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  • ✩ fashion week vlog: nyfw s/s 22 ✩
    ✩ fashion week vlog: nyfw s/s 22 ✩ Fashion week is back! Castings! Shows!
    Follow me to see bts at NYFW S/S 22 ~

    I wasn't really planning to do shows this season, but I was randomly thrown stuff a few days before shows started so I figured I might as well bring my camera along lol
    Hopefully I don't get in trouble for this......

    Special thanks to Annis (https://www.instagram.com/anniskamara/) for the picture used in the thumbnail as well as two insert videos!
    And the Instagram accounts for everyone that appears/talks:
    Ondria (https://www.instagram.com/ondriahardinofficial/)
    Teddy (https://www.instagram.com/teddy_quinlivan/)
    Mona (https://www.instagram.com/monamatsuoka/)
    Lisa (https://www.instagram.com/creepyyeha/)
    Alejandro (https://www.instagram.com/alejandrolafontant/)
    Yuyi (https://www.instagram.com/johnyuyi/)

    Next video will (probably) be Milan Fashion Week (MFW) that I've /also/ been putting off because I have way too much footage from that.........
    It may or may not become a two part thing depending on how I'm feeling.


    #fashionweek #model #ferntube
    ✩ Instagram: @warukatta
    ✩ Email: ferntube22@gmail.com
    Please contact my agencies in regards to model work


    ✩ Music:
    Only When I Look into Your Eyes - Fiji Blue (https://thmatc.co/?l=FC2B7EB6)
    I Should've Told You - Fiji Blue (https://thmatc.co/?l=8836ABC2)
    It Takes Two - Fiji Blue (https://thmatc.co/?l=0EE0A608)

    ✩ Subtitle file: (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PTpI1Kc3NHvJ4p96QAvRlGhk3yDAXLVF/view?usp=sharing)
    *** As YouTube has unfortunately discontinued community contributions, here is the script for anyone still willing to do subs for other languages. If you replace the English text with your language and email me the file, I'll be more than happy to upload it for everyone to see. Thank you for your helpful contributions until now!

    And um.... I've been ignoring my email for a few weeks, but I'll do my best to reply/add subs. If you've emailed, please don't think that I've been ignoring you specifically and I'm so sorry for being uncontactable!!
  • Sora Choi's Day in the Life Of a Working Model | Day In The Life | Harper's BAZAAR
    Sora Choi's Day in the Life Of a Working Model | Day In The Life | Harper's BAZAAR Model Sora Choi's 'not so busy day' consists of attending two fashion shows, one photoshoot, and a fitting- all while filming her Day In The Life for Harper's BAZAAR. Spending the day working in New York City, Sora takes us through what it's like to be a fashion model during New York Fashion Week. Sora works hard but also likes to have fun by hanging out with friends, doing TikTok dances, and taking time in-between jobs to nap. Follow along to meet some of Sora's friends, see which brands she's booked, and her true feelings about snow.

    Director/Producer: Amanda DiMartino
    Director of Photography: Mary Kang
    Editor: Erica Dillman
    Motion Designer: Emily Park

    Check out Sora's cover story here: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/features/a39697803/0106-0113-sora-choi-on-coming-into-your-own-may-2022/

    Don't miss out on the latest must-see video ►► http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoBAZAAR

    // ABOUT BAZAAR //
    Sophisticated, elegant, and provocative, Harper's BAZAAR is your source for everything beauty and skincare, and the latest fashion trends straight from the runway. We've showcased the visions of legendary editors, photographers, and stylists proudly since 1867.

    #SoraChoi #ADayInTheLife #BAZAAR
  • vlog - modelling in Milan (bts shoots, castings, exploring)
    vlog - modelling in Milan (bts shoots, castings, exploring) shoutout Tracy at Apple Support for helping me post this :)
    insta: @reneeebeller
    TikTok: @reneebellerive
  • paris model vlog 💌 fashion week, first week in paris
    paris model vlog 💌 fashion week, first week in paris Welcome to my Paris vlog series as a fashion model living in Paris! This is not the place for the glamorous model life you imagine — welcome to the real stuff.

    After being in Korea for 3 years, not traveling abroad during covid, I decided it was time to hit the road again and moved to Paris for one month. I lived in Europe for quite some time before Korea and being back in Europe, it felt different (but at the same time, the same) and special to be back. P.s this is my first time in Paris as an adult.

    In this series I show my day to day life as a model living in Paris. I discuss my take on life, the industry, and my aquarian brain and mouth just can't shut up.

    In this episode I talk about my personal experience with Paris fashion week, reunite with my old roommate, attend a brand event and enjoy the Eiffel tower

    I hope you guys enjoy 💜

    instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pronouncedg1/

    Ji Won, Her

    Loha: https://www.instagram.com/loha_sb
    Karma8a: https://www.instagram.com/karma8a/

    ps i meant lil ol' me not lil old me im not old
  • FASHION WEEK VLOG 2022 | walking 11 fashion shows as an IMG Model
    FASHION WEEK VLOG 2022 | walking 11 fashion shows as an IMG Model #fashionweekvlog #howtobecomeamodel #fashionshow

    The Fashion Week vlog is here!! This video is very special to me, and I loved every minute of Fashion Week this year. In total I walked 11 fashion shows in the week, and every show had it's own special spark about it. You'll see for yourself in the vlog. Enjoy :)

    ~ Lauren Stevenson xxx

    ☻ instagram @llaurenstevenson
    ☻ tiktok @llaurenstevenson
    ☻ youtube @Lauren Stevenson

    music 🎵
    ☻ i do not own any of the music in this video!!
    Music by Carter Vail - Love-15 - https://thmatc.co/?l=D8599379
    Music by Ashes to Amber - Iris - https://thmatc.co/?l=C1FB82B2
    Music by HOAX - Loony - https://thmatc.co/?l=E58062DA