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  • Greatest Story Never Told
    Greatest Story Never Told You have probably heard the gospel account called, "The greatest story ever told." Too often, it becomes "The greatest story NEVER told." Explore this phrase and supporting scripture as brother Kirk examines the premise and reveals what the bible has to say...
  • Soul of Man
    Soul of Man Have considered the soul of man? It separates us from the animals and makes us special in the eye of God! Brother Kirk explores this concept in this morning's sermon...
  • Be Ready Always
    Be Ready Always "Be prepared" is a saying of a large boy's organization that encourages learning in many facets of life and outdoor living so that they can attack any problem that comes our way. Are we, as Christians, ready for any spiritual attack? Consider that as brother Kirk brings the lesson
  • Results of Getting Out of the Comfort Zone
    Results of Getting Out of the Comfort Zone In the previous sermon, brother Kirk explored persuading the lost which requires the Christian to "get out of their comfort zone." In this sermon, the results of getting out of that comfort zone are discussed.
  • Need a sign?
    Need a sign? The people in Jesus' time wanted a sign, yet the signs were all around them. Spiritual blindness affected the people of that time but also today. Brother Kirk describes the many signs that pointed to the great Savior!
  • Seek God and His Righteousness
    Seek God and His Righteousness Jesus commands that we seek the Kingdom first in our lives. We do this by seeking God through His word and righteousness. Consider this as brother Kirk and Juan explore this concept in a joint congregational worship.
  • Lessons from Blind Bartimaeus
    Lessons from Blind Bartimaeus Brother Kirk explores lessons from the account of Bartimaeus in Mark 10:46-52...
  • True Success
    True Success What is "True Success"? Is it riches? If so, what kind? Let's explore the concept of truly being successful as brother Kirk teaches in this sermon...