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    JOY IN PEOPLE Where there's people there's joy. Where's more people there's more joy.

    A short piece of docu-fiction about happiness, nations & massive football crowds.

    Covertly filmed amid the very real crowds of the European Football Championships 2016.

    BFI London Film Festival 2017
    Rotterdam International Film Festival [IFFR] 2018 (AUDIENCE AWARD WINNER)
    LSFF 2018
    Short Waves Poland 2018

    Featuring - Merry Colchester

    Writer/Director - Oscar Hudson
    Producer - Callum Harrison
    D.P. - Ruben Woodin Dechamps
    French Production Assistant - Anna Teffaud
    Sound Recordist & Mix- Luke David Harris
    Colourist- Toby Tomkins
    Production Company- BAD

    Also Featuring:
    Roli Okorodudu, Jason Newell, Sam McPhillips, James Lorimer, Taveknier Jeremy, Jacques Nourel, Romain Parent, Roobah Stephane, Jesus Acevedo Alejandro Cedeno
  • Ciara - Level Up
    Ciara - Level Up Download or Stream Ciara's "Level Up" now:
  • Moon Panda - Rabbit (Official Music Video)
    Moon Panda - Rabbit (Official Music Video) Artist - Moon Panda
    Song - Rabbit
    Direction - Andrew Khosravani, Rosanna Wan
    Animation - Andrew Khosravani, Rosanna Wan
  • Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ
    Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ It's the Kylie Quiz, in which Kylie Jenner grills her boyfriend Travis Scott all about herself, their daughter Stormi, and the Jenner-Kardashian clan. Can Travis get all 23 of Kylie's questions right?

    Check out Kylie and Travis’ GQ cover story here:

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    For more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men’s magazine, providing definitive coverage of style, culture, politics and more. In that tradition, GQ’s video channel covers every part of a man’s life, from entertainment and sports to fashion and grooming advice. So join celebrities from 2 Chainz, Stephen Curry and Channing Tatum to Amy Schumer, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton for a look at the best in pop culture. Welcome to the modern man’s guide to style advice, dating tips, celebrity videos, music, sports and more.

    Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ
  • Everywhere Unseen - New Zealand
    Everywhere Unseen - New Zealand This is the first in an ongoing series where we take four photographers, send them out into the world, and see what they bring back. The idea is, while they're all travelling to the same destinations, each photographer will have a different take on his surroundings, providing us with four completely different points of view. For this first outing, we went to the South Island of New Zealand and met with Kiwi photographers Jake Mein, Nick Rapley, Jereme Aubertin, and Beth Eastell. Everyone loaded into the truck, cameras in hand, and for four days we travelled through the most remote areas of Te Waipounamu, stopping at Wanaka, The Catlins, Dunedin, and then back through Saint Bathans. So here it is, Everywhere Unseen in New Zealand.

    Directed by Chris Searl
    Produced by Jam Hassan
    Cinematography by Sam Brumby
    Editor - Lincoln Caplice
    Additional Cinematography - Jam Hassan
    Design - Matt Pike
    Title Animation - Radge

    Jake Mein
    Beth Eastell
    Jereme Aubertin
    Nick Rapley

    Soaked Oats - Houdini
    Fait - Reverie
    Borderline - C3NC

    With thanks:
    Canon Australia
    Lake Wanaka Tourism
    Lucas Townsend
    Gizelle Regan
    Rangi Ormond
    Roscoe Moore
    Sam Wilson
    Nicola at Direct Rentals
    Nadine at Gaga
    Aspiring Helicopters
    Gary and Henry
  • Ed Sheeran - 'Songwriter' [Official Trailer]
    Ed Sheeran - 'Songwriter' [Official Trailer] 'Songwriter' is an intimate and personal look into the writing process of one of the world’s biggest artists - Ed Sheeran.
    Filmed by Murray Cummings, ‘Songwriter’ details the creation of Sheeran’s third studio album ‘÷’ and gives authentic insight into his life through never-before-seen home videos. Witness his creativity firsthand, from the very first chord to the finishing touch – the sounds become the songs on August 28th, exclusively on Apple Music.

    Stream the Ed Sheeran Essentials Playlist on Apple Music:
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    Official Website:
  • IVRY
    IVRY A young boxer guides his protégé through his past growing up in the South Side of Chicago.

    'IVRY' is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here:

    Ivry Hall
    Elijah Tribitt
    Elizabeth Talbert
    Anaisha Johnson
    Tina Colonna
    Tremaine Wilson
    Sahid Wilson
    Oscar Ochoa

    Director/Editor: Jake Oleson
    Director of Photography: David Vollrath
    Producer: Jon Melton
    Executive Producer: Andrew Simkiss
    Executive Producer: Matt McLaughlin
    Head of Production: Julie Hershan
    Local Fixer: Zack Stoner
    Local Fixer: Tony Woods

    Sound Design/Mix: Bobb Barito
    Composer: Jay Wadley
    Colorist: Mikey Rossiter
    Post Producer Evan Bauer

    Steadicam Operator: Blaine Baker
    Gaffer: Igor Cedeno
    Production Sound Mixer: Scott Palmer
    Assistant Camera: Doug Durant
    Assistant Camera: Cory Solon
    Set Production Assistant: Marlon Bracamontes
    Lighting by:

    Special Thanks:
    Sally Hazelgrove, Jean-Marc, Acres New York, Crushers Club, Golden Gloves Chicago, Michelle Keim Photography, Ms, Liz, Tailor’s Row, Kodak, Fotokem, Martin Taube, TCS, Doug Durant, Jonathan Lannazzo-Simmons, Camera Ambassador, Panavision Chicago, FilmGear Chicago, Voyager Creative, Han Yan, Becky Di Lallo, Chris Tharp, Chicagoland Truck Rental

    Dedicated to Zack Stoner
    OPENING UP ABOUT MY DEAF BROTHER Trent has chosen to keep his life more private. But today he opens up about his experience being hard of hearing and getting the cochlear implant. We were surprised to find out that once you get the cochlear implant it can take months and sometimes years to learn how to hear! But it is definitely worth the hard work if you want to do it. Trent loves his cochlear implants and this is his story! :)

    Come see me on tour!

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    Instagram -
    Snapchat - ColleenB123

    Business inquiries -
  • Talos - D.O.A.M. (Death Of A Muse) Pt III
    Talos - D.O.A.M. (Death Of A Muse) Pt III Directed by Kevin McGloughlin

    My aspiration for 'DOAM' was to blur the lines of distance and scale, representing our human interrelationship amidst varying environments.

    Taken from 'Then There Was War' EP, included on the deluxe edition of 'Wild Alee', out now:

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  • Bo Burnham on New Movie Eighth Grade & Making YouTube Videos
    Bo Burnham on New Movie Eighth Grade & Making YouTube Videos Bo talks about his new critically acclaimed movie Eighth Grade, the awkwardness of being that age, making YouTube videos in high school, and calls out a high school drama teacher for not casting the star the movie Elsie Fisher in the play.

    Jimmy Kimmel on Trump/Putin Summit

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    About Jimmy Kimmel Live:

    Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy-winning "Jimmy Kimmel Live," ABC's late-night talk show.

    "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is well known for its huge viral video successes with 5.6 billion views on YouTube alone.
    Some of Kimmel's most popular comedy bits include - Mean Tweets, Lie Witness News, Jimmy's Twerk Fail Prank, Unnecessary Censorship, YouTube Challenge, The Baby Bachelor, Movie: The Movie, Handsome Men's Club, Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective and music videos like "I (Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum" and a Blurred Lines parody with Robin Thicke, Pharrell, Jimmy and his security guard Guillermo.
    Now in its sixteenth season, Kimmel's guests have included: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Larry David, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Kobe Bryant, Steve Carell, Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, Jamie Foxx, Amy Poehler, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Oprah, and unfortunately Matt Damon.

    Bo Burnham on New Movie Eighth Grade & Making YouTube Videos
  • ATO | monster
    ATO | monster A young boy discovers the stone head of an ancient black English king buried in the Dartmoor countryside. Throughout his childhood he idolises the king, the discovery comes to define his whole identity. But as an adult he comes to realise that his recollection of the head and the king are false memories.

    Directed by Zhang + Knight

    Producer - Martha McGuirk
    Executive Producer - Luke Tierney
    Production Manager - Alex Jefferson
    Production Co-Ordinator - Hayder Hoozeer
    Production Assistant - Natalie Steiner
    Casting - Charlotte Lowdell
    1st Assistant Director - Tom Lancaster
    2nd Assistant Director - Darren Baba
    Cinematographer - Ruben Woodin-Dechamps
    Steadicam Operator - James Chesterton
    1st Assistant Camera - Rich Savage
    2nd Assistant Camera - Francesca Zucchini
    Camera Trainee - Christopher J Orr
    1st Assistant Camera (pickup) - Cristina Cretu
    Gaffer - Peter Bishop
    Art Director - Zoë Klinck
    King Eke’s Head - Rod Vass
    King Eke’s Head - Lois Vass
    Historical Tablet Designer - Kate Klinck
    Historical Tablet Printer - Ge Feng
    Prop Delivery - Frank Luscott
    Costume Designer - Taff Williamson
    Styling Assistant - Sara Mtimet
    Editor - Ellie Johnson (tenthree)
    Colourist - Daniel De Vue (glassworks)
    Post House - Glassworks
    Post Producer - Victoria Taylor
    3d VFX Artist - Julian Johnson
    2d VFX Artist - Leanne Pletersky
    Additional VFX - Ling Ling
    Sound Design - Robert Ashton
    Catering - Dawn Vooght (delicious dartmoor)
    Runner - Billy Langdown
    Runner - Chantal Miles
    Runner - Drew Graver
    Runner - Ben Cohen

    Young Ato - Charlie Cunningham
    King Eke - Cornell John
    Grandma - Karole Bilas
    Queen Eke - Shereen Russell
    King's Advisor - Trevor Lewis
    King's Advisor - Daniel Childs
    King's Child - Memphis Dixon
    King's Child - Joshua JL
    King's Child - Kyal Madiba
    King's Child - Johnathan
    King's Child - Leon
    Bus Passenger - Darrell Bilas
    Bus Passenger - Andrew Bilas
    Bus Passenger - Stephen Shephead
    Bus Passenger - Mike Howdle
    Bus Passenger - Elizabeth Low

    Special Thanks

    Luke Jacobs
    Aleks Ugarow
    Craig Game
    George Rumsey
    Matt Suddaby
    Brenda + Joe Cunningham
    John Dracup + Dracup Family
    Kelly Amundsen
    Shaylah Duncan
    Stijni Mulder (Headland Warren Farm)
    Jean Avery
    Seraphine Tumbridge
    Jonathon Ng
    Dartmoor Annex

    Produced by FRIEND London
  • Back from brain surgery
    Back from brain surgery I had a brain tumor. Then I had some brain surgery. Then I made a video about it. I've missed you.

    Thank you for being here, and for all of your nice messages, terrible jokes and care packages. It's been an onslaught of love unlike anything I could ever have imagined. I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone, but all of you made it feel like a bizarre blessing. #brainblessed #tumorhumor #whothefuckuseshashtagsinyoutubedescriptions #apparentlyido

    ???? places where I post stuff ????
  • SAMSUNG VR - The Anatomy of Ski w/ Bode Miller
    SAMSUNG VR - The Anatomy of Ski w/ Bode Miller The Anatomy of Ski was produced as a 4D experience for Samsung 837 in New York City.

    Hidden Content
    451 Media
    Freeride Entertainment

    Director - Adam Donald // Hidden Content
    Director - Jake Wasserman // Hidden Content
    Executive Producer - Jessica Gentile // 451 Media
    Executive Producer - Derek Westerlund // Freeride Entertainment
    Creative Director - Ant Gentile // Hidden Content
    Producer - Kim Parker // Hidden Content
    Producer - Meghan Dziuma // Samsung
    Producer - Jorge Rodriguez // Samsung
    Production Manager - Cory Horton // Freeride Entertainment
    DP - Greg Wilson
    Key Grip - Brandon Taylor
    1st AC - Real Sprague
    Camera Tech - Alan Bucaria
    Post Supervisor - Gil Gavish
    VR Camera - Anthony Vitale
    VR Camera - Aaron Whitley

    Editor - Ryan Farley
    Post Audio House - Hobo Audio
    VFX and Stitching - RealMotion
  • Bohemian Rhapsody | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
    Bohemian Rhapsody | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Freddie defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound. They reach unparalleled success, but in an unexpected turn Freddie, surrounded by darker influences, shuns Queen in pursuit of his solo career. Having suffered greatly without the collaboration of Queen, Freddie manages to reunite with his bandmates just in time for Live Aid. While bravely facing a recent AIDS diagnosis, Freddie leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. Queen cements a legacy that continues to inspire outsiders, dreamers and music lovers to this day.

    In Theaters November 2, 2018

    Cast: Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy, Joseph Mazzello, Aidan Gillen, Tom Hollander, Allen Leech and Mike Myers

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    About 20th Century FOX:
    Official YouTube Channel for 20th Century Fox Movies. Home of Avatar, Aliens, X-Men, Die Hard, Deadpool, Ice Age, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rio, Peanuts, Maze Runner, Planet of the Apes, Wolverine and many more.

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    Bohemian Rhapsody | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
  • Maori Metal
    Maori Metal Roughly 3% of people living in New Zealand can speak its native language. Alien Weaponry, a local metal band, wants to save it. The following film contains heavy metal. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Welcome to Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. In a particularly pastoral section of the North Island lives the De Jong family. The youngest of whom formed the band “Alien Weaponry” back when they were 8 and 10 years old. Their blend of metal, traditional Maori language, history, and a long-standing beef with the system just debuted as number one on the music charts in New Zealand.

    Hail the new wave of destruction.

    Captions available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian. Let us know if there's a language you'd like to see.
  • Match Voice to Person | Lineup | Cut
    Match Voice to Person | Lineup | Cut Fear Pong is now a game! Get it here:
    Watch More Lineup:

    About Lineup:
    A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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    Small questions have powerful effects when they go viral. Cut spreads stories for fun, for serious, and for real– bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time.

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    Match Voice to Person | Lineup | Cut

  • cats dogs and rats
    cats dogs and rats cats dogs and rats music video for Rare Americans. 2018.
  • Junior New System: Male Dance Group Does Backflips In 6 Inch Stilettos - America's Got Talent 2018
    Junior New System: Male Dance Group Does Backflips In 6 Inch Stilettos - America's Got Talent 2018 The dance group from the Philippines does backflips in 6 inch heels! Watch the incredible twist on their performance.
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    In season 13, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.

    Find America's Got Talent trailers, full episode highlights, previews, promos, clips, and digital exclusives here.

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    With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search!

    Junior New System: Male Dance Group Does Backflips In 6 Inch Stilettos - America's Got Talent 2018

    America's Got Talent
    DIAGNOSIS Sally’s secretive evening job forces her to face up to feelings she thought she had under control.
  • Richard Jefferson reacts to Kawhi Leonard trade to Raptors for DeMar DeRozan | Get Up! | ESPN
    Richard Jefferson reacts to Kawhi Leonard trade to Raptors for DeMar DeRozan | Get Up! | ESPN Richard Jefferson addresses DeMar DeRozan saying “you’re going to a great place” while discussing the reported trade between the San Antonio Spurs and the Toronto Raptors centered around Kawhi Leonard.

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    Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more.

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  • Superbia
    Superbia Short film by Luca Tóth
  • BOY ERASED – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters November
    BOY ERASED – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters November Watch Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe in the new trailer for #BoyErased, featuring the new original song “Revelation” by Troye Sivan & Jónsi. In theaters this November.

    “Boy Erased” tells the story of Jared (Hedges), the son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town, who is outed to his parents (Kidman and Crowe) at age 19. Jared is faced with an ultimatum: attend a conversion therapy program – or be permanently exiled and shunned by his family, friends, and faith. Boy Erased is the true story of one young man’s struggle to find himself while being forced to question every aspect of his identity.
  • TEMPLE - A monochrome skateboarding quest
    TEMPLE - A monochrome skateboarding quest TEMPLE is a conceptual monochrome short film, following skateboarder Sammy Montano on a journey through the Balkans and its fallen monuments.

    It was essential to transcribe them with respect according to our vision, to spiritualize the expression of their magnificent forms, timeless aesthetics and monumental dimensions. Confronting them with skateboarding allowed us to animate this notion of freedom and exploration.

    Sammy Montano places himself as a central witness, being both the representation of this quest but also its outcome. It represents the doubt that animates each of us in the face of the unknown and this constantly renewed desire to take step in search of the answers to our deepest beliefs.

    This film is a personal art project, a pure reverence and tribute to these monuments, better known as
    « Spomeniks » and their legacy.

    Learn more about these beautiful structures and the history of the people who built them via the Spomenik Database:

    Written and Directed by Pierre David & Douglas Guillot
    Starring Sammy Montano
    Produced by Cavalerie
    Director of Photography Douglas Guillot & Pierre David
    16mm Camera operator Yentl Touboul
    Music Composer & Sound Designer Paul Sabin
    Voice Over by Douglas Rand @ Studio 31dB
    Sound Mixing by Francesco Porcellana @ Studio 31dB
    Art Direction Michal Sukup
    Technical Support by Vantage Paris

    Thanks to Josh Barrow • Anton Myhrvold • Stéphane Quester • Marina Jego • Arsene Lefrancois • Kodak Film London

    Shot on RED EPIC W w/ Hawk Anamorphic V-lite Vintage '74 x1.3 • Bolex Rex5 Super 16

    MUSIC :
    @Paul Sabin
    @Flower duet "Audio Network Limited"
    @ritual production "Drug Cult"
    @@31Db Studio
    Nilla Pizzi Buy it here :
  • Everything Wrong With Mamma Mia In 15 Minutes Or Less
    Everything Wrong With Mamma Mia In 15 Minutes Or Less With Mamma Mia 2 approaching quickly, we reluctantly decided to go looking for sins in the original Mamma Mia. We instantly regretted this decision.

    Thursday: Typing sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

    Sins Video Playlist:
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    Call us: 405-459-7466
    Jeremy's book:
  • You Can Go
    You Can Go YOU CAN GO
    A film by Christine Turner

    A high school administrator encounters a troubled student.

    S. Epatha Merkerson
    Charlie Than

    Director & Producer | Christine Turner
    Writer | Daniel Solé
    Producers | Kyle Martin, Emily Alexander-Wilmeth
    Editor | Joe Beshenkovsky
    Music | Troy Herion
    Sound Design | Mark Phillips

    *World Premiere Tribeca Film Festival
    *Winner, Jury Prize, PBS Online Film Festival
    *Finalist, NBCUniversal Short Film Festival

    “Is it fair to compare/contrast a 109 minute performance by Viola Davis against a 9 minute performance by S. Epatha Merkerson? Oh, yes . . . Davis and Merkerson share twin relevance in a fest [Tribeca] that keeps proving year after year that shorts can be just as original, jarring and substantive as feature films.”
    — Kurt Brokow, The Independent

    Official Website:
  • The Net Gun | Overtime Ep. 4 | Dude Perfect
    The Net Gun | Overtime Ep. 4 | Dude Perfect Things get a little weird on this episode of Overtime!
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    Pound it. Noggin.
    - Dude Perfect
  • Searching for Christmas Tree
    Searching for Christmas Tree A university teacher looking to break free from a life of routine and a mysterious frozen waterfall that no one knows the whereabouts, spins this story of seemingly futile quests and ultimately transcending climb. This is also an interesting side look into a rarely seen facet of China, a snapshot of a generation growing up in tandem with China’s fascinating transformation over the past few decades.

    2017 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Final List
    2017 Kendal Mountain Film Festival World Tour Final List
    2017 Bilbao Mendi Film Festival Official Selection
    2018 New York WILD Film Festival Official Selection
    2018 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Final List
    2018 China Golden Rhino Awards Best Outdoor Film
  • G-Eazy - Power (Official Video) ft. Nef The Pharaoh, P-Lo
    G-Eazy - Power (Official Video) ft. Nef The Pharaoh, P-Lo G-Eazy feat. Nef The Pharaoh & P-Lo – Power (Official Video):

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  • Brodinski - Split (Official Music Video)
    Brodinski - Split (Official Music Video) Original Track Produced by Brodinski & Joan Mael Peneau @ Saint Gohard Studio
    Written & Performed by Peewee Longway
    Mixed by Eric Najar
    Mastered by Sam John @ Precise


    Cast: Simon Kotyk, Pierrick Destrebecq, Edward Jackson, Bo Hope, Peter Dach
    Director: Pavel Brenner
    Cinematographer: Christopher Ripley
    Executive Producers: Salim El Arja, Jordan Cardoso
    Producer: Julia Kostenevich
    Associate Producer: Jean Kim
    Production Company: Couscous Saumon
    Production Designer: Pierre Pell
    Set Decorator: Eloise Ayalla
    Costume Designer: Penelope Strintz
    Storyboard Artist: Joy Sun
    Poster Layout Artist: Joy Sun
    Poster Color/Lighting Artist: Aleksandr Brodsky
    Poster Illustrator: Maxim Kozhevnikov
    Editor: Flora Volpeliere
    Makeup Department Head: Amy Mary Wilson
    Stunt Coordinator: Tim Mikulecky
    1st AD: Siddarth Prakhash
    1st AC: Jacob Perry
    Steadicam Operator: Parker Brooks
    Gaffer: Genevieve Evans
    Best Boy: Sebastian Love
    Key Grip: John Nguyen
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Max Colt
    Visual Effects Editor: Gloria FX
    Visual Effects Producer: Dmytro Nekrasov
    Visual Effects Art Director: Tomysh Kuzmytskyi
    Post Production Supervisor: Salim El Arja
    Sound Mixer: Gabe Stewart
    Sound Design: Smider
    Re-recording Mixer: Nicolas Petitfrere
    Sound Effects Editor: Daniele Del Virgilo
    Production Assistant: Maria Aus
    Catering: Naima Genitempo
    Accountant: Franck Roy

    Special thanks to Brodinski, Will Hoopes, Kim Chapiron, Cooper Vacheron, Kodak, Metropolis Post, Deck of Aces, Smider and Gloria FX
  • Imagine Dragons - Natural (Audio)
    Imagine Dragons - Natural (Audio) Listen to "Natural," out now:

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    Music video by Imagine Dragons performing Natural. © 2018 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records
  • Lucid Dreaming - Laurie Towner
    Lucid Dreaming - Laurie Towner Watch what happens when Laurie Towner meets the biggest swell to hit Fiji's Cloudbreak.

    Filmed and edited by Gary Parker
    Footage Tim Bonython
    Produced by
    Surfer Laurie Towner
    Music : Song of Many
    By The Windy Hills
    Martin Jones (Guitar)
    Paul Brewer (Bass)
    Jay Kruegner (Drums & Keys)
    Andrew Kidman (Guitar & Vocals)
    Recorded & Engineered by Jay Kruegner
  • Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD!
    Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD! Huge thanks to MKBHD for letting me unbox this new 18 year old iBook! Check out the video we did on his channel:
    ???? MUSIC I USE -


    Snapchat: iJustine


    ???? CAMERAS:
    Sony rx100 V -
    Sony A7s ii -
    Sony a6500 -
    Sony rx0 -
  • An Emmy For Megan - Episode 1
    An Emmy For Megan - Episode 1 Megan Amram proves she'll do whatever it takes to accomplish her life-long dream of winning an Emmy.

    Created / Written / Directed By: Megan Amram
    Executive Produced By: Megan Amram, Dave Kneebone, Janel Kranking
    Producer: Joseph Carnegie
    Starring: Megan Amram
    Guest Starring: Brian Polk, Alison Rich, Shannon Woodward
    Director of Photography: Barry Elmore
    Editor: Drew Kordik
    Sound Mixer: John Maynard
    Camera Operator: Billy Coleman
    Graphic Artist: Tak Boroyan
    Production Assistants: Andrea Arrellaga, David Carliner

    For more episodes of An Emmy For Megan visit
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  • Whisper
    Whisper Some things we wish we couldn't hear...

    For behind the scenes check @julianmovies

    Michelle Khare

    Writer | Director | Editor - Julian Terry
    Produced by Julian Terry and Alex Anderson
    DP | Kevin Stiller
    Sound I Christina Gonzalez
    Music I Alex Winkler
    Additional VFX I Daryl Bruinsma
  • OneRepublic - Connection (Lyric Video)
    OneRepublic - Connection (Lyric Video) Listen to "Connection," out now:

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    ‘Connection’ is featured in Jeep’s 2018 ‘Summer of Jeep’ Campaign:

    Music video by OneRepublic performing Connection. © 2018 Mosley Music/Interscope Records
  • Fix And Release
    Fix And Release Fix and Release explores a small turtle trauma centre in Peterborough Ontario Canada as it fights to even the odds for survival that freshwater turtles face in a modern world. This visually beautiful film shows turtles in a way that few have seen before. Find out how you can help:
  • Drake Almost Got Me Killed (keke, do you love me?)
    Drake Almost Got Me Killed (keke, do you love me?) Do not attempt the stunts depicted in this video under any circumstances.

    After watching the #DoTheShiggy / #InMyFeelingsChallenge / Keke, Do You Love Me Challenge blow up on social media, Will decides he needs to climb to greater heights. SUBSCRIBE for more Will Smith:

    Best Of Will Smith:
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    Westbrook Studios |

    Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
    Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner
    Director: Jas Davis
    Editor: Aidan Tanner
    Camera Operators: Jas Davis, Aaron Ferguson, Aidan Tanner
    CONTACT When Jason's companion suddenly vanishes before his eyes, he realizes the world around him may be starting to unravel.
    A short film by Teal Greyhavens and Nikolai von Keller.
    More at

    Official Selection - Cinequest Film & VR Festival
    Runner-up Audience Award - Boston Underground Film Festival
    Winner - Largo Film Awards "Best Short Film"
    Nominated - Paris Art & Movie Awards "Best International Short"
    Official Selection - Newport Beach Film Festival

    starring Leo Marks
    with Holger Moncada & Iris Anthony
    directed by Teal Greyhavens
    written by Nikolai von Keller
    produced by Rachel Greenwald
    director of photography Devin Cutter
    original score and sound design Marshall Rogalski

  • Will It Butter? Taste Test
    Will It Butter? Taste Test Can we believe it's now butter? Or are these new butter options better off unchurned? GMM #1354
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    Intro Animation by Digital Twigs:
    Intro & Outro Music by Jeff Zeigler & Sarah Schimeneck
    Supplemental Music from Extreme Production Music:
    Mic: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones
  • Overtime
    Overtime Working late is a killer!

    Stuck at the office working overtime, Ralph must race home before nightfall... or his terrible secret will be let loose.

    Official Trailer:
    Teaser Trailer:

    * * * * *

    SPECIAL MENTION: Celluloid Screams - 2016
    AWGIE NOMINEE: Australian Writers Guild - 2016
    SPECIAL MENTION: Fantastic Fest - 2016
    OPENING NIGHT FILM: St Kilda Film Festival - 2016

    Official Selection:
    Vimeo Staff Pick: Online - 2018
    Film Shortage: Online - 2018
    Film Front: Novi Sad, Serbia - 2017
    Shnit: Worldwide - 2017
    SPASM: Montreal, Canada - 2017
    Létrange: Paris, France - 2017
    Popcorn Frights: Miami, USA - 2017
    Scare LA: Los Angeles, USA - 2017
    Grossman: Ljutomer, Slovenia - 2017
    Imagine: Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2017
    Florida Film Festival: South Orlando, USA - 2017
    Film Fest Petaluma: Petaluma, USA - 2017
    Landshut Short Film Festival: Landshut, Germany - 2017
    Portland International Film Festival: Portland, USA - 2017
    Flickerfest: Sydney, Australia - 2017
    Ithaca Fantastik: Ithaca, USA - 2016
    Another Hole in the Head: San Francisco, USA - 2016
    Celluloid Screams: Sheffield, UK - 2016
    Horror Show Hot Dog: Twin Cities, USA 2016
    ScreamFest LA: Los Angeles, USA - 2016
    Telluride Horror Show: Colorado, USA - 2016
    Fantastic Fest: Texas, USA - 2016
    Manhattan Short: Worldwide - 2016
    Cinefest Oz: Perth, Australia - 2016
    Fantasia: Montreal, Canada - 2016
    Palm Springs: Palm Springs, USA - 2016
    St Kilda Film Festival: Melbourne, Australia - 2016
  • Coming Soon: The Starcourt Mall! | Hawkins, Indiana
    Coming Soon: The Starcourt Mall! | Hawkins, Indiana Coming to Hawkins in the Summer of 1985...the Starcourt Mall! Starcourt Mall will be one of the finest shopping facilities in America and beyond with options for the entire family. Including The Gap, Waldenbooks, Sam Goody, Claire's and more! Don't forget to cool off at Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream shop. Starcourt Mall has it all!

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    Coming Soon: The Starcourt Mall! | Hawkins, Indiana
  • Breakbot "Another You" - Olivier Lescot
    Breakbot "Another You" - Olivier Lescot Breakbot and Ruckazoid merge, creating Breakazoid, a cosmic pimp, who distributes his love to humans by taking them across the galaxy on the planet love.

    Directed and designed by : Olivier Lescot
    Art Director: Leïla Courtillon
    Produced by: Eddy / Brunch Studio
    Label : Ed Banger / Because
    Lead Compositing: Mathieu Bétard

    Lead Animation: Olivier Lescot
    Animation: Vic Chhun, Léo Schweitzer, Leyla Kaddoura, Martin Richard, Mathilde Loubes
    Additional Animation and FX: Antoine Carré (stage), Constance Bertoux (stage), Basile Cortale (stage), Claire Launay (stage), Keith Rowsell
    Animation Clean: Keith Rowsell, Antoine Carré, Basile Cortale, Claire Launay, Hadrien Bonnet
    Colorist: Caroline Laine, Michelle Chan, Antoine Carré, Constance Bertoux, Basile Cortale, Claire Launay

    Compositing: Maxime Bousquet
    Compositing (camera): Olivier Kimyon
    Additional Design: Morgan le Henry, Maxime Dupuy, Antoine Carré
    3D Layout: Maxime Granger, Jean Charles Kerninon

    Grading: Gabriel Porier
    Conform: Maël Gaumont
    Post Producers: Rodrigo Pomarico, Elodie Doritch

    Animation: Brunch Studio
    Post Production: Nightshift
  • LANY - Thru These Tears (lyric video)
    LANY - Thru These Tears (lyric video) Listen to 'Thru These Tears' -

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  • Contact
    Contact Stranded on a distant planet, a lonely astronaut sends out a signal in search of human contact.

    My graduation film from Kingston University.

    Directed, designed, animated by Katy Wang
    Sound and Music by Ambrose Yu
    Written by Gabriel de Bruin (Gabriel Greenough) and Katy Wang
    Co-produced and assistant direction by Gabriel de Bruin (Gabriel Greenough)
    Design assistance by Jade Evans
    Made at Kingston University/Kingston School of Art 2017

    Festival selections/awards:
    Womanimation, USA, 2017
    Animation Block Party, Brooklyn, 2017
    Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival, 2017
    OFFLine Film Festival, Ireland, 2017
    St. Louis International Film Festival, USA, 2017
    Flickers' VORTEX Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Film Festival, USA, 2017
    Cardiff International Film Festival, UK, 2017
    Milano Film festival, Italy, 2017
    Crystal Palace International Film Festival, London, UK, 2017
    Manchester Animation Festival, UK, 2017
    Underwire Festival, London, UK, 2017
    Animae Caribe, Trinidad and Tobago, 2017
    Animage, Brazil, 2017
    Two Short Nights Film Festival, Exeter, UK, 2017
    London International Animation Festival, 2017
    Motion Awards: Best Student Group Project, 2017
    Insomnia International Animation Film Festival, 2018
    Silhouette Film Festival 2018
  • Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Thank God It's Food Poisoning
    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Thank God It's Food Poisoning Barbara goes on a school trip and starts to feel a little sick. Good thing TGI Fridays is always there for you. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

    Audio from Always Open Podcast #34

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    Animated by: Beth MacKenzie
    Directed by: Andrew Lhotsky

    About Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures:
    The animated shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff. Audio taken from various Rooster Teeth podcasts.

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  • Francobollo - We're Dead
    Francobollo - We're Dead Music video for the rad dudes of wonky pop quartet Francobollo. All the plastic in the video was collected off the streets of East London, cleaned by hand, animated and then recycled afterwards.

    Director & Animator - Samuel Lewis
    Producer - Samuel J. Bailey
    Production Life Guard - Anna Peftieva
    Art Department - Monica Ng & Sophie Traugut
    Special Thanks - Denis Bodart, Andrew Goldsmith, Alex Grigg, Ben Ommundson & Ruben Sonnoli
    EVERY FACEBOOK EVER Facebook - whether it's accidentally liking someone's photo, getting into pointless arguments, or more, this is Every Facebook Ever!

    Every Instagram Celeb Ever! ►►

    Ian Hecox
    Noah Grossman
    Keith Leak Jr.
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Kauser Mohammed

    Directed & Produced by Ryan Todd
    Written by Ian Hecox, Shayne Topp, Courtney Miller, & Ryan Finnerty
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
    Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats
    Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
    Editor: Leonard Wilkes
    Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
    Producer: Kristina Nikolic
    Production Manager: Jon-Michael Burgess
    First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
    Production Designer: Taylor Frost
    Art Director: Mary Rose
    Art Director: Steven Smyka
    Camera: Brennan Iketani
    Gaffer: Justin Thatcher
    Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
    Script Supervisor: Merina Seidel
    Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins
    Costume Designer: Lindsay Hamilton
    PA: Zac York
    Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
    Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
  • Better Humans
    Better Humans Sexy yetis, scientists and neon colours collide in Better Humans: a kaleidoscopic romp through the possibilities of gene editing and body augmentation.

    As part of a 7-part series commissioned by Massive Science on the lasting impact of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

    We designed the film entirely with Posca pens on plastic cels, head to our website for some insight on the making of this project:

    Produced, Directed and Designed by Moth Studio

    Animation: Maria Morris, Keziah Philipps, Knifeson Yu and Moth Studio
    Compositing: Daniele Baiardini, Keziah Philipps, Ross Plaskow and Moth Studio

    Braden Allenby, environmental ethicist and environmental attorney
    Conor Walsh, biomedical engineer

    Sound + Music by Skillbard
    A Co-Production of Massive + Plympton +
    Producer Harriet Bailey
    Senior Producer Nadja Oertelt
    Executive Producers Ed Finn + Bob Beard +

    Produced for the Frankenstein Bicentennial Project at Arizona State University
    In partnership with the MIT Press and the MIT Media Lab
    Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
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    Full series can be found here:
  • Chris Broussard on LeBron's appearance at Lakers Summer League game in Vegas | NBA | UNDISPUTED
    Chris Broussard on LeBron's appearance at Lakers Summer League game in Vegas | NBA | UNDISPUTED FOX Sports analyst Chris Broussard joins Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to comment on LeBron James showing his face at the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Detroit Pistons Summer League matchup in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    Chris Broussard on LeBron's appearance at Lakers Summer League game in Vegas | NBA | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
  • Hairat
    Hairat In this haunting short, a man in Ethiopia communes with his nocturnal friends.

    Directed by Jessica Beshir.
  • Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)
    Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon) Subscribe to never miss a theory! ►
    What is Ash Ketchum's REAL Age? ►
    How RICH is a Pokemon Master? ►►

    This is it Theorists, the FINAL ANSWER on the "age old" mystery that has haunted Pokemon fans for years! Ha, see what I did there? All of that binge watching has finally paid off! Today we solve Pokemon's BIGGEST mystery, how old is Ash Ketchum?

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    ÆDAN - 'LE TEMPS' No FX, just shooting with inks

    Aedan - Le Temps (Official Music Video)
    EP "Le temps" available on June 22nd 2018
    Stream / downloaed :
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    Follow Aedan !

    Composed by Pierre Forestier
    Arranged by Gregory Lozach and Julien Guillemin
    Music Video directed by Thomas Blanchard

    Ⓟ & © 2018 Nadea
  • Keke Palmer & Vic Mensa Destroy Nick Cannon & the Red Team | Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle
    Keke Palmer & Vic Mensa Destroy Nick Cannon & the Red Team | Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle Keke Palmer and Vic Mensa show up and show out against the Red Team in this segment of Wildstyle. Other highlights include Karlous Miller going in on Charlie Clips and Timothy DeLaGhetto stepping up against Conceited.

    #MTV #WildNOut #KekePalmer #VicMensa #Wildstyle

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    Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.
  • A GoPro Adventure in Les 3 Vallees
    A GoPro Adventure in Les 3 Vallees A much delayed follow-up video to 'A GoPro adventure in Tignes'. All shot on GoPro Hero 6 and GoPro Fusion. This was entirely a fun personal project I've wanted to do for a while and is in no way sponsored or paid for, etc.

    Many thanks to Atrey for letting us use his track 'Galaxy Express' too - Go check out his stuff on Spotify!

    Directed & Edited by myself and co-written by Susie Oosting
  • Doctor Who: Series 11 Teaser
    Doctor Who: Series 11 Teaser New Doctor Who, new friends, new adventures. #DoctorWho Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos:

    The Thirteenth Doctor:
    Title Sequences:

    Welcome to the Doctor Who Channel! Travel in the TARDIS with clips dating back to the Doctor's first incarnation in 1963, all the way through dozens of regenerations. Including behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive videos and our very own show Doctor Who: The Fan Show - this is the place to find all the best official clips.

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  • Little Nora (The Banjo Prodigy)
    Little Nora (The Banjo Prodigy) The banjo is back. Meet Little Nora Brown the preteen Kentucky style claw hammer picking prodigy. A 12-year-old girl is supposed to do things a certain way. Listen to certain kinds of artists. Play certain kinds of instruments. They’re certainly not supposed to play century-old banjo music that bridges cultural and geographical boundaries. But Nora Brown isn’t your ordinary 12-year-old. She’s redefining what a young musician can and can’t do.

    Check out Nora's music here:
  • The Best Homemade Pizza You'll Ever Eat
    The Best Homemade Pizza You'll Ever Eat Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection here:

    Check us out on Facebook! -


    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Beats-Me (3)
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

    Yellow Dog Productions Inc./Getty Images
    Footage provided by VideoBlocks
    Pizza In A Brick Oven
    Will Campbell/Getty Images
  • 9 Ways To Draw a Person
    9 Ways To Draw a Person By mixing abstraction, collage, drawing animation the author invites us into a spontaneous and unsystematic research of potential of the animation and leads us into the world of irrepressible imagination.
    Russian language version / Русскоязычная версия фильма:

    "9 Ways to Draw a Person" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here:

    Film director, artist, animator – Sasha Svirsky
    Composer, sound - Alexey Prosvirnin
    Narration by - Charles Maynes
    Producer - Nadezhda Svirskaia
  • As Seen On TV Pest Control Gadgets TESTED!
    As Seen On TV Pest Control Gadgets TESTED! We test interesting "AS SEEN ON TV" Pest Control Gizmos and Gadgets to find out what's worth the money! Links To All Products we tested (below):
    ZappLight Bug Zapper:
    My Critter Catcher:
    Executioner Electric Swatter:
    Gardeneer Solar Scarecrow Owl:

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  • I Predict A Riot
    I Predict A Riot This fly on the wall documentary about policing football, goes behind the scenes on one of the most volatile matches of the UK season. Following both police and fans as they do battle on the streets of Birmingam.

    Commissioned by the Guardian.
  • ???????? WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus Press Conference! #CR7DAY
    ???????? WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus Press Conference! #CR7DAY ???????? WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus Press Conference! #CR7DAY
  • Heart of Siam
    Heart of Siam After three months of working on this video, I'm ready to show you Thailand the way I saw it myself.

    Equipment used
    Panasonic gh4, 12-35mm 2.8 | 25mm 1.4 | Zhiyun crane

    Steven Gutheinz - Atlas
  • CLEAREST WATER on Planet Earth?
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    In this episode of On Location, Director Mark Vins takes you along on a scouting expedition in the country of Iceland!

    Long before the adventures on the Brave Wilderness channel ever begin someone has to find them first! This task is often left to director Mark who has spent years discovering the teams future trips and exciting new adventure prospects…including an incredible swim through some of the clearest water on planet earth!

    Get ready to dive between the continents and be amazed!


    HUGE THANKS to Mark’s sister Victoria for running camera on this expedition!

    Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!

    The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters!

    Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on six exciting series - Emmy Award Winning Breaking Trail, Beyond the Tide, Dragon Tails, On Location, Base Camp and Coyote’s Backyard - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

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  • Tinariwen (+IO:I) - Nànnuflày
    Tinariwen (+IO:I) - Nànnuflày Music video directed by Axel Digoix, produced by Pilule et Pigeon
    p&c 2018 Wedge

    Leo Schweitzer
    Remi Bastie
    Axel Digoix

    Clara Franciosi
    Marine Beaucaire
    Hugo Garnier

    Rendering, Compositing:
    Clémentine Choplain

    'Nànnuflày' (Fulfilled)

    Ibrahim Ag Alhabib / Eyadou A Leche / Mark LAnegan

    Ibrahim Ag Alhabib lead guitars, lead vocals
    Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni background vocals, claps
    Alhassane Ag Touhami background vocals, claps
    Eyadou Ag Leche bass background vocals, claps
    Elaga Ag Hamid guitars, background vocals, claps
    Said Ag Ayad djembe, calebasse, background vocals, claps
    Iyad Moussa Ben Abderahmane electric guitars, Nànnuflày

    Amar Chaoui additional percussion
    Kurt Vile electric guitars
    Mark Lanegan vocals

    "There was a time
    I lived fulfilled.
    Life taught me that
    It can often change.

    The one you find in solitude
    Is prisoner of egotistical desires.
    I have a friend I can trust
    Who quenches the thirst
    That burns in my heart.

    I walk in his footsteps
    Pursuing memories built
    On a dune that's always moving.

    No sleepwalking, don't keep me apart
    I'm through sleepwalking, god be in my heart
    No more sleepwalking, been asleep too long
    No more sleepwalking, keep me with you go"
    BYE PR LIST? - KYLIE COSMETICS SUMMER 2018 COLLECTION REVIEW Kylie Jenner just launched her Kylie Cosmetics 2018 Summer collection, and I, of course, put it to the test for you! In today’s video, I’m creating two makeup looks to show you as many possibilities as possible! After REALLY putting it to the test… I HAVE SOME STUFF TO SAY! Who’s ready for the tea?

    PREVIOUS VIDEO • I WORE MAKEUP FOR 24 HOURS!!! ...this is what happened! →

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    Kylie Cosmetics is available here →









    ♫ Music By ♫
    Music by Chillhop: ???? Chillhop Essentials Summer 2018 • jazz beats & chill hiphop:
    Listen on Spotify:

    Disclaimer ‣ This video is NOT sponsored by any of the brands mentioned throughout this video. All thoughts mentioned are my own. Some affiliate links are used. They do not cost you anything, but I make a small percentage from the sale. Honesty is key on my channel, thank you for supporting me!

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.
  • ご苦労様 - Gokurōsama
    ご苦労様 - Gokurōsama ご苦労様 - Gokurōsama is a 2016 graduation movie from MOPA (Supinfocom Arles), France.

    The story revolves around an old Japanese lady who gets stuck during her morning routine of preparing bentos in her shop, nested in the bottom floor of a supermall. Her young assistant decides to take it upon herself to help her by bringing her to a chiropractor a few floors above. Sounds simple enough, right?

    The team:
    ✦ Clémentine Frère •
    ✦ Aurore Gal •
    ✦ Yukiko Meignien •
    ✦ Anna Mertz •
    ✦ Robin Migliorelli •
    ✦ Romain Salvini •

    The beautiful music was composed by Matthieu Dulong from the MAAAV •

    Follow the movie on Facebook: ✨


    ご苦労様 - Gokurōsama est un film de diplôme de la promo 2016 de MOPA (Supinfocom Arles).

    Une grand-mère japonaise se bloque durant sa routine matinale de préparation de bentôs dans son petit magasin, au sous-sol d'un grand centre commercial. Sa jeune assistante tente alors de l'amener au chiropracticien qui se trouve quelques étages plus haut. Ca a l'air simple, dit comme ça, non?

    ✦ Clémentine Frère •
    ✦ Aurore Gal •
    ✦ Yukiko Meignien •
    ✦ Anna Mertz •
    ✦ Robin Migliorelli •
    ✦ Romain Salvini •

    La musique a été composée par Matthieu Dulong, du MAAAV •

    Suivez le film sur Facebook: ✨
    Are you rooting for your roots? Check out to get started!

    Sidemen Clothing:
    Sidemen App iOS:
    Sidemen App Android:


    ● Miniminter:
    ● Zerkaa:
    ● Behzinga:
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    ● TBJZL:
    ● Wroetoshaw:
    ● KSI:
    SNOW WHITE COLOGNE Snow White Cologne is based on a true story about my sister who, as a teenager, had a drug abuse problem. I wanted to tell her story in a non judgemental way, which is why the film tackles the difficult subject of drug addiction in a poetic and emotional manner rather than giving the viewer straight facts about the problems that come with the disease.

    Process: Acrylic paint on paper

    CRAFT International Animation Festival 2017
    Animateka 2017
    GIRAF Festival of Independent Animation 2017
    ARS Independent Festival 2017
    Animasivo 2017 + Animasivo Nomade 2018
    VOID International Animation Fest 2018 (WINNER GRADUATION FILM COMPETITION)
    Tricky Women 2018
    GLAS Animation Festival 2018
    Festival Internacional de Jóvenes Realizadores de Granada 2018
    Cardiff Animation Festival 2018
    Anifilm 2018
    MIAF Melbourne International Animation Festival 2018
    Chellavision Short Film Festival 2018
    ANIMOCJE International Animated Film Festival 2018
    Northwest Animation Festival 2018
    Edinburgh International Film Festival 2018
    Nominated for the RTS Awards 2018

    Thanks to:
    My sister, for letting me tell her story
    Stina Svedlund and Helene Jonsson for the voice overs
    The Royal College of Art
    My army of painting assistants
    Kerstin Ljungstrom, Adam Renstrom and Clara Blom Christensen for the music
    Mike Wyeld for the sound mix
  • i changed my identity vlog
    i changed my identity vlog had to avoid taxes
  • Young Fathers- Holy Ghost
    Young Fathers- Holy Ghost Digging up cold dead bodies with the hot Young Fathers.

    Filmed at a range of 300m with an Ultra Long Range Military Grade Thermal Surveillance Camera

    Massive Thanks to Silent Sentinel for supplying us with the camera

    Further Massive thanks for Bamff Ecotourism Scotland for the beautiful location and accommodation:


    Director- Oscar Hudson
    Production Company- Pulse Films
    Executive Producer- Rik Green
    Dir. Rep- Joceline Gabriel
    Producer- Maurizio Von Trapp
    DOP- Ruben Woodin Dechamps
    Thermal Camera Tech- Rob Rowles
    1st AD- Stuart Cadenhead
    2nd AD- Sean Hind
    Production Designer- Laura Strong
    Art Assistant- Linzi St Clair
    Stylist- Ian Tod
    Production Assistant- Tamara Yazbek
    Production Assistant- Hilaire de Cacqueray
    Runner- Ryan McCann
    Runner- Monika Grabowska
    Runner- Gavin Smart
    BTS- Christopher Cook
    Nurse- Aileen MacDonald
    Hole Diggers- Dick & Big Pete
    Edit- Oscar Hudson
    Colour & VFX- Framestore
    Post Producer- Ben Todd
    Post Producer- Chris Anthony
    Flame- Paul O’Brien
    Flame- Omar Akkari
    Flame- Tim Greenwood
    Colourist- Jessica Vile

    Pissing Voyeur- George Finlay Ramsay
    Wolf- Kali

    Special Thanks- Louise & Paul Ramsay, Aileen Brown, Aileen MacDonald, Framestore, Hilaire de Cacqueray, Lorraine, Dick, Andrew Mitchell, Rhian Howells, Drew Harris, George Rumsay at Panavision
  • 90 in 90: France vs. Croatia | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights
    90 in 90: France vs. Croatia | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights Watch 90 minutes of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Final, France vs. Croatia, in 90 seconds.

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    90 in 90: France vs. Croatia | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights

    FOX Soccer
  • Episode 23 “Biarritz”
    Episode 23 “Biarritz”
  • France v Croatia - 2018 FIFA World Cup™ FINAL - HIGHLIGHTS
    France v Croatia - 2018 FIFA World Cup™ FINAL - HIGHLIGHTS France became World Champions for the second time after defeating Croatia 4-2 in Moscow! A fitting end to a great tournament - thanks for sharing it with us!

    More match highlights:

    More from Russia 2018:

    More World Cup stories:

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  • Crystal Vibes feat. Ott - Harwell Dekatron: 4K 3D 360-degree VR Version
    Crystal Vibes feat. Ott - Harwell Dekatron: 4K 3D 360-degree VR Version More info at

    Experience body vibrations of candy colored psychedelic sound rippling through an endless crystal universe. Crystal Vibes utilizes the cutting edge of spatial 3D audio, full-body 'Synesthesia Suit' vibro-tactile stimulation, and sound visualization that maps sound and light based on the science of the human senses, to push the frontiers of technology-mediated sensory experience in virtual reality. With the project's predecessor described as “transcendent” and “like traveling through a psychedelic kaleidoscope” (Forbes 2016), this piece ups the ante with music from producer Ott. and is all-new for a trippier Sundance Film Festival and New Frontier 2017.


    Artist/Creator: Benjamin Outram (
    Music: "Harwell Dekatron" by Ott.

    Thanks to:
    Tetsuya Mizuguchi
    Keio Media Design

    Synesthesia Suit Integration: Yukari Konishi, Aria Shinbo, Reiko Shimizu

    More about the Synesthesia Suit can be found at
  • Home Pet Spa Test
    Home Pet Spa Test Puppy Swimming First Time -

    Cute Husky (Luke) vs Shower -

    Main channel -

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    "Kul Farm" -
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    Waynesville, NC 28786

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  • Island
    Island An immigrant in Italy, away from his family who struggles to reach them and survive in unknown.
    From the streets of Sicily.

    /Filmed & Edited
    Ege Göksu

    Burak Berberoğlu

    /V.O. from Mediterranea (2015)

    Sicily 2018
    WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR FINGERS Thanks so much for watching! We have been wanting to talk about this for a long time, and we hope that we answered all your questions and helped you understand what it's like from our perspective.

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  • A Coastal Reverie
    A Coastal Reverie Montaña de Oro State Park encompasses roughly 8,000 acres of fog shrouded coastal hills and coastal bluffs that abut the rocky shorelines of south Estero Bay on Central California’s coast. It’s undeveloped coastline and undulating, rhythmic singletrack offer a quick and easy dream-like getaway for various local and visiting trail user groups. It’s evident enough that the trails here didn’t build themselves, nor did the access to them come easily granted – especially for mountain bikers. The Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers have been instrumental on both fronts.

    The Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is a group of volunteer trail enthusiasts from the Central Coast of California that formally organized in 1989 to help build and maintain multi-use trails in the region, as well as to protect and advocate for mountain bike trail access. Since their inception CCCMB has helped build over 40 miles of new trails and serves as the primary maintenance organization for an extended network of over 100 miles of trails. Together with California State Parks, CCCMB is designing and building a new two-mile trail at Montaña de Oro to enhance connectivity between existing trails, and to improve the user experience for mountain bikers and other trail users.

    Read more:

    Featuring: Jason Fitzgibbon
    Director: Jason Fitzgibbon/Octave Zangs
    Cinematography/Editing/Color Grading: Octave Zangs
    Original Soundtrack and Sound Design by: Octave Zangs

    Produced by Tillak and Zangs Films.

    Shot on RED Epic Dragon and DJI cameras. |
  • Thailand cave rescue: Children found ‘by smell’ - BBC News
    Thailand cave rescue: Children found ‘by smell’ - BBC News John Volanthen, from Bristol, was one of a number of foreign expert divers drafted in for the rescue of 12 boys and their football coach who had been trapped in a Thai cave for nine days.

    He tells BBC Points West about the moment he and his fellow divers first discovered the children alive.

    Mr Volanthen, a member of the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team, said they knew they had found them due to the smell in the cave.

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    Hello, here is my brand new mashup movie, it's a reflection on the horror movies and novelists who officiate in this genre, including Stephen King, but it's still distracting, I hope you'll enjoy this new experience. :)

    Bonjour, voici mon tout nouveau film mashup, c'est une réflection sur le cinéma d'épouvante et les romanciers qui officient dans ce genre , notamment Stephen King , mais ça reste ludique et distrayant avant tout, j'espère que cette nouvelle expérience vous plairas. :)
  • The Sinister Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa
    The Sinister Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa Season Premiere. What really happened to this famed Mob figure?

    BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems.

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    Duct Tape XXL
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    Set of various paint splatters
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    Finger Print Distressed
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    vintage map of the world 1831
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    Vintage light bulbs
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    XXXL dark concrete
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    Device Used In Pizza Delivery Man Explosion
    Getty Images / Handout/Getty Images
    Teamsters Union President Jimmy Hoffa
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    Gold coins in a chest
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    Alcatraz Island
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    Antique Locks Isolated On White
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    My eyes have seen a lot
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    Portrait serious senior businessman in conference room
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    Male police officers on the beat
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    Suspects in Hoffa Abduction Arriving for Lineup
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    Russell Bufalino
    Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images
    Murder Suspect Richard Kuklinski Enter Courtroom
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    Portrait of Salvatore Briguglio
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    Man with hat and sunglasses with facial scar and arms folded
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    James R. Hoffa
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    Exchanging Cards
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    Abandoned home in Detroit, Michigan
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    Sunrise at the Cowboys
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    Blank Corkb
  • Overdose
    Overdose “Santa K performs the latest dystopian short film by the creative duo Pleid St. and Rebeka Arce”

    ‘Overdose’ is a bunch of ignorant society. It´s a mixture of the anxiety of consumerism, artificial affection and time wasted. What is consumerism provoking inside and outside us?
    Four different characters represent four ways of consumption: relationships (‘Pleasure’), food (‘Eat junk’), money (‘Waste’) and drugs (‘Dope’).
    The story shows how each character experiments a body and mind transformation after the consumption.
    Feel free to interpret what ‘Overdose’ wants to tell you.
    Is this a culture of consumerism or a culture of manipulation?


    Direction: Pleid St. & Rebeka Arce
    Model: Santa K
    Cinematographer: Aitor Uribarri
    Music: Father
    Art Direction: Rebeka Arce & Pleid St.
    CGI: Alberto Carbonell & Juanma Mota
    Production: Pleid St. & Rebeka Arce
    1st AC / DIT: Javi Castillo
    Gaffer: Álvaro Jiménez
    Lead Makeup & Hair: Mery Makeup (María Soláns, Carlos Ríos)
    Assistant Makeup & Hair: Rocío Ortiz y Cristina Márquez
    Postproduction: Pleid St.
    Graphic Design: Rebeka Arce
    Making of photography: Almudena Cadalso
    Making of video record: Pedro Sega
    Set: Espacio Nueva Carolina



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  • Ted-ED "What Causes Hallucinations"
    Ted-ED "What Causes Hallucinations" We had the pleasure to create this piece for TED-ED, literally an hallucinatory experience!

    Proudly made by NERDO

    "What Causes Hallucinations" by TED-Ed
    Educator: Elizabeth Cox
    Content Producer: Gerta Xhelo
    Editorial Producer: Alex Rosenthal
    Narrator: Susan Zimmerman
    Associate Producer: Bethany Cutmore-Scott, Elizabeth Cox

    Original Sound Design by Smider
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    GAIKA X BLACK Director: Amber Grace Johnson
    D.O.P: Charlie Owens
    Production: River Myers, Max Cherry, MATTE Projects
    Video Designer: Gianluigi Carella
    Grip & Cam B: Federico Tamburini
    Title Designer: Kimberly Ho
    Colorist: Carlos Flores
    Post Production Supervisor: Manny Munoz
    Production Assistant: Steven Almonte
    Driver: Vince Rappa
    Location: Zap Lube & Car Wash
  • Ariana Grande - God is a woman
    Ariana Grande - God is a woman God is a woman (Official Video)

    Song available here:

    Connect with Ariana:

    Video Director: Dave Meyers
    Video Producer: Nathan Scherrer

    Madonna appears courtesy of Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. and Maverick Management/Guy Oseary.

    Vocal Production and Engineering for Madonna by Lauren D’Elia.

    Music video by Ariana Grande performing God is a woman. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • Zero One
    Zero One Zero One is a code-based generative video commissioned by Zero One Technology Festival 2018 ( in Shenzhen, PR China. In this project, I collaborate with L.A. based producer / music technologist Mike Gao (

    This project consists of multiple interlinked generative systems, each of which has its customized features, but collectively share the core concept of an evolving elementary cellular automaton.

    The entire video is programmed and generated using Processing with minor edits in Premiere during composition.
  • COLLEGE KIDS REACT TO #InMyFeelingsChallenge (#DoTheShiggy)
    COLLEGE KIDS REACT TO #InMyFeelingsChallenge (#DoTheShiggy) #InMyFeelingsChallenge reacted to by College Kids! Orignal links below!
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    College Kids React #74 - COLLEGE KIDS REACT TO #InMyFeelingsChallenge (#DoTheShiggy)

    Starring Gerard Kearns.
    Produced by Théo Gall - Jules de Chateleux
    Cinematography by Simon Chaudoir
    Animatronic by Morgan Hildebrand
    Editor Simon Colin
    Line Producer Bérangère Petitjean
    Color by Vincent Heine
    Thanks to Family Production and all the crew.
  • Our 3 Different Curly Hair Routines
    Our 3 Different Curly Hair Routines Kinky, loose, wavy

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    Set of red arrows. Vector 3d illustration
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    colorful out of focus stained glass
    Derek Sellens/Getty Images
  • Laws of Motion
    Laws of Motion Dir: Jeppe Lange
    Production: Bacon CPH
    Producer: Laura Valentiner-Bohse
    DOP: Jacob Sofussen
    Editor: Matthew C. Levy
    Colourgrade: Hannibal Lang
    VFX: Robin Töndel
    Sound design: Jamie Louis Thurman
    Sound Composers: Simon Brinck & Adi Zukanovic

    Big thanks to our dancers: Anna Lea Ourø Jensen and Amalia Kasakova
  • Mac Miller - Self Care
    Mac Miller - Self Care Mac Miller - "Self Care" is available now:

    SWIMMING, an album by Mac Miller. Available August 3rd.
    Pre-order it here:

    Directed by Christian Weber
  • Craig's Pathetic Freakout
    Craig's Pathetic Freakout Craig shouldn't smoke weed.

    Written & Directed By - Graham Parkes

    Starring - Mat Wright & Lewis Pullman

    Produced By - Brendan Garrett

    Cinematography By - Christopher Ripley

    Music & Sound By - Jack Sobo

    With Original Song By - Jack Sobo, Oliver Lewin, Trevor Estes

    With - Lev Pakman, as the Director

    1st AC - Megan Johnson

    Gaffer - Chris Boulos

    Hair & Makeup - Wren Witting
  • A Simple Favor (2018 Movie) Official Trailer – Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively
    A Simple Favor (2018 Movie) Official Trailer – Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively A Simple Favor – In Theaters September 14. Starring Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding, Andrew Rannells, Linda Cardellini, Jean Smart, and Rupert Friend.

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    A SIMPLE FAVOR, directed by Paul Feig, centers around Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a mommy vlogger who seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily's (Blake Lively) sudden disappearance from their small town. Stephanie is joined by Emily's husband Sean (Henry Golding) in this stylish thriller filled with twists and betrayals, secrets and revelations, love and loyalty, murder and revenge.

    Lionsgate presents, a Lionsgate / Feigco Entertainment production.
    THE LAST STORM Mark, a 60 year old fledgling storm chaser recently diagnosed with lung cancer, sets out across the Midwest with his friend's nephew in search of a tornado before the two month season comes to an end.

    The film was in competition at Tribeca Film Festival 2018


    Cast: Mark Zabawa, Mike Marz

    Director: Liam Saint-Pierre

    Producer: Liam Saint-Pierre & Ross Williams

    Cinematographer: Liam Saint-Pierre

    Editor: Adam Thomas

    Executive Producer: Kathleen Lingo

    Supervising Editor: Andrew Blackwell

    Coordinating Producer: Lindsay Crouse

    Music: Liam Saint-Pierre & Mriarty

    Post production: CHEAT

    Colourist: Joseph Bicknell

    Post Production Producer: Chloe Saunders

    Sound Design: Iain Grant
  • Cheat Codes, Little Mix - Only You (Official Video)
    Cheat Codes, Little Mix - Only You (Official Video) Cheat Codes x Little Mix – Only You (Official Video)
    Get your copy on iTunes:
    Apple Music:
    Listen on Spotify:

    Stream more music from Little Mix here:

    More from Little Mix
    CNCO, Little Mix - Reggaetón Lento (Remix):
    No More Sad Songs:

    More from Cheat Codes
    Cheat Codes x DVBBS - I Love It:
    Feels Great ft. Fetty Wap & CVBZ:

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    Dancing with your silhouette
    In the places that we met
    Oooo tryna find you in the moon
    Paris never feels the same
    When the streets all call your name
    Ooo so I hide in crowded rooms

    And I’ll follow right down the river
    Where the ocean meets the sky
    To you, to you

    Once upon a time we had it all
    And somewhere down the line we went and lost it
    One brick at a time we watched it fall
    I’m broken here tonight and darling
    No-one else can fix me
    Only you
    Only you
    Oh no one else can fix me
    Only you
    Only you
    Only You
    Oh no one else can fix me
    Only you

    Did I let go of your hand
    For a castle made of sand
    Oooo that fell into the blue
    I went following the sun
    To be alone with everyone
    Oooo looking round a crowded room
    And ill follow right down the river
    Where the ocean meets the sky
    To you, to you

    Once upon a time we had it all
    And somewhere down the line we went and lost it
    One brick at a time we watched it fall
    I’m broken here tonight and darling
    No one else can fix me
    Only you
    Only you
    And no one else can fix me
    Only you
    Only you
    Only You
    And no one else can fix me
    Only you
    OFFBEAT A short documentary about a man who, against all odds, found his passion in music.

    Director: Iqbal Ahmed (
    Cinematographer: Andrew Shankweiler (
    Editor: Cyndi Trissel (
    Music: Sean Sumwalt (
    Sound Mix: Jacob Houchen
    1st AC: Nich Musco (
    Color: Kinan Chabani (
    Titles: Massive Assembly
    Additional Music: Fernando Perdomo

    Special Thanks:
    David Segal
    Can Do Musos
    Candace Crain
    Andrew Goh
    Lauren Nicollette
    Vernon, Michelle, and Cody Russell
    Joey Meza

    This is a Directors Notes premiere:

    Featured on BOOOOOOOM:

    copyright 2018 Schoolfield Media
  • The #1 Unlocked Smartphone on Amazon!
    The #1 Unlocked Smartphone on Amazon! The #1 best selling smartphone on Amazon gets an in-depth look. What category should be next?

    Moto G6:

    All the best-selling phones:

    MKBHD Merch:

    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:

    Intro Track: Filet Mignon by The Cutlery & Alltta