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  • Premium Peanut
    Premium Peanut The NMTC financed Georgia Peanut producer Premium Peanut
  • Abilene Life Sciences Accelerator
    Abilene Life Sciences Accelerator Produced by Bill Mackie
  • Crosstown Concourse Mixed-Use Restoration of the Sears Building
    Crosstown Concourse Mixed-Use Restoration of the Sears Building

    Five years ago, an improbable journey to restore and redevelop the Sears Crosstown building began.
    Many doubted that one of the largest abandoned buildings in Tennessee could be transformed from debilitating blight into a community asset. But as of February 21st, doing the improbable becomes history.

    Please plan to join us on Saturday, February 21st, from 11:00am - 2:00pm as we commemorate the redevelopment of the Sears Crosstown building, 88 years to the day after its initial groundbreaking in 1927.

    The celebration will include a formal ceremony, presentations, the launch of our new branding, exhibitions (including new renderings), an iron pour using old radiators from the building, live music, food, and much more.

    Video Shot & Edited by Justin Elliott Thompson
    Additional Video & Video Assistance by Edward Valibus Phillips & Melissa Anderson Sweazy

    Music "The Time To Run"
    Available on the Free Music Archive
    Under CC By license

    Music "Shooting Star"
    Available on the Free Music Archive
    Under CC By license
  • Westervelt Pellets - a NMTC Success Story
    Westervelt Pellets - a NMTC Success Story Learn how the NMTC helped finance a manufacturing facility in rural Aliceville, AL. NMTC allocation was provided by CEI Capital Management, Wells Fargo, Rural Development Partners, and WNC National Community Development Advisors.
  • A Community Impact Film: Neshoba
    A Community Impact Film: Neshoba
  • A Community Impact Film: Resinall
    A Community Impact Film: Resinall
  • A Community Impact Film: NOMMA
    A Community Impact Film: NOMMA
  • Street Squash, a New Markets Tax Credit Success Story
    Street Squash, a New Markets Tax Credit Success Story StreetSquash, located in Harlem, is an innovative and successful urban youth enrichment program that was founded in 1999. StreetSquash combines academic activities, college preparation, community service, mentoring, and squash for boys and girls ages 9-18 to help them graduate from high school and move on to active and productive lives.

    Thanks to $6.5 million in NMTC financing provided by HEDC New Markets, Inc., StreetSquash expanded into a 19,000 square foot facility in Harlem, NY in November 2008. The new facility has allowed StreetSquash to serve more than 750 Harlem public school children each year, providing 4 classrooms and a library, as well as 8 squash courts, a workout area, locker rooms, and administrative offices. StreetSquash was able to expand its after-school program to serve more 160 children annually; provide College Prep Program to 100 students annually; expand the Summer Discovery and Youth Employment Program to serve over 300 students annually; create an Alumni Outreach Program for nearly 100 high school graduates; and launch the Physical Education for Public Schools Program that serves over 750 students annually through daytime squash instruction gym programs.

    Now that it has the physical capacity to serve more students, the organization added six full-time positions and fifteen part-time positions − two of which are filled by parents who live in the neighborhood. StreetSquash also doubled its volunteer base to 100 so that it can serve more students. Outside of organizational growth, the new building has increased StreetSquash’s efficiency, bolstered the organization’s external credibility, encouraged cohesion and community building, and improved students’ experiences of their physical surroundings. By investing in a center that expands operations and improves participants’ experiences, StreetSquash serves as a true community asset.
  • Rough & Ready: An Oregon Sawmill Gets a New Lease on Life
    Rough & Ready: An Oregon Sawmill Gets a New Lease on Life In 2010, the last standing mill in Josephine County, closed its doors due to a precipitous decline in federal timber supply. Rough and Ready is a 92 -year-old family owned business, and when it shuttered its small diameter mill, 85 employees lost their jobs in a county that already carried one of the highest unemployment rates and poverty levels in Oregon.

    In 2014, Ecotrust and partners helped to reopen the mill with creative financing from the New Markets Tax Credit Program
  • IFF-KIPP Inspire Academy St. Louis
    IFF-KIPP Inspire Academy St. Louis
  • IFF's Work in Detroit
    IFF's Work in Detroit IFF’s activities in Detroit run the gamut from making a difference in neighborhoods through loans and real estate consulting to improving the early education landscape in partnership with area foundations.
  • IFF's Work in Chicago
    IFF's Work in Chicago IFF’s work in the Chicago area encompasses projects in city neighborhoods, suburban streets and across the state.
  • The Port of Hueneme
    The Port of Hueneme The modernization of the Port of Hueneme retained $7 billion in trade business and 500 livable wage jobs.

    Clearinghouse CDFI provided $10 million of NMTC allocation for this $14.7 million project. Newly installed, shore-side electrical power will eliminate 230 tons of emissions annually from vessels docking at the port. Additionally, the Port will facilitate the distribution of 1.4 million pounds of fresh produce for a mobile food pantry serving 45,000 low-income residents in surrounding food deserts.
  • One Santa Fe
    One Santa Fe $13.72 Million of New Markets Tax Credit Allocation for Mixed-Use Development in Los Angeles, CA
  • NMTC Stepping Stones Video
    NMTC Stepping Stones Video
  • East Baltimore
    East Baltimore Merge of original E. Balto. and BOA NMTC videos
  • Fare & Square TRF Project Profile
    Fare & Square TRF Project Profile Fare & Square is the first supermarket to open in Chester, PA, a food desert, in 12 Years. It is also the nation's first non-profit supermarket.

    Operated by Philabundance, the Delaware Valley's largest nonprofit hunger-relief organization, the Fare & Square grocery store will bring approximately 14,000 square feet of food retail space to Chester.

    TRF's financing of the Fare & Square project is the culmination of numerous attempts to attract healthy food retailers to this severely distressed area.

    TRF also partnered with Nonprofit Finance Fund to provide New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) financing to support this project. The NMTC financing helped Philabundance acquire and renovate the grocery store property. The project has also attracted considerable support through a range of philanthropic and private institutions including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Sunoco and Wawa.