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  • Explosions in the Sky - The Ecstatics (Official Video)
    Explosions in the Sky - The Ecstatics (Official Video) A stop-motion animated music video for one of my favorite bands, Explosions in the Sky. Everything was shot in camera using paper, projections and translucent materials like plastic and glass. The band's brief was to create something inspired by "wilderness of the mind." I thought of the beautiful chaos that is in the mind space and how that space has a multitude of transitions, whether it’s a transition from life to death or going from unknowing to knowing.
    Watch Making of here:

    Directed by Hayley Morris:
    Glass Blowers-Cindy Del Rio & Arden Wren Sawyer
    Fabrication-Hayley Morris & Randy Bretzin
    Record Label: Constant Artists

    Off the new album The Wilderness
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  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
    Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX “Kingsman: The Secret Service" introduced the world to Kingsman - an independent, international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discretion, whose ultimate goal is to keep the world safe. In "Kingsman: The Golden Circle," our heroes face a new challenge. When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US called Statesman, dating back to the day they were both founded. In a new adventure that tests their agents' strength and wits to the limit, these two elite secret organizations band together to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world, something that's becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy...

    In Theaters - September 22, 2017

    Written by Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn, based upon the comic book by Mark Millar & Dave Gibbons

    Cast: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Halle Berry, with Sir Elton John, Channing Tatum, and Jeff Bridges


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    Official YouTube Channel for 20th Century Fox Movies. Home of Avatar, Aliens, X-Men, Die Hard, Deadpool, Ice Age, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rio, Peanuts, Maze Runner, Planet of the Apes, Wolverine and many more.

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    Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
  • The Midnight Service - Home Invasion
    The Midnight Service - Home Invasion The Midnight Service is a scripted true-crime series about the unknown across America.

    This is the pilot episode, which premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

    If you have any information about the disappearance of Quincy Lamon call 518.303.2380

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  • Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
    Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner hold an incredible amount of political power. That's troubling considering their incredibly small amount of political experience.

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  • Perfectly Normal
    Perfectly Normal I was introduced to Jordan, the effervescent subject of this Op-Doc, by a mutual friend; we met for lunch at his favorite deli in Los Angeles, where we live. That day, we waded through a getting-to-know-you conversation that somehow felt both more awkward and less awkward than most of its kind. Jordan has Asperger’s syndrome, and so he often gets pulled into his own world, one that can seem chaotic and isolated from ours. But he has learned to make deliberate choices to stay present in reality.

    I found myself pleasantly surprised by the quick-witted middle-aged man having lunch across from me. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and movies, and a strikingly clever sense of humor. So I was intrigued. The lunch became the first of many meetings we shared over the course of many months, before we started filming this Op-Doc more than a year later.

    Autism and Asperger’s syndrome, which is often considered a high-functioning form of autism, can manifest through a wide spectrum of symptoms; the severity and range of consequences vary depending on the individual. Sometimes these symptoms are barely noticeable, but on the other hand, around 40 percent of autistic children do not speak. (Symptoms often lessen by adulthood.)

    In Jordan’s case, he lives independently, holds a job, and manages his own personal finances. He has a relationship with a woman named Toni who has multiple disabilities herself. But more importantly, he is self-aware, self-accepting, caring, with a strong ability to analyze and speak about his condition with others. He understands how he is different, and he has created a coping mechanism for himself that enables him to function in society and pursue his interests in the arts as an escape when it all becomes too much for him. It is these qualities that I wanted to emphasize in this film. I wanted Jordan himself to tell us his story instead of it being formulated out of impressions from the perspective of an outsider. A strong self-advocate, Jordan argues that he is not a disabled person, but merely a person with a disability. Someone from whom those he calls “normal people” could learn. Besides, he will argue, “everybody is not completely normal” anyway.

    So much more research and support is needed to enable people with autism. There are no limits to what beautiful minds like Jordan’s can help us make of this world.

    Official Selection SXSW Film Festival 2017.
    Official Selection Camerimage Film Festival 2016.
    Official Selection Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2017.
    Official Selection Cinequest International Film & VR Festival 2017. (Winner Best Short Documentary)
    Official Selection Oxford International Film Festival 2017.
    Official Selection Raw Film Festival 2017.
    Official Selection Athens Film + Video Festival 2017.
    Official Selection Newport Beach Film Festival 2017.
    A POWERFUL STORY ABOUT LIFE The Fisherman vs The Industrialist

    Keep in touch with me around the web for more inspiring content. // @PrinceEa

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  • Colorscope - White - CNN
    Colorscope - White - CNN The Dark Truth Behind White

    Working with CNN I directed and animated an episode of Colorscope, a series exploring the secret truths behind colour.

    Client - CNN
    Production - Sarah-Grace Mankarious
    Direction / Animation - Jocie Juritz
    Writing / Narration - Dr James Fox
  • How J.Lo Met A-Rod
    How J.Lo Met A-Rod Superstar Jennifer Lopez spilled all the details about meeting former pro-baseball player and current boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Talk about a home run!
  • 【360° Movie】Tokyo Light Odyssey (Full)
    【360° Movie】Tokyo Light Odyssey (Full) About the Work
    From the lights of skyscrapers and homes, to the neon street lights and headlamps of cars and trains in motion… fragments of the city float like stardust out of the darkness against the curtain of the night sky. This new vision of Tokyo is explored with omnidirectional motion graphics.

    This work was born from ‘Beyond Motion Graphics’ ( ) an internal company project at WOW aimed at exploring new possibilities for motion graphics. In using VR technology, consideration was given as to what kind of images to showcase and express as pieces of art.


    本作は、モーショングラフィックスの新たな可能性を問うWOWの社内プロジェクト「Beyond Motion Graphics」( )から誕生。VRの技術的側面に加え、それによって切り拓かれるべき映像=アートとしての表現性に注目した。

    Art Director / Designer:Nakazi Takuma, Moriwaki Daisuke, Kudo Kaoru
    Designer:Miyajima Tsutomu, Kojima Kazunori, Makino Shigeru, Sasaki Takuma, Kitabatake Ryo, Takagishi Hiroshi, Tanaka Kenji, Horai Misaki
  • Introducing the Kitty Hawk Flyer
    Introducing the Kitty Hawk Flyer The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a new, all-electric aircraft. It is safe, tested and legal to operate in the United States in uncongested areas under the Ultralight category of FAA regulations. We’ve designed our first version specifically to fly over water. You don’t need a pilot’s license and you’ll learn to fly it in minutes. To learn more, visit
  • How Nature Documentaries Are Fake
    How Nature Documentaries Are Fake Everyone loves BBC's Planet Earth, but how much of it is real?

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    Host and Creator - Simon Cade
    Assistant Editor - Jamie McKernan

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  • We Can't Believe This Worked!!
    We Can't Believe This Worked!! Baby Girl Zoey was surrendered to a shelter after being hit by a car. With a head wound and her hips broken in so many places, Dr. Karri and her crew were not too optimistic when this girl was brought in, but they did what they do best and fought hard to save her!

    Vet Ranch Shirts!!!

    If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit our partners at to learn more and to donate if you would like. Abandoned Pet Project is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit organization. There is no shortage of pets in need, so every donation means more lives we can positively change.

    Music: by the band "Ruth". Ruth has given express written permission for the use of these songs in Vet Ranch videos.
  • Why I drink
    Why I drink A comment on mind altering substances.

    Written & Directed by Ben Fitzgerald
    Cinematography by Jake Hunter
    1st AC Miller Best
    2nd AC Sam Powyer
    Sound by Billy Guest
    Stylist Isabella Mamas
    Make Up & Hair by Sophia Mouftakir
    Animal Wrangler Isabella Rodger

    CAST: in order of appearance
    Shelby Hamilton
    Ruby Veliks
    Ross Sinclair
    Ross Howe
    Miles Harold
    Hugh Harold
    Angus Harold
    Tom Loveder

    Shot on Kodak 16mm film

    In association with EXIT Films
  • $7 Secret Menu Vs. $2,500 Secret Menu
    $7 Secret Menu Vs. $2,500 Secret Menu “Sometimes, secrets seem too good to be true.”

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    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Monkey Funk_30Edit
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

    Licensed via Audio Network
    SFX Provided By AudioBlocks

    Created by

    Rafiq Salim
    Mark Rosati
    Richard Farnabe
  • A Sense of Wonder
    A Sense of Wonder A vast silence swallows the sound. A kingdom of mountains rise majestically toward the heavens. A call of the wild to a wandering soul.

    Directed, filmed & edited by

    Mathieu Le Lay

    Music by

    Franck Zaragoza - Ocoeur

    Audio mix by
    Laurent Mollard - Gaïné Studio

    Words by

    Benjamin Dowie

    © Mathieu Le Lay - 2017
  • Charlie Puth - Attention [Official Video]
    Charlie Puth - Attention [Official Video] Download and Stream "Attention":

    Written By: Charlie Puth and Jacob Kasher
    Produced By: Charlie Puth
    Vocal Production: Charlie Puth
    Instruments: Korg Triton Studio, Juno 60, Omnisphere, Trillian for the Bass, Rhodes 77, Yamaha DX7, Pro Tools I2, Fender Stratocaster, Martin HD-28 Acoustic
    Mixed By: Manny Marroquin & Charlie Puth at Larrabee Sound Studios
    Recorded At: Home Studio of Charlie Puth & Tour Bus of Charlie Puth
    Mastered By: Dave Kutch at the Mastering Palace

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  • Preserving One Square Inch of Silence
    Preserving One Square Inch of Silence Gordon Hempton is on a personal quest to preserve silence in nature. The “sound-tracker” circles the globe recording vanishing sounds, including the most elusive one of all: silence. In 2005, Hempton resolved to find the quietest place in Washington's Hoh rainforest, itself a haven of silence. According to Hempton, the area he found is precisely one square inch. But that little area of quiet—which holds incredible value for the Earth—is endangered. Now, Hempton is determined to protect it from noise pollution like overpassing jets, lest we lose one of our country’s last remaining silent places.
  • Gorillaz - The Apprentice (Official Audio)
    Gorillaz - The Apprentice (Official Audio) Featuring Rag‘n’Bone Man, Zebra Katz & RAY BLK.

    Listen/download & pre-order:

    Track is taken from the new album Humanz (Deluxe CD, Download and Stream), out April 28.
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  • I Love Luci
    I Love Luci A comedy of missing teeth, unrequited love and one dog's potential to shape the fortunes of a couple destined never to be together.

    Writer / Director: Colin Kennedy
    Producer: Brian Coffey
    Cast: Camilla Rutherford, Colin Harris

    Sigma Filma / Scottish Screen / EM Media / Screen WM / Zentropa
  • What South Koreans Think Of America | ASIAN BOSS
    What South Koreans Think Of America | ASIAN BOSS Watch Part 1 of the "What Asians think of America" series here:

    In this second installment of the "What Asians think of America" series, we asked South Koreans to share their honest thoughts about America and Americans. Some of their answers were surprising to say the least.

    The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general South Korean population.

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  • La Caverna
    La Caverna La Caverna is an self-initiated project.

    A 2d animation inspired by Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" and surrealism; both a quest for the truth and the acceptance of the illusion we live in.


    Direction: Hello Savants!
    Animation and illustration: Hello Savants!
    Composition and sound design: Massimo Cervini -
    Mastering: Umberto Ugoberti -
  • [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Can’t Help Falling in Love – Pentatonix






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  • SAVE ME - Concept, Design, Direction and Animation  by Trizz
    SAVE ME - Concept, Design, Direction and Animation by Trizz Months of craft, ideas and styling have gone into our latest self-initiated project, developed and hand made at Trizz, the creative animation studio out of Barcelona known for its artful directing, design and animation on commercials.

    “Save Me” is a new music video that touches the soul and essence of a young boys inner creative battles and is scored with heart felt music (soon to be independently released out of Portland).

    The boy protagonist, Rafa, lives in the world of a sensitive, young country kid who is overloaded with imagination and confronted with the possibilities of self-expression and technology. Intentionally the core story is shaped with a naïve simplicity and hints at the places where inspiration evolves.

    “Save Me” started off as a 5 seconds test project. Trizz director and co-founder Oriol Puig was drawn to the musician's song, called him up for a chat which ended up triggering a 4 minute original film to the music.

    The design concept of mixed media, with an emphasis on photo realistic rendering, was integral to deepening the story mood.

    Starting with the boy character Rafa, who was modelled and animated in 3d to look like an older technique of hand made claymation, our team then built the miniature house out of wood and mini tiles and lots of glue and nestled it all within a real forest - little plants from the local garden centre that provided the set for capturing real filmed backgrounds.

    With the 3d animation completed, our illustrator then drew and animated the 2d “interactive sky” effects and finally everything was rendered together and composed into the master film.

    Visually and musically, this story speaks of the creative process in all of us - and shows that sometimes during the discovery for implementing an idea, that there are waves of inspiration, frustration, anger and surprise.

    In the end there is a very positive outcome, scaling a personal edge we also learn something new about ourselves.



    Music by: Fernando Viciconte
    Track: Save Me

    Original Idea / Script: Trizz
    Director: Oriol Puig and the Trizz team
    Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
    3D Supervisor: Oriol Mayolas
    Animation Director: Hugo García
    2D design and animation: Javier Vaquero
    Art Direction: Oriol Puig / Oriol Mayolas
    Set Design: Albert García Vila
    Set Construction: Albert García Vila / Laura Ibañez
    Animators: Hugo García / David Llopis
    Modeling: Oriol Mayolas
    Modeling ( hair ): Kepa Casado
    Additional Modeling: Ariadna Ollé / Luis Guzmán
    Compositing: Oriol Puig
    Rigging: Joan Buhigas
    Cloth Animation: Joan Buhigas / Ariadna Ollé
    Additional 2D animation: Bojan Pantelic
    3D scanning: Oriol Mayolas / Ariadna Ollé
    Editing: Oriol Puig / Oriol Vives
    Making Of: Ariadna Ollé
  • How EVERY Nickelback song is written
    How EVERY Nickelback song is written WIDELY REQUESTED in the comments and in personal messages, I didn't understand the flak this band received until I listened to their music in preparation for this video. Now I do LOL

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  • Weightless
    Weightless Professional bull rider Cody Campbell reaches a breaking point in his career.


    Director: Jesse Rosten |
    Director of Photography: Matt Jeppsen |
    AC: Cameron Carey
    Grip/Electric: Sasquatch Lighting
    Phantom Tech: Daniel Hurst
    Sound: Derek Ecklund
    Music written and performed by: Robin Dupuy |
    Sound Design: Nick Nylen |
    Color: Martin Melnick | Treehouse Post

    Special thanks to Michael Mace at Mossyrock Cattle Company, David Danton, Braiden & Colt Johnson, JT Marshell, and Jace Catlin.

    Extra special thanks to Koerner Camera for the lenses
  • Why Philadelphia has thousands of murals
    Why Philadelphia has thousands of murals Philly has thousands of murals. How did it happen? In this episode of Vox Almanac, Phil Edwards finds out.

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    Philadelphia's mural arts program started in the 1980s as an anti-graffiti initiative under Mayor Wilson Goode. But founder Jane Golden took the idea far from its anti-graffiti roots.

    Today, Mural Arts Philadelphia is a large public art organization that innovates through public and private funds. These murals increase property values, draw in tourists, and help employ the artists creating them. In addition to that, the public art can be a tool for communities to express themselves.

    Famous Philadelphia murals have included works by Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring, Meg Saligman, and many others. That makes it a unique model of public art for cities around the world. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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  • STOP
    STOP "Full disclosure: after watching it three times, I’d go so far as to call it a short film masterpiece [...] Stop is a quiet tour-de-force, a pent up cry for humanity and fairness in a system that feeds off its own worst instincts."
    -Mike Tully, Hammer to Nail (

    "Reinaldo Marcus Green’s gripping nine-minute drama, shot in two nights on location in Red Hook, Brooklyn, centers around a student athlete who is stopped by the police for no other reason than the color of his skin. Displaying real filmmaking finesse, 'Stop' is a timely tale well told."
    --Kim Adelman, indieWIRE (

    "A riveting, tension-filled short that studies the uncomfortable details apparent in racial profiling."
    --Erik Luers, indieWIRE (

    "Probably one of the most important and timely shorts for America this year. Reinaldo Marcus Green's film addresses the upsetting aspects of New York City's stop-and-frisk policies with sensitivity and insight."
    -Jeff Bowers, VICE (

    "The film packs a lot in nine minutes with its timely topic and subtle hand."
    --Maddy Kadish, Independent (

    "References to slain teen Trayvon Martin and the recent racially charged events of Ferguson and New York City surfaced in direct and subtle ways throughout the festival, but the most powerful was NYU student Reinaldo Marcus Green’s nine-minute short Stop"
    --Julie Bramowitz, VOGUE (

    "Reinaldo Marcus Green On Going From Working At Chuck E. Cheese To Playing His Film At Tribeca"
    --Mary Angelica Molina, REMEZCLA (

    "Gripping Take on the NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Policy. It's also an Adweek Watch Awards winner."
    --Michael Bürgi, Adweek

    Sundance Film Festival (World Premiere), Hammer to Nail (Runner Up) Omaha Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Annapolis Film Festival, Aspen Shortsfest, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Chicago Critics Film Festival, Twister Alley Film Festival, Berkshire International Film Festival, Rooftop Films, Milwaukee Film Festival, Monadnock Film Festival, West Chester Film Festival, Longstory Shorts Film Festival, First Run Film Festival, Rainier Independent Film Festival,Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, St. Cloud Film Festival (Grand Jury Prize), Los Angeles Film Festival, Oak Cliff Film Festival, Cayman Islands Film Festival, Indy Film Fest, Guanajuato International Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festiva (25 New Faces)l, BFI London Film Festival,Bend Film Festival, Nitehawk Film Festival, Wandering Reel Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival (Finland),

    *National Board of Review (Student Grant Winner)
    *Adweek Watch Awards (Winner Best Drama Video)
    *Rooftop Films Special Screening, The Frame
    *Short of the Week
    *VICE Best Online Shorts 2015

    Contact: | | twitter: @greenbrosfilms
  • Rashad and Emma’s Tango  -  Dancing with the Stars
    Rashad and Emma’s Tango - Dancing with the Stars Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater Tango to "Reach Out I’ll Be There" by Four Tops on Dancing with the Stars' Season 24 Boy Band vs Girl Groups Night!

    Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8|7c on ABC!
  • Project Literacy - The Alphabet Of Illiteracy
    Project Literacy - The Alphabet Of Illiteracy Felt produced the music for the film at the heart of the campaign. Pearson's animated viral 'The Alphabet of Illiteracy' is based on sculptor Wilfrid Wood's work and cycles through twenty six distinct issues caused or worsened by illiteracy. Felt created an adaptation of the the song 'A - You're Adorable' most famously sung by Perry Como and the Fontane Sisters. The adaptation was performed by singer songwriter Malory Torr.

    Production Company - 1stAveMachine London |
  • KUWTK | Scott Disick's Dubai Trip Sends Kourtney Into a Fury | E!
    KUWTK | Scott Disick's Dubai Trip Sends Kourtney Into a Fury | E! When Scott finds out Kourtney is hanging with another guy, it sends him over the edge. See Kourt's reaction on "Kardashians" Sunday at 9|8c.


    About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
    Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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    KUWTK | Scott Disick's Dubai Trip Sends Kourtney Into a Fury | E!
  • Bernard Kerr - Queenstown Dreaming
    Bernard Kerr - Queenstown Dreaming Bernard Kerr spends his winter down in the southern side of the world preparing for his Crankworx and World Cup season. In this new edit, he hits iconic locations around town and the infamous and newly revamped Dream Track.
  • SUPERHERO VACATION | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, & Jimmy Tatro
    SUPERHERO VACATION | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, & Jimmy Tatro WATCH MY LAST VIDEO ▶


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  • Anatomy
    Anatomy An anatomical PowerPoint presentation about why a man has become what he is. Categorically, from toe to top, the sore spots of his medical history gets its explanation through a liberating dark and very humorous film about life and its conditions.
  • Deshaun Watson Interviews Fans About Deshaun Watson | Undercover
    Deshaun Watson Interviews Fans About Deshaun Watson | Undercover Top NFL Draft quarterback prospect Deshaun Watson hits the streets of Philadelphia to interview football fans about a variety of top prospects. As a not-so-undercover interviewer for DraftKings TV, he gets fans' thoughts on QBs like Mitch Trubisky, DeShone Kizer, Patrick Mahomes, and of course, the former Clemson star Deshaun Watson—whom he seems to know an awful lot about....

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  • A.D. 1363, the End of Chivalry
    A.D. 1363, the End of Chivalry Sundance 2015 premiere
    A depiction of the historical catastrophe, which led to the end of the heroic era of chivalry.
    Sundance 2015, Melbourne, Florida, Hamburg (Audience awards), Leeds (Audience award series), Show Me Shorts NZ, Berkshires, BAM Cinematek, Clermont-Ferrand (nom), Lyons International Film Festival (Best Fiction nom), OpenAir Auckland, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Boonies, Montclair, Chattanooga, Nashville, Sleepwalkers, Mudgee, St. Cloud, Prokuplje, Tabor, Sydney, Traverse City, L'etrange (nom), and others...
  • Dirty Dancing - Reboot Promo
    Dirty Dancing - Reboot Promo Abigail Breslin, Debra Messing, Bruce Greenwood, Nicole Scherzinger, Sarah Hyland, Tony Roberts, Katey Sagal and Billy Dee Williams, along with rising stars Colt Prattes and J. Quinton Johnson, headline the stellar cast in a new adaptation of the global pop-cultural phenomenon “Dirty Dancing,” premiering WEDNESDAY, MAY 24 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. The special three-hour filmed musical event features the story from the beloved 1987 romantic drama and instant movie classic told from a fresh perspective, diving deeper into the iconic characters, showcasing their progression and tackling social themes like race, women’s rights and the socio-economic division in the country at that time.
    FOREVER AFTER Short film about Sara, who is confronted with the meaning of life in a world full of colourful leggings, hipsters, unemployment and after parties.
    Selected for Competition at Palm Springs, Premiers Plans Angers, London Short IFF and Cinefest amongst other..

    Writer & director: Charlotte Scott-Wilson Cinematography: Paul Ozgur Editor: Godelinde Pollmann Sound design: Tom Jansen Production design: Anne van't Hek Costume: Rianne Mertens Poster design: Teddy Mathias
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Movie Review
    Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Movie Review The Guardians are back! This time, they meet Star Lord's dad! Does it live up to the hype, or at least the first movie? Here's my review of "Guardians of the Galaxy: vol 2"!

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  • Johnny Physical Lives
    Johnny Physical Lives 'Johnny Physical Lives' is this week's Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it here:

    Written, produced and directed by Joshua Neuman
    Produced, edited and cinematography by Pete Lee
    Animation by
    Additional footage by Albert Maysles
    Executive producers: Edet Belzberg and Trevor Hall
    Co-producers: Kimya Dawson and Jeremy Wang-Iverson
  • Saco River Epic Bridge Jumping Fail
    Saco River Epic Bridge Jumping Fail Saco river trip summer 2012, dude decided to jump off a bridge and it didn't go too well.

    Instagram: @thevacalifestyle
    Twitter: @khaimartin

    Video Credit to Mike Picard
    SPIN DREAMS "Images in popular culture still relegate pole dancing to the status of provocative ornament.
    The perception is not that of an athlete, rather of a calendar girl or sexual fantasy. While I didn’t intend to shame its sexualized form, I wanted to show the sacrifice, commitment, and determination required to become a top-ranked competitive pole dancer.”

    Writer/Director // Francesco Calabrese
    DP // Mauro Chiarello
    Editor // Marcello Sanna
    Music // Mark Yaeger
    Pole Dancer // Anna-Maija Nyman
    VoiceOver & Still Photography // Elis Jolie
    Sound // Chris Blake @OperaMusic
    Color // Orash Rahnema @IggyPost
    Styling // Yosephine Melfi
    Prod Design // Alice Rocchetta
    Makeup & Hair // Diana DeVita
    Production // Section 80
    in collaboration with Bravò
    Ex. Producer // Marco Orlando
    Producer // Caterina Colombo
    Casting // Filippo Bernabei

    Premiered on NOWNESS
    PIZZA INSIDE A BURGER INSIDE A PIZZA Ever wonder what it tastes like to have an entire double sided pizza inside a burger? It's along the same lines as a horrible life choice, but let's take our bad decision a step further and encase this between two pizzas. Now you can at least commit to being an idiot.

    NEXT VIDEO: coming soon...

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    Burger inside a Pizza:


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    See Full Recipe Details @
    Pizza inside a Burger inside a Pizza
    8444 Calories

    Prep: 15 minutes
    Cook Time: 30 minutes
    • Pizza Pans

    • 1 Personal Sized Frozen Pizza
    • 2 Medium Sized Frozen Pizzas
    • 3 Lbs Ground Beef (80/20)
    • Pizza Sauce
    • Mozzarella
    • Pepperoni
    • Other Toppings
    Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

    ES_Hostile Takeover 7 - Jan Chmelar
    ES_Classical Lively Orchestral - Gavin Luke
    ES_Pet Animals 2 - Magnus Ringblom
    ES_Moody Tunes 2 - Peter Sandberg
    ES_Tunnel Vision 3 - Jack Elphick
    ES_Humanoid 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
    ES_Manhattan - Cecilia Lindh
    ES_Everything Must End (Late Youngin Remix) - Sture Zetterberg
    ES_I Just Wanna Dance - Loving Caliber
  • Infinite Scroll
    Infinite Scroll An animated short about the prefabrication of social media.

    See more at

    Illustration / Animation / Sound - Peter Henderson
    Music - Heno
  • Former President Obama: "So, uh, what's been going on while I've been gone?" (C-SPAN)
    Former President Obama: "So, uh, what's been going on while I've been gone?" (C-SPAN) Former President Barack Obama begins panel discussion at The University of Chicago: "So, uh, what's been going on while I've been gone?" Full video here:
  • Hollywood's Greatest Trick
    Hollywood's Greatest Trick Visual effects artists are responsible for some of the most iconic moments in movie history. The top 10 highest grossing films of 2016 all contained computer generated imagery. But while Hollywood's profits grow, visual effects artists struggle for fair pay, representation and recognition beyond the most prestigious award in film — an Oscar.

    Read more here:
  • Taye Diggs Performs "Vogue" by Madonna | Lip Sync Battle Preview
    Taye Diggs Performs "Vogue" by Madonna | Lip Sync Battle Preview Taye Diggs strikes a pose for his Lip Sync Battle with Ne-Yo. Thursdays at 10/9c on Spike. Subscribe to Lip Sync Battle:

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  • Get Staffed
    Get Staffed Ever wondered what your life would be like if you sold all your stuff and spent the money hiring people to do whatever you wanted? A short comedy film that follows the story of a man who did just that.
    Directing duo, Big Red Button team up with rising comedian Jack Barry to bring you this amusing sketch made through Biscuit Filmworks. Why not help the economy and #getStaffed yourself.
  • We Made a GENERIC COUNTRY SONG parody
    We Made a GENERIC COUNTRY SONG parody Using your comments we made a country song! I actually think it's really catchy and my country voice is surprisingly convincing if I do say so myself. Let me know what you guys think and comment a love song lyric!!
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    outro song:
  • YLVIS - Ytterst på tissen
    YLVIS - Ytterst på tissen This music video takes Ylvis for an exhilarating ride through outer space, dodging stars, planets and penis-shaped galaxies, on their mission to educate foreign species about the wonders of the male genitalia. English title: On the tip of the willy
  • Of Mice & Men - Unbreakable (Official Music Video)
    Of Mice & Men - Unbreakable (Official Music Video) Stream/download "Unbreakable" here:

    There are weapons in the sound,
    And they echo all around.
    You feel the bitter sting as you fall to the ground.

    Memories and plans forgone,
    Pave the way for fear to spawn,
    To find a vein to feast upon.
    Hoping I become undone.

    But I'm not afraid,

    I'm unbreakable
    Can't defeat me, though I'm bleeding
    Though I'm bending, I'll never break.

    Throwing caution to the wind,
    Learning how to fight again,
    I carry on regardless of the shape I'm in.

    Every torch and pitchfork thrown.
    Only makes the fire grow.
    When it engulfs you, you will know.
    That I will not be overthrown.

    And I'm not afraid,

    I'm unbreakable
    Can't defeat me, though I'm bleeding
    Though I'm bending, I'll never break.

    Through the firestorm, I will remain,
    And you will know where you stand.

    I'm not afraid,

    I'm unbreakable
    Can't defeat me, though I'm bleeding
    Though I'm bending, I'll never break.


    Directed by Max Moore
  • Hokkaido Calling
    Hokkaido Calling “Is it possible to stand where no one has before?.”
    In search for the less obvious, Sam Smoothy Jeremie Heitz and Dane Tudor set out to explore Hokkaido, an island with over 15 metres of annual snowfall. And in looking for something different, they found something else.

    We are excited to release our latest collaboration with Audi Canada.
    More info can be found here:
  • Trump's 100 Day Mark, Do Voters Have Buyers’ Remorse? | The View
    Trump's 100 Day Mark, Do Voters Have Buyers’ Remorse? | The View
  • Oligarchia s01e01 - Oligorgia
    Oligarchia s01e01 - Oligorgia Directed by Balázs Turai and Nándor Bera, sound design by Peter B. Lukács, music by Benjamin Efrati. Produced by Fakt.
  • Celebs Who Quietly Work A Regular Job
    Celebs Who Quietly Work A Regular Job If you're new, Subscribe! →

    You'd think being rich and famous would be enough to occupy a celebrity's time, but for some celebs, there's more to life than being in the limelight. Some of these stars put in hours at their side gig solely as a passion project. But others could actually support themselves on their moonlighting efforts should they ever find themselves cast out of showbiz. Here are some celebs who quietly work a regular job...

    Jeremy Renner | 0:23
    Prince William | 1:10
    Daniel Day-Lewis | 1:46
    Nick Offerman | 2:17
    Tom Selleck | 3:19
    James Franco | 3:46
    Erykah Badu | 4:19
    Kevin Costner | 4:56
    Lenny Kravitz | 5:33
    Steven Seagal | 6:05

    Read more here →

    Celebrity Secrets

    The Real Reason Alicia Keys Stopped Wearing Makeup

    4 Strange Secrets Will Smith's Family Tried To Hide

    Why Hollywood Dropped Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Stars Who Are Only In Relationships For The Money

    Celebrities Who Treat Their Employees Like Trash

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  • We Sleep: On the Enduring Propheticism of John Carpenter's THEY LIVE
    We Sleep: On the Enduring Propheticism of John Carpenter's THEY LIVE John Carpenter's cult classic THEY LIVE (1988) was certainly a movie for its moment. It's also quite resonant today...and probably will be for the foreseeable future.


    - THEY LIVE (1988) by John Carpenter
    - THE PERVERT'S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY (2012) by Sophie Fiennes
    - "The Making of THEY LIVE" (1988) by Larry Sulkis
    - "Alamo Drafthouse - THEY LIVE w/ John Carpenter" (June 7, 2011) by Alamo Drafthouse (
    - "Morning in America" (1984) by Ronald Reagan's Presidential Reelection Campaign
    - CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY (2009) by Michael Moore
    - "Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Announcement" (June 16, 2015) by C-SPAN
    - "Trump/They Live" T-Shirt Design ("Make America Great Again") by Mitch O'Connell (
    - "Trump Pledges to Renew American Dream" (November 9, 2016) by Reuters
    - Coverage of Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan's Campaign Stop in Danville, VA (September 19, 2012) by CNN
    - “Wealth Gap” (July 13, 2014) by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (
    - "Inequality for All: Robert Reich Warns Record Income Gap Is Undermining Our Democracy" (September 13, 2013) by Democracy Now! (
    - "Jobs, But No Homes: Meet the Working Homeless" (March 24th, 2014) by TODAY (
    - "Keith David on Being Homeless in THEY LIVE" by Shout! Factory (
    - The July 19, 2012, episode of Piers Morgan Live by CNN
    - "Noam Chomsky: ‘Spending Money is Not Speech’" (March 26, 2014) by Abel Collins (
    - "43 Million Americans Live in Poverty, Worry About Future" (February 3, 2017) by VOA News (
    - "Lawrence Lessig Talks About the Corrupting Influence of Money on Politics" (March 1, 2011) by KUT Austin (
    - "Bill Moyers Essay: The United States of Inequality" (April 11, 2013) by Moyers & Company (
    - "Baltimore: 'This is What Poverty in the US Looks Like'" (March 1, 2017) by BBC News (

    - "Wake Up" by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth from the soundtrack of THEY LIVE

    DISCLAIMER: This video essay contains copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material is being used in an effort to advance understanding about the art and craft of filmmaking. I believe this constitutes a “fair use” of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this video essay is distributed without profit for educational use only. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this video essay for purposes of your own that go beyond “fair use,” you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.
  • Gerald Green Dunks On Dwyane Wade With MONSTER Slam | Game 4
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    NBA :

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    I do not claim ownership or any making of monetary value from
    this video.
    All rights reserved by copyright owners.

    Not affiliated with the NBA or any of its partners - All video contents belongs to their respective copyright holders. All credit goes to Time Warner Cable Sportsnet, ESPN, NBA TV, TNT and Trevor Rabin, The Handsome Family-Far From Any Road",[Merlin] Virtual Label LLC, [Merlin] Essential Music


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    to malone pick and roll dwight howard rockets ben mclemore kings anthony bennett cavaliers austin rivers pelicans anthony davis pelicans demarcus cousins gregg popovich funny interview klay thompson monta ellis mavericks isaiah thomas kings deandre jordan clippers kemba walker bobcats kevin martin timberwolves josh smith pistons andre drummond pistons uncle drew episode 3 nba all star game kyle lowry heat pacers game 2 spurs thunder game 1 kevin durant 28 points spurs game 1 tim duncan 27 points thunder game 1 russell westbrook 25 points spurs game 1 manu ginobili 18 points thunder game 1 tony parker 14 points thunder game 1 lance stephenson 25 points game 2 heat dwyane wade 23 points game 2 pacers lebron james offense highlights lebron james cavs highlights 22 points game 2 pacers heat spurs thunder game 3 spurs thunder game 5 heat spurs nba finals 2014 game 2 kawhi leonard 2014 nba finals mvp heat spurs game 5
    MEDICINE Story of Terry and Becky Sexton

    Music: Daughter
    Director: Salomon Ligthelm
    Director of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb
    Story: Salomon Ligthelm + Khalid Mohtaseb
    Producer: Jens Jacob
    Executive Producers: Khalid Mohtaseb, Salomon Ligthelm, Jens Jacob
    Line Producer: Cara Venter
    Production Designer: Joe Scaccia
    1st AC/Additional Photography: Mobolaji 'Mobi' Olaoniye
    Steadicam Operator: Andrew Ansnick
    Gaffer: Brad Burke
    Key Grip: Keitaro 'Johnny' Cloward
    2nd AC: Otter Moore
    Production Coordinator & Location Manager: Manuel Ruiz
    Editing: Matt Osborne
    Additional Editing: Salomon Ligthelm
    Sound Design: Q Department
    Talent: Terry and Becky Sexton
    Production Company: Sibling, Sypher Films

    Special Thanks to:
    Panavision Hollywood & Panavision NYC
    Nova Lighting (Jeff Ferraro)
    Bulldog Grip (Derrik Armand)
    Kessler Crane
    BBS Lighting
    Redefine Rentals
    Shot on Kodak 35mm
  • Obama Makes 1st Post-Presidency Appearance
    Obama Makes 1st Post-Presidency Appearance Fomer President Barack Obama held his first official event since leaving the White House in January. (April 24)

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  • Songwich
    Songwich A kewl teen, a pastel bedroom, and 8 short-short song snippets. Commissioned by Disney for their Microcontent program. :)
    Track 3 inspired by Disney XD's Star Vs The Forces of Evil
    Tracks 4 & 7 inspired by Disney Channel's Bizaardvark
    Track 8 inspired by Disney Channel's Stuck In The Middle
    CD: Vincent Aricco
    Production Manager: Jaycen Armstrong
    Production Assistant: David Krenz
  • How To Not Break A Mars Rover
    How To Not Break A Mars Rover The Mars Yard, at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is one of the closest simulations of Mars that we've got. Admittedly, there's a bit more atmosphere and gravity, but it's the only way to test what might happen before sending commands to a rover that's light-minutes away.

    More about the Mars Science Laboratory and the Curiosity Rover: -- and thanks to everyone at JPL who helped make this video possible!

    Behind the scenes on the Park Bench with Matt:

    Camera and audio mix: Matt Gray
    Edited by: Michelle Martin @mrsmmartin

    I'm at
    on Twitter at
    on Facebook at
    and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo
  • Movement
    Movement Camera and edit: Jonas Kisielius
    Music: XXYYXX - Red
    Equipment: Sony a7sII, Comlite adapter, Canon 24-70mm f2.8I, Manfrotto tripod and hands.
    Helsingborg, Sweden 2017
  • Keg tapping goes horribly wrong.
    Keg tapping goes horribly wrong. Original Source:
  • Field of Vision - The Moderators
    Field of Vision - The Moderators In an office in India, a cadre of Internet moderators ensures that social media sites are not taken over by bots, scammers, and pornographers. The Moderators shows the humans behind content moderation, taking viewers into the training process that workers go through in order to become social media’s monitors.

    Directed by Ciaran Cassidy and Adrian Chen

    See more from Field of Vision here:
  • The MMA Hour Live - April 24, 2017
    The MMA Hour Live - April 24, 2017 00:08:00 -- Al Iaquinta will discussed his impressive win over Diego Sanchez this weekend.

    00:33:00 -- Chris Weidman reflected on his controversial loss to Gegard Mousasi at UFC 210.

    00:58:00 p.m. -- Rafael dos Anjos previewed his UFC welterweight debut against Tarec Saffiedine on June 17.

    01:17:00 -- Holly Holm looked ahead to her June 17 main event against Bethe Correia.

    01:35:00 -- Blue-chip prospect Aaron Pico previewed his Bellator MMA debut against Zach Freeman on June 24.

    01:54:00 -- Pearl Gonzalez reflected on her unsuccessful UFC debut earlier this month at UFC 210.

    02:18:00 -- Conor McGregor's manager Audie Attar discussed the potential Floyd Mayweather fight and much more involving his clients.

    02:30:00 -- Mike Perry will talk about his brutal knockout of Jake Ellenberger on Saturday.

    03:09:00 -- Frank Mir will talk about his recent two-year suspension from USADA.

    03:34:44 -- Robert Whittaker will reflect on his victory over Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza last weekend.

    03:56:30 -- Bellator light heavyweight champion Phil Davis will update us on what's next for him.


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    MMA Fighting is your home for exclusive interviews, live shows, and more for one of the world's fastest-growing sports. Get latest news and more here:
  • REYKO / Spinning Over You
    REYKO / Spinning Over You Directed by Josep Prat Sorolla
    Produced by O

    Executive producers Rafa Montilla & Emilia Fort
    Producer Fiona Vidal-Quadras
    Director of Photography Elias M. Félix
    Production Designer Alexandra Jordana
    Costume Designer Cris Quer
    Choreographer Tuixen Benet
    Make-up Artist Alba Pesa
    Grade Marc Morató at Metropolitana
    Postproduction Coordinator Yukio Montilla

    Julia Hernández
    Elena Serrano
    Lucía Revert
    Sheila Jordà

    Production Manager Marta Vega
    First Assistant Director Silvia Martínez
    First Production Assistant Eva Rubio
    Production Assistant Mónica Colomer
    Production Assistant David Ceballos
    Production Assistant Edu Giménez
    Production Assistant Oriol Rovira
    Production Assistant Valerie Steenhaut

    Stylist Assistant Alba Aixut

    2nd Unit Camera Operator Carlos Rigo
    Focus Puller Ana Ferron
    Camera Assistant Frankie A.Ronda
    2nd Unit Focus Puller Marta Mulas
    2nd Unit AC Marina Cerdà
    Gaffer Carles Roman
    Sparks Enric Miranda, Genis Serra, Jose Cachon, Joan Planella and María González
    Key Grip Alex Moregó
    Grip Adri Arguelles

    Art Director Sara Oliva
    Art Assistant Núria Cunill
    Props Buyer Vicki Viñas & Júlia Prats
    Props Advance Anna Cornudella, Laia Alabart & Glendis
    Props on set Cristian Diamante
    Construction Guille Fernández & James Grimes

    Suppliers: Movie Men, Another Light, Cinevent, Cocolate, Espai Erre, Metric, Cine Support, Meridiana Rent, Parc Audiovisual Terrassa, Catering Pa·rill, WRS Walkies & Wifivox
    Special Thanks to All Cast and Crew, Amor y Lujo, Xevi Fernandez, Juan Carlos Pajares, Maria Barghouti, Hector Ruiz, Álvaro Peñalta, David Fernández, Berta Oliveres, Jordi Santos, Affaire, MINIM Merçè Colomer.
  • Kygo, Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me
    Kygo, Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me "It Ain't Me | Kygo x Selena Gomez | Official music video."

    Written and Directed by Phillip R. Lopez
    Executive Produced by Maximilian Guen
    Cinematography by Todd Martin
    Video commissioned by Toby Andrews

    A M
  • Never like the first time! - SHORT FILM
    Never like the first time! - SHORT FILM Short based on documentary interviews. Now with English subtitles...
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Breakability
    Samsung Galaxy S8 Breakability SquareTrade put the Samsung Galaxy S8® and S8+® to the test and found no matter how you drop it, the "screen without limits" is no match for the sidewalk.

    Need to protect your device? Enjoy 20% OFF all mobile plans (up to $20) at when you enter: Galaxy20
    Code expires on 4-30-2017
    SATURDAY April 15th 1989. One game of football is about to affect Liam and the city of Liverpool forever.

    SATURDAY is a fictional account of how the Hillsborough stadium disaster – which claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool supporters – unfolded for one family back home in Merseyside.

    Director/Writer: Mike Forshaw / Cast: Harrison Vaughan, Elizabeth Berrington, Neil Fitzmaurice

    World Premiere Sundance Film Festival 2015. Other Film Festivals & Awards:

    Twitter: @saturdayshort
  • Japan: Snow Capital of the World
    Japan: Snow Capital of the World We visit Fox Village and enjoy snow whilst nearly getting frostbite in a horrific blizzard.
    ► DISCOVER Fox Village:
    ► SEE Snow Monsters:
    ► GET ideas for places to see in Tohoku:
  • Deer Squad | Scenery
    Deer Squad | Scenery Meet Kelvin and his best friend Money the deer.

    Thanks to Public Cinema Club
    Composer: Hot Sugar
  • DNCE - Kissing Strangers (Lyric Video) ft. Nicki Minaj
    DNCE - Kissing Strangers (Lyric Video) ft. Nicki Minaj Kissing Strangers ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Lyric Video)
    Song Available Here:

    Connect with DNCE:
    Snapchat: DNCEmusic

    Directed by Daniel Karp
    Produced by Antonio Flores
    For Philymack Productions

    Music video by DNCE performing Kissing Strangers ft. Nicki Minaj. © 2017 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • CRi - Rush ft. Ouri
    CRi - Rush ft. Ouri Filmed in Fermont, QC.

    Director: Didier Charette
    Camera: Vincent Gonneville
    Editor: Vincent Drolet
    Assistant Editor: Thomas Bellefleur
    Color grade: Simon Boissonneaux
    Post: Vincent Bilodeau
    Additionnal Filmography: Carasava Bogdan

    Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.
  • How Tall Is Grant?
    How Tall Is Grant? If Grant is taller than Katie, but shorter than Zac, but Katie is taller than Zac, then WHAT THE F*CK IS HAPPENING?!

    See more
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    FOLLOW us on:

    Mike Trapp
    Katie Marovitch
    Zac Oyama
    Grant O'Brien

    Pat Cassels
    Siobhan Thompson

    Director - Michael Schaubach
    Writer - Mike Trapp
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
    Director of Photography - Cooper James
    1st AC - Sarah Greenwald
    2nd AC - Loren Azlein
    Gaffer - Brody Anderson
    Key Grip - Saul Cervantes
    Sound Mixer - Ryan Bertolami for BoTown Sound
    Production Designer - Rachel Aguirre
    President of Original Content - Sam Reich
    Vice President of Production - Spencer Griffin
    Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks
    Supervising Producer - Alex Edge
    Production Legal - Karen Segall
    Production Accountant - Shay Parsons
    Production Accountant - Chetera Bell
    Production Assistant - Kristi Lee
    Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan
    Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High
    Content Management Supervisor - Theodora Hart
    Programming Assistant - Caroline Langella
    Editor - Michael Schaubach
    Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez
    Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Mark Chernausek
    Assistant Editors - Spencer Kombol & Andrew Primavera

    Pat Cassels Vignette:
    Director - Sammi Cohen
    Editor - Sam Geer
    Producer - Nick Sala
    Production Coordinator - Rudy Jansen
    Intern - Helena McGill
    Site Rep - David Austin
    Director of Photography - Julia Swain
    1st AC - Carlos Lopez
    2nd AC - Kate Ketcham
    Gaffer - Mark Quintos
    Key Grip - Will Ramsey
    Swing G/E - Kelly Urban
    Art PA - Brittany Porter
    Hair - Katie Vernon
    Sound Mixer - Chris Bennett
  • Truth
    Truth Mario A. Robinson

    "The real power of art, is the ability to galvanize and organize all those pigments and materials, and pour a soul into it."

    Music courtesy Kyle Preston, Jason Leonard and Podington Bear.

    Watch more Making Art films at

    By the way, my wife, Carrie Brass, played a role in some critical editing decisions.
  • DJI - Goggles - See the World Take Flight
    DJI - Goggles - See the World Take Flight We give casual drone users the changes to fly using the DJI Goggles for the first time anywhere. Experience this incredible new way to fly along side them.

    Learn more at:
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  • Extrapolate
    Extrapolate In this hand drawn animation a line is being extrapolated through a grid. When the line surpasses the boundaries of the grid, the process spreads to and reflects on its surroundings. Beyond each boundary the extrapolation of movement is causing deformation in a systematic but speculative way.

    This work was created with support from ”Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2016” part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan (Bunka-cho) ”Project to invite overseas creators of media arts 2016” and the Mondriaan Fund.

    More info:
  • LeBron James With The Incredible Chasedown Block In Indiana | April 23, 2017
    LeBron James With The Incredible Chasedown Block In Indiana | April 23, 2017 LeBron James tracks the ball in transition and rises way up for the chasedown block!
    CLOWN SERVICE Based on Tig's true story, desperate for a brighter mood, she enlists the services of a traveling party clown.

    Directed by Tig Notaro
    Written by Tig Notaro and Melissa Blake
    Produced by Rosie Kaller

    Starring Tig Notaro, Nathan Barnatt, Stephanie Allynne, Angela Trimbur, Erinn Hayes, David Harris

    Cinematography by Adam Bricker
    Production Design by Caitlin Williams
    Edited by Alexis Brodey
    Music by Jonathan Dinerstein
    Assistant Director Shane Speigel
    Post Sound Mixing - Derek Vander Horst
    Colorist - Ivan Miller

    2nd Unit Director of Photography - Elie Smolkin
    Production Coordinator - Kim Cooper
    Key Grip - Tyler Winegar
    Gaffer - Dustin Gardner
    Swing Grip and Electric - Dale Prius
    1st AC - Cate Smierciak
    2nd AC - Jen O'Leary
    On Set Sound Mixer - Kayla Croft
    Assistant Editor - Yesel Manrique
    Script Supervisor - Alexandria Sanders
    Hair and Make Up - Stephanie Daniel
    Set PAs - Ellie McElvain, Jessie Hixenbaugh, Andrea Lewis
    Art PAs - Jonathan Brock, Grace Hendley, Ian Lapidus, Tyler Singland
    Ballooner - Daniel Siegel

    Score by Jonathan Dinerstein
    Violin performed by Rebecca Ward

    "LAUGH IT UP" performed by RICHARD SWIFT
    Courtesy of JAGJAGUWAR
    By Arrangement with Bank Robber Music

    "HOW CAN YOU REALLY" performed by FOXYGEN
    Courtesy of Secretly Canadian
    By Arrangement with Bank Robber Music

    "SAD CLOWN" performed by KATE MICUCCI
  • Israel stands still to remember the 6 million murdered in the Holocaust
    Israel stands still to remember the 6 million murdered in the Holocaust Two-minute siren brings country to a standstill amid memorial ceremonies marking annual remembrance day
  • Yopo - Motion Poetry
    Yopo - Motion Poetry A Film by: Method Design
    Directed by: Ivan Girard
    Creative Director: Jon Noorlander
    CG Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero
    Executive Producer: Angela Lupo
    Producers: Emily Schaeberle, Adrienne Mitchell, Heather Saunders
    Coordinator: Elias Bermudez
    CG Lead: Sari Rodrig
    Animators: Matt Hackett, Will Robinson, Sean Curran, Carlos Sandoval, Paul Wei, Sam Crees
    Rigging: Ohan Bracha, Frank Naranjo
    Modelers: Brian Di Noto, Orges Kokoshari, Piotr Glabinski, Ohad Bracha
    Lighters: Claire Yawen Chang, Hubert Wozniak, Kevin Lu, Michael Marsek, Eric Xi
    FX Lead: Tomas Slancik
    FX Artists: Zach Lewis, Jeongyeon Son, Vraja Parra
    Compositing Lead: Robert Nick Dauphinais
    Compositing: Dave Chen, Urpsh Otashevich

    Motion Poems:
    Executive Producers: Todd Boss, Egg Creative, Lisa Effuses

    “Monsters” by: Dorothea Lasky
    “Monsters” by Dorothea Lasky, from Awe. Copyright © 2007 by Dorothea Lasky. Reprinted by permission of Wave Books.

    Sound Recoded at: Digital Island Studios
    Voice over: Isabel Guerrero
    Original Score: Don Fierro & Emily Hope Price
    Sound Design: Don Fierro
    Cellist: Emily Hope Price
    TGIM | PERSONAL FREEDOM For more great content and access to Eric Thomas, join our online community, Breathe University, NOW at

    Hear Eric's full life story below:
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  • Lil Dicky - Pillow Talking feat. Brain (Official Music Video)
    Lil Dicky - Pillow Talking feat. Brain (Official Music Video) Lil Dicky Pillow Talking Music Video
    Created by Giant Propeller -

    Written and Performed by Lil Dicky/Dave Burd
    "Pillow Talking" produced by Charlie Handsome and the Digital Rick Flair aka Digi

    Directed by Tony Yacenda

    Starring Dave Burd, Taylor Misiak and Brain

    Director of Photography - Alan Gwizdowski

    Edited by Brian Vannucci

    Production Design - Cody Fusina

    Production and Visual Effects by Giant Propeller

    Executive Produced by Jordan Freda and Mike Bodkin

    Produced by Tom Quinn

    VFX and Post Producer - Oscar Velasquez

    VFX Supervisor - Marek Jezo

    First AD - Lyon Reese
    Script Supervisor - Sara Geralds

    Lil Dicky - Dave Burd
    Girl - Taylor Misiak
    Brain - Brain
    God - John C Reilly
    Soldiers - Owen Rousu, Derek Pratt, Carlos Lopez, Isaac Lopez, Kiyano La'vin, Nick Coolidge, Sean Carrigan, PJ McCabe

    Camera First Assistant - Erin Douglass
    Camera Second Assistant - Sarah Grenwald
    MOCO - Simon Wakely
    MOCO Assistant - Chris Toth
    DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) - Daniel Woiwode
    DIT Assistant - Alessia Assissi
    Art Director - Taylor Frost
    Set Dresser - Tao Grasham
    Property Master - Taylor Wolf
    Gaffer - David Cronin
    Key Grip - Kevin Keirstead
    Best Boy Grip - Vassily
    Grip PA - Jason Kierstead
    Wardrobe Stylist - Kassey Rich
    Hair and Make Up Artist - Liza Lash
    BTS Photographer - Yulia Shcherbinina
    Office Production Assistant - Eric Cepeda
    Set Production Assistants - Lars Slind, Alexxa Slind, Vickram Bhoyrul
    Board Operator - Phil Gailer
    Playback - Bob Tiwana
    Choreographer - Ian Eastwood
    Casting by Kerry Baker
    Catering by Diane Timmons
    Animal Trainers - Barbara Edrington, Chris Edrington, Heather Long

    Second Unit
    First Assistant Director - Boma Pennebaker
    Second Assistant Director - Colin Weinburg
    Director of Photography - Steeven Petitteville
    Camera First Assistant - Melissa Spom
    DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) - Joe Hedge
    Art Director - Joel Sappington
    Gaffer - Ace Underhill
    Key Grip - David Nunez
    Best Boy Electric - Ian Crawley
    Dolly Grip - Mikey Gilmore
    Armorer - Logan Freda
    Wardrobe Stylist - Heather Flores
    Hair and Make Up Artist - Kseniya Durst
    Still Photographer - Morgan Schmidt
    VFX Supervisor - Marek Jezo
    Production Coordinator - Rachael Campbell
    CG Lead - Lubomir Timko
    Lead Compositor - Adam Dusa
    Compositor - Oliver Popellar
    Matchmove and Roto Artist - Lhbomir Jezo
    2D Artist - Rober Hruska
    3D Artist - Raphaela Klein
    Concept Artist - Byzwa Dher
    FX Artist - Ondrej Polacek, Mikas Saduskas
    3D Artist - Rober Spicuk, Tomas Krizan, Dominik Liscak, Oliver Otruba, Martin Kaperak, Lukas Jankovcin, Rudo Herstek, Erik Mascak
    Animator - Tomas Danay, Andrea Jacevicova, Adam Sadion, Vladimir Krajniak, Lukas Figel, Marian Villaris, Standa Sekela
    Animation - Samuel Puchovsky, Martin Durmik
    Storyboard Artists - Mishi McCaig, David Green
    Pre-Vis Artists - Vlad Streitsov, Omrah Menkes
    Post Production Company - Giant Propeller
    Colorist - Sebastian Perez-Burchard
    Post Producer - Oscar Velasquez
    Audio Post Services - Voodoo Highway
    Sound Designer - David Brian Kelly
    Re-Recording Mixer - Richard Segal

    Thank you to MeUndies
  • American Airlines employee allegedly hits woman with stroller, confronts angry passenger
    American Airlines employee allegedly hits woman with stroller, confronts angry passenger In an argument, an American Airlines employee challenged a passenger to hit him after a woman holding a baby was allegedly hit a stroller by the airlines staff. Video was captured and posted on Facebook by Surain Adyanthaya on Friday, April 21, 2017.
    CASSINI'S GRAND FINALE CASSINI’S GRAND FINALE is a short film I had the great honor to produce for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) about the spectacular ending of the Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn. It is meant as an inspirational and informative piece about what happens in the last months of the mission, and as a celebration of all that this historic spacecraft has achieved.

    Here is an article from JPL on the production of the film:

    For the official JPL release of the film, please turn here:
    or go directly to the official JPL YouTube video here:

    For the official NASA release, please turn here:

    NASA’s Cassini spacecraft (launched in 1997) has been in orbit around Saturn since 2004 exploring the giant planet, its spectacular system of rings and moons. Cassini was also carrying with it the European Huygens Probe which was dispatched after arrival and successfully landed on the moon Titan, becoming the first human made craft to land on a surface in the outer solar system.
    In 2017 - after more than a decade of bringing home remarkably successful scientific achievements, discoveries and a treasury of gorgeous photos – the spacecraft is running out of fuel to maneuver. In order to protect the moons Enceladus and Titan, and their potentially life-bearing sub surface oceans, from possible contamination in the unlikely event of a future collision, it has been decided to take Cassini permanently out of service. This is done by crashing the spacecraft into the atmosphere of Saturn - but not without doing some amazing science on the way.
    22 times, Cassini dives through previously unexplored gap between Saturn and its rings, collecting new data on the mass of the rings (used to help determine their age), measurements of Saturn’s gravity and magnetic fields (used to help understanding its internal structure) and sending home stunning views of Saturn’s clouds and the rings – seen from a closer range than ever before.
    Even up until the very end, Cassini will bring home data, as it tastes the atmosphere of Saturn, just minutes before burning up and becoming part of the planet itself.

    It has been an unprecedented honor for me to get to do this film. Being a passionate enthusiast of planetary science, Cassini is the one mission - more than any other – to define my interest in the field, as I’ve had the pleasure to follow its success, from start to end, for a major part of my adult life.

    For more information about the Cassini mission and its Grand Finale, please turn here:

    DIRECTOR – Erik Wernquist
    PRODUCERS – Preston Dyches (JPL), Stephen Epstein (JPL)
    MUSIC – Cristian Sandquist
    WRITER – Preston Dyches (JPL)
    NARRATOR – Stephanie Czajkowski
    COLORIST – Caj Müller
    EDITOR – Micke Lindgren
    CASSINI MODELING – Svante Segelson
    TITLES – Mikael Hall

    Thank you NASA, JPL, ESA and the entire Cassini/Huygens team for making such a wonderful, successful and inspiring mission.

    And especially; thank you Cassini, and farewell.
    The solar system will feel empty without you.
  • Robot five finger fillet with Staubli TX40
    Robot five finger fillet with Staubli TX40 Five finger fillet with Staubli TX40 robot speeding up for the second pass. A demonstration of confidence in Staubli speed and precision (and my programming!) by my next door neighbour.
  • Escape From Park City
    Escape From Park City Vimeo hires a struggling documentarian to document a festival he can't get into.

    'Escape From Park City' is this week's Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it here:

    By John Wilson
  • Homeless Pit Bull gives birth in a den during a massive rainstorm.  SO MANY PUPPIES!!!
    Homeless Pit Bull gives birth in a den during a massive rainstorm. SO MANY PUPPIES!!! Please donate $5 today and help us save more animals:
    To apply to adopt Rainbow or one of her babies, please contact:
  • Headless
    Headless A candid portrait of three hedonistic queer performers living in New York

    Jean Carlos Pinae
    Cesar Garcia
    Infinit Coles

    DIRECTOR : Sebastian Sdaigui
    PRODUCER: Alanna Harrington
    ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Chelsea Donini
    1ST AC: Megaera Stephens
    1ST AC: Sam Wolff
    EDITOR: Jordan Rosenbloom
    BOOM OP: Fernando "Frandy" Castillo
    SOUND DESIGN: Mihir Chitale
    COLORIST: Josh Bohoskey
    ANIMATION: Rebecca Shapass
    FONTS: William Cooper

    Princess Nokia "Tomboy"
    Death Grip "LSDXOXO"


    NOWNESS 2017
  • Kenny G on TIA flight
    Kenny G on TIA flight Kenny G on TIA flight
    MAMI WATA · WOZA “Woza” ("Come" in Zulu) tells the story of an African surfer who has been taken as a lover by the African water spirit Mami Wata. It features 22 year-old Transkei surfer, Avuyile Ndamase.

    Client: Mami Wata
    Agency: Mami Wata in-house
    Creative Director & Art Director: Peet Pienaar
    Copywriters: Peet Pienaar, Nick Dutton, Andy Davis

    Production company: Pantera (Buenos Aires)
    Shot and directed by Pato Martinez & Francisco Canton
    Producer: Manu Aguer
    Music Composer / Sound Design: Vittorio Giampietro
    Color Grading: Oisin O’Driscoll @ The Mill (London)
    Underwater Camera Op: Calvin Thompson
    Talent: Avuyile Ndamase, Holly Armstrong

    Special thanks:
    Jaco Bouwer
    Samora Chapman
    Maximo Bustillo
    Stefan Naude
    Alex Morrison
    Linda (security)

    Featuring Music by BCUC (Soweto) “Asazani”
  • Scanner Sombre Launch Trailer
    Scanner Sombre Launch Trailer

    Regaining consciousness you smell the damp. Opening your eyes you see the stone walls of the chamber flickering by the light of the fire; you stumble to your feet and kick a helmet clattering across the floor. Slowly the ache in your head begins to subside and you notice the beginnings of a passage. After a few steps the darkness consumes you. Returning to the safely of the fire you see a LIDAR scanner on the floor - a trigger press results in a faint glow coming from inside the helmet. You put the helmet on, adjust the beam-width and proceed into the abyss.

    Scanner Sombre is the sixth major game release from Bafta award winning Introversion Software. Creators of Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON, Multiwinia and Prison Architect.

    Play from 26 April 2017
  • Cassius ft. Cat Power Pharell Williams | Go Up
    Cassius ft. Cat Power Pharell Williams | Go Up Directed by Alex Courtès • Produced by DIVISION™ for Ed Banger Records • Post by Home Digital Pictures
  • French election results in runoff between Le Pen and Macron
    French election results in runoff between Le Pen and Macron Greg Palkot provides analysis from Paris
  • Howler Monkey by Meier & Erdmann
    Howler Monkey by Meier & Erdmann Official videoclip for the track Howler Monkey by Meier & Erdmann Released on the Moniker Eggplant Label ( Video created by Victor Doval (

    The video shows a landscape created synchronously with the music. The generation of the visuals is based on the sound spectrum. The diverse frequency bands have been used to algorithmically define the visual parameters such as geometries, materials and lightings.
    Through this sonic analysis and spectral decomposition each element and texture of the track has been visually processed.
    The whole sequence has been created in a procedural way where the definition of every part has been based on mathematical integrations.
    To manage all this data flow I worked with Processing and Blender. The Blender add-on Sverchok has been the cornerstone in the creation and transformation of the geometry.

    The initial idea came from the understanding of music as a temporal journey, a changing landscape that is perceived via the ears. The track Howler Monkey written and performed by Meier & Erdmann invites the listener to travel through the subjective/individual and the abstract.
    The harmonic evolution of the track is associated with a 24 hour time lapse experienced in 290 seconds. From sunrise to sunrise the video offers a dreamy trip that opens doors for contemplation and to emotions the track might evoke.

    Check Meier & Erdmann's album – The 'Howler Monkey' LP:

    Check my other procedural works and gif experiments:

    Check Meier & Erdmann on soundcloud:
  • RICK AND MORTY - How to Troll Big Studios | Did You Know Movies
    RICK AND MORTY - How to Troll Big Studios | Did You Know Movies Subscribe for More Movie Knowledge! ►►
    FT: WESTWORLD's SECRET Location! ►

    RICK AND MORTY has quickly become one of the most popular Adult Swim series to date, but its history is far less forthright than the show we've all come to love. In this episode, Lee reveals the various cartoons, series, jokes, and characters that grew into Rick and Morty over the course of several years!

    The REAL Reason Wolverine is DYING! ►►
    The Cars in CARS Aren't Cars! ►
    Why Pewdiepie's Joke BACKFIRED! ►
    Batman's DEADLY DISEASE! ►►
    Rick's True Crime Exposed (Rick and Morty) ►
    Zootopia's Crack Conspiracy Theory ►►

    More DYKM Episodes:
    DYKM: Toy Story Almost FAILED! ►
    One Fox's Story Almost Ruined Zootopia ►
    Why Ash Will NEVER be a Pokemon Master ►
    Spirited Away: Japan's Best Movie? ►
    How Scott Pilgrim Beat the Odds ►►
    Shrek. One Big FU to Disney ►►
    Harry Potter and the Magic of Movies ►►

    This episode was voiced by Furst:

    This episode was edited by Khalid Shahin:

    This episode was written by James Alacrosse
  • IDAC
    IDAC Screenings:
    2016 Hot Docs Film Festival premiere
    2016 Rooftop Films
    2016 Vassar Filmfest
    2016 Iron Mule Film Festival
    2017 Sarasota Film Festival

    Synopsis: When I was leaving for college, my aunt Dana told me I had a cousin I’d never met who was matriculating in the same year as me. We shared classes and had friends in common but for some strange reason I never introduced myself. All during college, and then into the real world, through a decade of overlapping connections, we never met. This film is an examination of that hesitation and an attempt to understand why I never made the easiest connection in the world… until it was too late. Through archival footage and re-enactment of the era in question, IDAC is ultimately a documentary about what was happening on an unconscious level and how distant a relative can be even when they’re right in front of your face.

    Written/Directed/Edited by Casimir Nozkowski
    Music by Alexander Strung
    Sound Mix by Tod Chapman
    Color Grading by Phil Choe @ Nice Shoes
    Featuring Hannah Bos, Amanda Duarte, Erin Edmison, Josh Henderson-Cox, Greg Glassman, Thomas Nozkowski, Joyce Robins
    Thank you Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

    Production Notes: I've made over 100 short films, many of which examine issues of family, the blurry line between fiction and non-fiction and the sometimes disturbing, sometimes hilarious ways our memories fail us. IDAC is an autobiographical documentary which is a genre my movies (or at least parts of them) often fall into. The key with autobiography in my opinion is to avoid being sentimental at all costs. This does not mean you can’t be funny or can’t be authentic and personal – it’s just that it being your story does not automatically make it interesting. On top of that, IDAC also considers the way we dream and the way dreams can invade our everyday life – which is another subject matter that can easily steer a film awry. So making IDAC was exciting because once mindful of all these pitfalls, there was an enormous feeling of restraint that coursed through the documentary’s production. My hope is that people who see my film IDAC recognize familiar moments and feelings from their own lives: memories they can’t quite explain, people they think they know and dramatic, life-defining events that upon further scrutiny don’t exactly add up as neatly as they once thought.

    See more of my films at vimeo and at
  • Serena Williams | Outdated Equipment | Intel
    Serena Williams | Outdated Equipment | Intel Using an outdated computer? That’s kind of like Serena trying to perform with a wooden racket. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t like it.

    About Intel:
    Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Founded in 1968 to build semiconductor memory products, Intel introduced the world's first microprocessor in 1971. This decade, our mission is to create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth.

    Connect with Intel:
    Visit Intel WEBSITE:
    Like Intel on FACEBOOK:
    Follow Intel on TWITTER:
    Follow Intel on INSTAGRAM:
    Visit iQ:

    Serena Williams | Outdated Equipment | Intel
  • Mile 19
    Mile 19 Some people run for exercise and others for competition, but Johnnie Jameson runs to heal. Whether it’s the barista at your coffee shop, the valet parking your car, or the mailman who comes to your door, there are extraordinary people behind every ordinary job. Johnnie is one of them.

    For more information visit:

    Featuring: Johnnie Jameson
    Director, Editor: Vincent DeLuca // Big Pup Film
    Producer: Jemma Davis
    DP, Editor: Karee Maxson // Big Pup Film
    Associate Producer: Trevor Hall
    Additional Camera: Zach Gouz
    Music Supervisor: Dan Gross
    Audio Post: One Thousand Birds
    Sound Supervisor: Andrew Tracy
    Sound Design/Mix: Calvin Pia
    Production Managers: Ethan Downing, Hayley Pappas
    Colorist: Gabriele Turchi
    Visual Effects: Sam Sullivant
    Production Secretary: Timothy Miller

    Music By:
    "I Ain't the Same" - Alabama Shakes
    "Be My Girl" - El Goodo
    "Man on Fire" - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  • Follow me around for a day
    Follow me around for a day DROP WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING! Firefighters drop your water hoses, nurses drop your syringes, Donald Trump drop your golf club, because here's a video of a regular day in my life. Very informative, life-changing, tear inducing etc etc etc.