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  • "No Spain - No Gain" - PCR GRAVIER Bikepacking Adventure
    "No Spain - No Gain" - PCR GRAVIER Bikepacking Adventure Après un épique Turin-Nice l'année dernière, notre choix s’est porté cette année sur un tour du Pays basque et de la Navarre
    Montagne - Désert - Mer.
    Un trio de problématiques pour donner du piment à cette aventure ibérique.
    Départ d’Hendaye pour une boucle de 700km, passant par les premiers cols des Pyrénées , puis plein sud vers le désert de Bardenas Reales au coeur de la Navarre. Remontée ensuite vers le nord direction le Parc Naturel d’Urbasa-Andia qui nous fera basculer au Pays Basque espagnol. Nous rejoindrons ensuite la côte en contournant Bilbao pour un retour vers Hendaye en suivant l’océan.

    3 salles, 3 ambiances.
    7 cyclistes, 7 jours, 7 nuits, 700 km, et 7 conseils avisés pour une aventure réussie.

    Avec l'aide précieuse de WTB et MX3.

    Réalisation & images vidéos : Renaud SKYRONKA
    Images photos argentiques : Louis Pille-Schneider, Julien Sommier, Arthur Feraud, Renaud Skyronka
    Musique : LCD Soundsystem, Surkin, Soulwax
  • Keith Eats Everything At McDonald's • The Try Vlog
    Keith Eats Everything At McDonald's • The Try Vlog I don't remember taking that bite... it just kinda happened.


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    Jolly Shoppers
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

    Devlin McCluskey
  • How Facebook Is Changing Your Internet
    How Facebook Is Changing Your Internet Behind the scenes, Facebook is involved in high-stakes diplomatic battles across the globe that have begun fragmenting the internet itself.

    Jonah Kessel
    Paul Mozer

    Senior Producer:
    Liz Baylen
  • Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant! | TMZ News
    Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant! | TMZ News Kylie Jenner is pregnant and Travis Scott is about to become a dad.


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    Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant! | TMZ News
  • Sleep Well, My Baby | Filmsupply Presents
    Sleep Well, My Baby | Filmsupply Presents A narrative film based on the harrowing reality of human trafficking along the Chinese/North Korean border, Sleep Well, My Baby follows the incredible journey of a refugee who's had everything taken from her and will go to desperate measures to get it back.

    Warning: scenes of physical and sexual abuse.

    Learn more about the film:

    Go Behind-the-Scenes on the blog:

    License the footage:

    For more information on how you can help North Korean refugees visit:

    Director/Writer: Aaron & Winston Tao (TwinTaoers)
    Director of Photography: Jared Fadel
    Original Score: Ryan Taubert
    Editor: Lucas Harger
    Sound Design/Mix: Steve Horne
    Text/Title Design: Jessica Lily
    Colorist: Asa Fox (The Mill)
    Additional music: Luke Atencio
    Cast - Eunmi: Sangeun Lee
    Cast - Hee-Young: SeungHwan Jung
    Cast - Liu Hwang: Jihak Chung
    Cast - Chungwang: Youngbok Park
    Executive Producer: Chad Vickery
    Executive Producer: Hannah Song
    Executive Producer: Fortiss LLC, Emily and John Park
    Executive Producer: Nickolas E. A. Downey
    Production Company: Mr. Romance
    Producer: LiNK
    Producer: Seon Kwon Hwang
    Production Manager: Bong Hoon Cho
    Production Designer: Jia Kim
    Assistant Art Director: Hyunji Kim
    1st Assistant Camera: Bongyu Choi
    Gaffer / Key Grip: Sunjae Lee
    Best Boy / Grip: Junghoon Lee
    Drone Camera Operator: Seung-Gyu Lee
    Drone Pilot: Myungi Moon
    Low Loader Driver: Jonghoon Kim
    Wardrobe / Hair / Make Up: Sora Jung
    Assistant Wardrobe / Hair / Make Up: Minhee Kang
    Picture Car Driver: Minjune Kim
    Translation: Seo-Young Jun
    Translation: Christina Yoh
    Tech PA: Jackie
    Head PA: Jihyun Roh
    PA: Yooji Oh
    PA: Heemin Yang
    PA: Luke Smith
    PA: Seoin Jang
    PA: Carly Rose
    PA: Chris Buchman
    PA: Jina Nam
    PA: Nate Richey
  • iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Salt Water Test!
    iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Salt Water Test! Two pretty great smartphones, and some water. Let's see how things turn out.


    Music: Ship Wrek & Akame - Surfacing
  • Com Truise - Propagation
    Com Truise - Propagation “A techno-dystopian vignette that could be a miniature episode of Black Mirror.”

    Directed By: Will Joines & Karrie Crouse
    Written By: Karrie Crouse & Will Joines
    Starring: Trieste Kelly Dunn
    With: Stephen O’Reilly
    Cinematographer: Zoë White
    Producer: Jonathan Figueroa
    Colorist: Josh Bohoskey / The Mill NY

    Taken from 'Iteration' LP by Com Truise, out June 16, 2017, Ghostly International
    SNAPCHAT ► realjacksfilms
  • Modern Love
    Modern Love Love in the age of SnapChat

    An young 'everyman' who lives his life through social media, has an encounter with young woman who challenges his ideals

    A Film by Francesca Mirabella

    Atlanta Film Festival
    First Run Film Festival
    *Wasserman Fox Writing Award for Best Screenplay
    New Orleans Film Festival
    Cash - Rashaad Edwards
    Sasha - Rosa Gilmore
    Bobby - Paulie Deo Jr.
    Written and directed by Francesca Mirabella
    Produced by Winter Coleman + Ben Kallam
    Cinematography by Jomo Fray
    A FEM Films production
    With the participation of NYU Tisch School of the Arts
  • DON'T Buy The iPhone 8, Buy The iPhone 8.
    DON'T Buy The iPhone 8, Buy The iPhone 8. This is an iPhone 8 unboxing... or is it? The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus recently hit shelves at the Apple Store. Normally any iPhone launch arrives with significant fanfare. That said, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus launched in advance of Apple's true flagship, The iPhone X. When comparing directly, iPhone 8 vs iPhone X it becomes clear that Apple has invested more heavily in the X. The iPhone X represents a complete redesign in line with this year's flagship competitors including the Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8 and others. Images surfaced on iPhone 8 launch day of some empty Apple stores (an unusual site for Apple stores during new product launches). I'm sure Apple will sell plenty of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X but the real question is whether or not iPhone demand is softening in general.

    This video is unlike anything else I've ever published. It's an experiment. An inside look into my thought process after years of overexposure to tech and numerous iPhone launches. You may like this video or hate it, I'm cool with that. For some reason sitting there staring at these iPhones prompted this internal dialogue and so we went with it. Branching out like this was a healthy exercise for the small group of us that worked on it. My only hope, really is to illuminate the inner (and outer) conversations that us YouTube tech guys have privately. Sometimes I'm genuinely excited, some products bring that out of me. Sometimes it's the opposite and that feeling presents it's own set of complications trying to relay that message responsibly. There's nothing wrong with the iPhone 8 but it is another iPhone.

    Get The iPhone X Notch On Any Phone...

    How To KILL The Samsung Bixby Button...

    So You Want An S8 But You've Only Got $150...

    iPhone X - Something You Should Know Before Buying

    Unboxing The $5000 Massage Chair...

    DON'T Buy This "Mini" Smartphone

    The Most Ridiculous Purchase...

    iPhone X Face ID Unlock Fail

    The $26 Upgrade That Could Save Your Laptop...

    My New GIANT Computer Monitor!

    The Unique Smartphone You Should Know About...

    5 Cool Gadgets Under $10

    Is This The Future Of Keyboards?

    The Customizable Android Phone You've Never Heard Of...

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  • PlayTime- Controlled Chaos
    PlayTime- Controlled Chaos I think Jacques Tati's PlayTime is one of the unrivaled great films of all time, but rather than talk about its socio-economic commentary or its myriad of slapstick gags, let's take a minute to dive into its extraordinary (and extraordinarily fun) Royal Garden sequence, and explore the inner workings of chaos unfolding.

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    Further Reading-
    The Dance of PlayTime by Jonathan Rosenbaum -

    You can follow me through:

    “Pillowtalk” and “Bonjour” by Jeff Kaale
  • Will & Grace Cast Performs Their Theme Song with Lyrics
    Will & Grace Cast Performs Their Theme Song with Lyrics The cast of Will & Grace joins Jimmy to perform the Will & Grace theme song for the first time with lyrics.

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    Will & Grace Cast Performs Their Theme Song with Lyrics
  • GHOSTED - Get Some (Ft. Kamille)
    GHOSTED - Get Some (Ft. Kamille) "Get Some" out now.

    Follow Kamille:

    On Youtube:

    Cast // Elizabeth Scopel, Dakota Lustick, Emily Kristen Moody, Stephanie Rocío

    Production Companies // The American Standard Film Co. & Yacht Club Films //

    Production // Jake Ladehoff, Joe DePasquale, Zach Law, Tyler Walker, Veronica Pomilla, Adam G. Emerson, Matt Morgan

    Cinematography // Conor Murphy

    Assistant Camera // Christie Leitzell

    Art + Design // Gabriella Moses, Chazz Foggie,
    Peter Chapman, Sarah Lammer

    Edit // Matt Morgan, Katherine Yates, Jordan Michael Blake

    Color // Alan Gordon, Post Pro Gumbo

    GE // Seth Margolies, Isaac Berner, Alex Echevarria,

    HMU // Valentina Gomez, Jose L Lopez

    Werewolf Design & Construction // Rashaad Santiago

    Original Score // Chris Ruenes

    Casting Director // Erica Hart

    Commissioner // John Moule

    Special Thanks // Lauren Minnerath
  • CHIT-CHATTY GeT rEaDay WiTh mE + LOOK BOOK!! by SimplyFaceLogical
    CHIT-CHATTY GeT rEaDay WiTh mE + LOOK BOOK!! by SimplyFaceLogical Can I join the beautiful people squad yet?
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  • Ascension
    Ascension An emerging life form must respond to the unstable and unforgiving terrain of a new home.

    Co-Director & Co-Cinematographer: David Tenniswood & Tyler McGrath
    Dancer: Gilbert Small
    Original Score: Joe Berry

    Helicopter Pilot: Mischa Gelb
    Assistant Camera: Jay Kamal & Margot Guirado

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Ben Pickles
    Sound Design: Jeff Zipp

    Special Thanks: BC Helicopters, Craft Cinema, Norm Li, and The Herd
  • The 2017 WWE Yearbook
    The 2017 WWE Yearbook Who is the most athletic Superstar in WWE this year? Or the most popular? Find out which Superstars won these superlatives and more.
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  • Harvest
    Harvest Harvest is an eleven minute documentary that follows the daily life of a woman named Jenni, exploring the simple patterns that define her. As we get to know her, we come to understand the extent to which her seemingly ordinary life is of great interest to people she has never met. Learn more at

    Producer/Director: Kevin Byrnes

    Director of Photography/Editor: James Christenson

    Director of Technology: David Choffnes, Ph.D.

    Music: Joel Pickard

    Sound Editor: Tom Hambleton

    Narration written by: Patrick Mulvey and Andrew Scott-Ramsay

    Narration performed by: Patrick Mulvey
  • Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE “Hi Bich / Whachu Know” (Official Music Video)
    Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE “Hi Bich / Whachu Know” (Official Music Video) ❷ new songs - ⓵ video HI BICH & WHACHU KNOW by BHAD BHABIE aka Danielle Bregoli
  • Julien Dyne | Hours
    Julien Dyne | Hours 'Hours' from Julien Dyne's forthcoming LP 'Teal' - thanks to NZ On Air!

    Directed and Animated by Frances Haszard
    Produced by Gayle Hogan
    Music by Julien Dyne featuring Ladi6
    Edited by Louis Olsen
  • Husky's First Howl
    Husky's First Howl Husky's First Howl
    BALANCE Friends Henderson and Morris are climbing a mountain, connected by a rope. They take an easy passage, but a loss of oversight leads to Henderson's fall. Morris cannot prevent falling too. Seconds later he finds himself hanging above an abyss, realizing the balance is unstable.

    "Balance" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here:

    Director/Producer: Mark Ram
    Cinematographer: Aage Hollander
    Morris: Waldemar Torenstra
    Henderson: Cas Jansen
    Production Company: Deepeei film productions & studio Act2Act,
  • Round 3 of Jimmy Kimmel’s Health Care Battle
    Round 3 of Jimmy Kimmel’s Health Care Battle Jimmy has found himself in the middle of a battle over American health care, so tonight he responds to more criticism from Senator Bill Cassidy and those other jerks who want to take our health care away.

    Jimmy Kimmel Fights Back Against Bill Cassidy, Lindsey Graham & Chris Christie

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    About Jimmy Kimmel Live:

    Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy-winning "Jimmy Kimmel Live," ABC's late-night talk show.

    "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is well known for its huge viral video successes with 5.6 billion views on YouTube alone.
    Some of Kimmel's most popular comedy bits include - Mean Tweets, Lie Witness News, Jimmy's Twerk Fail Prank, Unnecessary Censorship, YouTube Challenge, The Baby Bachelor, Movie: The Movie, Handsome Men's Club, Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective and music videos like "I (Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum" and a Blurred Lines parody with Robin Thicke, Pharrell, Jimmy and his security guard Guillermo.
    Now in its fifteenth season, Kimmel's guests have included: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Larry David, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Kobe Bryant, Steve Carell, Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, Jamie Foxx, Amy Poehler, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Oprah, and unfortunately Matt Damon.

    Round 3 of Jimmy Kimmel’s Health Care Battle
    FRIENDLY FIRE (Music by SKRILLEX) Made a video for fun with some friends!

    A special thanks to Skrillex for cooking up an awesome beat.
  • Ed Sheeran - Perfect [Official Lyric Video]
    Ed Sheeran - Perfect [Official Lyric Video] ÷. Out Now:
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    Follow Ed on...
    Official Website:

    Video by
    Jonny Costello / Charlotte Audrey / Will Lanham / Henry Wong / Callum Barnes
    Illustrations - Steve New Tasty
  • LOYLE CARNER 'Sun Of Jean'
    LOYLE CARNER 'Sun Of Jean' 'Me and my mother, there ain't nothing that can come between.'

    Love to Ben.

    DIRECTOR João Retorta
    PRODUCER Sorcha Bacon
    1st AD Ato Yankey
    EDITOR Charlie Reddie at Stitch / Homespun
    COLOURIST Joseph Bicknell at CHEAT

    DIRECTOR'S REP OB Management
    COMISSIONER Connie Meade
    LABEL AMF Records

  • Spätzle Recipe - How to Make Spätzle or Spaetzle (Tiny German Dumplings)
    Spätzle Recipe - How to Make Spätzle or Spaetzle (Tiny German Dumplings) Learn how to make a Spätzle/Spaetzle Recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this fast and easy Spätzle/Spaetzle recipe!
  • One-Up
    One-Up Hadley jumps into an uncomfortable sexual encounter after she's brutally rejected by her teammate crush Christine.
  • $1,400 WORTH OF MAKEUP! Applying All My High End Makeup!
    $1,400 WORTH OF MAKEUP! Applying All My High End Makeup! I wanted to do a Boujee Makeup look using all my most expensive makeup! I added up all this makeup and in Aussie dollars it came to over $1,400... CRAZY! I can't believe how expensive some makeup can be, and when you add it all up, I was gobsmacked! Regardless, I hope you enjoy this tutorial.


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    -Surratt Brow Gel: (US UK/US

    -Tom Ford Concealing Pen: (David Jones AU, Blue Murcery US: Nordstrom US:

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    -Dior Fix It Concealer: (Selfridges UK: David Jones AU: Nordstrpm US:

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    -Givenchy Prism Libre Loose Powder (Sepphora US

    -Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder (Net-A-Porter International, Barneys NY:


    -Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer (DJs AUS

    -Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Highlighter (Sephora US:, Nordstrom:, Net-A-Porter International:

    -Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Compact (US Bergdorf:, Neiman Marcus:, Harrods UK:

    -Marc Jacobs Lamé Noir Ultra-Glittering Mascara Top Coat (Neiman Marcus:, Bergdorf:

    -Givenchy Prism Blush in 4 (Net-A-Porter US

    -Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick in Poppy Red (Nordstrom


    Manager/Business Inquiries ONLY:

    All Australian enquiries please contact MAX CONNECTORS (

    U.S./Canadian inquiries please contact Kevin Johnson
    ( )

    Countries outside of these can contact either.

    *Please note I am not available for makeup artist services*

    Please join me on any of my social networking and blogging sites:

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    HEY YOU This is a collection of surreal short stories about people and about relationships between them.
    TESTING EXPENSIVE $$$ AF LIQUID LIPSTICKS | Jeffree Star HEEEEY EVERYONE! Today I'm testing out *NEW* EXPENSIVE liquid lipsticks that just recently launched!! There are 4 brands that just launched their liquid lip formula so I thought what better way than to test them out in one video and see which ones are good.. and which ones are flops! CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE WON??

    YSL Beauty - Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain
    SMASHBOX - Always On Liquid Lipstick
    Guerlain - Intense Liquid Matte Lipstick
    Charlotte Tilbury - Hollywood Lips liquid

  • Tall Juan - Cuidacoches
    Tall Juan - Cuidacoches Music video for my lovely cousin Tall Juan (2017)
    Made with acrylics, pastels and pencil on paper.

    Cuidacoches is a song dedicated to those who live on the streets.

    For Tall Juan
    By Dante Zaballa
    Additional backgrounds: Osian Efnisien
    Foley sound: Fede Chiclana
  • Jim Parsons Opens Up About Marriage And Why He Didn't Hurry Into It
    Jim Parsons Opens Up About Marriage And Why He Didn't Hurry Into It 'Big Bang Theory' and 'Young Sheldon' star Jim Parsons describes what love makes him see when he closes his eyes at night. So, yeah, it gets romantic.

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    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is the premier late night talk show on CBS, airing at 11:35pm EST, streaming online via CBS All Access, and delivered to the International Space Station on a USB drive taped to a weather balloon. Every night, viewers can expect: Comedy, humor, funny moments, witty interviews, celebrities, famous people, movie stars, bits, humorous celebrities doing bits, funny celebs, big group photos of every star from Hollywood, even the reclusive ones, plus also jokes.
  • Ousemane
    GETTING READY WITH ME FOR FALL! Thank you to ReelStyle for sponsoring this video!

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    BURY ME WITH THE LO ON During the late-’80s, two groups of teenagers from neighboring areas of Brooklyn came together to form a boosting (shoplifting) crew with a common goal— accumulate as much Polo Ralph Lauren as possible, by any means possible.

    Known as the Lo Lifes, they dressed themselves in the finest garments stolen from every upper-class department store in the tri-state area, while living a reality that was the complete opposite of what Ralph Lauren represented.

    To the authorities the Lo Lifes were criminals, but to themselves and people on the streets, their actions signified something else. They aspired to be something greater, and empowered themselves by taking something that wasn’t meant for them and making it their own.

    For the past five years Lo Life founder Thirstin Howl the 3rd and photographer/filmmaker Tom Gould have been documenting this culture. Interviews, archival pictures, and recent portraits of key players make up the first-ever book recounting how a group of kids in Brooklyn went on to influence mainstream rap stars and birth a sub-culture of boosters and collectors of vintage Ralph Lauren worldwide.

    A film by Tom Gould & Thirstin Howl the 3rd

    Book available now from:
    Published by Victory Journal
  • Glass elevator in the Steve Jobs Theater
    Glass elevator in the Steve Jobs Theater
  • Tuscany Dawn
    Tuscany Dawn A non-narrative short film of the beautiful landscapes in Tuscany, Italy. The region known for its rolling hills, villages, la dolce vita (the sweet life), vinyards, olives and cypress trees.
    This dronefilm is shot on a 2 weeks vacation with my family. Drove out to explore the landscapes of the region, with my drone by early morning, so I could capture Tuscany by dawn.
    The entire film was shot on a DJI Mavic Pro drone, with the settings +1, -3, -3 with Neat Video.
    Filmed and edited by Bjarke Hvorslev Jensen
    Music: Ryan Taubert - Strangers To Ourselves
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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote Peterson free handles one BIG CREEPY SPIDER!

    The Golden Silk Orb Weaver is one of the most creepy yet colorful spiders in the world! Boasting long black and yellow fur covered legs, these large arachnids are literally all over the place in Central America. They are well known for their large golden webs that can span over ten feet in length! However Coyote and the crew have always wondered just how bad their bite really is…and will they bite at all?

    Once again Coyote will take on this challenge for the sake of educating the world about this infamous spider…

    Get ready to find out the answer to BIG question at “hand”…will this giant creepy spider BITE?!

    Hey Coyote Pack! Coyote and the crew are going ON TOUR all across the Eastern United States and are super excited to finally meet members of the Coyote Pack in person!

    If you want the chance to meet Coyote, Mark and Mario make sure to buy tickets soon, because they are going fast!

    East Coast Tour Dates and Ticket Links

    9-22-17 Tampa, FL -
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    In addition to the tour, Coyote is also announcing the Golden Adventure Ticket! A ticket that gains you access to a very exclusive REAL adventure with Coyote and the crew. Only a limited number of tickets will be given out at the tour stops, so make sure to show up and try to find one! *No purchase is necessary to have a chance to find a ticket at the venues, but you do need to show up!

    Will you be one of the few to find Golden Adventure Ticket and join the team in the field?! We sure hope!

    Either way, these next few months are going to be a blast! We’ll see you all very soon!

    Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they encounter a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments on the planet!

    The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters!

    Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on three exciting expedition series - Emmy Award Winning Breaking Trail, Dragon Tails and Coyote’s Backyard - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

    So SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the adventure that brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures known to man!

    GET READY...things are about to get WILD!
    New Episodes Every Wednesday and Friday at 9AM EST

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  • Blade Runner: Lost Memories - "Nexus Dawn"
    Blade Runner: Lost Memories - "Nexus Dawn" "Blade Runner: Lost Memories" is an anthology of digital shorts that bridge the gap between the original film and Blade Runner 2049. In the first episode, "Nexus Dawn," the ruthless Niander Wallace (Jared Leto), CEO of Wallace Corporation, lobbies against the prohibition of replicant technology and introduces his vision for a completely obedient and controllable Nexus model.

    Director: Luke Scott
    Concept: Ridley Scott, 3AM
    Writer: Michael Green
  • 40 Donuts in 1 Donut
    40 Donuts in 1 Donut Watch today's GMM: | Watch the previous day's GMM:
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    Executive Producer: Stevie Wynne Levine
    Executive Producer: Darren Belitsky
    Writer/Producer: Lizzie Bassett
    Writer/Producer: Micah Gordon
    Writer/Producer: Kevin Kostelnik
    Writer/Producer: Ellie McElvain
    Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
    Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
    Editor: Casey Nimmer
    Additional Graphics & Editing: Matthew Dwyer
    Art Director: Colin J. Morris
    Production Assistant: Davin Tjen
    Content Manager: Becca Canote
    Set Construction/Dresser: Cassie Cobb

    Intro Motion Graphics: Digital Twigs
    Intro Music: Jeff Zeigler and Sarah Schimeneck
    Outro Music: Jeff Zeigler and Sarah Schimeneck
    Wheel of Mythicality Music:
    All Supplemental Music: Opus 1 Music
    Microphone: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones
  • SILO: Edge of the Real World
    SILO: Edge of the Real World Official Selection of the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

    Silo: Edge of the Real World is a meditation on life in a small midwest farm town. When a grain entrapment shocks their small community, Adam Fox, a young farmer and Clay Althoff, a senior in high school, both consider the risks and rewards of a corn farmer’s life.




    Directed by - Marshall Burnette
    Produced by - Sam Goldberg, Benjamin Skipworth, Marshall Burnette
    Executive Producers - William Carl Radke, Ilan Ulmer
    Co-Executive Producer - Jenna Reedy
    Cinematography by - Dustin Lane
    Edited by - Dillon Hayes
    Production Design by - Jarrett Staaf, Chris Zidek
    Original Score by - Daniel Teicher
    Camera First Assistant - James Teninty
    Film Loader - Hayden Mason
    Steadicam Operator - Drew Allen Weaver
    Swing Grip - Dillon Hayes
    Art Assistants - Elijah Bowling, James Crabtree, Matt Roland
    Production & Post Audio - Jeremiah Nave
    Visual FX by - Nathan Merrick, Dave Altizer
    Color Correction - Jimmy Cadenas @ Filmworkers Nashville

    Contact - Sam@BloodOrangePictures.Com

    © 2016 Blood Orange Pictures
  • iPhone 8 + Apple Watch Series 3 Accessories
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  • Liars "Cred Woes"
    Liars "Cred Woes" Director / Editor: Yoonha Park
    Production: Neighborhood Watch Films
    Producer: Felipe Dieppa
    DoP: Zach Stoltzfus
    Production Design: Evan Schafer
    Additional Photography: Alex Gallitano
    Commissioner: John Moule
    Featuring: Roi Cydulkin

    Thank You: Rebekka Björnsdóttir
  • Worst Nap Ever | Lele Pons
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  • Aryz x China  -  重慶  2016
    Aryz x China - 重慶 2016 Video of the trip we did to China together with Aryz last year, where he was invited to paint a wall. During our stay there, we had plenty of problems... which just a few can be seen in the video…but we hope that after seeing this you’ll get a small taste of what happened there.

    Special thanks to Seth, Bin, Alex and all the guys who got involved in the project.

    Film and Edit By : Germán Rigol
    Artwork By : Aryz
    Music By : Aesop Rock


    Chongqing, China 2016
  • First Look! Ellen Scores Deleted Scenes from Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do'
    First Look! Ellen Scores Deleted Scenes from Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' Taylor Swift gave her friend Ellen the first look at deleted scenes from her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video.
  • MEMO | Animation Short Film 2017 - GOBELINS
    MEMO | Animation Short Film 2017 - GOBELINS Synopsis :
    Louis, retraité, veut à tout prix garder son indépendance face à la surprotection de sa fille Nina.

    Louis, a retired man, resists the overprotection of his daughter Nina to keep his independence.

    Réalisateurs/Directors :
    Julien BECQUER
    Jules DURAND
    Viviane GUIMARAES

    Contact Production :
    GOBELINS, l'école de l'image : Moïra Marguin,

    Contact Festival :
    GOBELINS, l'école de l'image : Luce Grosjean,

    Distribution :
    La distribution des films produits par GOBELINS, l'école de l'image est assurée par L'Agence du court métrage.
    Contact :

    Retrouvez GOBELINS sur :
    Site internet :
    Facebook :
    Twitter :
  • RHOA: Season 10 Official First Look - Premiering November 5 at 8/7c | Bravo
    RHOA: Season 10 Official First Look - Premiering November 5 at 8/7c | Bravo Some familiar faces have returned... Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sundays at 8/7c. Only on Bravo. #RHOA
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    In Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, after coming to grips with the end of her marriage to Peter, Cynthia is looking forward to embracing this new chapter of her life with a fresh start in a new house. Kandi and Todd are still over the moon with the arrival of baby Ace, but juggling high-profile careers and parenting duties proves to be challenging, especially with Mama Joyce drudging up past issues between Kandi and Phaedra. With her law practice and social justice work taking up more of her time, Phaedra hires a tough new nanny to wrangle her growing rambunctious boys, Ayden and Dylan, as she awaits word of her divorce from Apollo being final. Porsha has rekindled a love connection with an old flame and in an effort to better herself, she begins anger management counseling. On the heels of juggling a tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend Matt, Kenya channels her love struggles by racing to finish "Moore Manor." Just up the road at "Chateau Shereè," and holding a peach for the first time since Season 4, Shereè puts on her "Momager" hat with hopes of her son being The Bailey Agency's next top model. Coming up this season, there are major twists in relationships among the group from unexpected alliances that form as well as shocking accusations that could end an old friendship beyond repair.

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    Bravo Media is the premiere lifestyle and entertainment brand that drives the cultural conversation around its high-quality, interactive original content that focuses on the network’s passion points of food, fashion, beauty, design, digital and pop culture. The network’s diversified slate includes Bravo’s first scripted series “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” scripted comedy “Odd Mom Out,” and unscripted favorites such as Emmy award-winning “Top Chef,” “Vanderpump Rules,” “Below Deck,” “Southern Charm” and the popular “Million Dollar Listing” and “The Real Housewives” franchises as well as the only live late-night talk show, “Watch What Happens Live.”

    RHOA: Season 10 Official First Look - Premiering November 5 at 8/7c | Bravo
  • Porzellan / Porcelain - Joe Madog // Cité NOIR
    Porzellan / Porcelain - Joe Madog // Cité NOIR music by Joe Madog & The Trommelfellas
    visuals by CitéNOIR

    This animation film is a visualization of a song by Joe Madog, called "porcelain". It deals with the theme of ephemerality and longing. It's about the fragile things we hold precious, trying to hold on to, but who will inevitably fade away, vanish or break like porcelain.
    The animation was pencilled on paper on a lighttable and then inked with brush and a light black ink and some gray inkwash,
    then arranged in a videosequencer frame by frame.

    Festival screenings (so far):
    VOID - International Animation Film Festival, Coppenhagen / Denmark / 2.2.2017
    ITFS - Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart, Stuttgart / Germany / 4.5.2017
    Brititsh Animation Film Festival, London / UK / 8.7 2017
    Odense International Film Festival, Odense / Denmark / 30.8.2017
  • ISLE OF DOGS | Official Trailer | FOX Searchlight
    ISLE OF DOGS | Official Trailer | FOX Searchlight ISLE OF DOGS opens in theaters March 23, 2018.

    ISLE OF DOGS tells the story of ATARI KOBAYASHI, 12-year-old ward to corrupt Mayor Kobayashi. When, by Executive Decree, all the canine pets of Megasaki City are exiled to a vast garbage-dump called Trash Island, Atari sets off alone in a miniature Junior-Turbo Prop and flies across the river in search of his bodyguard-dog, Spots. There, with the assistance of a pack of newly-found mongrel friends, he begins an epic journey that will decide the fate and future of the entire Prefecture.

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    FOX Searchlight
  • Kunstglaser
    Kunstglaser A Breakwater Original

    Norbert Sattler is a master stained glass craftsman in Pleasantville, Nova Scotia.

    Starring Norbert Sattler & Sue Obata

    Directed by Ben Proudfoot |
    Cinematography by David Bolen | @davidbolen
    Edited by Tim Johnson
    Music Composed, Orchestrated & Conducted by Nicholas Jacobson-Larson
    Post-Production Supervision by David Nieman
    Color by Stephen Derluguian
    Sound Re-recording by Sean Higgins
    Supervising Sound Editing by Mark Camperell, MPSE
    Produced by Ben Proudfoot, Jeremy Lambert & Richard Graham

    Score Preparation by Alessandro Saini
    Music Mixed by Brad Haehnel
    Music Contractor - Peter Rotter
    German Lyrics by Ryan Wagner
    Dialogue Editing by Jason Krane, MPSE
    Foley Artist - Tara Blume
    Sound Effects Editing by Eric Wegener
    Post Production Sound Editing Provided by Empty Sea Audio
    Steadicam Operator - Patrick Doyle
    Handlettered Titles by Bonnie Ebbs

    Featuring the Art of
    Sue Obata
    Craig Roubadoux
    Juergen Reipka
    Wayne Boucher

    Special Thanks
    Glashütte Lamberts
    Louise Pentz
    Michael Risley
    Grace Zahrah
    Gordon Proudfoot
    Madine VanderPlaat
    Fabian Sattler
    Helga Sattler
    Sandy Sattler
    Holy Family Parish in Amherst, Nova Scotia

    For Breakwater Studios
    J. Taylor Brown
    Gabe Godoi
    Brenna Malta
    Monica Salazar
    Clarisse Wiedem
    Terry Quennell

    Shot on Arri Alexa Mini and Angenieux Optimo

    Made with Love by Breakwater Studios Ltd. in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Los Feliz, California | @breakwaterstud
  • Why Apple Needs Samsung
    Why Apple Needs Samsung Get 10% any purchase here:

    E-MAIL: me here:

  • What We Once Were // Emmit Fenn
    What We Once Were // Emmit Fenn WWOW is a collaboration with artist Emmit Fenn.
    Most of it was short with a Kinect camera and processed with homemade tools.

    Directed, post-produced and edited by P. Jean

    The guy: Emmit Fenn
    The girl: Emilia Pattinson
    DPs : Jorge Valdès Iga, Steeven Petiteville
    Drone operator: Morgan Gross
    Thanks to Alec Udell
  • 1922 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
    1922 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix Life is rarely fair. Based on the novella by Stephen King, comes a new Netflix Film, 1922. Premieres October 20th, only on Netflix.

    Watch 1922 on Netflix:


    About Netflix:
    Netflix is the world’s leading Internet television network with over 100 million members in over 190 countries enjoying more than 125 million hours of TV shows and movies per day, including original series, documentaries and feature films. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any Internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

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    1922 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
  • Utsukushiki Tennen
    Utsukushiki Tennen A school exercise, we had two weeks to make a video synchro with the music!
    Music: Utsukushiki Tennen by Yasuaki Shimizu

    Selection at:
    Festival du film de Savigny (Switzerland)
    Ottawa International Film Festival (Canada) - World student panorama
    Centre Pompidou's "Mon oeil" , a webserie for children
  • Make-Up Hater Wears Fenty For A Day
    Make-Up Hater Wears Fenty For A Day "Lighter shades, to darker shades, shades for every kind of shade... FENTY!"

    BuzzFeedYellow has changed its name to Boldly. It's the same content you know and love just Bolder. Subscribe for daily videos about beauty, fashion, body positivity, and to join a community of incredible women working to empower and inspire each other.

    Check out more awesome videos at Boldly!



    SFX Provided By AudioBlocks

    Licensed via Audio Network

    ALAIN JOCARD / Staff/Getty Images
    Christian Dior : Photocall - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2017/2018
    Pascal Le Segretain / Staff/Getty Images
    Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Launches At Harvey Nichols Edinburgh
    Mark Runnacles / Stringer/Getty Images
    Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Launches At Harvey Nichols Edinburgh
    Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer/Getty Images
    FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Spring/Summer 2018 Collection - Backstage + First Looks
    Bryan Bedder / Stringer/Getty Images
    Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Launches At Harvey Nichols London
    Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer/Getty Images
  • The Nihang Warriors of India - NOWNESS
    The Nihang Warriors of India - NOWNESS A new film by director Erik Morales, produced by CANADA, zooms in on the Sikh order of Nihang, an ancient armed warrior order known as the Akalis, or, "Immortals." Read more on NOWNESS -
  • Gökhan Saki KOs Henrique da Silva | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC FIGHT NIGHT
    Gökhan Saki KOs Henrique da Silva | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC FIGHT NIGHT Saki got the KO victory in his UFC debut after a wild fight with da Silva
  • C4 Random Acts - 'Lawless'
    C4 Random Acts - 'Lawless' A collaborative film documenting the everyday experiences of Tilly Lawless, a sex worker in Sydney’s decriminalised sex industry. The film attempts to challenge commonly held attitudes about sex and love, and to expose society’s contradictory taboos surrounding sex work. Made up of photographs taken by Tilly herself, the film invites the viewer into her world as a confidant, rather than as a voyeur.
  • Woman brandishing a handgun, machete threatens people at Kardashian boutique
    Woman brandishing a handgun, machete threatens people at Kardashian boutique Threats with a gun and machete: A woman pointed what appeared to be a handgun at employees of the Kardashian's​ DASH​ boutique and knocked some items off a shelf, but left without injuring anyone. When our reporter and cameraman arrived to cover the incident for the news, the armed woman returned - this time carrying a machete. FULL STORY:
  • A Hole In My Heart - (Un Creux Dans Mon Coeur)
    A Hole In My Heart - (Un Creux Dans Mon Coeur) Premiered 2015 at the Berlinale Film Festival

    Written and Directed by Mees Peijnenburg

    Produced by Halal Pictures

    Starring: Henri Leblanc, Leyla de Muynck, Rodrigo Vissers, Maurine Leblanc

    Awards & Festivals:

    - Berlinale 2015, Generation 14Plus
    Nomination: Crystal Bear Best Short Film
    - Dutch Entry Oscars 2016: Academy Awards Best Live Action Short 2016
    - Cannes Lions Festival 2015, France,
    Won: Silver Young Directors Award
    - Netherlands Film Festival
    - BFI London Film Festival
    Nomination: Short Film Award
    - Filmfest Dresden 2015
    - Palm Springs International ShortFest
    - Premiers Plans Film Festival
    - Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen
    - Raindance Film Festival
    Nomination: Best International Short
    - Leuven International Short Film Festival
    - Chicago International Film Festival
    - Vilnius International Short Film Festival
    - Odense International Film Festival
    - Thess International Short Film Festival
    Won: Cinematic Achievement Award
    - Milano Film Festival
    + 18 International Film Festival in Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom,


    Writer & Director: Mees Peijnenburg
    Producer - Halal Pictures: Gijs Kerbosch, Roel Oude Nijhuis, Gijs Determeijer
    Line Producer - Maarten Hoedemaekers
    Production Assistant - Lou-Lou van Staaveren
    Cinematographer - Stephan Polman
    Production Design - Maeve Human
    Editor - Imre Reutelingsperger
    Sound Design - Taco Drijfhout
    Composer - Ella van der Woude, Juho Nurmela
    Grading - Job te Veldhuis @ deGrot
    Focus Puller - Nina Badoux
    Title Designer - Abel van Erkel
    Special thanks: Daan Meeuwig, Vasso Prins, Jonah Freud, Cijn Prins, Wim Prins

    For screenings, contact Some Shorts: -

    DIRECTED BY Johnny Valencia 

    Honna Kimmerer

    Ben Haggerty & Tricia Davis

    Johnny Valencia & Ryan Haug

    Josh "Budo" Karp  
    Keeley Swami Michael

    Paul Dahlke

    Teo Shantz 

    Therese Lefebvre (Cast) 
    Samantha Burkhart (Kesha)
    Samantha Rhodes (Kesha)

    Johnny Valencia & Ben Haggerty

    Ryan Haug - Specialty Camera Opp (
    Steve Hyde- Super 8 Film 
    Ryan Brown -1st AC
    Conor McCarthy - 2nd AC

    Emily Wood - Art Director
    Tenold Sundberg - Carpenter/Scenic

    Jessica Hernandez

    Paul White

    Vittorio Masecchia

    Kaija Towner

    Ryan Middleton - Gaffer
    Chris Taranto - Key Grip

    Joel Voelker & Johnny Valencia 

    Antone Patterson
    Cameron Sage
    Andrea Jewett
    Hannah Benson 
    Jake Magraw

    Dave Nugent & Bobbi Gerlick

    Jerome Welch, Rokea Jones, Tyler "XP" Andrews, Andrea Lopez-Diaz, Khalil Lee-Butler, Jessica Hernandez, Jayson Blasko, Haley Blakva, Jake Magraw, Nat Mengist, Stephanie Wright, Zak Wintz, Mollie Thompson, Eric Vaughn, Melanie Vaughn, Eric Freistadt, Jennifer Akemi, Julia Pascualy

    Terry "Tumwater" Ryan & Judy Ryan, Frances Bowery, Chelsea Gillis, Lagan Sebert, Eyal Shmuel, Tricia Davis, Josh Dick, Zach Quillen, Jason Koenig, Ian Hubert & Kaitlin Romig, Julie & Bill Haggerty, Carl & Rita Comfort, Brian Thomas and the crew of the "Gen III", Heather Valencia & Family, Jill & Dave Campell, Kurt Gordan & Family, Ray & Jackie Hovick & Family, Beth & Mike George, Randy Woodhams, ShuRyan McKinnon, Paris Call, Teri & Duane Woods, Ben Secord, Shu Jones, Motion State, Go4Nuge, Glazers, Caveman

    Macklemore managed by Zach Quillen & Josh Dick


    Good Old Days feat. Kesha
    Performed by Macklemore and Kesha
    Produced by Joshua "Budo" Karp
    Written by: B. Haggerty; K. Sebert; J. Karp; A. Joslyn; S. Wishkoski; T. Andrews
    Lyrics by Ben Haggerty and Kesha Sebert
    Additional Piano by Sam Wish
    String Arrangement by Andrew Joslyn
    Violin by Andrew Joslyn and Christopher Foerstel
    Viola by Seth May-Patterson
    Cello by Eli Weinberger
    Additional Percussion by Teo Shantz
    Choir Vocals by Tanisha Brooks, Josephine Howell, and Karma Johnson
    Mixed by Jon Castelli at Studio X
    Mastered by Dale Becker
    Engineered by Tyler Dopps
    Mastering Assistant – Mandy Adams
    Engineer for Mix Ingmar Carlson 
    Bengal Yucky (BMI) 
    Dynamite Cop Music / Where Da Kasz At (BMI) 
    Gutterfunk (ASCAP)
    D B Joslyn Music (BMI)
    Swish You Were Here Music LLC (ASCAP)
    Tyler Andrews (ASCAP)
    © 2017 Bendo, LLC. All rights reserved.
  • PuGongYing
    PuGongYing screen
    Animated Arizona Film Festival
    Animex Awards
    Volgograd International Independent Film Festival
    Berlin World International Film Festival
    Cutout Festival
    Marcellus Movie Madness Family Film Festival
    Festival de Cortometrajes "Jose Francisco Rosado" PACAS
  • Noah Cyrus - Again ft. XXXTENTACION
    Noah Cyrus - Again ft. XXXTENTACION Noah Cyrus’ official video for “Again” feat XXXTENTACION
    Listen and follow Noah Cyrus below

    Listen to “Again” on Spotify
    Listen to “Again” on Apple Music
    Buy “Again” on iTunes

    Stream more music from Noah Cyrus here

    Noah’s Instagram
    Noah’s Facebook
    Noah’s Twitter


    (Noah Cyrus)

    You just made the worst mistake
    And you’ll regret it darling
    ‘Cuz once you give and then you take
    You always end up wanting

    Was everything not enough?
    ‘Cuz one day you’ll wake up (and then you’ll say)

    I want to be your lover
    I don’t want to be your friend
    You don’t know what you've got ‘till its gone my dear
    So tell me that you love me again

    I want to be your lover
    Baby I’ll hold my breath
    You don’t know what you've got ‘till its gone my dear
    So tell me that you love me again

    Again babe, again
    Again babe, again
    You don’t know what you've got ‘till its gone my dear
    So tell me that you love me again


    Ooh, she's screaming in my head
    Ooh, I left her where I slept
    Somewhere where I can't escape I’m running from myself
    Somewhere in between in love and broken i'm in hell

    (Noah Cyrus)


    I want to be your lover
    I don’t want to be your friend
    You don’t know what you've got ‘till its gone my dear
    So tell me that you love me again

    I-I want to be your lover
    You’re leaving when the clock hits 10
    You don’t know what you've got ‘till its gone my dear
    So tell me that you love me again

    Again babe, again
    Again babe again

    You don’t know what you've got ‘till its gone my dear
    So tell me that you love me again

    Again babe, again
    Again babe, again

    You don’t know what you've got ‘till its gone my dear
    So tell me that you love me again
  • Oneohtrix Point Never • 'The Pure and the Damned'
    Oneohtrix Point Never • 'The Pure and the Damned' Oneohtrix Point Never’s ‘The Pure and the Damned’ video, starring Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie, and Iggy Pop. Directed By The Safdie Brothers.

    Taken from Oneohtrix Point Never’s Cannes 2017 award winning ‘Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’, out now via Warp Records.
    Buy / Stream:

    ‘GOOD TIME’ is in movie theatres now across North America. It comes to France (Sep 13); Australia, The Netherlands (Oct 12); Belgium (Oct 18); UK, Japan, Germany (Nov 3).

    - - -

    Good Time Official Trailer:

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  • Submarine
    Submarine Under the imminent threat of Lebanon’s 2015 garbage crisis, Hala, a wild child inside of a woman, is the only one to refuse evacuation, clinging to whatever remains of home.

    "Submarine" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here:

    Official Selection at the:
    - 69th Cannes Film Festival, Cinefondation Category | World Premiere
    - 41st Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), 2016 | North American Premiere
    - 13th Dubai International Film Festival 2016 | MENA Premiere
    - 30th South By Southwest Film Festival, 2017
    - 61st Valladolid International Film Festival (SEMINCI), Spain 2016
    - 24th Hamptons International Film Festival 2016 | US Premiere
    - 45th Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal, Canada 2016
    - 38th Cinemed Film Festival, Montpellier, France 2016
    - 48th Nashville Film Festival, USA 2017
    - 41st Atlanta Film Festival, USA 2017
    - 57th Krakow Film Festival, Poland 2017
    - 27th New Orleans Film Festival, USA 2016
    - 10th Kustendorf Film Festival, Serbia 2017
    - 23rd Palm Springs International ShortFest, California USA 2017
    - 39th Denver Film Festival, USA 2016
    - 29th FilmFest Dresden, Germany 2017
    - 2017 Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival, Michigan USA 2017
    - 9th Arab Film Festival “Beirut Cinema Days ”, Lebanon 2017 | Local Premiere
    & 50+ international film festivals

    - Muhr Jury Prize at the 13th Dubai International Film Festival, 2016
    - Liberty Global Award Best Film at the 39th Denver Film Festival
    - Honorable Mention at the 41st Atlanta Film Festival, USA 2017
    - Honorable Mention at the FIFOG Film Festival, Switzerland 2017
    - UFVA KODAK Scholarship Award, 2016
    - Best Director/Audience Choice Award/ Jury Selects at the 29th Columbia University Film Festival 2016
    - IFP Award 2016
    - James Bridges Production Grant

    Written and Directed by Mounia Akl

    Produced by Cyril Aris and Jinane Chaaya

    Co-written with Clara Roquet

    Director of Photography - Joe Saade

    Production Designer - Issa Kandil

    Music Composer - Paul Tyan

    Coproducer - Andrew Li
    Production Manager - Sonia Habib
    1rst Assistant Director - Nay Tabbara
    Art Director - Hanady Medlej, Tara Sakhi
    Wardrobe - Michella Bteiche
    Assistant Wardrobe - Line Itani
    Casting Director - Petra Serhal
    Assistant Casting Director - Ghina Abboud
    Sound Mixer - Rawad Hobeika
    Boom Operator - Jad Asmar & Elie Karam
    1st AC - Jad Tannous
    Make-up and SFX - Elie Boudjok
    Sound Designer - Cedric Kayem
    Colorist - Belal Hibri
    Editors - George Sikharulidze and Mounia Akl

    Executive producer - Lynn Raphael, Lee Posalino, Candice Abela Mikati
    Associate Producer - Farid El Khalil, Selim Mouzannar, Amal Traboulsi, Hala Akl Questa
  • ASKING ALEXANDRIA - Into The Fire (Official Music Video)
    ASKING ALEXANDRIA - Into The Fire (Official Music Video) Asking Alexandria // Into The Fire - single OUT NOW


    New album coming December 15 -- pre-orders + more details coming soon

    Directed by: Jensen Noen
    Produced by: Sam Malko
    Production by: Scissor Films
    Executive Producer: Steven Contreras


    I'm not too sure what I'm supposed to do with this

    These hands, this mind, this instability
    From a cage I created, to a hell that heaven made

    Can't let go of the hatred, cause I love the way it tastes

    I wouldn't take back a moment, not one miserable moment

    I'll give it all, 'til there's nothing
    I'd walk into the fire

    I've come to terms with the fact I'll never change

    And that's just fine, I find solace in the pain
    I don't mind the darkness, it's easy on the eyes

    I'm praying for something to make me feel alive

    I wouldn't take back a moment, not one miserable moment

    I'll give it all, 'til there nothing
    I'd walk into the fire

    I'm a paranoid, sycophant, masochistic dilettante... Narcissistic elephant in the room
    I'm the end of the world, thinning the herd, the all around outta my my mind, fucking absurd I am gone, I am gone


  • #LifeChangingPlaces - LOFOTEN - Chris Burkard
    #LifeChangingPlaces - LOFOTEN - Chris Burkard This is the first one of the mini series #LifeChangingPlaces that follows people who went to a trip that in some form changed their lives. My team and I spent 9 days on the magical island formation Lofoten in northern Norway to capture the beauty that changed Chris Burkards whole approach to photography.

    Shot on Arri Alexa and Sony a7s II
    Camera: Clemens Krüger
    Editing: Max Neumeier
    Assistant Camera: Tim Höddinghaus & Lutz Stautner
    Sound Design: Max Neumeier & Denis Elmaci
    Grading: Mike Bothe
    Line Producer: Ralf Erthle

    Production: 27 Kilometer Entertainment
    Agency: Kolle Rebbe
    Client: Lufthansa
  • Every Recycled Disney Shot & Why - Snow White, Frozen, Toy Story, Moana and More - Cartoon Hangover
    Every Recycled Disney Shot & Why - Snow White, Frozen, Toy Story, Moana and More - Cartoon Hangover Have you ever found yourself watching a Disney movie, like Frozen, Moana, or Snow White, and thought to yourself, “Hmmm...this all looks...familiar somehow”? Well, guess what - you have! Join Jacob and Cartoon Hangover as we walk you through every recycled Disney shot (almost) and talk about why.

    Special Thanks to Floyd Norman for guest starring in this episode via phone call.

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    Researched by: Patrick Fisackerly
    Written by: Patrick Fisackerly, Annushka Almendros, Nahreen Tarzi, Shelby Peake
    Hosted: Jacob Atkinson
    Edited by: Judy Tam, Nicholas Fung

    Graphics and Thumbnail by: Alexandria Batchelor
    Programming Manager: Jeremy Rosen
    Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury
    Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen

    ES_Double Or Nothing 2 - Peter Sandberg
    ES_Double Or Nothing 3 - Peter Sandberg
    ES_Eccentric Vibes 4 - Håkan Eriksson
    ES_Eccentric Vibes 7 - Håkan Eriksson
    ES_Eccentric Vibes 10 - Håkan Eriksson
    ES_Eccentric Vibes 13 - Håkan Eriksson
    ES_Eccentric Vibes 15 - Håkan Eriksson
    ES_Get Going - Jon Björk
    ES_Hobby Horse - Teddy Bergström
    ES_Jumping Cricket 1 - Martin Gauffin
    ES_Late Again - Jon Björk
    ES_Oldtime Dixieland Band 1 - Magnus Ringblom
    ES_Oldtime Dixieland Band 3 - Magnus Ringblom
    ES_War March 3 - Peter Sandberg

    Cartoon Hangover is the home for cartoons that are too weird, wild, and crazy for television. Cartoon Hangover is able to bring great characters, hilarious cartoons, and some of the highest quality animation to the Internet.
  • Field of Vision - Monument | Monumento
    Field of Vision - Monument | Monumento At Friendship Park, a unique meeting place along the US–Mexico border, family members and loved ones from both countries can see and speak to each other through a meshed fence, but they cannot touch.

    Directed by Laura Gabbert

    See more from Field of Vision here:
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing and First Impressions
    iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing and First Impressions iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing and First Impressions
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    2014 / Animated Film / B&W / 16:9 / stereo / 4min 55sec
    Direction, Drawing, Sound : Hirotoshi Iwasaki

    This work has a "motion's dépaysement" in the concept that extracts the motion from existing video and transposes and transformation to animation. When I remix reality that our own way of thinking, objects come out. It evokes the contents of unconscious mixer and also I can say it is "DARK MIXER".

    Grand Prix non-narrative short at Holland Animation Film Festival 2015
  • Fergie - Just Like You
    Fergie - Just Like You Double Dutchess: Seeing Double // The Visual Experience
    Available now -

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    Snapchat: yagirlferg fergie
  • SALA:  A Short Odyssey

    "Sala", Swahili for prayer, follows a teenage immigrant confronted by the escalating noise of an isolated mind.

    Director: Funk Brothers
    Producer: Logan Adermatt
    Exec. Producer: Rob Godwin
    DP: Ian Rigby
    Prod. Designers: Amber & Kerisa Denison
    Editors: Lin Jin & Arielle Zakowski
    Sound Recordist: Tom Colvin
    Post Prod. Sound: Unbridled Sound
    Sound Design: Jacob "Young Thor" Flack & Brent Kiser
    Supervising Sound Editor: Rickley W. Dumm, MPSE
    Re-Recording Mixer: Tom Marks, CAS
    Mixed at: BlackRock Audio, Los Angeles, CA
    Original Score: Nhung Nguyen (ft. David Tevoul)
    Steadicam Operator: Orlando Duguay & Dana Morris (aka. Super Woog)
    1st Assist. Camera: Dustin Miller
    2nd Assist. Camera: Scott Salas
    DIT: Bryce Marraro
    Colorist: Marshall Plante / NTropic

    Starring: Success Ben Wachiye
    VoiceOver Artists: Gabriel Kadidi, Jacqueline Gacheru, Terrell Adams, Reuel Pendleton, Fabienne Tournet, Giovanni Douresseau, Danielle Bankes, Paul Zecharia
  • How to Invest (and other money questions with The Financial Diet)
    How to Invest (and other money questions with The Financial Diet) I just wish I could talk to these Chelsea and Lauren about finances all day! Luckily they have a YouTube channel!

    And also a blog

    Here is them:
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  • 'PREMIUM VIOLENCE' featuring Dane Reynolds
    'PREMIUM VIOLENCE' featuring Dane Reynolds Our second collection, 'PREMIUM VIOLENCE' and accompanying film featuring Dane Reynolds online now at FORMER.XXX

    "Pale Lights" by MOUNT EERIE

    "Inside Madeline" by SWANS
  • Jackie Chan & Olivia Munn Answer Martial Arts Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED
    Jackie Chan & Olivia Munn Answer Martial Arts Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' stars Jackie Chan and Olivia Munn use the power of Twitter to answer some common martial arts questions. Jackie also teaches Olivia how to karate chop some pieces of wood and defend herself from knife attacks.

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    Jackie Chan & Olivia Munn Answer Martial Arts Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

    Jackie Chan and Olivia Munn, stars of THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE
  • Elements - Art film by Maxim Zhestkov
    Elements - Art film by Maxim Zhestkov Elements is an experimental art film by Maxim Zhestkov about nature, physics, art and love. More than 2 billion elements / particles governed by tensions and forces of nature were used to tell stories and show emotions through the motion of collective behavior.
    The film is a trial to explore the idea that everything around us and inside us is made from simple elements / blocks which can be arranged in complex relationships and become compound structures. We could project this idea into emotions, behaviours, thought processes, relationships, life, planets and the universe.

    Design / Animation / Sound by Maxim Zhestkov.

  • Joji Sets His Face on Fire While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
    Joji Sets His Face on Fire While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones Joji. Pink Guy. Filthy Frank. This week's guest is an artist of many names and many mediums. But one thing you can always count on him for are sick memes and an avant-garde sensibility about the glories and pitfalls of this strange place we call "the Internet." So what better place to unpackage it all than a black room inhabited only by a bald man and some dangerously hot chicken wings? Welcome to Hot Ones with Joji, people.

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    First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
  • Nobody Dies in Longyearbyen
    Nobody Dies in Longyearbyen What goes down must come up.

    Nobody dies in Longyearbyen, or so goes the rumor. We went to the northernmost city in the world to find out why, and stumbled into the first act of a science fiction flick about something deadly, long buried in the permafrost.

    Captions available in English, Spanish, French, and Norwegian. Let us know if you've got a language you'd like to see.
  • Film Theory: How Much is YOUR SOUL Worth? (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
    Film Theory: How Much is YOUR SOUL Worth? (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) Subscribe for More Awesome Theories! ►►
    Fullmetal Alchemist Was WRONG! ►►
    How DEADLY was Death Note? ►►

    People often say that you can’t quantify the worth of human life, but if FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST can, then so can I! Get ready, Theorists, because we’re investigating philosopher’s stones to determine the power of the human soul!

    Ariel & Hercules Are RELATED?! ►
    Wonder Woman FAILED! ►►
    A TANGLED Mess! | Tangled ►►
    How RICH is Scrooge?! | DuckTales ►
    Game of Thrones Makes Sense! ►►
    Rick's True CRIME! | Rick and Morty ►►
    Is Daenerys Going MAD?! ►►
    Will The LION KING Survive?! ►►
    Spiderman Is DEAD! ►►
    KONG's Secret Past! | Kong Skull Island ►

    Like the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF!

    Twitter: @MatPatGT
  • Wanderlust:Plose
    Wanderlust:Plose In Summer 2017 we spent a week on Plose, a mountain in South Tyrol, Italy hiking. The landscape there is simply stunning as you have a perfect view of the Dolomites, a magical little lake with perfect reflections of the mountains surrounding it and lots of little Austrian/Italian villages on your way up to this beautiful mountain. The people there couldn't have been nicer showing us their working methods and serving us their best local foods of the region.

    Video by:
    Peter Jablonowski // Thomas Pöcksteiner // Maximilian Lang // Lorenz Pritz

    Sounddesign by Alex Clement

    Equipment used:
    + Sony a7rII ( )
    + Sony a6300 ( )
    + 2x Canon 6D ( )
    + Canon 11-24mm F4 ( )
    + Canon 24-105mm F4 ( )
    + Tamron 24-70mm F2,8 ( )
    + Zeiss 24-70mm F4 ( )
    + Emotimo Spectrum
    + Pocketslider
    + Sachtler ACE M ( )
    + several Manfrotto Tripods
    + Togopod ( )
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    All shots are available in 5K or more!
    TOMB RAIDER - The FUTURE of VIDEO GAME MOVIES?? (Trailer Talk) Tomb Raider Movie Trailer:
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    Andre "Black Nerd" talks about the Tomb Raider trailer which leads to a more open discussion on if the evolution of video games could change the way movies based on video games are made.

    "Tomb Raider" trailer courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures via EPK for Black Nerd Comedy to use for press under rights of fair use. All opinions are 100% my own.

    "Black Nerd Comedy" is Geek Entertainment, Nerd News, Rants & Reviews, Pop Culture and 80's-90's Retro Nostalgia from Andre "Black Nerd" Meadows.


    Audio/Music is royalty-free from one or more of the following:
    Brett Juilly:
    Fullscreen: |
    Additional Music by Huey Esquire and Andre Meadows.
  • The Rolling Mill
    The Rolling Mill What does it mean to be self-determining in America? And what does achieving the American Dream really feel like? Not everyone gets to answer that question for themselves, and some who do may take it for granted.

    In Cumberland, Maryland, disappearing industry over the last 30 years has left the city economically depressed and half-deserted. The city’s new mayor has taken it upon himself to inspire a revitalization, and his plan starts with buying up homes in The Rolling Mill, a once vibrant neighborhood stricken by the same ills as the city. With every willing seller who leaves The Rolling Mill behind, the mayor’s plan to change Cumberland’s fortunes by building a new chain restaurant progresses. But as the face of the neighborhood they love changes so drastically, a steadfast group of long-time Rolling Mill residents have refused to relent to the city.

    Director: Dillon M. Hayes
    Cinematographer: Hayden Mason
    Editor: Nico Bovat
    Additional Editing: Dillon M. Hayes
    Aerial Photography: Joe Bagatti
    Composer: Coupler as Ryan Norris
    Sound Mix: Matt Whitson
    Titles: Noah Atkinson
    Colorist: Carol Camp
  • 5 Matte Nail Art Designs For FALL!
    5 Matte Nail Art Designs For FALL! Happy first day of Fall! In today's nail art design tutorial, we'll be showing you five different nail looks to up your autumn style :) Which one of these 5 DIY nail art designs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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    Sinful Colors - Unicorn
    OPI - A-Taupe The Space Needle
    Revlon - Marmalade
    Picture Polish - Arabian
    Mini Mani Moo - Salmon

    Detail brush “Minty 0” by Mitty

    Dotting Tool “Lots Of Dots” by Mitty

    Essence - Pretty Cool Life
    Serendipity - Cash Flow Queen
    Essence - Pure Beauty

    Stamping plate “18-03” by ÜberChic Beauty

    Stamper & Scraper by ÜberChic Beauty

    Nail art studs - eBay

    Essie - Tea & Grumpets
    Mini Mani Moo - Salmon
    Serendipity - Less Whine, More Wine!
    Loreal - I Like It Chunky

    Leaves nail art stencils by Whats Up Nails

    Make-up Sponge

    Ciaté - Superficial
    MoYou - Café au Loit

    Stamping plate “12-01” by ÜberChic Beauty

    Stamper & Scraper by ÜberChic Beauty

    Nail art studs - eBay
    Striping tape - eBay

    Indigo - Chic Nude
    Ciaté - Golden Sands
    OPI - Gaining Mole-Mentum



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    ✦ Fix A Broken Nail Fast:

    ✦ Prep Your Nails Before Painting Them:

    ✦ Dry Your Nails Fast:

    ✦ Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish:

    ✦ My Nail Care Routine:

    ✦ 5 Steps To Growing Long, Strong, and Beautiful Nails:

    ✦ 5 Ways To Clean Up Your Nails Perfectly:


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    If you recreate any of these nail designs, show us using the hashtag #cutepolish!



    Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


    CutePolish is the original nail art channel of YouTube. Sandi Crystal Ball keeps her fans on top of the hottest nail art designs, DIY nail techniques, and latest nail polish styles that are currently trending. She has been teaching them easy ways to pull-off impressive nail art looks since the beginning of 2010.

    CutePolish has recently expanded to include 4 more of the internet's top nail artists. Hannah, Juli, Minnie, and Miri have all joined Sandi to help bring new DIY nail art design videos every week.

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  • PARFUM FRAISE | Animation Short Film 2017 - GOBELINS
    PARFUM FRAISE | Animation Short Film 2017 - GOBELINS Synopsis :
    Makoto met tout en oeuvre pour être un père exemplaire avec son fils Kazuki. En dépit de tous ses efforts, la violence de son passé le hante, et il n'a d'autre choix que de s’y confronter, malgré la présence de son fils à qui il avait jusque-là, toujours tout caché.

    Makoto is doing his best to raise his 7 years old son Kazuki. Despite his best intentions, the violence that was once his life comes back to bite him, and he will have no choice but to face it, before the eyes of his son, who he always tried to protect.

    Réalisateurs/Directors :
    Samuel KLUGHERTZ
    Alix ARRAULT
    Jules RIGOLLE
    Martin HURMANE

    Contact Production :
    GOBELINS, l'école de l'image : Moïra Marguin,

    Contact Festival :
    GOBELINS, l'école de l'image : Luce Grosjean,

    Distribution :
    La distribution des films produits par GOBELINS, l'école de l'image est assurée par L'Agence du court métrage.
    Contact :

    Retrouvez GOBELINS sur :
    Site internet :
    Facebook :
    Twitter :
  • Rams vs. 49ers | NFL Week 3 Game Highlights
    Rams vs. 49ers | NFL Week 3 Game Highlights The Los Angeles Rams take on the San Francisco 49ers during Week 3 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  • Non Believer
    Non Believer Starring: Karelle Tremblay

    Director: Jodeb
    Produced by PRETTYBIRD
    Exec Producer: Juliette Larthe
    Producer: Hannah May
    ​​​​​​​Director's rep: Joceline Gabriel

    Montreal Line Production: c/o Colossale
    Exec Producer, Montreal: Vlad Cojocaru
    Line Producer, Montreal: Nicolas J. Smith
    1st AD: Alexandre Auray

    DOP: Christophe Collette
    Art Director: Sylvain Lemaitre
    Wardrobe Stylist: Andrée-Jade Hélie
    Edit & VFX: Jodeb

    Special thanks: Peter Henry Phillips

    Music by London Grammar
  • ZAYN "Dusk Till Dawn" ft. Sia - The Key of Awesome UNPLUGGED!
    ZAYN "Dusk Till Dawn" ft. Sia - The Key of Awesome UNPLUGGED! The KOA Unplugged Crew offers their take on Zayn’s latest jam/art film. Spoiler alert: They poke some fun. I'm not gonna lie, there are some good natured jibes and japes being thrown about!

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    Sia Vocals: Tatiana Owens
    Zayn Vocals: Sam Nulton
    Cajon: Johnny Burgos
    Keys: Doug Larsen
    Guitar & Lyrics: Mark Douglas

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  • Scotland - Lochs, Mountains & Light
    Scotland - Lochs, Mountains & Light This is a short film showing the incredible light and landscape of some of the Scottish mountains and lochs.

    Driving around Scotland in a van is an experience that surpassed expectations, even though they were high to begin with.
    The reason for the trip was a location recce for an upcoming short film project, it's safe to say we found some stunning locations.
    We had only 6 days. It just wasn't enough. There is so much to see and I just wanted to stop and take it all in.

    For photos from the trip:

    Camera: A7sii, Phantom 4 Pro+
    Lenses: Canon 24-70mm 2.8 - Canon 70-200mm 2.8 II
    Cut and graded in Premier Pro using FilmConvert

    Shot and cut by: Adam Stocker
    Music: Ben Winwood - Reunion. From
  • How the Massive Equifax Data Breach Happened
    How the Massive Equifax Data Breach Happened There was a massive data breach in the United States, and chances are you're probably affected by it. While Hank can't undo what was done, he can give you some insight into how it all went down.
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    سلطان الخليفي, Piya Shedden, KatieMarie Magnone, Scott Satovsky Jr, Bella Nash, Charles Southerland, Patrick D. Ashmore, Tim Curwick, charles george, Kevin Bealer, Philippe von Bergen, Chris Peters, Fatima Iqbal
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    (unofficial) HISTORY OF THE NATIONAL PARKS National parks are hard.

    Made by -- Ryan Maxey:
    Made Possible By -- Parks Project:

    Shout out -- Bill Wertz:
    Shout out -- Ken Burns and PBS:
  • Lecrae - Facts (Audio)
    Lecrae - Facts (Audio) Get "Facts" when you purchase Lecrae's new album 'All Things Work Together' available here:

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  • Into the Deluge
    Into the Deluge As Harvey's rains bore down on Texas, a 911 dispatcher and a pastor's daughter felt nature at its fiercest — and saw humanity at its best.

  • WALK THE MOON - One Foot (Official Video)
    WALK THE MOON - One Foot (Official Video) Get WALK THE MOON's “One Foot” Now:
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    SHOWER A man enters the shower after working out, but is soon side tracked by an unidentified noise. He decides to seek out the source and enters a situation that leave him completely exposed.

    Cast: Svend Erichsen and Per Magnus Barlaug

    Written and directed by Henry K. Norvalls
    Produced by Line Dalheim and Henry K. Norvalls
    Director of Cinematography by Åsmund Hasli
    Edited by Thomas Grotmol
    Sound and sound design by Inger Elise Holm

    FOLKEFIENDER (production company):
  • Ryan Seacrest On Mariah Carey’s Disastrous NYE Performance | WWHL
    Ryan Seacrest On Mariah Carey’s Disastrous NYE Performance | WWHL A WWHL caller asks host Ryan Seacrest what he thought about Mariah Carey alluding to the fact that the production crew was responsible for her disastrous 2016 New Year’s Eve performance.
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    'Watch What Happens: Live' is Bravo's late-night, interactive talk show that features guests from the world of entertainment, politics, and pop culture. Hosted by Andy Cohen, the series includes lively debates on everything from fashion, the latest on everyone's favorite Bravolebrities, and what celebrity is making headlines that week. Past guests who have joined Cohen in the Bravo Clubhouse include Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Liam Neeson, Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Anderson Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lance Bass.

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    Ryan Seacrest On Mariah Carey’s Disastrous NYE Performance | WWHL
  • BECK - Up All Night
    BECK - Up All Night
  • Types Of Guys Your BFF Dates (ft. Alex Wassabi & LaurDIY)
    Types Of Guys Your BFF Dates (ft. Alex Wassabi & LaurDIY) TYPES OF GUYS YOUR BFF DATES (ft. Alex Wassabi & LaurDIY)
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