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  • Spencer Tomc - Spina Bifida
    Spencer Tomc - Spina Bifida Spencer received IV injections of umbilical cord blood stem cells for the treatment of developmental challenges presented by Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

    In this video his mother, Jennifer, discusses her family's decision to seek out adult stem cell treatment for his condition, their research and their experience living at the hospital in Qingdao.

    Adult stem cell therapy is available today for the treatment of many neurodegenerative and developmental disorders. Check out current news and information over at StemCellsChina.com and inquire today.
  • Miguel - Spina Bifida Stem Cell Patient
    Miguel - Spina Bifida Stem Cell Patient Miguel traveled to China to receive adult stem cell transplants for the treatment of Spina Bifida. This condition begins with a serious malformation of the spinal column during development in the womb.

    Miguel received transplants of donated adult stem cells to help improve his development. This treatment is not a cure for Spina Bifida. Doctors hope that it can increase lower body sensation and muscle control as well as increase strength and mobility.

    Read his full Patient Experience over at http://www.stemcellschina.com/index.php/en/patient-experiences/spina-bifida/1387-miguel-spina-bifida-2010
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