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  • Addictive Raw Vegan Taco Recipe
    Addictive Raw Vegan Taco Recipe Have a fiesta in your mouth! Watch Vegan Man’s #1 requested recipe, a raw vegan taco with its secret ingredients: jalapeño cheddar cheeze sauce and a curious import from Korea.
  • 5 Minutes of Core Strengthening Yoga
    5 Minutes of Core Strengthening Yoga While there are countless external reasons for strengthening your core – a flatter belly, a six pack, looking svelte on the beach – the most important reason of all is to build internal endurance.

    Physically, having a strong core is essential to a healthy body. First, it helps you to support the alignment of your skeletal structure, to maintain good posture and to stave off back pain. On an emotional level, internal strength is key for confronting life’s inevitable challenges: with a strong core, we are able to remain centered and calm in the midst of crashing worlds. Spiritually, a strong core is a foundation for many forms of seated meditation, which require practicing stillness for extended periods with a straight spine.

    On this episode of conscious living®, our resident yoga teacher Bianca Alexander leads students through a core-strengthening yoga sequence in one of her favorite 5 minute practices.
  • Destination Paradise: Maui’s Fairmont Kea Lani
    Destination Paradise: Maui’s Fairmont Kea Lani On this episode we visit Maui's fabulous sustainable luxury resort, The Fairmont Kea Lani and enjoy the best of paradise from a luxurious breakfast on the lanai and beachfront traditional Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage to a sunset yoga class--Maui was just what the doctor ordered.
  • Gluten Free Vegan BB-Q Blow Out
    Gluten Free Vegan BB-Q Blow Out On this episode of Conscious Living®, we get down and dirty in the studio with one of summer’s favorite pastimes, BBQ! From delicious vegan, gluten free cheese burgers and buns to tasty dogs and gourmet chips with sour cream and onion dip, watch this episode for the best and tastiest meat-free grilling options.
  • Adventures in Holistic Healing
    Adventures in Holistic Healing On this episode of Conscious Living, we're diving deep into the world of holistic healing. First, we visit a cutting-edge clinic that is draws from innovation in European Biological Medicine to heal those who traditional medicine can't. Then, we examine the important role that our teeth play in our overall health, first with a visit to a biological dentist who safely removes toxic mercury amalgam fillings. Finally, we learn how to heal ourselves with raw living food - first with Michael's creamy vegan ranch kale recipe and then DIY tips on making your own super food elixirs with common ingredients you already have at home. Step up to optimal health on this episode of Conscious Living!