Article on lane oil origins --
    Luna, Richard. “Bruce Pluckhahn says there's a little bit of bowling…” United Press International Archives, 1984. --
    Johnson, Brody D. “The Physics of Bowling: How good bowlers stay off the straight and narrow.” St. Louis University. --
    Talamo, Jim. “The Physics of Bowling Balls.” --
    Thompson, Ted. “Breakdown and Carrydown - Then and Now.” Kegel. 2012. --
    Frohlich, Cliff. “What Makes Bowling Balls Hook?” American Journal of Physics, vol. 72, no. 9, 2004, pp. 1170–1177., --
    Article on bowling’s ranking in participatory sports --
    Speranza, Dan, and Dave Nestor. “Initial Oil Absorption Results.” United States Bowling Congress, 2016. --
    D. Benner, N. Mours, and P. Ridenour. “Pin Carry Study: Bowl Expo 2009.” United States Bowling Congress, 2009. --
    Hopkins, D. C., and J. D. Patterson. “Bowling Frames: Paths of a Bowling Ball.” American Journal of Physics, vol. 45, no. 3, 1977, pp. 263–266., --
    Normani, Franco. “The Physics of Bowling.” Real World Physics Problems. --
    Horaczek, Stan. “The insides of pro bowling balls will make your head spin.” Popular Science, 2020. --
    House shot oil pattern -- Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0.

    Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Andrew, Diffbot, Micah Mangione, MJP, Gnare, Nick DiCandilo, Dave Kircher, Edward Larsen, Burt Humburg, Blake Byers, Dumky, Evgeny Skvortsov, Meekay, Bill Linder, Paul Peijzel, Mac Malkawi, Michael Schneider, Big Badaboom, Ludovic Robillard, Jim buckmaster, fanime96, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Vincent, Marinus Kuivenhoven, Alfred Wallace, Clayton Greenwell, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi, Ron Neal

    Written by Derek Muller and Emily Zhang
    Animations by Mike Radjabov and Iván Tello
    Filmed by Derek Muller, Trenton Oliver, and Emily Zhang
    Edited by Trenton Oliver
    SFX by Shaun Clifford
    Additional video supplied by Getty Images
    Music from Epidemic Sounds
    Produced by Derek Muller, Petr Lebedev, and Emily Zhang
  • SEAWATCH - Human rights are #non-negotiable
    SEAWATCH - Human rights are #non-negotiable - Human rights are non-negotiable -
    For Seawatch, LeaveNoOneBehind and United4Rescue.
    Thanks so much for trusting us with this one, an honor to contribute.

    A BWGTBLD production
    Director: Stefanie Soho
    Executive Producer: Philipp Ramhofer
    Producer: Christina Walther
    Director Of Photography: Albert Salas
    CD: Sebastian Von Gumpert
    1st AD: Matthias Nerlich
    Editor: Jacob Ipsen
    Colorist: Nicke Cantarelli
    Music: Gustav Karlström
    Sound Design & Mix: Staub Audio GmbH
    Casting: Nadine Juntke

    Starring Maryam Zaree, Theresa Trupp, Oliver Seidel, Meta Luise Volkers, Sammy Schreib, Johannes Quester, Thomas Noffke

    Shot on 35mm.
  • Back to school shopping be like…
    Back to school shopping be like… TikTok: @ snerixx
    Instagram: @ snerixx_
  • "7 Years and Counting" The Unjust Imprisonment of Marvin Guy
    "7 Years and Counting" The Unjust Imprisonment of Marvin Guy

    On May 9th, 2014, at 5:40 AM, the Killeen Police Department conducted a dangerous no-knock raid on the home of Marvin Louis Guy, based on unverified information provided by an unidentified confidential informant.

    The Raid was a disaster from the beginning. The Police accidentally detonated a flash-bang grenade and the bullets flew - 41 rounds in less than a minute. In the resulting chaos, three officers were wounded while a forth died from a gunshot wound.

    Marvin Guy was arrested and charged with capital murder.

    The police found no evidence to substantiate the accusations made against Marvin by the confidential informant.

    Since that day in 2014, Marvin Guy has been languishing in jail, awaiting trial inside the Bell County Justice Center.

    Production -- TDM & The Smoking Section

    Director & Writer - Cassius Michael Kim
    Producers - Sara Kenigsberg & Katie Stevens
    Executive Producers - Shaun King, Joe Simon, Cassius Michael Kim
    Director of Photography - Joe Simon
    Editor - Catie Cacci
    Associate Producers - Sanetra Longno & Clay Thorp
    Composer - Christy Marshall
    B Camera Op / 1st AC - Dee Mitchell
    Production Sound - Cabel Adkins

    Post Production Services by TBD Post

    Post Production Supervisor - Joel Pettit
    Re-recording Mixer - Brad Engleking
    Dialog Editor - Kyle Scribner
    Colorist - Brandon Thomas
    Online Editor / Motion Graphics - Dennis Valk

    Grassroots Law Project Team:
    Kendi King
    Shaun King
    Dan Rowe
    Sadae Williams
    Elijah Zarlin

    Cast By Order of Appearance:
    Garett Galloway
    Mellisa Brown
    Clay Thorp
    Nick Bezzel
    Ron DeLord
    Fred Galloway
    Dick DeGuerin
    Henry “Hank” Magee

    Special Thanks:
    The donors and supporters of the Grassroots Law Project
  • Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Ejected Fusion Cores?
    Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Ejected Fusion Cores? Fusion Cores are some of the most sought after items in Fallout 4. They’re not too common out in the wasteland, are expensive beyond belief, and your Power Armor is worthless without them. But more importantly you can use them to turn nuclear waste into an actual weapon which naturally brings up an important question: Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Ejected Fusion Cores?

    Mitten Squad Discord:

    Check out some of my other videos if you liked this one:
    Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With A Big Iron On Your Hip?:
    Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas By Killing Everyone?:
    Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas Without A Pip-Boy?:
    Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas As A Necromancer?:
    Can You Beat Fallout 4 Without A Pip-Boy?:
    Can You Beat Fallout 3 Without Moving The Camera?:
    Can You Beat Skyrim With Only A Fork?:
    Can You Beat Skyrim With Only Telekinesis? 
    Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Legendary Weapons?

    Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Ejected Fusion Cores? (in text form)

    If you haven’t dug deep under the intelligence perk tree in Fallout 4 you’d never know that Rank 3 of the Nuclear Physicist perk lets you eject Fusion Cores from your Power Armor as a sort of timed grenade. Nuclear Physicist itself requires Intelligence of 9 and it also requires you to be level 26 so before you can unlock it so step 1 in my adventure to cleanse the wasteland with nuclear leftovers was to get to level 26 without attacking anything. I won’t overhype it. I’ll be nice and call it a learning experience.

    The real game begins with very minor tweaks to create the perfect man and the assigning of SPECIAL points. As I said, Intelligence needs to be at 9. Perception at 4 lets me take the Lockpicking perk, Endurance at 7 because I’m gonna be taking a lot of damage in the early game, Charisma o 3 for the Lone Wanderer perk and the rest are irrelevant. I named myself Shaun to amuse me, not you, there were fireworks, and as one door closed, another one opened. As for escaping the vault without attacking any of the roaches, it’s as easy as locking them behind the door and waiting for them to forget you existed.

    Out into the rest of Fallout 4, I headed home to get to work. In the past I’ve harvested the remnants of mother nature’s beauty to create a world of fences. After abusing that power for more than a year I learned that some settlement items can be crafted in place over and over again without moving. But there’s an actual exploit that drawrves everything I’ve done before. All around Sanctuary are items -trees, baby fences, houses, cars- that can be scrapped for their base components. You take these components alongside a few perks and craft wire fences or wood fences, any item that costs next to nothing to craft, craft as many as you can and you can be at level 4 or 5 before you leave Sanctuary. The difficulty in past videos has been obtaining enough components to create objects on a large enough scale that make it worth doing. But that problem dies today with the infamous item duplication glitch. Full disclosure I loosely followed SuperbTube’s video on getting this Fallout 4 infinite experience exploit 2021 to work properly. It feels impossible to get at first, then you get a nail it once, forget what your mentor just told you to do and make a mistake. But that wasn’t my first mistake.
  • Plaqué or
    Plaqué or Gold plated

    Inès, 16, is determined to find a job when she meets Martin, a boy from Brussels' upscale neighborhoods. Between shame and fascination, she is brutally aware of social injustice.


    Film de fin d'étude à l'INSAS de Chloé Léonil

    Inès, 16 ans, est déterminée à trouver du travail quand elle rencontre Martin, un garçon des beaux quartiers Bruxellois. Entre honte et fascination, elle prend brutalement conscience de l'injustice sociale.
  • I Wore Digital Clothes For A Week
    I Wore Digital Clothes For A Week HELLO FRIENDS!! So, a couple of months ago I got this ad on facebook for "digital fashion" - which, as a weird fashion lover, piqued my interest. So, I decided to use the DressX digital fashion service and "wear" digital clothes every day for a week to see how it turned out -- and then I posted those pictures to instagram to see what you all thought of my virtual digs! Which outfit from this week was your favorite?

    You can check out DressX's website here!

    Quick note -- these looks that we bought are *not* NFTs, and most of DressX's looks are not NFTs -- (the ones in the app are also not NFTs) -- they seem to dipping their toes into that space, but for now it's mainly just photoshopping individual images!

    Also, the shots in the art museum were taken in the middle of the summer, when mask mandates were lifted!

    This video is NOT sponsored!!

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    Via AudioNetwork

    Safiya Nygaard
    Tyler Williams
    Nez Covington
    Jordan Schneier

    GFX by Dayana Espinoza
  • The Voicemail | NPR
    The Voicemail | NPR Voicemails are deeply embedded into memories of 9/11. On that day in 2001, as people all across New York City tried to get hold of their friends and family, cellphone networks were overloaded. And for some of the victims inside the planes and towers, leaving a voicemail was their last way of communicating with their loved ones.

    In the weeks leading up to the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, NPR set up an old phone booth in Brooklyn Bridge Park — across the river from the new World Trade Center — and invited people to leave a voicemail for someone they lost that day.

    By searching public records, reaching out to national survivors' networks, and collaborating with facilitators of 9/11 support groups on Facebook, we connected with six people who were willing to share their stories with us — people like Trish Straine, whose husband died in the north tower just six days after their second son was born; and Matthew Bocchi, who was only 9 years old when he lost his father in the attacks. Their individual experiences offer insight into the nature of grief and how it changes — or doesn't — over time.

    This project is inspired by the Wind Phone, a phone booth set up in Japan by garden designer Itaru Sasaki for people to communicate with those they lost in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. More on the Wind Phone here:


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  • Morray - Bad Situations (Official Music Video)
    Morray - Bad Situations (Official Music Video) Morray - Bad Situations (Official Music Video)

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    #Morray #BadSituations
  • Dropbox "Work In Progress"
    Dropbox "Work In Progress" (Note: the section with "WIP" is incomplete and wasn't included in the official video. I've Left it in so that the entire musical score can be heard.)

    This one was a joy. We built this as the intro to Dropbox's "Work In Progress" event. It was presented on an enormous screen. Thoroughly enjoyed adding sound to such lovely lines and shapes.
  • Arcane: Official Trailer
    Arcane: Official Trailer Every legend has a beginning. Welcome friend, to the world of Arcane. Watch the first official trailer for Arcane now, coming to Netflix November 6.

    Learn more about Arcane -
  • The Diamond
    The Diamond Atop the remnants of an ancient volcanic crater, wandering souls search for an elusive diamond.

    The 2021 Vimeo Staff Pick Award at Camden International Film Festival is Caitlyn Greene's "The Diamond." Check out our Q&A, and read more about it here:
  • Nintendo Direct - 9.23.2021
    Nintendo Direct - 9.23.2021 Tune in 9/23 at 3 p.m. PT for a Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information focused mainly on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter.


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  • Mac Miller "Colors and Shapes"
    Mac Miller "Colors and Shapes" A film by Sam Mason

    Client 4 Strikes / Karen Meyers
    Commissioned by Miller McCormick
    Production Co Hornet
    Head of Creative Development Kristin Labriola
    Executive Producer Hana Shimizu
    Producer Hanna Smith-Ide
    Associate Producer Heather Hardin
    Editor Sam Stulin

    Pre Production
    Storyboard Artist Camillo Clauser
    Environment Designer Chiara Benedetti
    Character Design Jeff Jank
    Previs Meg Oswalt
    Rigging George Smaragdis
    Look Dev Nicole Noel, Sam Mason
    Modelling / Texturing Nicole Noel, Douglas Silva, Ivan Joy,
    Laney Lai, Emily Mai, Neil Jackson
    Groom Giovani Kososki
    Senior Animator Daniel Callaby, Clement Pierre, Jim Bierton
    Animator Meg Oswalt, Monica Stevenson
  • [1k CODE & 25k RC] Shindai Rengoku + 1 Year Update
    [1k CODE & 25k RC] Shindai Rengoku + 1 Year Update Report bugs, exploiters, and Restores here:

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    Instagram: @ CaribBros | @ CaribVros
  • Bill Blaine - A Walk Around the House
    Bill Blaine - A Walk Around the House A portrait of an artist.

    Credits :

    All Artwork by Bill Blaine
    Music : Aaron Curiak
    Sound Design : Jeremiah Clever
    Color : John Carrington
    Special Thanks to the Blaine Family

    Vemod Content
  • The MC fighting the final boss after training for 3 days and getting a new outfit.
    The MC fighting the final boss after training for 3 days and getting a new outfit. Literally 3 days of training.

    Oddwin - 19

    Hafþór Björnsson competed in Strongman for over a decade and found fame as 'The Mountain' in Game of Thrones.

    The world’s strongest man in 2018 and standing at 6ft 9in tall, Thor has now changed direction and is on the path to become a professional boxer.

    What started out as a grudge between two of the world’s strongest men, has resulted in a life changing transformation.

    I went to document Thor's training in the lead up to his next big fight against Eddie Hall.

    Director - Pete Banks
    Production Company - Kode Media
    EP - Matt Fleming
    Producer - Emily O Meara
    Producer - Hannah Wainwright
    Producer - Sam Stocking
    PM - Jamie Brewer

    DOP - Thomas Hole
    AC - Matt Farrant
    Edit - Akhil Kanukuntla
    Sound design - Martin Leitner SOUNDS GOOD STUDIO
    Post - Black Kite
    Colourist - Thomas Mangham
    Post Producer - Bruce Langfield
    Film Lab - Cinelab

    Client - Jayde Kirby / Reign


    Service Production Company- True North
    Fixer - Pálmey Helgadóttir
    Line Producer - Jónbi Guðmundsson
    Sound Op - Agnar Friðbertsson
    Gaffer - Viktor Orri Andersen
    2nd AC - Nicholas Þór Helgason
    Runner - Svava Lovísa Aðalsteinsdóttir
  • how executives think people react to celebrity voices in animated films
    how executives think people react to celebrity voices in animated films My Twitter:
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  • B Boys - Seagulls
    B Boys - Seagulls with
    Whitmer Thomas
    Maggie McLean

    Director - Alex Brinkman
    Producer - Maggie McLean
    Production Co - Cheeky Films
    DP - Nick Bupp
    PD - Alexis Preston
    AD - Steven Roth
    Sound - Ben McManus
    SFX Make-Up - Sioux Sinclair

    Editor - Jeff Watterson, Gus Spelman
    Post Supervisor - Jeff Watterson
    Mix - Matt Giordano
    Color - Ayumi Ashley @ Ntropic
    Post EP - Will Mok @ Ntropic
    VFX - Cooper Vacheron

    Thank youuuu
    DeVonn Francis
    Ben Mcmanus
    John Marsico
    Brock Forette
  • These 2b2t Griefers Went Too Far...
    These 2b2t Griefers Went Too Far... Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we'll discuss how these 2b2t griefers went too far, starting one of the largest griefing projects in Minecraft history.
    Get Current and learn more HERE -
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    homieonice (Instagram)
    Y7: Like a Dragon
    Ian Stocker (Robots GBA OST)
    Additional 2b2t Footage/Information:
    5th Column (orsond, rfresh, WarlordN1K)
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    Minecraft Griefing Speedruns might be a new low for these players.
    2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.16/1.17/1.18 update. Very exciting times!
  • BADBADNOTGOOD | Beside April
    BADBADNOTGOOD | Beside April Director Camille Summers-Valli
    Exec Producer Emory Ruegg
    Producer Maddy Perkins
    DOP Maximilian Pittner
    Stylist Tati Cotliar
    With Chopova Lowena
    Music Video Rep Andre Reid-McKinley
    Production Company Somesuch x Division

    Post-Producer: Germain Robin
    Editor: Antonin Bronès
    Assistant Editor: Simon Tristant

    VFX Supervisor: Colin Journée
    VFX Coordinator: Mathieu Jussreandot
    2D artists: Isabelle Tchoungang, Adrien Avenel, Romain Bedouet

    Colourist Nicke Cantarelli
    Colourist-producer Therése Misgena


    Producer Masho Tevdorashvilli
    1st AD Sopo Parjiani
    Production Company: Metro Production
    Executive Producer: Sandro Gabilaia
    Head of Production: Maia Gurabanidze
    Producer: Masho Tevdorashvili
    1st AD: Sopo Parjiani
    Production Manager: Tato Pantsulaia
    Casting Director: Tina Khizanishvili

    Special thanks to Division
    Chopova Lowena
  • Cowboy Bebop | Opening Credits | Netflix
    Cowboy Bebop | Opening Credits | Netflix It’s time to blow this scene. Who’s in? Cowboy Bebop arrives Nov. 19.

    COWBOY BEBOP is an action-packed space Western about three bounty hunters, aka “cowboys,” all trying to outrun the past. As different as they are deadly, Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), and Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda) form a scrappy, snarky crew ready to hunt down the solar system’s most dangerous criminals — for the right price. But they can only kick and quip their way out of so many scuffles before their pasts finally catch up with them.

    Based on the beloved anime series, COWBOY BEBOP is executive produced by André Nemec, Jeff Pinkner, Josh Appelbaum and Scott Rosenberg of Midnight Radio, Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements of Tomorrow Studios, Makoto Asanuma, Shin Sasaki and Masayuki Ozaki of Sunrise Inc., Tim Coddington, Tetsu Fujimura, Michael Katleman, Matthew Weinberg, and Christopher Yost. Nemec serves as showrunner. Original anime series director Shinichirō Watanabe is a consultant on the series, and original composer Yoko Kanno returns for the live-action adaptation. The series also stars Alex Hassell and Elena Satine.

    Watch Cowboy Bebop, a live-action series, only on Netflix:


    About Netflix:
    Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with over 209 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

    Cowboy Bebop | Opening Credits | Netflix
  • A Conversation
    A Conversation A Film by Phil Hessler
    Produced by WZRD and JacksonHole

    The film is built around a conversation between Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jimmy Chin and Ugandan-born snowboarder Brolin Mawejje. Their conversation tells a story about their unlikely career paths and diversity in the outdoor industry; building into Brolin’s own uncertainty about his goals to snowboard in the Olympics.

    Directed by Phil Hessler
    Produced by Eric Seymour & Phil Hessler
    Executive Producer Tyler Lamotte, Galen Knowles
    Director of Photography Ben Dann
    Additional Cinematography Wade Dunstan, Justin Dersham, Phil Hessler, Jack Hessler
    Edited by Phil Hessler and Jack Hessler
    Art Direction and Title Design Sam Lawes
    Sound Jack Hessler
    Colorist Jacob Callaghan
  • How I survived a RANDOMIZED Nuzlocke
    How I survived a RANDOMIZED Nuzlocke Today, we embark on an impossible journey where everything in Pokémon is entirely randomized... yet somehow, I was presented with the perfect team known to man.
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    #Pokemon #Nuzlocke #Alpharad

    ➤ Music Used:
    Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald Soundtrack:
    Pokémon ORAS Soundtrack:
    Dating Fight:
    Ultra Instinct Theme:
  • Imposter
    Imposter After disgracing himself in a match, a prodigal boxer meets his match in the therapist assigned to clear his return to the ring.

    Starring Cranston Johnson and Geraldine Hughes.

    Directed by Jared Knecht + Salomon Ligthelm
    Producer | Writer. Chris Dodds
    Cinematography. Khalid Mohtaseb
    Production Designer. Joseph Sciacca
    Editors. Matt Murphy + Jared Knecht
    Composer. Luke Atencio
    Sound Design. OT Birds
    Colorist. Kath Raisch
  • [BE ORIGINAL] ITZY(있지) 'LOCO' (4K)

    역시 필승 조합 있지 X 스튜디오 춤🖤
    불 꺼진 심장을 켜주는 역대급 퍼포🔥
    (2:18) 이 춤선 날 완전 미치게 만들어


    Stream various performance video on STUDIO CHOOM!

    Naver TV:
    MERCEDES-BENZ "FUTURE 2021" Directed by Nina Holmgren
    Cinematography - Mauro Chiarello
    Production Design - Robin Brown

    Production Company: Anorak Film
    Excecutive Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser
    Producer: Toni Jaschke
    PA: Elias Mittelstädt

    Agency: Antoni Berlin
    Creatives : Marcell Franke, Christian Kies,
    Tim Gröttzinger, Christopher Holen, Daniel Duhn
    David Kaufmann

    Service Production: Radioaktive Film
    Executive Producer: Kate Galytska
    Producer: Antonina Patramanska
    Wardrobe consultant: Lauren Anne Groves
    HMU: Dasha Taivas
    1st AD: Val Semko
    Production manager: Nick Semko
    Gaffer: Leo Sidorenko
    1st AC: Vladislav Dobrik
    2 unit dop: Ilya Maksymenko
    Edit: Janne Vartia
    Edit Assistant: Miikka Kalia
    Drone : Zodiac film
    Music: Georg von dem Bussche
    Sound: wenke.kleine_benne at Mermade Sound

    VFX: Times Based Arts
    Post-Producer: Chris Aliano
    Lead Flame / VFX Supervisor: Stephen Grasso
    Grade: Lewis Crossfield
  • Why Do Americans Spell This Word So Strangely? #Shorts
    Why Do Americans Spell This Word So Strangely? #Shorts
    SOPICO - SLIDE Réalisé par Scotty Simper

    Produit par DISSIDENCE

    Producteurs: Antoine Fritsch / Charles Portier

    Chef Opérateur : César De Charme

    Directeur de Production : Driss Lumbroso
    Coordinateur de Production : Joseph Ragons

    1er Assistant Réalisateur : Hugo Lebaillif
    2nd Assistant Réalisateur : PIM Caloni
    3ème Assistante Réalisateur : Augustine Girard
    4ème Assistant Réalisateur : Maxime Detournière
    Casting : Éléonore Aguillon

    1ère Assistant Caméra (A) : Jules Berthe
    1ère Assistante Caméra (B) : Zoé Mention
    2nd Assistant Caméra (A) : Lucas Bidard
    2nd Assistante Caméra (B) : Katia Hamnane
    Steadycameur : Valentin Clarke

    Chef Opérateur Drone : Marc Didier
    Opérateur Drone : Antoine Brut
    Opérateur Drone : Josselin Cornil

    Chef Électricien : Nathan Jean-François
    Électricien : Kylian Bouvet

    Chef Machiniste : Vincent Blasco
    Machiniste : François Perrault-Alix
    Machiniste : Olivier Thual
    Machiniste : Anatole Deniaud
    Machiniste : Sébastien Obrecht

    Chef Décorateur : Moïse El Karout
    Assistant Décoratrice : Jaya Brouhmann
    Ripper #1 : Thomas Scala
    Ripper #2 : Hatem Diab
    Stagiaire Décorateur : Gabriel Desbons

    Stunt coordinator : Sébastien Fouassier
    Stunt assistant : Dominique Fouassier
    Stunt assistant : Tony Auge
    Stunt utility : Laurent Coin
    Stunt utility : Mickael Cottin
    Stunt utility : Jennifer Hauguel
    Stunt utility : Antoine Mezan De Malartic

    Superviseur Grand Final (Pyrotechnie) : Stéphane Bazoge
    Technicien Sfx #1 : Pierre-Emmanuel Gelis
    Technicien Sfx #2 : Olivier Fleurette
    Technicien Sfx #3 : Audrey Segain
    Technicien Sfx #4 : Romain Verstraete
    Grand Final Staff : Stéphanie Jarry
    Grand Final Staff : Frédéric Lepla
    Grand Final Staff : Clément Rivier

    Ingénieur Du Son : Charles Grégoire

    Maquilleuse : Victoria Sapet
    Styliste : Lola Maux
    Assistante Styliste : Martina Dotti


    Chef Opérateur : Scotty Simper

    Chef Décoratrice : Catalina Labra
    Assistante Décoratrice : Élise Frichet
    Ripper : Benjamin Rougé Thomas

    2nde Assistante Caméra : Juliette Perpina
    Steadycameur : Sacha Naceri

    Chef Électricien : Silvio Belviso
    Électricienne : Juliette Maignan

    Machiniste : Gaspard Christin

    1er assistant camera : Sebastien Dubor



    PAUME & Scotty Simper


    Vincent Amor

    Emilien 'MiM' Bernaux / Lafayette Street Studio -

    Making off
    Albert & Zach

    Photographes plateau
    Erwann S.Peterssen
    Tristan Feres


    Mokhtar Aitdoud - Donia Boucenna - Julia Stoltzenberg (Financière des 4 rives) - Nicolas Basset (ACCESS MOTION) - Alex (FULLMOTION) -Phillippe Szabo (Flame) - Dirk (COLOR BY DEJONGHE) - David (FUNXRIDER) - SKYDRONE - GRAND FINAL - STUNT CENTRAL - Filipe Goncalves -Maxime Nucci - Marc Nucci - Bertrand Lamblot - Romain Constant - Simon Lartigue - Marguerite Beaussant

    Sopico - Slide (Clip Officiel)

    AUDIO :
    Auteur : Sopico
    Compositeur: Sopico - Yodelice
    Editeurs : Spookland Publishing / P-CO Productions
  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Break Or Make Me [Official Music Video]
    YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Break Or Make Me [Official Music Video] YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Break Or Make Me
    ‘Sincerely, Kentrell’ OUT NOW:

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    #YoungBoyNeverBrokeAgain #SincerelyKentrell #BreakOrMakeMe
  • BABA - a stylized portrait of a Turkish immigrant
    BABA - a stylized portrait of a Turkish immigrant Director: Sarah Blok
    Design: Lisa Konno
    Produced by: Boondocs

    Distribution: Kapitein Kort (Hidde de Vries)
  • WILLOW, THE ANXIETY, Tyler Cole - Meet Me At Our Spot (Live Performance)
    WILLOW, THE ANXIETY, Tyler Cole - Meet Me At Our Spot (Live Performance) “Watch my full performance with your friends together via mobile on Instagram and Messenger video chat”

    ► Stream Meet Me At Our Spot:
    ► Listen to 'The Anxiety' out on now:

    ► Watch full concert here:

    ► Listen to 'Lately I Feel EVERYTHING' out on now:


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    (Verse 1 - Willow)
    When I wake up
    I can’t even stay up
    I slept through the day, fuck
    I’m not getting younger
    But when I’m older
    I’ll be so much stronger
    I’ll stay up for longer
    Meet me at our spot
    Caught a vibe
    Baby are you coming for the ride?
    (The ride x3)
    I just wanna look into your eyes
    (Your eyes x2)
    I just wanna stay for the night night night
    When we take a drive
    Maybe we can hit the 405
    Hypnotized by the lights
    Man, this must be the life

    (Verse 2 - Tyler)

    When I go to sleep
    I can’t even fall asleep
    Something’s got ahold of me
    Feel it taking over me
    But when I’m older I’ll be moving onward
    I just got a drunk text (Meet me at our spot)
    We caught a vibe (Yeah Yeah)
    Baby are you coming for the ride?
    (The ride x3)
    When I look into your eyes
    (Your eyes x2)
    I just wanna hold you all night (All night)
    Maybe we can take a drive (Take a drive!)
    Baby we can hit the 405
    Hypnotized by the lights
    Man this must be the life

    (Chorus - Willow & Tyler)

    Meet me at our spot
    Got something I wanna show you
    Meet me at our spot
    They can’t find us there


    Caught a vibe
    Baby are you coming for the ride?
    (The ride x3)
    I just wanna look into your eyes
    (Your eyes x2)
    I just wanna stay for the night night night
    When we take a drive
    Maybe we can hit the 405
    Hypnotized by the lights
    Man, this must be the life

    #Willow #TylerCole #MeetMeAtOurSpot

    Music video by WILLOW, THE ANXIETY, Tyler Cole performing Meet Me At Our Spot (Live). © 2021 MSFTSMusic / Roc Nation Records, LLC
  • Hak Baker - Cool Kids
    Hak Baker - Cool Kids Director - Will Robson-Scott
    Cool Kids - Shak Benjamin & Hector Abbott
    Executive Producer - Gloria Bowman
    Producer - Scarlett Anderson
    D.O.P - Emile Ebrahim Kelly
    1st AC - Michael Kinsella
    1st AD - Phillips Nortey
    Gaffer - Kristof Szentgyorgyvary
    Casting - Jinzo Casting
    Grip Trainee - Jamie Cobb
    Art Director - Molly Hackney
    Production runner - Tess Crozier
    Runner - Tera Pechmannova
    Editor - Thomas Goldser
    Colourist - Ruth Wardell @ Okay Studio
    Sound mix - Pete Duffy
    Cast - Alessandro Babalola, Phillips Nortey, Ginger Bill & Jennie
    Special thanks - Maddy Perkins, Emory Ruegg, Andre Reid-Mckinley, Somesuch, Feral Grips, Present, MCX & Brady
  • I Tried To Teach Tubbo How To Drive...
    I Tried To Teach Tubbo How To Drive... Tubbo literally BROKE MY CAR! This could not have gone more wrong!

    So we learned to drive drift cars instead, which was actually pretty cool. I am now possibly the world's best driver, which is very POGGERS!

    We're also SOO close to 2 Million so please Subscribe!

    Come watch Jack Manifold on the big screen (aka Twitch) -

    Edited by: @Wheatskins


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  • Some Very, Very Upsetting News
    Some Very, Very Upsetting News Ruby has some very, very upsetting news for Philip.

    Written, directed, & edited by John Purcell
    Starring Aman Adumer & Megan Kingsbury
    Produced by Francesca McLafferty
    Cinematography by Cooper James
    1st AC Hao Yu
    Gaffer Brody Anderson
    Production sound by Ian Clark-Daugherty
    Sound Design by Hunter Berk
    Color by Keyhan Bayegan
  • Coldplay X BTS - My Universe (Official Lyric Video)
    Coldplay X BTS - My Universe (Official Lyric Video) The new single, taken from the album Music Of The Spheres, out October 15th ( Stream/Download here:

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    Lyric video: Impossible Brief

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    Since forming at university in London, Coldplay have gone on to become one of the planet’s most popular acts, selling more than 100 million copies of their eight Number One albums, which have spawned a string of hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, Adventure Of A Lifetime, Orphans and, most recently, Higher Power.

    BTS, an acronym of Bangtan Sonyeondan or “Beyond the Scene,” is a GRAMMY-nominated South Korean group that has been capturing the hearts of millions of fans globally since its debut in June 2013. The members of BTS are RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook. Gaining recognition for their authentic and self-produced music, top-notch performances, and the way they interact with their fans, BTS has established themselves as 21st century pop icons breaking countless world records. While imparting a positive influence through activities such as the LOVE MYSELF campaign and the UN ‘Speak Yourself’ speech, the band has mobilised millions of fans across the world (named ARMY), collected five No.1 Billboard Hot 100 singles in less than a year, performed multiple sold-out stadium shows across the world, and was named TIME’s Entertainer of the Year 2020. BTS has been nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for the 63rd GRAMMY Awards and recognised with numerous prestigious awards like the Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Vogue - History of American Fashion
    Vogue - History of American Fashion A look at American fashion in the 20th century, with its evolution from simple, European inspired design to the creative work of new and BIPOC designers in the 21st century.
  • Introducing PWR LOSERFRUIT!
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  • Routine Rhythms!
    Routine Rhythms! Pattern can be regular or irregular, organic or geometric, structural or decorative, positive or negative, and repeating or random. It is an interesting visual language to create attractive scenes, and has been my inspiration to create a story.

    The idea started with my everyday repeating life, and I found the concept of ‘Repetition’ is a common ground between the pattern and everyday life.

    So, what if the normal actions in our daily life could turn into rhythmical and enjoyable moments with patterns?

    The entire goal of this thesis is to explore various moving patterns using various mediums and creating a short film with visual interests through those patterns.
    More process for the piece on

    Have a rhythmic day!

    Direction/Design/Animation by Haeri Cho
    Sound Design by Kelly Warner
  • Testing HILARIOUS Life Hacks!
    Testing HILARIOUS Life Hacks! Yeah I put 100,000 plastic balls in my room..I'm still stressed
  • Amazon Music : Rap Rotation | Director's Cut
    Amazon Music : Rap Rotation | Director's Cut
  • Film Theory: The Matrix NEVER Existed! (Matrix 4 Trailer)
    Film Theory: The Matrix NEVER Existed! (Matrix 4 Trailer) Help me host Jeopardy by signing the petition! ►

    The original Matrix trilogy was a well of theory potential. Yet, I haven't covered it in YEARS! So when the new trailer for The Matrix 4: Resurrections came out, I felt the need to try and cover ALL of the theories and predictions possible. All at once. Yes, today we are answering every question posed in the Matrix 4 trailer, what I think the plot and ending of the movies will be, and what that means for us the viewer. Get ready to PLUG IN!

    Thanks to @NeoMatrixology for letting us use their Matrix footage! ►

    Thanks to Raz Mille for voicing the South Park kid for the intro!

    #Matrix #Matrix4 #Matrix4Trailer #TheMatrix #TheMatrix4 #TheMatrix4Trailer #KeanuReeves #Trailer #Theory #FilmTheory #Matpat    

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    Get Your 30 Day Free Trial Now ►

    Rick's True CRIME! | Rick and Morty ►►
    Will MORTY KILL RICK?! ►►
    How PICKLE RICK Functions! ►►►
    Blair Witch's SECRET DANGER!  ►
    Ariel & Hercules Are RELATED?! ►

    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Forrest Lee
    Researcher: Bob Chipman
    Editor: Forrest Lee and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor:  AlyssaBeCrazy  
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
  • Insuppressible: Lewis Rossignol
    Insuppressible: Lewis Rossignol Lewis Rossignol is a South Portland-based visual artist. After many years working blue-collar jobs, at 37 years old he decided to go back to art school. Propelled by his distinctive style, Lewis has been able to sustain a career selling his original work as well as taking on high-profile commissions for artists like Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers and Tyler the Creator. Lewis is open about how creative endeavors like drawing are one of the only remedies he's found for his condition, Tourette's Syndrome.

    Directed by ROVE
    Producer: Jake Eisner
    Director of Photography: Gabe Bornstein
    Grip & Electric: Phil Cormier
    PA & BTS Photography: Tristan Anderson
    Sound Mixer: Jesse LaFountaine
    Edit: Jay Brown
    Music: Nick Sadler
    Color: Alexia Salingaros
    Sound Design & Mix: Red Vault Audio
    VFX: Jared Flynn & Cory Anderson
    Special Thanks: David Butler + Alex Morrow
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  • Run Forever
    Run Forever Run Forever is a digital media artwork visualising the vision of Hyundai Motor’s sustainable design and green energy for a clean mobility society. In Run Forever, the runner is at one with nature, transforming from water, to hydrogen and oxygen, to pure energy, before returning to nature in the form of plants. Inspired by the water cycle, Hyundai Motor’s clean hydrogen fuel process is renewable, generating infinite energy for our runner to ‘run forever’.

    Run Forever launches the new brand space Hyundai Motorstudio Busan. The Motorstudio is a hub for design, exploring the power of design across all disciplines. Experiences in the Motorstudio are guided by the theme ‘Design to Live by’, reflecting how great design enriches and reinvents our everyday lives.

    Run Forever features on the Creative Wall at Hyundai Motorstudio Busan. The digital artwork is among a variety of arts and cultural exhibits in the space that allow visitors to experience the vision of the Hyundai Motor brand.

    The five-story Hyundai Motorstudio Busan is based in F1963, a cultural complex in the former Kiswire Suyeong wire rope factory designed by renowned architect Choi Wook. Universal Everything and Hyundai Motor have previously collaborated on a kinetic display experience and large-scale video artwork for the Hyundai Motorstudio in Goyang.

    Run Forever also features in Hyundai Motor’s commercial TV campaign about clean energy.
  • i can't stop watching it help me
    i can't stop watching it help me thank you zone and minus8 for giving us this very cool animation of ankha! loved it! showed it to my family and now i live on the streets

    i used the 8bit cover of the song made by: -kevundead.wav-

    voice actors:

    other stuff:
    ♢ TWITCH:
    ♢ TWITTER:

    #animation #ZoneAnkha #animalcrossing
  • Svoboda ft. Alex Volokhov
    Svoboda ft. Alex Volokhov Svoboda is a Slavic word tied to an expression of freedom. Mountain bike athlete Alex Volokhov conveys that sense of creativity through his own riding and trail-building, with values further ingrained into him from the considerable time he spent with the late Jordie Lunn.

    The cumulative months spent completely alone in the pouring rain hauling dirt or digging through difficult roots are completely justified in the pursuit of creation, and giving life to an idea built from the ground up.

    Director: Liam Mullany
    Edit: Aaron Larocque, Liam Mullany
    1st AC: Max McCulloch
    Still Photos: Margus Riga, Liam Morgan, Max McCulloch, Liam Mullany
    Colour: Sam Gilling
    Post-Production Sound: Keith White Audio
    Special Thanks: Raw Camera Company, Brightside Cinema, Aaron Gray, Liam Morgan, Kyle James

    Project support from: Schwalbe Tires, Rocky Mountain, FSA Components, SR Suntour

    "When I Grow Up," Written & Performed by Luke Atencio, Licensed through Musicbed.

    "The Limit," Written by Nicolás Jaar & Dave Harrington, Performed by Darkside, Licensed courtesy of Matador Records Ltd
  • BIA - BESITO (Official Music Video) ft. G Herbo
    BIA - BESITO (Official Music Video) ft. G Herbo BIA feat. G Herbo - BESITO (Official Music Video)

    "BESITO" available at:

    Follow BIA:

    (C) 2021 BIA, under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

    #BIA #GHerbo #BESITO
  • Lah gah (Letting go)
    Lah gah (Letting go) A dive into sunny childhood memories, when a girl is singing and cooking with her father. An intimate moment, so simple. But they’re swept along by the wafting mass of dough into the emotional depths of loss and disappearance; Helpless, the child is trying to grasp what is not tangible.

    An animated Shortfilm by Cécile Brun
    Production: Virage Film in Co-Production with SRF Swiss Radio and Television │ SRG SSR
    Producer: Saskia von Virág

    CH / 2019

    Director: /
    Producer: /

    ** 1st Place ** Florida Animation Festival, Mixed Media/Experimental Category, USA
    ** Special Mention ** Tricky Women/Tricky Realities Int. Animation Filmfestival, A
    ** Special Mention ** Primanima World Festival of First Animation, HU
    ** Special Mention ** Animateka, SI
    ** Special Mention ** TIFF - Tatsuno International Film Festival, JP
    ** Special Mention ** Prague Int. Indie Film Festival, CZ
    ** Special Mention ** Santiago del Estero Film Festival, AR

    Festivals (selection)
    - Fantoche Int. Animation Film Festival Baden, CH, Sept 2019
    - Primanima World Festival of First Animations, HU, Nov 2019
    - Kaboom Animation Festival, NL, Nov 2019
    - Animateka Int. Animated Film Festival, SI, Dec 2019
    - Tricky Women Tricky Realities, A, Mar 2020
    - Monstra Int. Animation Festival, PT, Mar 2020
    - Florida Animation Festival, USA, June 2020
    - Imaginaria, I, Aug 2020
    - La Guarimba Film Festival, I, Aug 2020
    - World Festival of Animated Film in Varna, BU, Sept 2020
    - FAB Festival of Animation Berlin, D, Oct. 2020
    - Animafilm Int. Animation Festival, AZ, Oct 2020
    - EIFF Edinburgh Int. Film Festival, UK, cancelled
    - TIFF - Tatsuno Int. Film Festival, JP, Nov 2020
    - Animasivo Festival Internacional De Animación, MX, Nov 2020
    - PSIAF - Palm Springs Int. Animation Festival, USA, Dec 2020
    - TIAF - Tbilisi International Animation Festival, GE, Dec 2020
    - Animatricks, FI, May 2021
    - Santiago del Estero Film Festival, AR, June 2021
    - Insomnia Animation Festival, RU, July 2021
    - ShorTS Int. Film Festival, I, July 2021
    - Animist Tallinn, EST, Aug 2021
    - The Animattikon Project, CY, Sept 2021
    - ZOOM - ZBLIZENIA International Film Festival, PL, Oct 2021
    - CRAFT Int. Animation Festival, ID, Oct 2021
  • He Stole my Game and Released it on Mobile...
    He Stole my Game and Released it on Mobile... okay gamers i cant believe this...
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    ➤ Music:
    Context Sensitive - Ooga (
    Neo Nomen - Little Sphere (
    André Cardoso - Jammos theme (

    Context Sensitive
    Free Download:

    Previous videos:
    Dani2 - He Stole My Game, and made a cringe mobile Ad with it...
    Dani2 - They Made a Better Version of My Game??
    Dani2 - You made me do this...
    Dani2 - They Used MY FACE in a Mobile Game Ad??

    #Dani #Karlson #MilkGang
  • Blake Mills | Money Is The One True God
    Blake Mills | Money Is The One True God A kaleidoscope of currency reveal what humans have valued over time.

    Directed and animated by Lachlan Turczan
    Music by Blake Mills

    I made hi-resolution scans of banknotes from 23 countries ranging from the 1800s to the modern-day. Machine learning was used to further enhance these scans so that I could zoom in on the intricacies of the engravings. Using replacement animation techniques, the guilloché patterns wash over the viewer in a barrage of linework and geometry. Iconic scenes throughout history are also shown: the age of exploration leads to industrialization, wonders of the world are replaced by office buildings and icons of freedom stand in stark contrast to images of slavery. The project culminates with the collective eyes of all world leaders staring back at the audience.
  • [쇼! 음악중심] 리사 - 라리사 (LISA - LALISA), MBC 210925 방송
    [쇼! 음악중심] 리사 - 라리사 (LISA - LALISA), MBC 210925 방송 ★★★More clips are available★★★


  • BROODS | Piece of My Mind
    BROODS | Piece of My Mind Animation: Dr D Foothead
    Grade: Keyhan Bayegan
    Local Producer: Alex McCrossin / Summit Shoot
    Costume: Sophie Kristofski
    1st AC: Raj Patel
    Focus Puller: Steve Couper
    MUA: Maddie North
    Gaffer: John Hogan
    Grip: Chris Thompson
    Grip Assist: Dom Ryan

    Camera rentals: Brett Mills / Local Action
    Special thanks to Remarkables Ski Field
    Special thanks to Thom Kuo at EFILM
  • Trade Center
    Trade Center The voices of five gay men who cruised for sex at the World Trade Center in the 1980s and 1990s haunt the sanitized, commerce-driven landscape that is the newly rebuilt Freedom Tower campus.

    Press: GQ Magazine:

    Festivals and Awards
    *SXSW Film Festival, 2021 (World Premiere)
    *AFI Docs, 2021
    *Maryland Film Festival, 2021
    *Oak Cliff Film Festival, 2021 (Special Jury Mention)
    *Provincetown International Film Festival, 2021
    *North Bend Film Festival, 2021 (Special Jury Award)
    *Rooftop Films Summer Series, 2021
    *Inside/Out Toronto 2SLGBT+ Festival, 2021
    *Frameline San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, 2021
    *Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival, 2021
    *image + nation LGBT Film Festival Montreal, 2021
    *Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival 2021, (Adam Baran Award)
    *Norwegian Short Film Festival, 2021
    *Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival, 2021
    *Southside Film Festival, Bethlehem PA, 2021
    *Out on Film Atlanta LGBTQ Film Festival, 2021
    *Vilnius Queer Festival "Krieves" 2021
    *QFlix Philadelphia 2021: The LGBTQ+ Film Festival

    Directed by Adam Baran
    Based on: "The Towers of Cum & Horndogs of Yore" written by Billy Miller
    Voices: Billy Miller, Chris, Dale Corvino, Joe, Rick
    Cinematographer: Daniel Lam
    Editor: Colin Fitzpatrick
    Producer: Adam Baran & Ethan Weinstock
    Original Score: Mike Brun
    Billy Miller Interview recorded at MSB Studios by Recording Engineer Michael Sackler-Berner
    Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer: Connor Donahue
    Colorist: Ben Federman
    Main Title Design: Mikey Harmon

    Copyright: Renderer Films 2020
  • "48 Hours" explores what happened to Gabby Petito
    "48 Hours" explores what happened to Gabby Petito Gabby Petito documented her road trip cross-country with her fiance before she was reported missing on September 11th. Now her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, is a person of interest in the case. CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan joins CBSN with the latest for "48 Hours."

    Crime. Social justice. Impact. "48 Hours" investigates the most intriguing crime and justice cases that touch on all areas of the human experience including greed and passion. "48 Hours," which premiered in 1988, has developed a rich history of original reporting and impact journalism that has helped exonerate wrongly convicted people, caused cold cases to be reopened and solved, and along the way changed lives.

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  • Favourites | Favoriten (dir. Martin Monk)
    Favourites | Favoriten (dir. Martin Monk) After falling out with her mother, rebellious Sofia wants to hitchhike to Italy in search of her biological father. In haste, she stuffs a few things in her backpack and sets off in the early hours of a Viennese summer morning.

    Starring Lia Wilfing & Christian Dolezal

    Festivals, Nominations and Awards (selection):

    72nd Festival de Cannes – La Sélection Cinéfondation, Cannes, France
    25th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    27rd Raindance Film Festival, London, England
    43rd Drama International Short Film Festival, Drama, Greece *EFA Short Film Candidate 2020*
    36th Interfilm Festival, Berlin, Germany
    39th Uppsala Short Film Festival, Uppsala, Sweden
    49th Alcine Festival, Madrid, Spain
    26th Leuven International Short Film Festival, Leuven, Belgium
    24th Brussels Short Film Festival, Brussels, Belgium
    29th Curtas Vila do Conde – International Short Film Festival, Portugal
    51st Tampere Film Festival, Tampere, Finland
    2019 BAFTA Student Film Awards, Shortlist
    2020 Austrian Film Awards, Shortlist
    2020 EFA – European Film Awards, Short Film Candidate
    2020 German Short Film Awards, Nominee

    Writer & Director – Martin Monk
    Producer – Michaela Finis
    Cinematographer – Johannes Hoss
    Film Editor – Felix Kalaivanan
    Sound Design – Julia Willi
    Production – AT/DE 2019, Film Academy Vienna
    Runtime – 18 minutes
    Genre – Roadmovie, Coming of Age
    Theatrical Version – DCP | 2K | 1.85:1 | 5.1 | 24p
    Language – German OV with English or French subtitles

  • POV: You and your minecraft friend argue about who has more stuff
    POV: You and your minecraft friend argue about who has more stuff POV: You and your minecraft friend argue about who has more stuff
    #shorts #minecraft #minecraftpov #argue

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  • Art & Language Ep1
    Art & Language Ep1 Episode 1 “Self-Portrait”

    Niel Language has quit his job as a painter and decorator. He's got one last shot at becoming an artist.

    Created by Ben Phethean and Jackson Wise
    Directed and Edited by Ben Phethean
    Cinematography - Lee Burnett
    Niel - Niel Language
    Beth - Beth Woodbridge
    Music - Jackson Wise

    Intagram: @art__and__language @niel.language
  • Latto - Big Energy (Official Video)
    Latto - Big Energy (Official Video) Latto - Big Energy (Official Video)
    Put your headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience 🎧

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    Director: Arrad
    Executive Producer: Andrew Listermann
    Producer: Kevin Boston
    Production Manager: Erica Nagai
    DP: Michael Stine
    Editor: Cal Laird
    Color: Bryan Smaller
    VFX: Scissor Films
    Production Company: Riveting Entertainment

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    “Big Energy” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

    Stream “Big Energy” in full 360 Reality Audio, now available on Tidal, Amazon and Deezer.
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    #Latto #BigEnergy #BigLatto #360RA
    ELEUSIS A Musician in the deep state of a creative crisis is signed to a rehab program at the highly protected, isolated sanatorium that promises a lifetime warranty for endless inspiration. A bourgeois setting with welcoming stuff slowly creeps into a violent cult that tortures artists in the name of inspiration. The musician’s greatest hit becomes his darkest nightmare.

















































    2ND UNIT 1AD

    2ND UNIT 1AC





  • BTS (방탄소년단) at Global Citizen Live Concert - "Permission to Dance" | #GlobalCitizenLive
    BTS (방탄소년단) at Global Citizen Live Concert - "Permission to Dance" | #GlobalCitizenLive Global Citizen Live is a global moment of unity in the mission to defend the planet and defeat poverty. From six continents, the once-in-a-generation, 24-hour Global Citizen Live broadcast event takes place in iconic locations around the world, including Lagos, Rio de Janeiro, New York City, Paris, London, Seoul, Los Angeles, and Sydney; and with performances from a huge lineup of the world’s biggest artists, including Billie Eilish, BTS, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Femi Kuti, Lizzo, Lorde, Stormzy, Tiwa Savage, Usher, and lots more. Global Citizen Live will unite activists, world leaders, governments, philanthropists, corporations, and Global Citizens in taking urgent action to create change.

    Global Citizen is a social action platform for a global generation that aims to solve the world’s biggest challenges. On our platform, you can learn about issues, take action on what matters most, and join a community committed to social change. We believe we can end extreme poverty because of the collective actions of Global Citizens across the world.

    #GlobalCitizenLive #BTS #UnitedNations

    Learn More:
  • All Of This Unreal Time
    All Of This Unreal Time An immerstive art installation and film launched at Manchester International Festival.

    On a journey from darkness into light a man explores his failings as a human being.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Drop Test! Heaviest iPhone Ever
    iPhone 13 Pro Max Drop Test! Heaviest iPhone Ever iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 13 Pro Drop Test! Apple's new iPhones are thicker, heavier & silky smooth with 120Hz displays. Is Ceramic Shield still the "Toughest glass in any smartphone"?

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  • Elton John, Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) (Official Video)
    Elton John, Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) (Official Video) I was incredibly lucky to be able to direct and design the video for the new single of Elton John and Dua Lipa. Thank you to the entire team and everyone who made this possible!

    *Full Credits*

    Raman Djafari

    Katie Dolan

    Production Company

    Gareth Owen
    Executive Producer
    Josef Byrne
    Production Assistant
    Molly Turner

    3D Design, Modeling & Animation
    Raman Djafari
    3D Build
    Rosa Siabi

    2D Design
    Raman Djafari
    Elton & Dua Design
    Seo Young

    Storyboard Artist
    Raman Djafari
    Ewa Luczkow
    Mysie Pereira

    Background Artist
    Xavier Ren

    2D Animator & Clean up Supervisor
    Katie Spangenberg

    2D Animation
    Joe Sparkes
    Thomas Knowler
    Ed Smith

    2D Clean Up
    Simona Mehandzhieva
    Chirstopher Aboiralor
    Jack Zhang
    Jack Langridge Gould
    Krisi Zhupali
    Pete Chownsmith
    Martin Dray
    Reed Wiles
    Lydia Reid
    Nili Bhavsar
    Natalie Gray
    Kohana Wilson
    Sameera Joshi

    VFX Artist
    Jack Stone
    George Brunt

    Raman Djafari

    ITZY The 1st Album "CRAZY IN LOVE" Pre-orders

    Find ITZY "LOCO" on
    Apple Music

    [ITZY Official]


    Copyrights 2021 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
  • Balázs Simon - Bastille 'Thelma and Louise
    Balázs Simon - Bastille 'Thelma and Louise
  • Jordan Spieth nails incredible blind shot on 17 from impossible lie at Ryder Cup | Golf Channel
    Jordan Spieth nails incredible blind shot on 17 from impossible lie at Ryder Cup | Golf Channel Jordan Spieth hits an incredible shot from the rough surrounding the 17th green during the first day of the 43rd Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits. #GolfChannel #RyderCup #JordanSpieth
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    Co-founded by Arnold Palmer and Joe Gibbs on January 17, 1995, Golf Channel in 2011 became part of the NBC Sports Group and – serving the most affluent audience in all of television – now is available to nearly 500 million viewers in nearly 80 countries and nine languages around the world.

    Golf Channel connects the world to golf through a wide array of digital and lifestyle offerings, including Golf Channel Mobile a comprehensive app covering golf’s latest headlines, scores and analysis; GolfNow, the world’s largest online tee time booking platform and golf course technology partner, which includes the GolfNow Mobile App, featuring on-course GPS tracking, in-round scoring and game tracking; Revolution Golf, the largest direct-to-consumer digital platform in golf;, the world’s largest golf course ratings and review resource for golfers, by golfers; a North American network of Golf Channel Academy instructional facilities; Golf Channel Am Tour, the world’s largest amateur golf tour; and as the Official Media Partner of St. Andrews Links, the Home of Golf.

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    Jordan Spieth nails incredible blind shot on 17 from impossible lie at Ryder Cup | Golf Channel
  • The Great Fair
    The Great Fair Blue ribbon bunnies, galloping porkers and ginormous pumpkins. Come one, come all through this kaleidoscopic journey of the people and places that make up this most beloved but quickly disappearing American tradition.

    Director / Cinematographer - Andrew Wonder - @andrewwonder
    Producer - Colleen Dodge - @coll.lleen
    Editor - Ricky D’Ambrose
    Research - Ben Alternberg - @actionberg
    Research - Patrick Newman - @pnewman77
    Colorist - Vladimir Kucherov - @theonlyvlad
    Re-Recording Mixer - Max Phillips - @fakemaxwell
    Associate Producer - Calvin Herbst - @calvin_herbst
    Lens Restoration - Duclos Lenses - @ducloslenses

  • Gabby Petito case: Police called out to Brian Laundrie family home | LiveNOW from FOX
    Gabby Petito case: Police called out to Brian Laundrie family home | LiveNOW from FOX UPDATE: Police say they received a report of gunshots in the area of Brian Laundries' home from an unknown caller. There were no injuries and no evidence any shots were actually fired in the area, according to police.

    A large police presence was seen at the home of Brian Laundrie's parents. Laundrie is a person of interest in the death of fiancé Gabby Petito. Police rang the doorbell and left the home in minutes.

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    Raw and unfiltered. Watch a non-stop stream of breaking news, live events and stories across the nation. Limited commentary. No opinion. Experience LiveNOW from FOX.
  • Post Office (Short Film)
    Post Office (Short Film) When a Chinese-American mother and her children come upon a seemingly abandoned little girl, their attempts to help have unforeseen consequences.

    Written by Courtney Loo
    Directed by Courtney Loo & David Karp
  • Hermitcraft 8: Episode 16 - THE DIAMOND HOURGLASSES
    Hermitcraft 8: Episode 16 - THE DIAMOND HOURGLASSES Hermitcraft 8: Episode 16 - THE DIAMOND HOURGLASSES Grian is back on hermitcraft and is in the mood to make some progress on the boatem shopping district. But first I got to flex.

    #minecraft #hermitcraft

    Check out Last life after this video:
  • Impasse (Dir. Caroline and Frank Mouris, 1978)
    Impasse (Dir. Caroline and Frank Mouris, 1978) IMPASSE (1978), directed by Caroline and Frank Mouris, preserved in 2020 thanks to a collaborative effort between the Academy Film Archive and the Yale Film Archive.

    Watch a conversation recorded in November, 2020, in which the Mourises speak with Yale film archivist Brian Meacham about the origin of the film, their connection with Avery through designer Saul Bass, and how the painstaking work was performed by their small “animation studio."
  • SHARED EARTH | Chilliwack River Clay
    SHARED EARTH | Chilliwack River Clay A story about a ceramic artist, Cathy Terepocki, and her journey to find purpose within her work. When most artists are seeking to further put themselves at the forefront of their work Cathy made a conscious decision to actually remove her personal touch.

    Director: RJ Bruni -
    Producer: Inmist Media House -
    Line Producer: Nolan Schneider
  • Christian Nodal - La Sinvergüenza ft. Banda MS de Sergio Lizárraga
    Christian Nodal - La Sinvergüenza ft. Banda MS de Sergio Lizárraga Encuentra La Sinvergüenza de Christian Nodal feat. Banda MS en tu plataforma favorita

    Encuéntrame en
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    Cantinero mil disculpas
    Perdone que le interrumpa
    Pero quiero, sacarme del pecho
    Sé que no soy el primero
    Que le viene con el cuento
    De que el corazón en mil se lo partieron

    Hablemos de la culpable
    Que hizo algo imperdonable
    Esa que duerme tranquila
    Después de tantas mentiras
    Cómo fue capaz de decir que me amaba
    Y cambiarme por otro como si nada

    Me dijo que como a ningún otro me amaría
    Y que ella sin mí se moriría
    Y la cabrona sigue viva todavía

    Y yo le dije que si se iba no me dolería
    Y que rápido la olvidaría
    Yo pensando que me rogaría
    Pero la sinvergüenza se dio la media vuelta
    Y no ha vuelto todavía

    Échele compa Christian
    Ajajayy dolor, Christian Nodal
    Y puro MS viejo jajayyyy

    Me dijo que como a ningún otro me amaría
    Y que ella sin mí se moriría
    Y la cabrona sigue viva todavía

    Y yo le dije que si se iba no me dolería
    Y que rápido la olvidaría
    Yo pensando que me rogaría
    Pero la sinvergüenza se dio la media vuelta
    Y no ha vuelto todavía

    #ChristianNodal #BandaMS #LaSinvergüenza

    (C) 2021 Producciones Ladon, S.A. de C.V. Bajo Distribución en Exclusiva por Sony Music Entertainment México, S.A. de C.V.
  • Lover Girl
    Lover Girl Hannah Lynn Crane embarks on a journey to achieve a lifelong dream: falling in love.

    Creator: Hannah Lynn Crane
    Camera: Allison Cavanaugh, Sam Rice
    Editors: Hannah Lynn Crane, Gabriel Connelly
    Post Sound Mixer: Sam Kingston
    Graphics: Molly Roth, Gabriel Connelly
  • Ranking Every John Carpenter Movie (part 1 of 3) - re:View
    Ranking Every John Carpenter Movie (part 1 of 3) - re:View Despite having very different tastes, Jay and Rich both love John Carpenter movies. Just maybe not the same John Carpenter movies. We decided to do a ranking of every single one of them. Disaster ensues.

    Halloween commentary track:

    Escape From New York re:View:

    The Thing re:View:

    In the Mouth of Madness re:View:
  • Missed you Stranger - StuBru
    Missed you Stranger - StuBru Belgium youth radio station StuBru launch ‘Missed You Stranger’ - a campaign celebrating the re-opening of the much loved and sorely missed Belgium festival scene - which recognises the hardship the ban of social interaction has caused to the StuBru listeners.

    DIRECTOR: Angelo Cerisara
    EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Ruben Goots, Jason Felstead
    PRODUCER: Pim Verhaert
    POST-PRODUCER: Dominique Ruys, Pim Verhaert
    EDITOR: Angelo Cerisara
    SOUND DESIGN: Not Waving, Raygun
    COLOR GRADER: Francis Qureshi
    CASTING DIRECTOR: Mathias sourbron
    VFX COMPANY: Divide
    VFX SUPERVISOR: Maarten Baert

    AGENCY: Mutant
    ART DIRECTOR: Usman Abdul
    COPYWRITER: Ruben Van Maldeghem
    CREATIVE TEAM: Usman Abdul, Catherine Hermans, Ruben Van Maldeghem, Simon Pyson, Iris Nuyts

    This is the Director's cut merging all the three films of the campaign.
  • POV People grading papers at school be like:
    POV People grading papers at school be like: I feel pov is very relatable in school when someone is grading your paper hope you enjoy the video

    Full videos over on my tiktok page - Julietteweg
  • Are You Still There?
    Are You Still There? A dead car battery leaves Safa stranded alone in a strip mall parking lot. 

    A film by Rayka Zehtabchi & Sam Davis
    Produced by Reef Oldberg
    Starring Safa Tarifi & Rima Haddad
    Shot, edited, sound-designed by Sam Davis
    Executive Produced by Derek Tonks & Darren Gealta
    Co-Produced by Sarah Bazzi

    SXSW Film Festival
    Seattle International Film Festival - Special Jury Award for Performance
    Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival
    Aspen Shorts Fest
    Palm Springs Short Fest
    Cleveland International Film Festival
    Indy Shorts International Film Festival
  • The Both of Me
    The Both of Me Chuck Nelson, a third-generation coal miner, reflects on the industry that built and destroyed his life.

    2021 Young Director Award Shortlist
    Official Selection of Mountainfilm 2021

    Director / Writer: Brandon Lavoie
    Executive Producers: Brady Darragh, Brandon Lavoie, Jared Levy
    Producer: Ivan Lafayette
    Associate Producer: Chris Bellizzi
    Director of Photography: Jared Levy
    A-Cam Operator: Jared Levy
    MoVi Operator: Sam Wood
    1st AC: Andrew Peister
    Sound Recordist: Jose Gorritti
    Gaffer: Alex Rizzo
    Key Grip: Shepherd Lashley
    Grip: Andrew Jordan
    Drone Services: Flying Monster
    Drone Pilot: Dexter Kennedy
    Drone Cam-Op: Jared Levy
    Drone Tech: Andrew Peister
    Editor: Brady Darragh
    Original Score: Jonathan Sigsworth
    Visual Effects: Casey Drogin
    Additional Visual Effects - Lindytown Sequence: Carbon VFX
    Carbon Flame Artist: Michael Sarabia
    Carbon Executive Producer: Laurie Adrianopoli
    Sound Design & Mix: DEFACTO
    Post Sound Producer: Samantha Schneble
    Color: Nice Shoes
    Color Producer: Serena Bove
    Colorist: Phil Choe
    Color Assistant: Zachariah Lewis

    For more info on what's happening in Appalachia, please visit:
  • Showing Felix My FUNNIEST TikToks
    Showing Felix My FUNNIEST TikToks Showing Felix my absolute FUNNIEST TikToks

    More HILARIOUS videos:
    MISS WORLD A young Taiwanese party girl comes home from living abroad, to try to say goodbye to her uncommunicative father before he has to start serving time in prison.

    Ambrose Liao 廖雅珺 as "Jane"
    Kuo-Chu Chang 張國柱 as "Dad"

    written + directed by | Georgia Fu
    producer | Yi-Lan Ma
    director of photography | Anand Kishore
    editors | Imran J Khan + Georgia Fu

    music |
    "goth girls"
    "space raider"
    "california goths"
    "mickey mouse"
    "intro goth"
    by WAVVES

    "heart of chambers"

    special thanks to our music supervisor TINA CHEN

    New Orleans Film Festival | Jury Award for "Best Narrative Short"
    Whistler International Film Festival | “Best International Short Film”
    Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival | "Linda Mabalot New Directors/New Visions Award"
    Hollyshorts | "Best Editing" Award
    Athens International Film Festival
    CAAM Fest
    New Filmmakers Film Festival
    Taiwanese American Film Festival | "The Cultural Spotlight Award”
    Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival | “Up and Coming Award”
    North American Chinese Directors Short Film Tour
  • This Device Detects Hidden Bombs!
    This Device Detects Hidden Bombs! #shorts
  • Dating is Shit
    Dating is Shit In a world of apps, dick pics and commitment issues, dating can be tiring and can start to take a toll on a person, this animation is a grim view of how it can be.

    This film was rotoscoped and took around two years to complete! There are around 50 characters, 1000 rotoscoped illustrations and 14 handmade miniature sets.

    Watch til the very end for a sneaky happy ending!
  • The One Where I Give Birth | Labor & Delivery Vlog
    The One Where I Give Birth | Labor & Delivery Vlog Our baby boy has finally joined us earthside. In this vlog, you'll see the days leading up to our son's arrival and yes, he's a Virgo just like his mama. ♍️


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  • Tenderly by Roland Tempelaar
    Tenderly by Roland Tempelaar A *mostly* improvised animation to a beautiful rendition of Tenderly by Roland Tempelaar.

    The goal was to keep it abstract and non-narrative. There are undertones of feelings of leaving a place that means so much to you, in this case NYC. An overall visual game plan was put together, however, most of the animation was improvised to the music. Enjoy!

    From the upcoming album "New York Chapter"
    Album release date: September 17, 2021

    Directed by Matt Smithson

    Composition: Walter Gross
    Piano: Roland Tempelaar
    Bass: Myles Sloniker
    Drums: Pete Van Nostrand
    Engineering and mixing: Chris Sulit
    Mastering: Dave Darlington
  • New Brawler MEG BREAKDOWN! | Update INFO!
    New Brawler MEG BREAKDOWN! | Update INFO! Brawl Stars Update Info! New Brawler MEG! | KairosTime
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    #BrawlStars #Brawl #BrawlKairos

    Meg was just announced and she's coming to Brawl Stars! I'm going to break down her mechanics & tell you everything you need to know about Meg! I'll also talk about everything else coming in this update!

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