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Leveraging Social Media to Grow Groups...
Many are familiar with the idea of making contacts through cards, letters, phone calls, and visits for their Sunday School or Small Group. We understand the value of a personal touch with a face to face conversation but we must never neglect the social media world that exists as well.

Making contact or connecting with those we have on our list is essential. With the advent of social media many if not most groups are still not using these tools connect with those on their ministry list and to others as well. Here are a few things to consider when using social media with a group.

Understand what type of social networks are used by your group so you can be the most effective.
Communicate weekly.
Use social media to connect the teaching of the previous or upcoming meeting of your group. This helps with application.
Use social media to promote group socials and update prayer request and ministry needs.
If using Facebook, create a group for your group. Here is a video on how this is done and how it can benefit your group for both ministry to the members and reaching new people as well.

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3 Ways Social Media Helps Your Outreach Efforts
Fall and winter are usually busy outreach seasons for churches: Fall Festivals, Trunk-or-Treats, Thanksgiving dinners, musicals, Christmas Eve and Christmas services, and more.

In the not-so-distant past, advertising for such events was limited to your local newspaper. Such ads were not always cheap, and reach was limited to subscribers who read the paper on the day your ad ran. Not so with social media. Today, your event info can be shared, shared, and shared some more, providing multiple opportunities for viewing.

Social media is the easiest, most effective way to promote your outreach efforts that exists today. Please don’t overlook it.

What are some benefits? Here are three.

1. Social media provides advertising at no cost.
It costs nothing to share an event (or ad graphic) on your church’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram. It is completely free for as many times as you want to post or tweet about it.

You’ll have non-church members sharing your event to their friends.

2. Social media provides advertising at low cost.
It costs very little to “boost” a post on Facebook, the only channel I recommend for pay ads. You can books for as little as $1 a day. Boosting also allows to you target people close to home, which means you get more for your money.

You don’t have to boost posts for every single event, but Facebook does suppress organic reach (the number of people who like your page who see a given post in their feed). Boosted posts are a very inexpensive way to expand your reach to all the people who like your page and beyond.

3. Social media allows for answering questions.
Social media allows for the quick answer for questions asked right on the post: “Can I bring my dog?” “Is there an age limit?” “Can my kid dress like Sauron at your Fall Festival? Can my grandfather?” (Twitter and Instagram also allow for interaction.)

Surely there will be people who look up the church’s phone number and call the office, but most will simply used the possibility embedded in the medium itself.

We live in a day when social media is part-and-parcel of “word-of-mouth.” If you want people to talk-up your event, then make social media integral to your outreach promotion.